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 Planning & Scheduling                  Caltex                Delta      Sydney Water   Beltana                Tomago Al                  Alcoa ARP      Coal & Allied HVO Hydro Al            Qantas       (Transfield)            PWCS           Snowy Hydro
Planning/ CMMS System          SAP K                    Ellipse J        Maximo J     Pulse J           SAP R3  R4 K                  Easy J -May      Elipse Planning J/ SAP R3 J           Cameo,    SAP R2 K             J Maximo V5 Ellipse J/ Workplanner
used                                                                                                                                   change to Oracle Reporting L                           SAS K
Scheduling & other software SAP R3                      Ellipse J        Excel K           Access/      SAP 4.6                        MS Project 9/    Ellipse & MS Project Excel J          Excel     MESA L               J Maximo       Ellipse/ Workplanner, MS
systems used                XLS J                                                          Pulse/       Excel                          Easy             K Some interface                      Project   MS Project K         Crystal Rpt MS Project, MS Excel,
                                                                                           Project J    MS Project                                      issues                                L                              Excel          RCMCost, CorVu, OMS.

No. of Workorders per week     Av 100                   600 - 800      300 per week-       50 100       250 - 300                                       400 - 600/week          800 -                   1500                 100 - CCT        Approx. 150 per week
(throughput)                                            (4 Power Stns) Mech/ Elect                                                                      across all sites        5 Depts J                                    Terminal Only   total including routine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             inspections, correctives
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and breakdowns
Supply/ Procurement/ Spares    KJ                       Ellipse J        Maximo &          LL           SAP 4.6 KL                     JK               Ellipse LL BOM's        L             KL        SAP R2 K             L Maximo/       Ellipse J. BOM's/ APL's
systems                                                                  Financial Sy K                                                                 almost non-existant                                                  Oricle          not yet set up. K

Organisational Structure for   KJ                       K                Planning K -      K            Planning / Scheduling 7   J    J                J   Planners 5          JL            J Sched   K Blusescope         Planning J -    2 long/medium term
Strategy, Planning,                                                      Schelule L -                   Reliability team J                              Schedulers 2                          J Plan    Strategy/Transfiel   Schelule J -    planners, 4 regions
Scheduling and Execution                                                 Doing J                                                                        Separate                                        d - Detailed plan,   Doing K         managing med/short
                                                                                                                                                        breakdown team                                  Scedule & Doing                      term plans J. No
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             dedicated Planners
Scheduling lead time           L                        K                PM's 30days       K            7 Days      K                  30 days J        7 Days    K             7 Weeks J     J         2 wks Day to Day/    28 days   J     Large jobs 12mths lead,
                                                                         Overhauls 5 yrs                                                                                                                6 wks shutdowns                      major plant 3mths, minor
                                                                         J                                                                                                                              J when conf. to                      work 1mth.
How disiplined are your        K                        J                J                 Not Very      K                             Regular except   K 5% of shutd           K             L         L                    Very     JJ     Outages are disciplined,
outages?                                                                                                                               for Production   jobs cancelled for                                                                   but Market driven,
                                                                                                                                       Crashes K        various reasons                                                                      flexible K
Cost of unavaliability/        $300K/day unit av        $0 to $18M/day $0/ Customer,       Up to 2K t/hr ??                                             2000 t/hr product -     ?             $50K 24hr Varies per                           Varies depending on
downtime (eg $/hr)                                                     EPA &               at $50/t                                                     $100K/hr revenue                      G/T       Department                           whether it is planned or
                                                                       Politicians L       =$100K/hr                                                                                                                                         forced and the market
Source of workload - CM/   Op's=60% CM/PM=40%           Op 60%/ Maint 30% PM - 30% High %               5% CM, 40% PM, 25% BM                           CM & PM 60% -           CM 20% -                BM 20%- CM 40% - CM 32% - PM         Routine Condition based
PM/ Breakdown% - Operator/                              40%           BM - 30% CM - unplanned           30% Ops                                         Breakdown 40%           PM 60% -                PM 40%/ Varies   50% - BM 18%        Insp 70%; Correctives
Maintenance%                                                          10% projects                                                                                              BN 20%                  per Department                       27%; Breakdown 3%

Quality and availability of    LK                       JK               Very Good J       Permanent Permanent Good/ Contract          Own OK K -       L Availability on       LL            K         Day to Day Good      Quality K -    Quality    J- Availability
trade etc. resources?                                                                      Good/       Fair                            Contractors L     big shutdowns                                  J - Peak Load        Availability J J
