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					                     Registrar B                                     V                                   G                             H                                       O                                  S                                  M                                   Q                               R

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QUESTIONS                                                                                          by registrar
1. What is the registrar's        Immediately after the expiration If a customer does not renew If the registration is not             If the registrant fails to renew        If a registrant does not renew     According to the registration      At the beginning of each            In the event that the           If a domain name
practice regarding a domain       of the term of domain name        a domain name registration by successfully renewed                 his/her domain name in the              the domain name registration       agreement, after expiration        registration agreement the          registrant fails to renew       registration is not renewed,
name at the time of expiration    registration services and before the expiration date, the        prior to the expiration, all        timeframes indicated in the             by the expiration date, the        of the term of the                 registrant consents to the          the domain name in a            on the expiry date it will be
when the registrant is silent     deletion of the domain name,      registration may be subject to the rights of the registrant        registration agreement, the             domain name registration is        registration, the registrant       registrar's Auto-Renewal-Policy     timely fashion, the             undelegated which means
regarding its intention to        the registrar may direct the      deletion or resale at any time will terminate and the              registrant agrees that the registrar    subject to deletion at any time    has no rights on such              which will lead to an ongoing       registration will expire and    that the email and website
renew a domain name?              domain name to name-servers after that. A grace period of 35 registrar will have no                  may, at its sole discretion renew the   after that. In order to avoid      registration, and ownership        renewal unless the customer         the registrar may, at it        will no longer be found. In
                                  and IP address(es) designated days is customarily granted.       obligation to allow the             expired domain name on the              unintentional deletion, the        of such registration now           decides to transfer or delete the   discretion, elect to            some cases, the domain
                                  by the registrar, including to no                                registrant to renew the             registrant's behalf.                    registrar may, but is not          passes on to the registrar.        domain name.                        assume the registration         may be re-directed to a
                                  IP address or to IP address(es)                                  registration once its                                                       obligated to, provide              However, in practice, the                                              and may hold it for it own      parked webpage that will
                                  which host a parking page or a                                   expiration date has                                                         registrants with a grace           registrant is provided with a                                          account, delete it or sell it   indicate that the domain
                                  commercial search engine that                                    passed, even if a registry                                                  period.                            renew grace period following                                           to a third party. If the        name has expired.
                                  may display advertisements.                                      administrator provides a                                                                                       expiration. If the registrant is                                       reseller has configured
                                                                                                   grace period to the                                                                                            still silent about his/her                                             their account to do so, the
                                                                                                   registrar upon expiration                                                                                      intention to renew, the                                                registrar will contact the
                                                                                                   or termination of such                                                                                         domain is then deleted and                                             RAE after expiration. All
                                                                                                   service.                                                                                                       enters the RGP, if it has not                                          accounts are configured
1a. Does the registrar allow      Yes, the option of automatic       The registrar provides an 'Auto- An automatic renewal             Automatic renewal is the default        Yes, if a registrant has           been backordered.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yes.                               Yes                                 by default to send a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Some registrar resellers        The registrar does not
the domain name to auto-          renewal is provided. The           Renew' feature for domain        service is provided as a         setting, which the registrant must      selected the 'auto-renew'                                                                                 will allow the domain to        currently offer this feature to
renew in those registries that    registration agreement points      name registration. The           courtesy to help prevent         deactivate if he/she does not want      feature for the domain name                                                                               auto-renew. The registrant      its direct customers, but
employ that policy?               out that there are certain TLDs    registrar will attempt to        unwanted delineation of a        the domain name to be                   registration, the registrar will                                                                          needs to contact the            many of its resellers do
                                  for which automatic renewal is     automatically renew the          domain name registration.        automatically renewed. Unless the       attempt to automatically                                                                                  registrar reseller to           provide this feature, usually
                                  not available.                     registration approximately 14 If a registrant wishes not          automatic renewal option is             renew the domain name                                                                                     discuss this possibility.       as part of web hosting plans
                                                                     days prior to the expiration     to participate, the              disabled, the domain name will          approximately 60 days prior                                                                                                               that are paid for with regular
                                                                     date.                            registrant has to                automatically renew, for a period       to the expiration date.                                                                                                                   monthly payments.
