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Survival Guide
         Summer Course 2009
Security kaleidoscope DESIGN:
 The different colors of Security@IT

Welcome to the Survival Guide of Summer course: Computer security DESIGN,, welcome to Brno!
Please read carefully our guide. Do not hesitate to ask us for any extra information if there is
something that is not clear to you. This guide should serve you all the information you need, so don't
forget it at home! We wish you very pleasant stay in Brno..

The Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is situated approximately in the geographical centre of Europe,
and consists of historical lands Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The total population is
about 10,3 milions. The average height above sea-level is 430 m. Even though the
Czech Republic’s area is only of 78,864 square kilometers, its wealth of natural
beauty and monuments of cultural heritage contribute greatly to its global prestige as a major cultural
                     The Czech lands have always been the crossroads of European cultures. The
                     cultural character of Czech cities, villages and spa towns has always been
                     a source of inspiration to visitors and guests, who come here from all corners of
                     the world. The Czech Republic, among the youngest in the family of European
                     countries, was born on January 1st, 1993, when the Czechoslovak Federal
Republic split into two independent states. Since 2002 The Czech Republic is member of NATO.
Since 2004, the Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union.
  There is more to the Czech Republic than just Prague! The country’s smaller towns have plenty to
offer to visitors, who will be impressed by their well-preserved historical centers and carefully
maintained monuments whose importance often transcends regional borders. Some of these towns
were declared urban monument reservations or even included on the UNESCO, List of World Cultural
Heritage. Thanks to the beautiful and colourful nature there are ideal conditions for tourism. It can be
realised in the mountains, which surround our country, but also in the romantic valleys of our rivers.
Many routes follow the borders of the republic and link up with the touristic or cyclistic routes of the
neighbouring countries. The ones, who are not found of long walking tours, can have a walk in the
forest, combined for example with picking mushrooms. Mountain climbers can have a good time in the
sand stone rocks, followers of winter sports in the mountains.
Official Site for the Czech Republic  
For incoming turists to Czech Republic
More detailed information about Czech turism
More than a destination guide         
Czech Republic travelguide            
Maps of Czech Republic you can find at

The City of Brno
               Brno is the largest Moravian city and the second largest city in the Czech Republic, it’s
               population is approx. 370 000 inhabitants. The number of inhabitants together with the
               city’s economic importance place it unambiguously above other cities in the region.
               Brno is situated in a picturesque countryside, surrounded on three sides by wooded
               hills and opening to the Southern Moravian lowlands to the south of the city. In the
               north, the city is guarded by the foothils of the Drahany and Bohemian-Moravian
Brno University of Technology (BUT)
The Czech Technical University was founded in 1899. Over the than a hundred years
of its existence the number of study areas have increased and at present the Brno
University of Technology, as the only technical university in the Czech Republic,
covers the whole spectrum of technical disciplines. With more than 20,000 students,
the Brno University of Technology is one of the largest universities in the Czech

                 With the approval of BUT chancellor and with the support of university’s Academic
                 Centre for Students Activities (ACSA) a BEST Brno was established at BEST’s
                 General Assembly on Crete, 2005. All BEST Brno events are organised in order to
                 provide supplementary education for students at European technical universities.
                                BEST Brno Office Adress:
                                ACSA – BEST

                                Rybkova 1

                                602 00 Brno

Hana Bortlová
main organiserr

Aleš Pospíšil
president of BEST Brno

How to get there:
From Main Railway Station or Main Bus Station use Tram Nr. 12 to Kralovo Pole. Get off the tram at
stop Konecneho namesti. Go straight on and follow the railway. Second street on left is Rybkova
Street. First building on left is Rybkova 1. BEST Brno office is in 2nd floor. You can find more in
chapter Public transport in Brno in this Survival Guide.

