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									Services & Pricing

LIT Creations CC                                              Reg. No. 2006/025439/23
Address:                                                      Endemol Building, 75 Studio Park
                                                              5 Concourse Crescent, Lonehill
Telephone:                                                    +27 (0) 11 361 6060
Fax:                                                          +27 (0) 86 617 2236
E-mail:                                                       info@litcreations.com
Managing Member:                                              Leigh-Ann O’Hagan

Thank you for contacting us and requesting further information with regards to our services. The following outlines
the design concepts, domain registration, hosting options, website maintenance, search engine submission and
other critical issues. A quotation, based on the requirements stipulated, will follow in a separate document.

All services and prices quoted in this document are subject to our Terms & Conditions, which can be found at
http://www.litcreations.com/terms.asp. All prices mentioned in this document are exclusive of VAT.

Domain registration:
   .co.za domains
   All .co.za domains are charged at an up-front cost of R200.00. No annual renewal fee is charged on the first .za
   domain name registered to a domain space, as long as the site is hosted with LIT Creations. Should the client
   not host the site with LIT Creations, or should the client have more than one .co.za domain name per domain
   space (set up as alias domains), an annual fee of R100.00 shall be levied for each co.za domain renewal.
   Should you already have a .co.za domain, the transfer is free of charge.

   .org.za domains

   .org.za domain names are for charitable organisations or Section 21 companies. .org.za domains are charged at
   an up-front cost of R400.00. This is only a once-off fee and no annual fee is charged to renew this domain.
   Should you already have a .org.za domain, the transfer is free of charge.

   Other domains

   Most other domains (eg. .com, .biz, .info, .org, etc) are charged at an up-front cost of R300.00 and thereafter cost
   R300.00 per annum (a few exceptions occur, such as the .tv domain, which costs R1000.00 annually). The
   annual domain renewal fee is usually invoiced separately to the annual hosting fee, except if they occur at around
   the same time. A .com or similar domain transfer will cost R300.00.

Website Design:

Note that this section is valid only if LIT Creations do the design for the client. Should the client do his/her own
design and only wish to host the site with LIT Creations, there are no design costs applicable. A webpage is defined
as a page on the internet, usually designed with the main template of the site (defined by the website owner), which
is opened by following a link or URL and which does not have excessive scrolling.

           A webpage is defined as being static if it contains only text, graphics and internal or external links to other
           pages. Static pages (hosted with LIT Creations) are currently charged at R150.00 per page designed and
           tested. Static pages where the site is NOT hosted with LIT Creations are R500.00 per page.

           A webpage is defined as being interactive (or database-driven) if it contains fields for a user to potentially
           enter information which would subsequently be submitted to the owner of the website and arrive in the form
           of an e-mail, or if the page retrieves information from a database and displays such information in the public
           site. A single interactive page can have a number of interactive components (for example more than one
           form, or more than one section linked to admin functionality). LIT Creations charges R250.00 per
           interactive component embedded in a page. We will only develop interactive components for sites which
          are hosted with us. Only in special circumstances will we commit to develop functionality for sites not
          hosted with us and then the cost will be R800.00 per interactive component developed.

LIT Creations will display a notification at the bottom of all public website pages, saying “Website designed and
hosted by LIT Creations”.

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                 Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                             Fax: 086 617 2236

LIT Creations uses MS Access as it’s primary website interactive database. Should the website in question need a
database in the backend, the cost of the database setup and integration with the website costs R400.00. Population
of the database (if required) is charged at R250.00 per hour.

There are two kinds of databases from which to choose if the site is hosted on a Windows platform:
       MS Access Database – there are no licensing fees. The only fees applicable are as above.
       MS SQL Server Database – fees specified below are ANNUAL costs:
             o 150MB database – cost is R5,100.00 per annum
             o 300MB database – cost is R7,800.00 per annum

If the site is to be hosted on a Unix platform, the following database options are available:
          MySQL Database – fees specified below are ANNUAL costs:
                 o 150MB database – cost is R950.00 per annum
                 o 300MB database – cost is R1,800.00 per annum

Administration Facility:

This provides an easy to use alternative to loading changes via FTP, therefore this facility is only needed if the client
wishes to do their own updates to the site, but is unfamiliar with HTML coding techniques, etc.