                                                                                                      affirmatively choose not to      equivalent to the length of the
                                                                                                      participate.                     original registration. If for any
                                                                                                                                       reason the registrar is not able to
                                                                                                                                       take payment from the payment
                                                                                                                                       method on file, the domain name
1b. When and how are              As stated in the contract, 'as a   The registrar will send several     The registrar will attempt    The registrar begins sending            If a registrant has not      According to the registration            Currently the registrar sends       Renewal Reminders are           Notices are sent 90, 60, 30,
notices of expiration sent to     convenience' to the registrant,    communications to the               to provide the registrant     notifications well in advance of        selected the auto-renew      agreement, as a                          one notice three weeks before       sent via email to the           15, 7 and 1 days prior to
the RAE prior to expiration?      and 'not as a binding              customer and/or agents acting       with a renewal reminder       expiry, and up to 12 days -following-   feature, the registrar will send
                                                                                                                                                                                                            convenience to the                       the auto renewal occurs. The        contact addresses listed        expiration to the registrant,
                                  commitment', the registrar or      on their behalf to alert them       prior to the expiration at    the expiration date. The first          several communications to    registrant, and not as a                 registrar will change this to       on the Registration record.     administration, technical and
                                  the primary service provider,      that the registration will expire   least fifteen days in         renewal reminder is sent 90 days        customers and/or the agents  binding commitment, the                  three beginning 2010.                                               billing contacts email.
                                  may notify you via an email        on a certain date. These            advance of the renewal        prior to expiry. The registrar does                                  registrar may notify the
                                                                                                                                                                               acting on their behalf to alert
                                  message or via your account        communications come in the          notice. The registrar will    the same for all Turnkey resellers.     them that the domain name    customer, via an email
                                  when renewal fees are due.         form of a weekly email and          send this reminder by                                                 registration services will   message about the expiry of
                                                                     begin approximately 75 days         email to the administrative                                           expire on a certain date.    the registration. Reminders
                                                                     prior to the expiration date and    contact and registrant on                                                                          are sent to the Customer e-
                                                                     continue for approximately 21       file for the domain name                                                                           mail address from 45 days
                                                                     days after the expiration date.     registration.                                                                                      prior to expiration, on the 1st,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            11th and 21st day of every
                                                                                                                                                                                                            month, until the domain
                                                                                                                                                                                                            name is either renewed or
1c. When and how are notices      No email notices are sent after    Reminders continue to be sent                                     On the expiration date, the 5th and     The registrar sends at least Reminders are sent to the                Domain names never expire           The registrar provides          The registrar provides
of expiration sent to the RAE     expiration. There is a notice in   for approximately 21 days                                         12th day following expiration, a        two email notices to the RAE Customer e-mail address                  due to the registrar's Auto-        resellers with the ability to   notices post-expiration that
following expiration? If a        the user account that the          after the expiration date.                                        notification is sent.                   following expiration.        from 45 days prior to                    Renewal-Policy. The customer        send out an additional          remind and inform the RAE
reseller was involved in the      registration has expired.                                                                                                                    Resellers send expiration    expiration, on the 1st, 11th             deletes the name explicitly.        renewal notice 10 days          if a domain name is going to
domain transaction, are                                                                                                                                                        notices to their registrant  and 21st day of every month,                                                 after expiration.               be cancelled. The registrar
notices sent by the reseller of                                                                                                                                                customers.                   until the domain name is                                                                                     also contacts many of its
by the registrar?                                                                                                                                                                                           either renewed or deleted                                                                                    customers by phone calls
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (due to non-renewal). If a                                                                                   and fax communications,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            reseller is involved, these                                                                                  after expiry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            notices are sent from the
                                                                                                                                                                                                            reseller of the domain owner,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            through the registrar system,
                       Registrar    B                                     V                                 G                               H                                     O                                 S                                   M                               Q                            R
1d. Does the registrar make         The registrar may either leave        After expiration the registrar    Upon expiration, the            Other than the nameservers, the       According to the Service          Despite the provision in the        Domain names never expire       During the grace period, No
substantial changes to any of       the WHOIS information intact or       may place its contact             Whois record for the            registrar does not modify Whois       Agreement, the registrar may      registration agreement that         due to the registrar's Auto-    the registrar may revise
the underlying Whois data           the registrar may change the          information in the Whois          expired domain name             (e.g. RAE or Admin / Technical /      place its contact information     the registrar may make any          Renewal-Policy. The customer    the Whois registration
associated with the domain          contact information in the Whois      output for the expired name.      registration may be             Billing Contact information) upon     in the Whois output for the       modifications to the                deletes the name explicitly.    records to include either
name in or around the time of       output for the expired domain         21 days after the expiration      modified to include the         expiration.                           expired domain name.              registration or any                                                 the registrar information or
expiration? (Note: changing         name so that the RAE is no            date of a domain, the expired     registrar contact                                                                                       information associated with                                         that of the reseller.