The Prague International Airport is an air gate to the Czech Republic. The airport provides daily
connection from/to major European cities. Other destinations can be reached via the airports in
Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam or Paris, where you have to change planes. The airport called Ruzyne
is located on the northwest edge of Prague. The City of Brno can be then reached from Prague
Ruzyne airport by car, bus, or train. You have to get from Ruzyne airport to the Prague Main Railway
station or Main Bus station Florenc using taxi (500 CZK) or means of public transport (20 CZK). You
can also také bus directly from the airport to Brno.It takes about three hours from Prague to Brno.Train
costs approx 300 CZK, bus approx. 150 CZK. There is a information centre (english speaking staff) on
the airport.

There is also smaller airport in Brno, the Brno Turany Airport. The airport is operated by several
      airlines (Czech airlines, Air France, …), lowcost airlines too (Ryanair, Smart Wings). The centre
      of the city can be reached by many means of transport. For example, by taxi, the journey
      downtown                                               is
      20 minutes and fare downtown is approx. 300 CZK, but it is much more cheaper to use public
      transport(40 minutes, 15 CZK). There is a information centre (english speaking staff) at the

The Airport Bratislava is the principal airport of the Slovak Republic.. It serves scheduled and non-
scheduled air services on domestic as well as the international flights. Connection to Brno is very good
and fast, it takes not more than two hours, you can use train or bus. The fare is a bit cheaper than
from Prague. But you may need to change your money to Slovak Crowns. This should be no problem,
you can also use your credit card.

It is also possible to use an airport in Wien. Located at the heart of Europe and on the threshold to
Eastern Europe, Vienna International Airport is the most easterly "western airport". The distance to
Brno is comparable with the distance from Bratislava. The best way how to get to Brno from Wien
airport is to use a bus of Student Agency, which goes just from the airport straight to Brno, with daily
service. It costs 300 CZK.

It is easy to get to the Czech Republic from all major European cities by train. Remember, in summer
the international trains tend to be full and you should book your seat at least a few weeks ahead.

Bus is the cheapest way to travel across Europe. The Czech Republic provides connection from/to
major European cities several times a week. Brno main bus station Zvonarka is situated in the centre
of the city.,,

The Czech republic is covered with a network of generally good roads; old routes often go through
villages and small towns. There are some 800 km of European-style motorways, the main ones being
the D1 or E50/E65 between Prague and Brno. The traffic on motorways and country roads tends to be
light. The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km/h, on major roads 90 km/h, and on motorways 130 km/
h. You'll need a certificate of insurance or "green card", normally valid for three months, showing you
have full liability insurance. Your car must be equipped with a first-aid kit and a red-and-white warning

Public transport in Brno
The City of Brno and its surroundings are serviced by an integrated public
transport system with unified travel tickets. The serviced area is divided into
several tariff zones. The zones for the area of the City of Brno are 100 and 101.
Before each journey, the traveller must purchase a ticket. The validity of a ticket
is time and zone limited. The ticket is valid from the moment it is signed for
a period specified on it and only in those tariff zones marked on the ticket. All
tickets are transfer, except the 8 CZK ticket - this is valid only in the vehicle in
which it was signed. The ticket must be signed immediately after boarding
a vehicle. During changing, tickets can't be further signed. For most journeys around Brno, a two-zone
ticket for 60 minutes will be sufficient(15 CZK). For a longer stay, one-day or three-day tickets for
zones 100+101 are offered for an attractive price.

What to bring with
•       travel and medical insurance                   •        pullover and raincoat
•       passport and visa if needed                    •        sport clothes and shoes
•       money                                          •        music instrument, if you have any
•       student card                                   •        camera
•       sleeping bag                                   •        sunglasses
•       personal hygiene items                         •        towel
•       swimming suit                                  •        items for the International Evening
•       medications                                    (traditional drink and food)

Meeting point
We will pick you up. Let us know as soon as possible the exact date and time of your arrival to Brno.