                                                                                           Contractors                                                    K Quality, some                               Average K
                                                                                           erratic                                                       good, some bad
Average number of              Caltex= av 50/week       70 TP/Tech       260 internal -    Maint 40/ 4- Average 10 per Business unit Own max 10 -       Own 9/week -            85            350 aprox 2000                 55              Approx 100 involved in
tradesmen/ technicians per     Contractor= av 50/week                    150 outside       6 trades                                  Contractors 40     contractors 15 to 20                                                                 maintenance, mainly
week                                                                                                                                                    full time equivilent/                                                                internal
                                                                                                                                                        on Shutdowns 300
Key KPI's                      % Compliance/ %          Timliness/ '0'   Response time Availability -   % Weekly Schedule              Completeion      Reliability, Safety,    Many! - PM Various      PVA - Plan vs        Various -       Safety, Environment,
                               Scheduled/ % Planned     Rework/          BM/ Downtime 87%/              Completion                     Rate/ MTBF/      Schedule                Compliance              Actual/ Prime to     Planning,       Reliability, Availability,
                               work per Capacity/       Safety& Env/     on equipment/ Compliance       % Weekly Service               MTBR/ W/O        compliance,             - Schedule              Prime/ %             Schedulig &     Outage completion to
                               Backlog in crew weeks    Project Cost     Backlog of                     Completion                     completion/      Timeliness,             Compliance              Scheduled/ WP vs     Compliance      Plan, Routine inspection
                                                        (Workorder)      PM's/                          % Weekly Scheduling Rate       Timeliness       Breakdown time %,       - M/c                   WS/ $                                completion K
                                                                         Completion of                  Weekly Backlog in numbers                       Costs                   Uptime
Quality of planning data       K                        J                Good J        K                 J                             K                 L Losts of man.        JL            JJ        Varies per           JK              Ellipse MST's and
available                                                                                                                                                sys eg. Parts lists                            Department                           Standard Jobs used
                                                                                                                                                          J MST's in                                                                         extensively in managing
                                                                                                                                                         Ellipse good qual.                                                                  routine work. Plans
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             based on RCM analysis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and currently not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             dynamically linked to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             planning data. Varies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             with work gp K
Quality and accessiblliy of    L                        J                Average K         L            Poor L Not used by             Some gets lost   Poor L Not              Very Little   L         Varies per           K               Can be improved by
W/O feedback data                                                                                       planners often. Don't get it   L                used by planners        L                       Department                           better quality/
                                                                                                        from tradespeople                               often. Don't get it                                                                  accessibility of plant
                                                                                                                                                        from tradespeople                                                                    history for supporting CI.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Condition monitoring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             data is collected, but not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             well used to improve
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             work L
 Supply Stores      CNA - HVO              PWCS           Sydney Water             Caltex                Alcoa       Beltana (Xstrata)
 and Materials       CHPP's                                    SWC
Managing          L No central list     L Lack           J List of Critical   J Available       J Lists available.   KL Vendor & self
Critical Spares                         Process          Spares exist                           Yearly checks        managed. Needs
Rebuilds-         K Issues with         KL Differs       K Condition          K User attitude   K Done offsite-      K Vendor and self
Repairable        old items not         between          based.               needs to          Quoting              managed. Needs
Spares            returned thus not     sites            Assessment prior     improve                                better tracking.
                  sent for rebuild                       to overhauls

Tool Control      NA- Contractors       Only for lifting NA - Maint           J Use Barcode     K Each area          L Free issue-
                  have own tools-       gear etc K.      Contractors          Software          controls             Usage to high.
                  employees             Most trades provide tools                               specialised tools    Needs tighter
                  manage own tools      have own                                                                     control.
                  via tool allowance

Vendor Supply     J                     N/A              J NA. Long term      J Very happy $. L High cost            K System OK.