Should the client need an administration facility in order to update the website on a regular basis, this administration
facility will be adapted specifically to the website owner’s particular needs and will therefore suit the owner’s
business. The administration facility is protected in the following ways:

               o    The facility itself is hidden from the casual browser
               o    The facility is protected by a username and password authentication system

The cost of the username / password authentication page is currently R300.00. The administration menu is a static
page and all pages thereafter are usually interactive or database-driven pages.

Additional accessorising of website:

   Flash Animation
   Animation components can be developed for either email usage (eg. simple logo animation to be included in
   outgoing mail to clients or prospective clients) or integration into a the static pages of a website. Animations are
   charged for depending on the complexity of the animation requested.
   Note that any company logo may be animated for greater effect. This simple animation may be included in your
   outgoing email or in the website itself. The cost is R600.00 per company logo animated.

   Web Calendar
   A Web Calendar may be added to your site, either for users to book dates (eg. booking of course dates), or the
   calendar may be user-protected and thereby be used for company-only bookings for meetings, events, etc. Web
   Calendars are R1 200.00 to design and integrate into your website. Please contact LIT Creations for more
   information regarding this feature and how your business may benefit from it.

   Discussion Forum (Newsgroup)
   A discussion forum may be introduced to your website, enabling users to create topics of discussion and add their
   ideas to the forum. Users may interact and share ideas about various subjects pertaining to your business, with
   each other and yourself. You will be provided an administration facility where you can remove inappropriate or
   outdated topics of discussion. An example of a discussion forum can be found on The Nations Trust website
   (www.thenationstrust.org). The cost of a discussion forum is R1 200.00, which includes the administration facility.

Website examples:

Approximately 100 example sites are available on our website under the link Portfolio. Please note that this is only a
small subsection of our completed sites, but should be sufficient to give an indication of our quality of work.

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                     Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                 Fax: 086 617 2236

There are various ways of going about “e-commerce” sites. All e-commerce sites would have a shopping trolley:

   Shopping Trolley

   A shopping trolley can be developed for a catalogue site. The client would have a list of items on the site with
   code, description, title and price. Each item would have an option to “Add item to shopping trolley”. The items
   would be stored in a database and this would therefore incur the costs of setting up a database (R400.00).
   There would be a shopping trolley icon at the top of the page and when clicked on, would show the items
   currently in the trolley, giving the option to remove items from the trolley. There would be a button prompting
   them to proceed to order these items.
   The order form would capture the person’s details (eg. name, tel, fax, delivery address, etc) - NOT their credit
   card information. These personal details and order information get sent back to you, the site owner.
   The cost of the shopping trolley described above, including buttons, shopping trolley icon and order forms, is
   R1200.00. This is dependent on the site being hosted with LIT Creations. We do not offer shopping cart facilities
   for sites hosted on other servers, due to use of server components specific to our machines. These costs
   exclude the interactive catalogue page costs and the database setup and population fee.
   From this point, there are two ways of proceeding:
   1)   Once the user has entered their personal details and this has been mailed to you, they proceed to a page
        where they are given your business’s banking details and asked to transfer the relevant amount before
        shipping will occur.
   2)   Once the user has entered their personal details and this has been mailed to you, they proceed to a page
        which forms part of a third-party credit facility (usually a bank), where they are prompted to enter their credit
        card details and do an actual online transaction in a secure environment. LIT Creations usually make use of
        Setcom’s online payment facilities. There is no charge to sign up and there are no monthly fees, but they do
        take 4.9% of every transaction through your site which they process. LIT Creations will assist if necessary in
        setting up this account.

Personlised e-mail addresses:
   Emails with a website

        The set up of up to 5 personalised e-mail addresses (eg. info@your-company.co.za or sales@your-
        company.com) will cost R100.00. This is the minimum amount payable for initial setup of e-mail accounts,
        however the client has the flexibility of starting use of these addresses at any stage in the future, whilst
        hosting with LIT Creations. Should a client want between 6 and 10 email addresses, a once-off fee of R100
        will apply and an annual hosting fee of R200 will be charged. A client wanting more than 10 email addresses
        would need to sign up for the Mailbox Control Panel. All basic e-mail accounts are allocated 50MB of space
        each – please see section “Advanced Mailboxes” below for more information regarding mailbox upgrades.

