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					                                         Weekly SIS V8 Upgrade Project Audio Conference Call Q&A for February 25, 2005
Item Question                                                              Response                                                                           Submitter's
 1   Who will have access to V8 Client to run Crystal Reports? We have a       Information posted at theV8 website: "SIS v8 Access: App Designer,               JTCC
     number of users that need this access and we need to determine how we     Crystal, SQL+"
     will distribute the access.                                               (
                                                                               _v8_access.htm). Please note that Client is not required to run PeopleSoft
                                                                               delivered Crystal Reports.
 2   When will we be given final specifications/instructions on the            Information posted at theV8 website: "SIS v8 Access: App Designer,               JTCC
     installation of the Client to run Crystal Reports?                        Crystal, SQL+"
 3   Will there be a listing or documentation for Run Processes generated      As the SF Workgroup develops common SF business processes in SIS                  WCC
     from the SF Work group and if so when?                                    version 8, these will documented by workgroup members and made
                                                                               available to all colleges. This work is just beginning. The workgroup has
                                                                               just been focusing on common table setups, v8 testing and issues and
                                                                               developing user training (using the UPK tool) for student self-service SF
 4   There have been questions concerning needing mapping to various           Each functional work group has a network share for documentation                  WCC
     share drives. Is there a list of such drive mappings that may be required sharing for work group members. Final documentation is being developed
     by different functional groups ?                                          using UPK and will be available to everyone. Work Group members
                                                                               should be request access through their Work Group coordinator (s). Client
                                                                               Services is familiar with the various workgroups' shared drives and is able
                                                                               to help colleges obtain access. In addition, there are shared drives used by
                                                                               the File Transfer Process and the SQR Move File that ASC developed.
                                                                               Client Services should be able to assist colleges in obtaining the
                                                                               appropriate access to these shared drives.

 5   TSO Upload Files; how will this process work in PS8 the same or         The process to transfer the voucher and vendor files from UNIX to a local           WCC
     different? If different, is there any documentation ?                   drive needs to be run first. Once the files are transferred, the TSO upload
                                                                             for Revenue Refund batches to FRS is the same process.
 6   Will Roy Smith have the documentation for Deferred Tech Fee new item The Deferred Tech Fee Documentation was posted to VCCS Discuss on                      WCC
     types sent out to the colleges before Production is frozen?             Wednesday, February 23.
 7   Refund FRS Interface for multiple batches; will this be ready to test   The modification for multiple batch processing is scheduled after the 8.0           WCC
     before going on PS8 ?                                                   conversion.
 8   Developers currently log into Oracle on Application Designer. Logging The colleges should not be running traces since traces have a sever impact           VWCC
     onto the application server is required in order to take advantage of   on the system. We will re-evaluate this decision after we have experience
     Application Designer debug utilities. Will developers be allowed to log with V8 in production.
     onto the development application server? If so, when will guidance on
     configuration manager settings be given out.
 9   We have been told to develop our Version 8 queries in the DEVL          Development is to be done in the Development instance then migrated to             VWCC
     database instance. If the DEVL database is going to be unavailable, can Test and then to Training and Production. The V8 Development instance
     we continue to develop queries in the TEST instance and have them       will be unavailable from Monday evening (2/28) until Saturday evening
     moved from there to production?                                         (3/5). ASC staff have been assigned to expeditiously move projects to the
                                                                             Test instance on 2/28 prior to Development coming down.
10   When will the security officers receive instructions for assigning       Instructions will be distributed to the college information security officers     JTCC
     "limited" directory services access to users that are required to reset on or before March 3rd. However, the college must delay granting this
     passwords?                                                              access until the production instance is made available on March 6th.               1 of 6
Item Question                                                                     Response                                                                        Submitter's
11   When will the DS2 screens be finalized in order that we may complete         No major changes are planned but we will continue to make minor edits if          JTCC
     our student sign on documentation? When testing the functionality of         needed. Please inform us of any inconsistencies that you find. This may be
     the system, we find a number of inconsistencies with the onscreen access     done via IssueTrak.
     for faculty and students.
12   What is the purpose of the reset lock out feature in Directory Services if has a temporary lockout feature with an automatic reset after         NVCC
     the system is set to automatically reset after 15 min.?                      15 minutes. When users attempt to access PeopleSoft directly and fail, they
                                                                                  will activate PeopleSoft's own lockout which must be reset manually. To
                                                                                  reset this PeopleSoft lock, a button was added to Directory Manager.