Issues -                                                 contracts with an    Reduce        involved with            Need to audit
Consumables                                              assurance of         inventory     consumables.             vendors to avoid
                                                         anytime delivery                   Limited availability     oversupply.
                                                                                            some areas
Tradesman get     K Issues with         K Some           K Service        K Does not       Stores issues OK.         J Not a major
incorrect or      parts not             instances.       provider manages happen often.    K Direct charge           issue
defective         matching docs.        On projects      any specific     Feedback from sometimes wrong
spares or parts   Some stock code       parts            standard spares  users to improve item
                  discrepancies.        checked          issues           SIS info
Stores          J Reorder and           K Done for
                                        usually          J Still a manual     J Appropriate     J Have               J Process already
Inventory       Max Min levels          projects. Not    process                                appropriate levels   in place.
Levels and Cost easily adjusted         regularly                                                                    K Needs periodic
                                        reviewed                                                                     review.

Communication     J Generally only L Various             J Long term          J MRP             K Needs              K Communication
between           issues are on         issues but       contract vendor      exception mat.    improvement          lines are open.
Supply, Stores    long lead time        improving        meetings             availability                           However need to
& Maintenance     parts. No comm.                                             checks                                 decide on process.
System to         L Currently           J No issues K Some kpi's on                             L None currently.    L Current system
identify delivery none                                   the long-term                          Addressed when       very poor
issues                                                   contracts                              issues arise
Catalogue         J Easy to add         K Not all        J Maximo             JL Site           J Easy system        JL Catalogue sys
system            items.                items                                 specific                               easy to use. Not all
                  LL Catalogue          catalogued                                                                   parts/stores on
                  not complete                                                                                       system.
BOM - APL         LLL None              K Most in        L Some BOM.          JL Site           K Major              L Rely on OEM for
System                                  place > 70%      Not electronically   specific          equipment done.      BOM's. Some not
                                        but not well     available in                           Minor equipment      so good.
                                        used             Maximo                                 poor

Return of         J Not an issue        L More           NA                   L Bad             K Most items         L Poor. Seem to
Unused items                            likely lost or                                          returned. Small      lack badly re this
                                        kept in                                                 items left wshops    issue.
Problem with      J Generally OK        lockers
                                        J Pretty         J Generally          J MRP             J No issues. Well J Seems to be OK
condition of      except for some       good.            Okay                 exception list    stored
spares            "unofficial" stores   Storage
           PWCS                  Hydro Aluminium            Caltex                Snowy Hydro                       Alcoa ARP                                                     Sydney Water
Maint Planners plan J           Maint Planner does   Maint Planners        Planing and co-ordination by   Equipment Manager plans,        1 - Planning Group with input of Service Providers, create the PM schedule and scope of
- Maint Schedules coordinate    planning &           Structure - Dynamic   maintenance managers,          schedules & coordinates.        work for all assets
J - Elect & Mech planners       coordination J       Area/ Cental +        Engineers & TL's K             Gets resources from CMT &       2 - Coordinators carry out the daily resource allocation and respond to CM/BM work loads.
Also supervise (as required),   Also BOM             Decentralised         No dedicated Planners          labour hire. Also purchasing,   3 - Planners also look at the long term overhaul/replacement of assets and integrate the
spares & expediting.            Management J         BOM - Maintenance                                    supervision & hands on work     workload to be passed onto coordinators.
                                                                                                          JJ                              4 - Planners carry out other duties as required by business needs. i.e. projects, site audits,
                                                                                                                                          work instructions etc
Maximo                          SAP 4.2              SAP R4.6 - CMMS       Ellipse, MS Project, outage    Easy ETS and MS Project J       K
                                                                                                                                          Maximo routine Planning + MS Project / excel for shut downs
Oracle J                                             Primavera - T&I       management system,                                             K
                                                                           Developing workor Planner
W/O's vetted by workflow        SAP J                Priority work         (ellipse add-on) J used
                                                                           No priority system             Easy - Priority System          1 - Priority given by persons on site reporting breakdowns or if based on an alarm
system K                                             requirement by        Urgent work managed ad-                                        breakdown priorities are predetermined for each alarm type and is given by the Job
                                                     required dates J      Hoc J                                                          Schedulers.
