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A graphic designer with a background in fine arts, good web design


A graphic designer with a background in fine arts, good web design

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									                                        FABIO DAMICO
A Web/graphic designer with a background in fine arts, good typographic and graphic design skills, deep
knowledge of Web design. A reliable, well organised, hardworking and fully motivated individual who enjoys
working in a team and on own initiative.
                                       EMPLOYMENT HYSTORY:

2002-2003       Web Designer                      • Web designer for
                                                  • Working through concept design to final site building
                                                    for their own clients.

2001-2002       Freelance Graphic Designer        • Working on a couple of Websites for a photography
                                                    company and a furniture company
                                           .(under construction)
                                                  • Updating and redesign Ashbourne College
                                                  • Working for a publishing company (M.M UK
                                                    Ltd. 0208 951 1100 Irene Wise Production Manager)
                                                    producing adverts, artwork and promotional material
                                                    for their publications and clients.

2000-2001       Graphic/Web Designer              • Laying out the Magazine(Exposure), producing
                                                    leaflets(Exposure), plus responsibility for creating,
                                                    updating and maintaining Westminster Exposure
                                                    website: www,

2001            Freelance Graphic Designer        • Working on a diverse range of project for client in the
                                                    film, music and commercial sectors.

                                       EDUCATION AND TRAINING:

2002            Hoxton Bibliotech                  • NVQ level 2/3 in Web Design
                                                     Macromedia Flash; Dreamweaver; Fireworks ,
                                                     Photoshop/Image Ready, Html and Java

2000-2001       Central Graphics Academy          • NVQ level 2 in Graphic Design
                                                    Adobe Photoshop; Illustrator; Quark Express
                                                    Microsoft Office

1992-1996       Venice Academy, Italy              • BA Honours Degree in Fine Arts
                                            IT SKILLS:

 Mac/PC proficient, proficient in Mac OS/X, windows XP operating system
 Good web design skills using Dreamweaver , Image Ready, Flash good of HTML, knowledge of Java-
  script language
 Advanced Photoshop, QuarkXpress , Illustrator Knowledge of Acrobat Reader
 Good Knowledge of scanning and printing techniques
                      Via Michelini n 9, 33019 UDINE ITALY
 Mobile: 0039 3337573577         E-mail:
 MS Office skills

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