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How to work lower abs and get great results with these proven exercises for lower abs.

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									How To Work Lower Abs
Working on lower abs and building lower abdominal muscles are one of
the most hardest tasks to achieve. But don’t worry, here I will show you
how to work lower abs and achieve great results as fast as possible. But
remember one thing, consistency is the key to success. If you are not
seeing results in one week, don’t quit. You must be consistent.
Sometimes it may take weeks or months to see great results according
to your current condition.

Before you start work out lower abs, you have to know exactly what
you have to do. The two main things you need to do are –

  1. Build Ab Muscles
  2. Lose Overall Body Fat

You have to achieve these two critical tasks to see results. There are
many exercises to target abdominals, but today I’m only going to show
how to work your lower abs with some of the most powerful exercises.

Exercises For Lower Abs

  1.   Reverse Crunches
  2.   Hanging Reverse Crunches
  3.   Vertical Bench Crunches
  4.   Seated Leg Tucks
  5.   Bent Knee Flat Bench Leg Raises
  6.   Bent Knee Vertical Bench Leg Raises
  7.   Hanging Leg Raises

These are some of the most powerful exercises for lower abs. You can
select some of the exercise that works best for you and start your lower
abs workouts. For more information and representation of powerful ab
exercises visit Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Losing Body Fat

Building ab muscles are not enough to flatten abs or to get a six pack.
You also need to reduce the fat which is covering your abdominals. For
that you have to do cardio and follow a proper fat loss diet. Cardio
should be done first thing in the morning before eating any food. It has
proven to be the most effective time to do cardio in order to lose fat.
You must do cardio 3-5 times per week for about 25-35 minutes with
high intensity.

You must avoid eating junk foods and sugars and must eat quality
proteins and complex carbohydrates. Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to
boost your metabolism, thereby increasing fat loss. For more
information visit Truth About Six Pack Abs. Even though Truth About Six
Pack Abs is a killer program to get six pack abs, Mike also gives you a lot
of information on fat loss too which is very critical to see those abs.

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