                                                                                                                                          2 - Priority pre-assigned to PM's in Maximo depending on the criticality of equipment. J
Scope of work, Work permits,    Scope of work,     Need improvement &      Work Packages in Ellipse -   Procedures linked to              > Scope of Work supplied by Sydney Water in Maximo
Drwgs, Diagrams, Risk           Permits, confined  discipline L            Routine Maint (time, BOM's, workorders                         >All tasks are the Responsibility of Service Provider
Assessment, W/O's with          space permits, Drg                         Resources)                   Job duration on workorders        >Risk Assessment of Work
spares list J                   No.s, Risk                                 Non-routine - TL's develop J                                   >Standard Isolation Procedures, Permits to Work etc.
                                assessment & W/O                                                                                          >Large Jobs, a Formal Isolation & Commissioning Plan is required to coordinate work
                                with spares J                                                                                             between Civil Maintenance & Mech/Elec and must be pre approved by management before
                                                                                                                                          work is carried out.
                                                                                                                                          >Jobs $5K to $40 - Quote for Cost of Materials/Labour etc required
                                                                                                                                          >A report is run by Service Providers at the end of each month to find out Planned Work
                                                                                                                                          for next month.J
PM system, must be done J SAP J                      External Risk Based Ellipse J                        Through easy priority system Maximo is used to manage Jobs.
                                                     Insp (RBI) -Not linked                               J                            Maximo Equipment & PM Criticality is High. Equipment is flagged as Statutory in Maximo.
                                                     to CMMS K                                                                         PM is also flagged as Statutory in Maximo.
                                                                                                                                       Service Provider KPI's are used to track performance of High Criticality PM's. J
All work must have a            As much as           All maint work       As much info as required to     EM to review and plan in        PM's - Labour hours & Start/Finish times/dates
workorder - > 1 hr              required to          requires a workorder do work safely & effectively    CMMS system                     Corrective & Breakdowns - Labours hours & Start/Finish times/dates, Materials & Tools
Parts required                  complete task        J                     K                                                              Used, Detailed description of work carried out, failure codes etc etc. J
Services coordinated J
Project Team K                  efficiently J
                                SAP J                Major T&I - SD Team By Outage man. System. By EASY J                                 PM planning is carried out once and fine tuned as required to smooth out peaks and
                                                     J                   project Group (Maint) J                                          troughs. Fine tuning of peak and troughs is sometimes put on the back burner due to other
                                                     Major Mtce outside                                                                   work commitments. L
                                                     T&I L                                                                                Planned Overhauls are set up as Time Based PM's in Maximo and a condition assessment
                                                                                                                                          is carried out to determine if an overhaul is required for larger equipment. Condition
                                                                                                                                          Monitoring is also used, such as Annual Pump down tests. Sometimes the Planned
                                                                                                                                          Overhaul program can fall behind due to breakdowns that require overhaul of equipment.
On Job Training                 On the Job only K    On the Job Training   N/A                            On the Job using a              Nil - On Job Training L
Site specific J                                      L                     On the Job Training K          mentoring system with other
                                                                                                          equipment managers
History - Interview W/O         From tradesman       Inspection work J     Routine ones are great         Equipment Manager puts          >Minium Requirements for Key Fields before Maximo will allow Work Orders to be
requestor during line           doing the job J      OP's work K           Technical J                    work procedures together        Completed.
inspections J                                                                                             JJ                              >Data Integrity Maximo Reports.
                                                                                                                                          >Checking Work Order Data in Maximo before the Work Order is Closed.
                                                                                                                                          >Random audits to compare paper work from Tradespeople & the data entered into
                                                                                                                                          Maximo. JK
Fully planned                   From Notification J Effective review and   WR - WO - Auto approval J EM reviews J                         PM's - approved by Service Providers.
Timing identified K                                 approval J                                                                            Corrective < $5K is approved by Service Providers
                                                                                                                                          Corrective > $5k is approved by Sydney Water
                                                                                                                                          Breakdowns are approved by Job Schedulers in Service Centres for remote unmanned
                                                                                                                                          sites or Operators on Plants.