   Advanced Mailboxes:
        Basic email accounts set up on a domain are allocated 50MB space each and do not include spam filtering
        or anti-virus protection. You may upgrade individual mailbox accounts on your domain to Advanced
        Mailboxes at any stage. The cost per Advanced Mailbox is R250 per year and includes the following
            Spam filtering will be enabled on that particular mailbox
            Anti-virus protection will be enabled on that particular mailbox
            Mailbox size will be increased from basic 50MB size to 1GB

        Please see details regarding Spam Filtering and Anti-virus software below.

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                     Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                 Fax: 086 617 2236
Spam Filtering:
Spam Filtering allows you to filter out unwanted or unsolicited emails from your inbox. We offer the industry's most
advanced spam filtering solution, shown to catch up to 99% of unwanted email. Used by various Enterprise
organisations worldwide, as well as the US Military, our Spam Filtering product is the best way to keep your mailbox
free from junk mail.

Anti-virus Software:
The server uses powerful, industry standard, virus scanning software. This is updated daily (or more often if
necessary) with the signature files of the latest viruses.
Attachments with the following file types are all blocked automatically:
If viruses are found in other types of attachment the files are, if at all possible, cleaned and delivered. Where
attachments cannot be cleaned they are deleted.

Mailbox Control Panel – add an UNLIMITED number of mailboxes to your domain:
Should your business have a large number of mailboxes that you would require control over, we can install a Mailbox
Control Panel, which would enable you to add an unlimited number of mailboxes and forwarders to your domain.
You would have access to a control panel where you may add email addresses, modify password access on any
account and remove accounts. Cost per annum for this facility and the hosting of an unlimited number of mailboxes
is R600.00 per annum.

Website hosting:

Hosting of sites is either on a Windows 2003, IIS 6 server with support for ODBC, Perl, CGI, ASP, Javascript, etc, or
on a Linux Apache server, running the latest version of Redhat with Apache webserver and support for Perl and PHP

All sites are given unlimited space and bandwidth on our server, provided this space is used for website-related files.
All client sites are kept up and running 24 hours per day, with backup servers available. Hosting costs are payable
on an annual basis (no monthly fees). Should the client decide to terminate their hosting with LIT Creations please
review our Terms & Conditions regarding refunds. Basic hosting packages cost R 800.00 per year to host
(conditions apply). A fully animated site, or sites which have administration facilities or e-commerce facilities will cost
R 900.00 per year to host (conditions apply). Databases hosted on a site could incur additional costs – please
contact us to get a precise quotation based on your requirements. The basic hosting package includes the following
services on an annual basis:
          o    Hosting of the website for an entire year

          o    Ensuring 24 hr per day uptime

          o    Fax to email on any email (upon client’s request)

          o    Renewal of a .za domain name

          o    Unlimited bandwidth to the site & unlimited site size

          o    Webmail access to all email accounts hosted on domain

          o    Hosting of 5 e-mail addresses (see Personalised email addresses for additional costing if applicable)

          o    Submission of the website to over 300 search engines

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                     Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                 Fax: 086 617 2236
Our hosting servers:

     Your website will be hosted on either a Windows 2003 Dual Pentium Processor running IIS 6, or a Linux Apache
     server running the latest version of Redhat. Hosting is on a shared platform in both cases and therefore third
     party software cannot be installed.

Optional hosting add-ons:

          1)   MATRIX STATS:
               Matrix Stats is a real-time statistical reporting package that provides statistics on the visits to your
               website, including:
                   Page hits (ie. which of your web pages have been visited, for how long and by whom)
                   Non-page hits (ie. which images and downloads have been accessed, for how long and by whom)
                   Search engines used to find your site and keywords entered
                   Charts and graphs to show various data
                   Real-time watches may be set up to capture information
                   And a lot more. Please contact LIT Creations to send full documentation on Matrix Stats.

          Matrix Stats will cost R400 per annum per domain it is installed on.