status of a domain name             longer the listed registrant of the   domain will be removed from       information or that of a                                                                                the registration, no changes
registration e.g. to 'pending       expired domain name.                  the customer's main account       third party.                                                                                            are made to the Whois data
delete' and/or changing the                                               management view and all                                                                                                                   at any point in time, unless
expiration data are not                                                   name servers will be changed                                                                                                              as explained in answer 1,
considered substantial                                                    to the registrar's name                                                                                                                   ownership changes due to
changes) (yes/no; if yes,                                                 servers.                                                                                                                                  non-renewal by the customer
when)                                                                                                                                                                                                               following the auto-renewal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    grace period offered to the
1e. Is the cost to the registrant   The reactivation period renewal No                                      The registrar may               In the case of automatic renewal,      The cost is the same.            According to the registration       Domain names never expire       The cost during the        According to the registration
to recover/renew a domain           process, if any, may involve                                            reinstate the registration      the cost of renewal will be at the                                      agreement, the registrar, at        due to the registrar's Auto-    renewal grace period       agreement, the RAE has the
name post expiration but prior      additional fees the registrar and                                       solely at its discretion, and   current rates for a domain name                                         its sole discretion, may allow      Renewal-Policy. The customer    (within 40 days post-      possibility to renew the
to the imposition of any            the primary service provider                                            subject to receipt of the       registration. If the registrant renews                                  the renewal of a registration       deletes the name explicitly.    expiration) is exactly the domain name registration for
Registry Redemption Grace           may determine. The fee for                                              applicable renewal fee          during the renewal grace period (12                                     after expiration. This renewal                                      same as a regular          the regular renewal fee for 3
Period different to that one        recovery during the extended                                            and a reinstatement fee.        days), the registrar needs to be                                        may be charged separately                                           renewal. There is an       days after expiration. After
charged for renewal prior to        redemption period (ERGP -                                                                               reimbursed for the renewal (normal                                      at the price then prevailing                                        additional fee for         that, until 40 days after
expiration? If the cost is          duration 120 days),which starts                                                                         rate applies). On day 19 following                                      as determined by the                                                redemptions (41 days post- expiration an extra fee may
different, does it vary or is it    if the registrar pays the registry                                                                      expiration, when de domain name                                         registrar at its sole discretion.                                   expiration until 70 days   apply. In practice, this often
the same for every domain           registration fee or otherwise                                                                           is in the Registrar Renewal Grace                                       Such renewal after the expiry                                       post-expiration).          depends on whether the
name at any point in time           provide for the registration                                                                            Period, a redemption fee will be                                        of the registration may not                                                                    registrant renews through a
during the Auto-Renew Grace         services to be continued after                                                                          charged which is currently identical                                    result in exact reinstatement                                                                  reseller or directly with the
period? If so, what does this       the reactivation period, is the                                                                         to the fee charged for recovery                                         of the registration in the                                                                     registrar. Fees to renew
variance depend on (e.g. time       same as for recovery during                                                                             during the Registry RGP.                                                same form as it was prior to                                                                   after expiry are comparable
of renewal, estimated value of      RGP.                                                                                                                                                                            expiry. However, in practice,                                                                  to the registrar's normal
the domain, cost burden of                                                                                                                                                                                          the cost prior and post                                                                        renewal fees for direct
recovery for registrar?)                                                                                                                                                                                            expiration, provided it is                                                                     customers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    during the auto-renew grace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    period, is exactly the same.