                                                                                                                                          Service Providers enter all the information into Maximo and Complete the Work Order.
                                                                                                                                          Sydney Water staff check the Work Orders in Maximo and Close them. JK
Online - W/O's on completion Badly L                 Bad L                 WO historian through control In EASY J and equipment           All data entered into Work Order Module in Maximo by Service Provider. Labour, Materials,
K                                                                          group. Tradespeople adding tracking system                     Tools, Failure Codes & description of work carried out.
                                                                           history to WO's J                                              Data accuracy/detail for job is sometimes a problem, especially when a third party enters
                                                                                                                                          paperwork from tradespeople into Maximo JK
Weekly - # of W/O's - 400       Weekly - Less than By man-hours            Hour of backlog K              Measured through Mentors - Monthly KPI's reported back at Maintenance Meetings.
W/O's - Hours J                 3 weeks J          Per week J                                             Performance measures (In   All Statutory Jobs must be finished by there due date and backlog jobs older than 30 days
                                                                                                          control & capable program) that are not finished, are flagged in KPI reports. J
 Scheduling Comparisons                   Hydro                  Beltana - Xstrata              Alcoa ARP                    Orica           Sydney Water                Snowy Hydro                 PWCS              Delta Electricity    Tomago Aluminium      Bluescope/ TSL                    Shell                  Caltex
Who does Scheduling.           Planner - Operators -Team      Management team JJ        Equipment manager (EM) J         Planner ?       PM- Managing Maint      Long term planner             Scheduler J          Planners - T/L's       Planner Scheduler J Detail planner K              Scheduler J            Planner/ Scheduler -
Responsibilities of the        Coordinator J                                                                                             issues.                 Maint mgr/ team leader do                          Coordinator J                                                                                   Five areas J
schedules                                                                                                                                CM & BM                 Short term
                                                                                                                                         Contractor/Plant team   planning/scheduling
Labour resource. Availability? Supervisor Responsibility.     Supervisor Responsibility EM asks for labour required for K                Contractor on site.                                   2weeks out Overview - Weekly Management     Supervisor/              2 weeks J                Series of meetings J Weekly meetings J
Requirement of different       Manager approval required      J                         following week at weekly                         Water services                                        External assist K     Resource MTG KL       management K             Weekly meeting
groups                         L                                                        meeting. GMT labour allocates/                   Transfield K
                                                                                        organises resources
Scheduling Software Tools      SAP - MS Excel J               Pulse. Auto schedule.     MS Project for monthly plant    SAP - Excel      Maximo J              Outage Mgt Sys (OMS) is         Maximo/ Excel /      Ellipse/ MS Project    SAP/ Excel/ MS           MESA (in house sys)      MS Project J           SAP. Custom
                                                              Project JJ                /Dept shutdowns J                                                      inhouse developed. Ellipse/     Crystal J                                   Project J                Going to Primavera                              schedule monitoring
                                                                                                                                                               Work planner being used. MS                                                                          sept K                                          table K
                                                                                                                                                               Proj for large projects J
Project Scheduling system.     ---K                           Weekly JJ              Daily communication meeting         Primavera       Maint projects- maint Depends on size of project.     Weekly meeting       JJ                     Weekly Meeting with      Currently MS Project as Min 2 each week per     Weekly area meeting
Meetings/ how many/ when/                                     Daily - By shift       each Dept J                         (shutdowns)     team. Capital - Asset Big projects start months out   looking 3/4 weeks                           Operations               required K              area J                  production &
who?                                                          Monthly                Weekly maint. Meeting each          Capital LL      Solutions             down to daily when project      out. J                                                                                                               Reliability K
                                                                                     department. Production attend                                             begins J
Day to Day Scheduling       Weekly meeting                    All personnel by shift Communication meeting each          Weekly          Maintenance and       Weekly for routine/ short       Regular Monthly J.   KJ                     Consultation with        Weekly K                 Face to face/ Email/   Daily schedule
system. Meetings/ how many/ Wednesday for next week.          Management team 24hrs morning Maint/Prod JJ                (partially) K   plant production team duration work J                 Supervisors                                 production               TSL/ BSL Maint/          Phone J                status review
when/ who?                  L                                 JJ                                                                         J                                                     Planners                                                             operations                                      meeting K
Delay of shutdowns- How do Don't manage L                     No. Not formally L        Management do a risk             K               Process shutdown/       Managed between groups.       Discussions L.       Management meetings Management Decision Shutdown calendar      Via RAM Matrix K                 15 month plan.