               Clients may have various branches which need to share information. Instead of attempting to email
               this information to each person, a shared environment can be created by LIT Creations, allowing only
               your business access. Files may be “dragged” into this shared space / shared directory, thereby
               allowing anyone with access to this shared space access to these files. Shared space is 500MB in size
               and would cost the client R500.00 per annum.

Client call-outs:

LIT Creations do not offer call-outs to clients’ premises. We believe that it is more important to keep our overheads
low and so offer our clients the lowest website and hosting prices, with the best possible service the industry has to
offer. Clients may visit our offices, or alternatively, the whole website procedure may be conducted over the phone
or email.

Submission to search engines:

Submission of the site to over 300 different search engines is done when a site goes live. A client may request one
free search engine submission per year that they are hosted with us, although this is not really necessary after the
initial submission, as search engines thereafter index the website and keep track of all updates to that site in any
case. Should a site NOT be hosted with LIT Creations, a bulk search engine submission costs R300.00 per
submission. See Terms and Conditions below for more information regarding search engine submissions.

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                    Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                Fax: 086 617 2236
Website maintenance:
Note that this section only applies to clients who request updates be done by LIT Creations on their behalf. Should
the client be confident in doing updates themselves via FTP or if an administration facility has been set up to assist
the client in doing their own updates, this section would not be applicable.

  o FTP Username & Password:
      The FTP username and password (for updates) may be provided to the client upon request.

  o Sites designed & hosted with LIT Creations:
      Should the client request changes to be made to their website through LIT Creations, these changes will be
      charged at our hourly rate of R250 per hour. Additional pages added to the website, are charged at the same
      rates as described under the section Website design above.

  o Sites not designed OR not hosted with LIT Creations:
      All updates to sites not designed OR not hosted with LIT Creations will be charged at R350 per hour. We will
      only commit to making changes if we are familiar with the coding techniques and will advise the client
      accordingly if we are unable to make the necessary changes.

  o Frontpage sites:

      If a client designs their own site using Frontpage, their domain may need to have Frontpage extensions
      installed if they plan to publish their site without the use of FTP. The installation of Frontpage extensions on a
      domain will cost R500 per annum. Frontpage extensions can be installed on a domain at any stage and need
      not be installed when a hosting account is initially set up.

LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                    Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                Fax: 086 617 2236

These terms and conditions are a SUBSET only of the FULL terms and conditions which can be found at
http://www.litcreations.com/terms.asp. The client is urged to familiarise themselves with all our terms and conditions
before signing up with LIT Creations for any service.

    A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the overall design cost (should the design cost exceed R2000.00), shall be
    due on acceptance of quote. This is taken as an indication of good intent from the client. This 40% cost will be
    based on the amount quoted for, however, should the final design have additional pages to those quoted for,
    these will be charged for in addition to the remaining 60% at the end of the design period. Should the design
    cost equal or be less than R 2000.00, the full cost of the design is payable upfront.

This document:
     LIT Creations reserves the right to amend its prices on an ad-hoc basis without notice and the client should
     therefore first consult LIT Creations before any false assumptions can be made in terms of suspected pricing.
     This document may change without prior client notification. Clients are therefore advised to check any
     conditions of service with LIT Creations before any false assumptions can be made.

      Although LIT Creations pledges to do their utmost to ensure smooth and uninterrupted construction,
      development and implementation of the website, we cannot be held responsible for any damage of/to the
      client’s website, associated software and systems before, during or after construction and implementation of
      the website, nor for any complaint arising from the content of the website in the future.

Time frames:
     LIT Creations will always strive complete the initial site design within two weeks after receiving information for
     the site’s design. Although LIT Creations will do their utmost to complete the website as close as possible to
     the estimated time frame, it cannot be held liable for any delay in this regard.

Registration on search engines:
      LIT Creations will register the site with selected search engines as part of the annual fees payable;
        however, LIT Creations does NOT guarantee acceptance, placement or positioning on any search
        engine, as this is entirely controlled by the search engine suppliers themselves.
         Please note that it may take anything from 2-6 weeks before the search engine includes the website in its
          index after the submission, if at all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries or concerns regarding the above.

We assure you our best service and attention at all times.


LIT Creations
URL: www.litcreations.com                                    Tel: 011 361 6060
E-mail: info@litcreations.com                                Fax: 086 617 2236

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