13   Are the reset password features different for the buttons on the             The password reset in PeopleSoft will only reset the PeopleSoft password.         NVCC
     PeopleSoft page and main page of PersonLookUp?                               To reset all passwords and to ensure that they are synchronized, colleges
                                                                                  should use the password reset features in DS2.
14   Our Blackboard Administrator supplied the Blackboard information             Username synchronization will run this afternoon at 3:00 p.m.. Usernames          VWCC
     for our faculty and staff. When will we know if our college's                will bee matched with emplids and Blackboard usernames supplied by
     Blackboard accounts (faculty/staff if applicable) have been loaded into      colleges. In a few instances, the usernames in the DS2 test environment
     DS2?                                                                         will change as a result. If faculty and staff are unable to log in after this
                                                                                  synchronization, they should look up their username in

15   Student e-mail accounts have been created for everyone in DS2. When          Email accounts will not be created in the Student Email system by DS2             VWCC
     trying to access this for non-students through,    until DS2 moves to production. Once in production, email accounts will be
     You get message that "No such username. The account you are                  created after the student is term activated. This process will be done via a
     accessing does not exist in the database. Verify the correct username        batch process that runs every 2 hours. Instant creation of email accounts
     and password.Check your browser supports cookies and enable in the           may take place at some point in the future, however.
     browser settings. " We read in your documentation that these e-mails
     were established so faculty could view the email interface from a student
     perspective. When will these accounts work in Webmail3?

16   Under "View My information" in, faculty/staff and             Links to Student Email are only provided for users with active accounts in           VWCC
     students will see their student e-mail name. Since everyone now has       the Student Email system. Staff that do not yet have active Student Email
     Student e-mail access, shouldn't the "Application" Student Email be       accounts will not see this link until we go to production.
     available on everyone's My Home page? Many faculty will not know
     the domain for student e-mail so if they want to view the email interface
     from a student perspective this will generate a call to college Help
     Desk's to find out where to log in. They will more than likely try which will not work which will also
     result in a call. (not sure if we want Student Email on every ones but
     folks won't know where to go to log-in if they want to--Natalie)

17   From, if you log in and access a student e-mail account and This is an email problem not related to DS2. We are, however, working on               VWCC
     log off, then log back in using another VCCS Username, the e-mail of    a fix.
     the previous user appears. The student part seems to be working but if
     you are faculty/staff and have Student Email as an application, you see
     the previous student's e-mail account. We realize that we've already
     reported the problem, but will this be fixed by March 7?

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Item Question                                                                   Response                                                                         Submitter's
18   "Unlock PS Account" button has appeared beside "Password Reset"            Users with access to both Directory Manager and Person Info/Lookup will            VWCC
     under Directory Manager which is a new link right after Online             see cross links to enable easy access from one tool to the other.
     Application in VCCS Person Info/Lookup. Will accounts still unlock on
     their own after 15 minutes? Also, this feature appears to be under
     Directory Manager and only security officers will have this correct?
     Tried to lock an account out in PS8 and after putting the incorrect
     password in 10 times, only see "Your User ID and/or Password are
     invalid." message. A message indicating the account was "locked out"
     did not ever appear.
19   Some faculty/staff accounts have Student Email as an application on        Blackboard links are only available for users with Blackboard accounts             VWCC
     my.vccs, other don't. Some have Blackboard as an option and do not         that have been synchronized with DS2. If faculty or staff have Blackboard
     use Blackboard while others that are current Blackboard users do not       accounts but do not have access to them from after the
     have Blackboard on their My Home Application list. Will these issues       synchronization scheduled for 3:00 to 3:15 p.m. today, then they may need
     be resolved by March 7?                                                    to synchronize their passwords. will not provide an active link
                                                                                to Blackboard unless the Blackboard password is the same as the user's
                                                                       password. Passwords can be synchronized in all enterprise
                                                                                systems by changing the password in If faculty or staff still
                                                                                have problems please submit an IssueTrack ticket for these users.