1f. At what point after             Immediately after expiration, the     After 21 days, the name           The registrar reserves the      The name will stop resolving to the   After the expiration date of      According to the registration       N/A as the domain name          Upon expiration the          Following the expiration, the
expiration is the DNS               registrar may direct the domain       servers will be changed to the    right to disable the DNS        intended website (and instead go to   the domain name                   agreement, after expiration,        registration immediately enters website ceases to resolve    registrar may delegate the
changed so that the domain          name to name-servers and IP           registrar's name servers. The     so that the domain name         a notification page) upon the first   registration, the registrar may   the registrar may intercept         RGP.                            (the registrar changes the   domain to resolve to a
name no longer resolves to          address(es) designated by the         registration agreement does       no longer resolves on the       failed attempt to bill the renewal.   direct the domain name to an      any network/communication                                           DNS). A blank page is        parked page. The registrant
the RAE’s web site? Where           registrar, including without          note that after the expiration    Internet, or to direct the                                            IP address designated by the      requests to the domain name                                         displayed, and the           may opt-out of the display of
does it now point to, (e.g.         limitation, to no IP address or to    date, the registration may be     domain name to an IP                                                  registrar, including, without     registration and process                                            nameservers are changed      the registrar parked page
PPC, renewal page)?                 IP address(es) which host a           directed to an IP address         address designated by the                                             limitation, to an IP address      them in any manner in its                                           to a renewal page to try     prior to the expiry date. It
                                    parking page or a commercial          designated by the registrar.      registrar, including,                                                 which hosts a parking, under      sole discretion. The registrar                                      and encourage renewals.      also depends on whether the
                                    search engine that may display                                          without limitation, to an IP                                          construction or other             may choose to monetize                                              Three days later, the        domain is direct or with a
                                    advertisements.                                                         address which hosts a                                                 temporary page that may           such requests in any fashion                                        registrar may change the     reseller. If direct, it will be
                                                                                                            parking, under                                                        include promotions and            at their sole discretion. The                                       DNS again to a page that     redelegated to a parked
                                                                                                            construction, or other                                                advertisements for, and links     registrar may choose to                                             may contain PPC ads but      page within a few days of
                                                                                                            page that may include                                                 to the registrar or its           display any appropriate                                             also encourages the          expiry. If with a reseller, this
                                                                                                            promotions and                                                        products, third-party             message and/or send any                                             registrant to renew their    may not happen until 17
                                                                                                            advertisements for and                                                Websites, third-party product     response to any user making                                         domain name.                 days post-expiration.
                                                                                                            links to registrar's                                                  and service offerings, and/or     a network / communication
                                                                                                            products and service                                                  Internet search engines.          request, for or concerning
                                                                                                            offerings, third-party Web                                                                              domain name registration.
                                                                                                            sites, third-party product                                                                              However, in practice the dns
                                                                                                            and service offerings,                                                                                  is changed upon expiry and
                                                                                                            and/or Internet search                                                                                  the domain resolves to a
                                                                                                            engines, as well as                                                                                     parked page with a link to
1g. Does the new page               No it does not                        After 21 days, expired            advertise the sale or
                                                                                                            The page may advertise     Yes. The new page indicates that           The new page displays the         renewal. new page provides
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Yes, the                            Domain names never expire       The registrar does include Yes
explicitly say that the original                                          domains will resolve to a         the sale or auction of the the domain has expired, and                following text:     a link that the domain owner           due to the registrar's Auto-    a renewal message on the
registration has expired and                                              special landing page with a       domain name registration. prompts 'If you registered this             expired on mm/dd/yy and is can follow in order to renew               Renewal-Policy. The customer    expired pages from day -3
how it could be re-claimed?                                               renewal link, and the registrar                              domain, click here' with a link to the     pending renewal or deletion. the domain name.                         deletes the name explicitly.    to day -40 which
                                                                          Whois database will also                                     registrar website.                         In addition, the page contains                                                                        encourages the registrant
                                                                          display a renewal link.                                                                                 a 'Renew Now' button.                                                                                 to contact their reseller to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        renew their name.
                       Registrar    B                                    V                               G                           H                                        O                               S                                 M                                Q                             R
1h. Based upon the changes          The email will bounce                The email is delivered.                                     If the DNS is hosted with the            Email messages would not        All emails are sent to the        Domain names never expire        The registrar generally       Email is discarded.
made by the registrar upon                                                                                                           registrar's nameserves, only the A       be delivered.                   customer username on              due to the registrar's Auto-     does not make changes,
expiration, what happens if                                                                                                          record is changed. The MX (Mail)                                         record in the registrar           Renewal-Policy. The customer     but the email would still
email is sent by a third party                                                                                                       record is left intact, so that email                                     system. The customer              deletes the name explicitly.     not be sent because the
(i.e. someone other than the                                                                                                         should be delivered normally.                                            username is required in the                                        name will cease to work,
registrar, reseller or registrar)                                                                                                    However, if the DNS is hosted on                                         customer sign up process,                                          as it has expired.
to the email address (e.g.                                                                                                           an external nameserver, this could                                       before making any purchase that uses                                                                                                            affect email delivery. All of these                                      with the registrar. The
the expired domain name                                                                                                              scenarios assume that the MX                                             username is not necessarily
(e.g.                                                                                                              record was properly configured by                                        associated with the domain
Does the email bounce, is it                                                                                                         the registrant at some point pre-                                        name. If the email bounces,
still delivered to the RAE on                                                                                                        expiration.                                                              it is discarded.