                        Accommodation is reserved at students residence Pod Palackého vrchem,
                        Kolejní street, at north-west end of Brno, which is surrounded by beautiful
                        woods and prairies..There are pubs, store, cinema, restaurant and many
                        more at the place of your accomodation. There is a shower and WC on the

Food and drinks
Although Czech cuisine is not the best choice for vegetarians, everybody will
most likely find at least a couple of meals "to die for". Czech cooking and
eating habits have been shifting in the general direction to a healthier
lifestyle, but traditional Czech recipes are still extremely popular - and those
tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Sauces and condiments are
popular. A Czech meal often starts with soup. The main course usually
consists of meat and a side dish. The most popular meats are chicken and
pork, followed by beef, usually served with some kind of sauce. Fish is not very common although
trout or cod are sometimes served. As far as drinks go, a Czech meal is often accompanied by the
national beverage, which is beer.

The Czech Republic uses the Central European Time, CET, which is GMT+1.

The Czech Republic is located on the borderline between two great climatic regimes, the oceanic and
the continental, and the weather consequently tends to be fairly variable in different regions. The
normal summer temperature varies between 23°C and 29°C. The Czech Republic’s climate is marked
by a mutual incursion and mixing of oceanic and continental influences. It is characterised by western
air currents with predominantly western winds, intensive cyclonal activities causing frequent changes
in air mass and relatively abundant precipitations. The coastal influence is mainly manifested in
Bohemia; in Moravia and Silesia the climatic influences are increasingly continental.
The unit of the Czech money is Česká Koruna, or Czech Crown, abbreviated CZK usually. Banks and
hotels accept all convertible currencies, traveller’s cheques and credit cards.

Credit cards
The following credit cards are accepted in the Czech Republic: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American
Express. You can use them for paing in the stores, or to get Czech money from the cash dispensers,
which are widely spreaded in the cities. There are also exchange offices on the streets in Brno, so you
dont need to go to the bank to exchange your money.

Exchange rate
1 Euro = approx. 26 Czech Crowns

Approximate prices in CZK
0.5l beer in store                      10,-
0.5l beer in pub                        25,-
0.2 l wine in pub                       30,-
0,7 wine in store                       80,-
0,7 l wine in pub                       150,-
Lunch or supper in the restaurant       130,-
Cofee                                   25,-
Pack of cigarettes                      50,-
Pizza                                   100,-
Music compact disc                      400,-
Ice Cream                               15,-
Sandwich                                30,-
Taxi per 1km                            20,-

Small dictionary
Hello                   ahoj                           What is the time        kolik je hodin
Good morning            dobré ráno                     Help                    pomoc
Good night              dobrou noc
Good appetite           dobrou chuť                    One, two, three         jeden, dva, tři
Cheers                  na zdraví                      Four, five, six         čtyři, pět, šest
Yes                     ano                            Seven, eight            sedm, osm
No                      ne                             Nine, ten               devět, deset
Thank you               děkuji
Excuse me               promiňte                       Beer                    pivo
Please                  prosím                         Wine                    víno
I am..                  já jsem..                      Cofee                   káva
How are you             jak se máš                     Water                   voda
Left, right, straight   vlevo, vpravo, rovně           Friend                  přítel
Stupid                  blbec                           At request              na znamení
Boy                     kluk                            Zone                    zóna
Girl                    holka                           Ticket                  jízdenka
I like you              líbíš se mi                     Transfer                přestupní
Sex                     sex                             Platform                nástupiště
Use condom              vem si kondom                   Service vehicle         služební jízda
                                                        Out of operation        mimo provoz
Tramway                 šalina                          Wait                    čekejte
Bus                     autobus                         I understand            rozumím
Trolley-bus             trolejbus                       I do not understand     nerozumím
Line                    linka                           The Main Station        hlavní nádraží
Stop                    zastávka                        Airport                 letiště
Terminus                konečná

The voltage in the Czech Republic as well as the socket and plug sizes is identical to the most of
European countries (220V / 50Hz).

Important telephone numbers
There are three operators of mobile-phones in the Czech Republic: Eurotel, T-Mobile and Vodafone.
You can also buy a SIM card of our local operator if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Emergency services              155
Police                          158
Fire                            150
Metropolitan police             156
General information             12 444
Telephone number information    1180

When you get lost..
You can always call the cell phones of organisers, we will immediately help you..