20   Some employees that are previous students have Student Email as a          If this is not resolved after the synchronization this afternoon, there are        VWCC
     my.vccs Application and their student email account opens once they        two potential situations that can cause this.
     authenticate to Others that are previous students do not
     have Student Email as an Application. How recently do they need to be       1) ITS may not have been given the information necessary to link the two
     enrolled in classes for this feature to work?                               accounts
                                                                                 2) The password for the Student Email account may have a different
21   Will the setups for the file transfer processes be copied to the production This setup needs to be built in production. Colleges need to use the prodout      JSRCC
     database, or is that a setup task that must be done after go-live?          directories on UNIX and NT for production (instead of the testout
                                                                                 directories they use for test and development) There is one part of the
                                                                                 path that is different between Production and non-Production and that is
                                                                                 testin, TEST_IN, testout, and TEST_OUT should be prodin, PROD_IN,
                                                                                 prodout and PROD_OUT .. We will be developing scripts to restore what
                                                                                 is in the test, development and training database back to what was
                                                                                 originally there after a refresh.
22   Would like at status of IVR and Web using different credit card             EPOS (our IVR provider) uses PCCharge as the credit card service                  VWCC
     processors since both now use the self service capability. The setup        provider and PeopleSoft 8 SP 1 has CyberSource. We have been working
     tables allow for only one processor to be associated with an institution's with Roy Smith and with People Soft and think we have come up with the
     self service process. Why can't IVR and Web use the same credit card        correct setup options to split the WEB and IVR payments. Last week we
     processor now that both are self service utilities?                         processed some test IVR transaction and we think you will be very please
                                                                                 with how they now appear in the People soft system. The now display the
                                                                                 correct Item type and Merchant ID's for IVR transactions. There will be
                                                                                 some People soft setup that each college will need to perform to finalize the
                                                                                 process. Roy Smith will be sending out this information.

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Item Question                                                                   Response                                                                       Submitter's
23   The last proposal for IVR refunds was a manual process, which is not     We have been working with Roy Smith and with People Soft and think we              VWCC
     acceptable when large numbers of refunds are involved. Plus it requires  have come up with the correct setup options to split the WEB and IVR
     the PCCharge client be installed on more PCs. Would appreciate an        payments. Last week we processed some test IVR transaction and we
     update on this issue.                                                    think you will be very please with how they now appear in the People soft
                                                                              system. They now display the correct Item type and Merchant ID's for IVR
                                                                              transactions. There will be some People soft setup that each college will
                                                                              need to perform to finalize the process. Roy Smith will be sending out this
                                                                              information. We've tested the IVR payments in TEST and currently
                                                                              working on the IVR refund process. Our goal is to have IVR refund
                                                                              transactions picked up by FRS refund interface.
24   When will queries be moved to PROD in V8?                                 The Common Query catalog will be in Production on March 6th as part of            JTCC
                                                                              Go Live. Migration of other queries to Production are scheduled to begin
                                                                              on March 14th and will be processed in a FIFO order as submitted to
25   Can you provide a list of customizations that will be migrated to V8 and Yes, it will be published on theV8 Project                                         JTCC
     the dates that they will be available?                                   "" web
                                                                              site Monday.
26   It is our understanding that colleges will be able to write our own      Colleges may choose which transcripts are available through self-service           JTCC
     "script" for transcript processing. How and when will colleges be able   and customize special instructions for that transcript as well. This is
     to define the statements in SA Self Service?                             available in the transcript setup (Design Student Administration>Define
                                                                              Student Records>Setup>Transcript Type>Basic Data). Near the bottom of
                                                                              the page, there are check boxes for student and advisor self-service and a
                                                                              comment box where special instructions may be entered and displayed.
                                                                              IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless the check box is checked for self-service,
                                                                              students will not have access to that transcript type. By default, they are
                                                                              off. Colleges will need to address this as soon as we go live if they wish for
                                                                              students to have access through self-service. This item (and others) are
                                                                              mentioned in the A&R Work Group Go Live Checklist at this URL:

27   When will new requests for additional navigations be accepted and          We would recommend that security requests supporting new navigations             JTCC
     processed for V8? Explanation The question is security related. We are     be submitted after "Go Live" since no updates can applied until the
     trying to determine when the requests for new navigations in V8 will be    production instance becomes available on March 7th. They will be
     accepted. There was a cut off of Feb 18 and we need to know what to tell   processed in the order received and there is no way to provide a reasonable
     our users. When will VCCS begin accepting new requests for security?       estimate at this time without knowledge of the number and type of requests.
     How soon after the requests are received should we expect them to be
28   Will any college-specific queries or customizations be in the production    The Common Query catalog will be in Production on March 6th as part of          JSRCC
     database at go-live? I was told that our queries would be migrated         Go Live. Migration of other queries to Production are scheduled to begin
     beginning on 3-14?                                                         on March 14th and will be processed in a FIFO order as submitted to