an alternative email address
1i. If the RAE’s contact e-mail     No, post-expiration notices are      No                                                          This is not factored in, as most will    This is not a factor.           Same as above. No change Domain names never expire          No                                   Handled by phone or fax
used the domain name in             not sent.                                                                                        be unaffected (see Q 1h).                                                is made post expiration in the due to the registrar's Auto-                                      contact. If a reseller
question, does the registrar                                                                                                                                                                                  process followed.              Renewal-Policy. The customer                                      customer, the reseller is kept
factor this in sending out post-                                                                                                                                                                                                             deletes the name explicitly.                                      informed and also may
expiration reminders? If so,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   contact the customer via
how?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           various mechanisms.
1j. Are reminders sent from         All reminder communications     Yes                                                             The registrar uses several different      Reminders are sent from a      All reminders are sent from        Yes, the same email address is That is up to the reseller to   Depends on whether it is a
the same address the                come from the same email                                                                        'from' address to identify the type of    different address.             the same email address             used                           configure. Resellers are        direct or reseller customer.
registrar normally uses for         address. Only newsletters might                                                                 communication intended for the                                           used for communication                                            free to use whatever            For direct customers, the
communication with the RAE          come from a different email                                                                     RAE. These vary depending upon                                           between registrar and                                             address they choose.            email is consistent. If it is a
(a different address might          address.                                                                                        whether the name is up for renewal,                                      customer, registrar and                                                                           reseller customer, the email
result in the email getting                                                                                                         or whether the name has passed its                                       reseller, reseller and reseller,                                                                  from the registrar would not
caught in the spam filter)?                                                                                                         expiration date. These are different                                     reseller and customer. No                                                                         be from the same address.
                                                                                                                                    from routine or opt-in marketing                                         change is made for this
1k. At what point, if any, is the   The RAE agrees that the              Should the registrant not       Upon expiration, the       On the 25th day following                 Should the RAE decide not to The registrar may choose to          Domain names never expire        40 days post-expiration.      If the RAE has not renewed
expired domain name made            expired domain name may be           renew the registration prior to registrar may, at its sole expiration, domains are placed for        renew the domain name          transfer the ownership of the      due to the registrar's Auto-     This happens to a very        the domain name
available to others than the        made available to third parties,     the expiration date or during   discretion, delete the     auction.                                  during any applicable grace registration to any third party       Renewal-Policy. The customer     small percentage of           registration at the end of the
RAE (e.g. sale, auction,            the registrar may auction off the    any grace period, the registrar domain name, renew the If the registrant does not redeem             period, the RAE agrees that in its sole discretion. In            deletes the name explicitly.     names, and registrants        40 day period, the registrar
transfer to registrars or an        rights to expired domain name        may renew and transfer the      domain name on behalf of the domain name prior to the end of         unless he or she notifies the practice the registrant is                                           have a right to recover the   may transfer the domain to a
affiliate’s account).               services (the auction beginning      domain name to its control or a third party, sell or       the 42 day grace period, the              registrar to the contrary, the offered a renew grace period                                        name until then.              third party
                                    close to the end or after the end    to a third party.               auction the domain name, registrar, may at its sole discretion,      registrar may in its sole      that ranges between 15-40
                                    of the 'reactivation period' which                                   or otherwise make such delete the domain name or transfer            discretion renew and transfer days depending on TLD
                                    is approximately 30 days)                                            domain name available to it to another registrant.                   the domain name to the         following expiration. Only if
                                    and/or the expired domain                                            third parties.             Auction membership agreement              registrar or a third party on  the domain name registration
                                    name registration services may                                                                  notes that expired domains may be         the RAE's behalf.              is not renewed within this
                                    be re-registered to any party at                                                                listed on the site on the date of their                                  period, is it made available to
                                    any time. After the reactivation                                                                expiration, but no sale will be final                                    others.
                                    period, the RAE agrees that the                                                                 until 45 days after expiration.
