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					Regional conference:
North East 17 January 2008

Good Practice Pro forma
iCoCo has been commissioned to develop an online resource to support schools in implementing the
new duty to promote cohesion. This will be informed by the good practice that is already happening in
schools all over the country and we are keen to build an extensive and representative collection of
examples for this purpose. These might include inter-faith projects; schemes tackling gang culture;
work to improve dialogue with parents or projects with a focus on engaging travellers, new migrants,
white deprived or minority communities. If your school has been involved in promoting community
cohesion, please tell us about your projects and schemes on this form.

Name of School:
Contact Person:

1. Background

2. Who was involved?

3. What Happened?

4. Impact/Achievements

5. Learning Points

6. We would welcome any practical suggestions you may have about the content and
   presentation of the online resource. Please write your suggestions here.

7. Please indicate below, if you would be interested in taking part in a focus group to
   discuss the development of the online resource.

        Yes, I would like to take part in the focus group

        No thank you

8. Your details



Telephone number:

Website links:

9. Date of completion:

Please return your completed form to a member of the conference team before the
end of the day or fax your completed form to Annette Hay on: 024 7679 5761.

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