you manage risks.                                                                       assessment. Not formalised L                     major shutdown -        Consultation between prod/    Planners/            Market requirements  K                  raised to senior MGT K                                  Usually adhered to
                                                                                                                                         Plant team & control    eng/ tech groups J            Supervisors          Plant availability J                                                                            J
Materials management/      Planner Thursday for next          Stores/ Scheduling. Poor EM organises                      K               Contractor or site L    Ellipse used K                Schedulers/ Stores J L                      Planner/ Scheduler K Spares list generated        Planners Via SAP J     J
availability for scheduled week L                             system L                                                                                                                                                                                          for next week
Backlog management. How? How? LLL                             By weekly review KJ       EM reviews. Monitor review by"   K               Monthly maintenance Differs in each region -     Weekly review J           Planner - T/L L        Difficult LL             Not an issue.            Poor L                 L
                                                                                        In control & capable" Review                     meeting J           depends on resource                                                                                    Reschedule J
                                                                                                                                                             constraints K
Priority Codes. Defining       By date required J             Not being used LL         Have codes in the master         K               Maximo/ definitions Discussed at weekly planning Not used L                K                      Criticality A, B & C     No discipline in         Poorly assigned L      PI-5 date based
which job is more important.                                                            workorder system                                 J                   meetings J                                                                    and Date required K      planners L                                      approvals J
Scheduling KPI's.              using Intranet to circulate.   Just implementing K       Reviewed at weekly meetings      K               KPI/ Overall - not  Outage overruns/underruns    Reviewed weekly J         Monthly reports J      Run various reports      Normal KPI's. No         KPI's developing J     Lack of
communications to              Maint. KPI's J                                           K                                                tested K            reported monthly. Routine                                                     by Maint. & Production   communication to         OP's L                 communication L
operations                                                                                                                                                   schedule compliance > 80%                                                                              operations K

Maximum resourcing level       Weekly bodies XX review        Good system of budget     Reviewed at weekly meeting K     J Not for       Contractor?                                           Budget K             Budget K                                        No resource cap except   Max resource cap       Fixed capacity K
caps. Budgets limits           for TPM J                      Control of resources J                                     budgets                                                                                                                                    for max shut K           Budget cap L
OH&S & Environmental           J                              Controlled through risk   WP/ Risk assessment system       JJ              General instruction /   Well managed - Takes time - Well considered K      Budget K                                        Not reflected in est.    Have problem area      Medium Impact 10%
Issues                                                        analysis. JSA's KJ        in place. EM's keep old PE RA                    PTWC J                  understood J                                                                                       workorder hrs L          L                      K
                                                                                        for review. K
      Closing the Loop                Xstrata Beltana                 PWCS                       Sydney Water                       BSL/ TSL                        Delta                    Shell                   Orica                 Caltex
Who does initial review of      Supervisors on shift J          Scheduler J           Maintenance coordinator/ Supervisor J BSL Strategist J                Production              Planners, Maint         Planner, Operations, Prod area specialist.
work requests from                                                                                                                                          Coordinator J           controllers, Planning   Manager JK            Email rejected
operations?                                                                                                                                                                         coordinator                                   notifications.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rubber stamped K
How are duplicate poorly        Supervisors at source J         Planners J            W/order review meeting (daily/weekly)   BSL Strategist for work       Production              Rejected LL             Notification complete As above K
worded or inappropriate WR                                                            between ops and maint (manned sites)    requests J                    Coordinator K                                   or linked to current
handled?                                                                              Maint service provides review &         TSL planners for                                                              workorder K
                                                                                      operations (unmanned sites) J           workorders (need to meet
                                                                                                                              a minimum standard) K
What systems and processes Strategy implemented with            Reliability team J    Risk based maint strategy approach      BSL strategist                Market requirements. RBI,                       K                     Equipment criticality
are used to create & improve budget annually. Strategies        Budget J              based on RCM/FMECA                      responsibility                Plant Condition      RCM (coming) K                                   with life plans for high
maint strategies?            fine tuned at this time JJ         Review of PM's J      The focus is to implement condition                                   Monitoring. Plant                                                     criticality J Some
                                                                                      based maintenance strategy J                                          Reviews J                                                             RCA of bad actors

What percentage of maint is     Approximately 10%.              Aprox 15% J           Aprox 20%. Very important. Cost         Don't know. Condition         15% - High              15% K                   5-10% High            20% K
initiated by condition          Important in picking up         Very important        analysis is not yet done J              monitoring mainly targeted    importance J                                    Importance
monitoring and operational      premature failures and          predicting failures                                           at critical equipment.