                                    registrar may either discontinue
                                    the domain name registration
                                    services at any time thereafter,
                                    the registrar may pay the
                                    registry's registration fee or
                                    otherwise provide for the
                                    registration services to be
                                    continued, or, if the registrar
                                    auctioned the domain name
                                    services to a third party, the
                                    registrar may transfer the
                                    domain name registration
                        Registrar    B                                   V                                    G                           H                                     O                                    S                                  M                              Q                               R
1l. If a reseller was involved in    Resellers manage all dealings       The registrar's resellers clearly                                o The RAE can tell by the absence                                          If the domain name              The registrar does not use        o The order will be placed      o If a reseller uses the
the original transaction:            with the RAE. If the RAE wants      identify the registrar. The                                      of the "ICANN Accredited" logo on                                          registration has been           resellers.                        by the reseller. Resellers      registrar website, they are
o How does the RAE                   to determine the reseller, they     registrar will assist a registrant                               the reseller's website, and by it's                                        purchased through a reseller,                                     are also free to insert their   referred to their reseller for
determine whether they are           may use a reseller information      if they are unable to get                                        absence in the ICANN list of                                               the point of contact is usually                                   contact information in a        service
dealing with the reseller or the     retrieval tool that is located in   assistance from a reseller.                                      accredited registrars. Resellers are                                       always the reseller:                                              separate area of the            o A reseller customer can
registrar?                           the registrar's help section. To                                                                     prohibited by their Reseller                                               o The reseller name shows                                         registrar Whois database        identify the affiliated registrar
o If the RAE is dealing with a       recover the domain name, they                                                                        Agreement from claiming to be an                                           up in the Whois for .com &                                        (not associated with their      from doing a Whois query.
reseller, how can the RAE            may deal with the Registrar                                                                          ICANN-accredited registrar.                                                .net as the Registration                                          domain contact).                The registrar customer
identify the affiliated registrar?   under certain circumstances                                                                          o If asked via email or telephone,                                         Service Provider so the                                           o The registrar offers a        service staff can also assist
o To recover the expired             (e.g. unresponsive reseller).                                                                        support representatives are                                                customer can identify the                                         website that allows             a registrant to identify their
domain name, can the RAE                                                                                                                  instructed to inform the RAE of the                                        reseller                                                          registrants to find their       reseller. A customer would
work with the registrar directly                                                                                                          parent registrar.                                                          o All emails sent out too the                                     reseller. The URL of this       generally not contact the
or must it work with reseller?                                                                                                            o They must work with the reseller.                                        domain owner are sent from                                        website is included in the      registrar directly as their
                                                                                                                                          If the registrar receives a complaint                                      the reseller that he / she                                        WHOIS records of the            relationship is with the
                                                                                                                                          regarding a reseller, the registrar                                        transacted with and includes                                      names registered through        reseller.
                                                                                                                                          will investigate.                                                          contact information                                               the registrar.                  o The customer can contact
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     o The control panel that the                                      o The registrar always          either the registrar or the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     domain owner logs into to                                         sends registrants to the        reseller - but the reseller is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     manage his domain name is                                         reseller first. If for some     preferred. The registrar is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     also branded by the Reseller                                      reason they cannot              last resort usually when the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and has a link to the                                             contact them, the registrar     name is well past expiry -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     reseller's help des/contact                                       will assist them in             e.g. past 17 days from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     information                                                       renewing the name.              expiry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     o The name of the registrar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     shows up in the Whois in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     case any escalation is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     required to the registrar. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     registrar assists the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     registrant if the reseller is
1m. What options are                 Communication options remain Email, phone, fax                                                       All normal pre-expiration support   Retail customers can contact           Options available to contact Telephone, mail, postal mail,        Depends on the reseller.        Usually, web form, email
available for contacting             the same as pre-expiration.                                                                          options (web, email, telephone) are the registrar via webform,             the registrar include website fax                                 Most offer all three,           and telephone are available.
reseller/registrar post                                                                                                                   available post-expiration.          email or 24x7 toll free                with contact details, phone                                       particularly the largest        The registrar provides 24/7
expiration (web form, e-mail,                                                                                                                                                 Customer Support.                      support, live chat option,                                        resellers.                      support and also has
telephone)?                                                                                                                                                                   Wholesale customers (i.e.              support ticketing interface.                                                                      physical offices should a
                                                                                                                                                                              resellers) have similar                                                                                                                  registrant want to visit in
                                                                                                                                                                              channels available. End-user                                                                                                             person.
                                                                                                                                                                              customers of these resellers
                                                                                                                                                                              typically must work through
                                                                                                                                                                              the latter.
