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					       Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
       Summer Meeting including a symposium on


           University of Durham 3rd-5th July 2007

Advances in Stem Cell Biology
Opening address: Professor Chris Higgins, (Vice Chancellor, Durham University)

Speakers and Themes include:
      Nuclear Transfer and Reprogramming; Professor Sir John Gurdon
       (Cambridge), Professor Chris Hutchison (Durham, UK), Dr Lyle
       Armstrong (Newcastle, UK)
      Self-renewal and potency; Professor I Lemischka (Princeton, USA),
       Professor WB Huttner (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology
       and Genetics, Dresden, Germany,) Professor Karim Nayernia, (Newcastle,
       UK), Dr Linda Lako (Newcastle, UK)
      Epithelial stem cells I – skin; Professor Fiona Watt, (London, UK),
       Professor I MacKenzie, (London, UK), Professor Colin Jahoda (Durham,
      Epithelial stem cells II – intestine; Dr David Breault, (Harvard, USA), Dr
       Naomi Willis (Durham, UK),
      Blood and hematopoeitic stem cells; Professor LI Zon, (Harvard, USA),
       Professor Tariq Enver, (Oxford, UK), Dr Anne-Marie Buckle (Manchester,
       UK), Dr Antony R Green, (Cambridge)
      Stem cells and tissue engineering; Professor Chris Mason, (UCL, London,
       UK), Professor Paul Sharpe, (KCL, London, UK), Professor Kevin
       Shakesheff, (Nottingham, UK).

There will also be sessions for contributed talks and posters related to the
symposium and on other branches of the anatomical sciences including a
workshop on educational issues.

 Submitting abstracts                     4th May 2007
 Early Registration/Accom                 18th May 2007
The Summer Meeting of the Anatomical Society will take place on 3rd-5th July
2007, at the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Durham,
Durham, UK. The venue is close to the city centre and is part of the Science
Campus. All the facilities for the meeting will be in or around the Science
campus. The conference will be held in L50 in the School of Biological and
Biomedical Sciences and accommodation will be at Collingwood College which is
in very close proximity to The Science campus. Catering will be provided and
lunch will be served in the Collingwood College dinning hall. Durham is easily
reached by train, bus or air. Travel by car is discouraged due to the difficulties
with parking. As well as the Meeting, Durham offers many attractions to the
visitor including architecture and museums of international renown. Durham
Castle, the home of University College, dates from Norman times and has been
placed, along with the Cathedral, on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The
University's Botanic Garden, Oriental Museum and the Museum of Archaeology
are open to the public and well worth a visit.
The meeting will include a symposium on Advances in Stem Cell Biology
organised by Dr Stefan Przyborski and Miss Lucy Kuene. The symposium is
structured into six themed sessions, covering nuclear transfer and
reprogramming, self-renewal and potency, epithelial stem cells in the skin and
intestine, blood and hematopoeitic stem cells and stem cells and tissue
engineering. Many internationally renowned investigators will be providing an
up date on their recent findings which will make for a prestigious symposium.
Abstracts may be submitted for either oral or poster presentation on subjects
related to the symposium, or on other branches of the anatomical sciences. The
meeting will include Poster Prize competition, open to presentations by young
members of the Anatomical Society. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 4th
May 2007.
There will be a Drinks Reception in the Botanical Gardens on the evening of 3rd
July, and the Conference Dinner will be held on the evening of 4th July.
During the meeting there will be an Education Discussion session on Integrating
the Living Body into Anatomy Teaching.
For details on the benefits of membership to the Anatomical Society and how to
become a member please consult the Society website ( For
further information about the meeting consult the Web site or contact the
Programme Secretary, Professor Arthur Butt, University of Portsmouth by e-

Future meetings
3rd-4th January 2008
       Winter meeting at St Anne’s College, Oxford, to include a symposium
       organised by Prof Sue Black (University of Dundee) on Forensic Anatomy

July 2008
       Summer meeting at the University of Nottingham, to include a
       symposium organised by Professor Lopa Leach on Reproductive Anatomy

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