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Item Question                                                                      Response                                                                      Submitter's
29   In Version 7.6, there was a VCCS custom panel with Bio/Demo that              A person is identified as an employee when the person is given a SIS            NVCC
     identified the new person as an employee. How will that be done in            employee model operator id from the Directory Manager. If a person is
     Version 8?                                                                    given a model operator id other than ?WEB (? being the one letter college
                                                                                   code), then they must be an employee, therefore they are marked in SIS as
                                                                                   an employee. There is a field in one of the PS security tables which holds
                                                                                   this value. This is our only option because we don't have the PeopleSoft
                                                                                   HR system. Therefore, an employee is anyone who has a model operator id
                                                                                   other than ?WEB.
30   We would like a status on the cashier's register total report. We would       The Crystal Report and queries did not come over from v7.6 and had to be        VWCC
     like to know if and when it will be ready for us to test.                     recreated in version 8. That work has been done. However, because the
                                                                                   report contains 2 subreports, each with criteria prompts, there have been
                                                                                   issues getting it to run successfully on the web. ASC staff and Bob
                                                                                   Whitney at RCC, have been working together to resolve these issues. On
                                                                                   2/23/05, it was decided that it would be better to make this into a SQR
                                                                                   Report which can be run from the web. Bob is in the process of developing
                                                                                   the program and we anticipate it will be ready for testing early next week.

31   Will all colleges share a common menu for college specific reports (SQR Yes. The college custom menu will be available to all colleges so that they           VWCC
     and Crystal Report), or will each college see only its unique reports.  could see and share each other’s reports easily.

32   We have security tickets which have been submitted and closed twice,          All IssueTrak tickets submitted prior to February 19th will be completed        JTCC
     but have noted that security changes were not finalized (even though we       by close of business February 25th. If any of those tickets have not been
     were told that all updates were completed). When should we expect all         fully addressed based on the original request and information provided
     outstanding security issues to be resolved?                                   please send that information via email to James Davis (
                                                                                   along with a description of what is missing and/or the error condition.

33   Is there a Plan B if security is not correct on March 7?                      We expect that there will be a need to make changes starting on March 6th       JTCC
                                                                                   once the production instance is available. Therefore we will have security
                                                                                   personnel on-site starting on March 6th and they will be available to
                                                                                   address any concerns or changes that maybe required.
34   Based upon Issue Trak #61408, will security officers need to "assign"         Based on our best understanding of this question and the related IssueTrak      JTCC
     HWEB to all employees in order for his/her employee status to be              the answer is no. All accounts that were designated as employees in 7.6
     reflected in PeopleSoft?                                                      will be migrated to version 8 with that designation. Using the Directory
                                                                                   Manager under DSV2 any account can be assigned an employee role.

35   Would it be possible to set the subject line to a specific text for problem   Yes, this is a good idea. We will implement it right away. Please test the      JSRCC
     reports from the For example, identify Blackboard,          system on Monday to see the new subject lines.
     PeopleSoft, Email, or IVR in the subject line so that the email could get
     filtered and directed to the right help desk?
36   What is the status of the web application for V8? When will be able to        Staff from NRCC and ASC are working closely with WebMethods and                 JTCC
     test?                                                                         PeopleSoft to complete the upgrade to the Online Web Application. The
                                                                                   goal is to provide it for testing next week.
37   Will the web application be taken down during the freeze? If so, when         The V7.6 Online Web application will be available for use until 4:00 pm on      JTCC
     will the access be restored?                                                  Monday, February 28th.

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Item Question                                                           Response                                                                 Submitter's
38   How do I find the access the "PeopleSoft Version 8 web site"?      • The "People Version 8 Web Site" is at
               How do I access the SIS Version 8 Go Live Status page?   "".
                                                                        • The "SIS V8 Go Live Status Web Page" is at
                                                                        " " or can be accessed from
                                                                        the "SIS V8 Go Live Status Line Item" on the People Version 8 Web Site
                                                                        main menu.

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