1n. Under what conditions is a In case the registrar decides to          If an expired domain name            Any expired gTLD domain     If the registrant does not redeem       If an expired domain name is       Although the registration          Domain names never expire      The name has not been           If the domain name has not
domain name deleted (and       discontinue the domain name               registration is not renewed or       name that is not sold,      their domain name prior to the end      not renewed by the registrar       agreement notes that the           due to the registrar's Auto-   renewed by the registrant       been renewed or otherwise
thus enters the RGP).          registration services after the           transferred to a third party,        renewed or otherwise        of the 42 day grace period, the         or transferred to a third party,   registrar may choose to            Renewal-Policy. The customer   or otherwise transferred        dealt with by the registrar
                               reactivation period, the registrar        absent extenuating                   made available to a third   registrar may at its sole discretion,   or if the RAE has notified the     delete the registration at any     deletes the name explicitly.   70 days post expiration         under the terms of the
                               may, but is not obligated to,             circumstances, the registrar         party will generally be     delete the domain name or transfer      registrar that he or she does      time after expiry upon its sole                                                                   registration agreement, the
                               participate in the Redemption             will delete the domain name          deleted between 35 and      it to another registrant.               not want the registrar to          discretion, in practice the                                                                       domain name will be
                               Grace Period, if provided by the          registration.                        45 days from the                                                    proceed with a transfer to the     registration is deleted after                                                                     cancelled at the registry and
                               registry administrator.                                                        expiration date.                                                    registrar or a third party, the    the auto-renew grace period                                                                       will enter the Registry
                                                                                                                                                                                  domain name registration will      offered to the registrant if the                                                                  Redemption Grace Period.
                                                                                                                                                                                  be deleted.                        registrar has not received a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     renewal request during that
                    Registrar   B                                   V                                G                           H                                        O                               S                               M                             Q                             R
NEW 1o. What is the duration    The reactivation period process     The registrar endeavors to                                   42 days: the Renewal Grace Period        The registrar endeavors to      Auto-renewal grace period is N/A                              Expired domains will be       40 days
of the Renew Grace Period       is a period of approximately 30     provide a grace period that                                  is 12 days. After that, the domain       provide a grace period that     for most gTLDs 40 days,                                       held at the registrar for a
provided by the registrar to    days after expiration of the term   extends 35 days past the                                     moves into the registrar Renewal         extends 35 days past the        except for .info (15 days).                                   grace period of 40 days
the registrant?                 of domain name registration         expiration date, to allow the                                Grace Period in which the domain         expiration date. However a
                                services.                           renewal of an expired domain                                 will be placed on Hold and flagged       grace period is not
                                                                    registration.                                                for deletion after which the             guaranteed and can change
                                                                                                                                 registrant will have a 30 day            or be eliminated at any time
                                                                                                                                 redemption period during which a         without notice.
                                                                                                                                 redemption fee can be paid to the
                                                                                                                                 registrar to redeem the domain
                                                                                                                                 name. At the end of the registrar
                                                                                                                                 redemption grace period, the
                                                                                                                                 registrar may, at its sole discretion,
                                                                                                                                 delete the domain name or transfer
                                                                                                                                 it to another registrant. If the
                                                                                                                                 domain name is deleted, it will
2. What is the registrar’s      Same as for no notice given.        Same as for "no notice given".                               The registrar does not make the          Such domain names will          Same as 1                       Domain names never expire    The registrar lets the         If explicit instructions are
practice regarding a domain                                                                                                      assumption that an opt-out of the        follow the normal deletion                                      due to the registrar's Auto- domain names expire.           provided to cancel the
name at the time of expiration                                                                                                   Auto-Renewal process is equivalent       cycle.                                                          Renewal-Policy. The customer                                domain name, then the
when the registrant gives                                                                                                        to explicit intention not to renew the                                                                   deletes the name explicitly.                                domain name will be
explicit instructions regarding                                                                                                  domain. So, in practical terms, the                                                                                                                                  cancelled. This rarely
its intention NOT to renew the                                                                                                   domain expiration process runs its                                                                                                                                   happens except for some
domain names? Indicate if                                                                                                        course.                                                                                                                                                              corporate customers.
same as for "no notice given"
or address all of the issues in
Question 1.

2a. If a registrant specifically It deletes the domain and does It is treated as a special case.     The explicit removal of a   From FAQ: You can delete a               Upon termination or             If the domain name is         It is treated differently       The registration is deleted Cancelling the domain name
requests to delete a domain      not treat as expired. It is deleted                                 domain name terminates      domain so that it is no longer           cancellation of the registrar   deleted explicitly, prior to                                  and thus sent to the        registration means deletion
name prior to its expiration,    immediately.                                                        all access and rights to    registered to you. Depending on the      services, the terms and         expiration, the domain enters                                 redemption grace period from the registry.
does the registrar treat it as                                                                       the domain name.            type of domain you deleted, the          conditions regarding transfer   the RGP (unless deleted                                       immediately.
an expired domain name or is                                                                                                     registry may hold it at the registry     of expired domain names         within the Add Grace Period).
it treated differently?                                                                                                          before releasing it for other users to   may apply.
                                                                                                                                 register. You may be able to re-
                                                                                                                                 register the domain, subject to
4. If the registrar makes       It is not dependent.                Changes (or lack thereof) are                                All gTLDs are treated the same,          The registrar does not          Only the name servers are  N/A                                This has no impact.           Same regardless of TLD
substantial changes to the                                          made regardless of the TLD.                                  regardless of whether the registry       change the Whois until          changed upon expiry and no
Whois data at the time of                                                                                                        does or does not auto-renew.             almost a week after the         contact data is changed in
expiration is that practice                                                                                                                                               expiration date.                the auto renew period
dependent upon whether the                                                                                                                                                                                provided to the RAE.
registry charges you upon
expiration or not (i.e. auto-
renew v.s. non-auto-renew) or
is the change in underlying
Whois data the same
5. Does the registrar or        Following auction, the RAE may No.                                                               On day 25 following expiration,          If the RAE has notified the     If not renewed within the auto N/A                            The RAE can re-register Yes
affiliated auction service      recover the domain name                                                                          domains are placed for auction. The      registrar stating that he or    renew grace period, the                                       the domain name during
provider provide the RAE the    registration services for a period                                                               domain can be manually renewed           she does not want the           domain owner loses all rights                                 the grace period even if
right to remove a name from     up to 42 days after the end of                                                                   by the RAE, subject to any               registrar to proceed with a     to the domain name                                            the domain name has
auction / sales process?        the reactivation period. To                                                                      applicable renewal and redemption        transfer to the registrar or    registration and cannot                                       been sold at auction. If the
                                exercise the right to recover                                                                    fees.                                    third party, the domain name    determine the course of                                       RAE does not re-register
                                auctioned domain name                                                                                                                     will be deleted.                action in the auction / sales                                 the domain name during
                                services, the RAE must contact                                                                                                                                            process.                                                      the grace period, the
                                the registrar and provide a                                                                                                                                                                                                             auction sale will be
                                certified letter, including                                                                                                                                                                                                             concluded and ownership
                                documents setting forth the                                                                                                                                                                                                             of the domain transferred
                                identity and address of the RAE,                                                                                                                                                                                                        to a third party.
                                credit card details and an
                                authorization o pay the
                                reinstatement fee + registration
                                fees. Sufficient time needs to be
                                provided by the RAE to allow
                                the registrar to receive and
                                evaluate the documents and to
                                contact the auction winner prior
                       Registrar B                     V                               G                           H                                      O                     S                     M     Q                          R
6. For those registrars or       Data not available.   Not applicable.                                             Some RAEs choose to redeem /           Data not available.   Data not available.   N/A   Data not available.        Data not available
affiliated auction service                                                                                         restore their registrations even after
provider that provide auction                                                                                      it has gone to auction. The registrar
services with the ability of the                                                                                   allows this for typical
registrant to renew/re-register                                                                                    circumstances, but does not
a name, what measure of                                                                                            publicize any statistics on its
registrants have exercised                                                                                         frequency.
that right?
9. Is the transfer of a domain                         A domain name may not be        The registrant may not      During the 42 day grace period (12                           Yes                   Yes   A domain name can be        Yes, but customer service
name during the Renew                                  transferred for 60 days after   transfer a domain name + 30), the registrant can renew the                                                           transferred during the      will need to be contacted.
Grace Period provided by the                           renewal.                        registration to another     domain name and then follow the                                                          grace period to another
registrar allowed?                                                                     registrar at any time after procedure for transferring a domain                                                      registrar reseller or
                                                                                       its expiration date unless name to a new registrar. Or the                                                           another registrar. Even if
                                                                                       the domain name is          new registrar can initiate a transfer                                                    the reseller website states
                                                                                       renewed the registrar       request if the registrant provided                                                       that expired domains
                                                                                       prior to initiation of the  the required authorization for the                                                       cannot be transferred,
                                                                                       transfer of registrar.      expired domain.                                                                          they will be able to
                                                                                                                                                                                                            transfer the domain
                                                                                                                                                                                                            because they are within

Note: RAE = registrant at time of expiration

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