inspections? How important?     reducing O/Haul costs JK                                                                      Operational inspections in
What is your future direction   Need to review lifecycle        Dynamic changes       Focused on Condition Based              BSL strategist                Implementation of     RCM, Increase in PM Working on it L             Lean maintenance.
with maint strategies?          history & adapt to increased    due to plant design   Maintenance and Reliability Based       responsibility                further Condition     J                                               RCA K
                                expected output LL              J                     maint strategies J                                                    Monitoring. Stretched
                                                                                                                                                            freq of PM's J

What are your risk              Contractor permits system.      Contractor permit  SWC's/ PTWC/ JSA JJ                        ATW - Authority to work       NiSoft JJ               PTW recently            SAP Permit            Paper permitting
management and permit           Has been instigated with risk   system K                                                      JSA - Job safety analysis                             upgraded K              (Custom), ITP,        system with initial risk
systems for workorders?         assessments required.           JSA attached to                                               HWC - Hazardous work                                                          Workscope packages    assessment. Formal
                                Inhouse work assessed on        w/order J                                                     clearance, crane lift study                                                   etc. J                JSA for selected work
                                task to task basis KK           Need inhouse JSA                                              etc. J                                                                                              J
                                                                etc improvements L
What % of lost trades time is   Approx 10% contract trades      5% inhouse J          Aprox 5 - 10% K                         33% - Study done by           25% Day to Day.         20% K                   30% Day to day     20% & increasing L
caused by risk management       J                               10% contracts K                                               Deloites based on site        10% of major                                    35% Shutdown (more
systems?                                                                                                                      factor sheets K               outages (Pre                                    intense)
What QA systems are             Revision on close out by        Weekly review on      Planned maint (PM system) in CMMS       ITP's - Inspection test       ISO 9001/2000.          Workpacks, check        Day to Day L        For routine maint non
operated with workorders?       supervisors. Commissioning      BM's and CM           (MAXIMO). Detailed job plans/ work      plans J                       Work Modules            sheets K                Shutdowns ITP etc J existent. Projects &
                                sheets on larger jobs KK        completions J         instructions JJ                         BSL check sheets &            J                                                                   major maint OK.
                                                                                                                              inspection sheets J                                                                               Shutdowns OK K

What trades training system     Designated training days        Nil - Very poor       Outsourced maint responsibility of   Only safety training             Yearly review           Only when               L                     Training on an as
is used?                        JJ                              As req'd. L           service provider. Inhouse maint.     (previous graded trades          planned during non-     requirement is                                needs basis K
                                                                                      Adequate training facilities J       TAFE training some 10yrs         outage periods.         identified K
                                                                                                                           ago) L                           Mandatory K
System of feedback on work      Only informal daily meeting     Trades feedback on    Through MAXIMO. Monthly reports. Ops Not defined/poorly               Work module             Still evolving K        KK                    Weekly review of
package issues. What went       J                               W/orders J            feedback K                           managed (Trades                  checksheets/                                                          what went right or
wrong?                                                                                                                     comments sometimes               comments J                                                            wrong. Feedback
                                                                                                                           ignored by Strategists) L        Workorder History L                                                   from supervisor K

System of feedback on        Downtime reporting using      Weekly review              MAXIMO has a list of generic failure    As Above L                    Ellipse functionality   Not satisfactory L      L                     History recorded on
Failure Codes & equipment    delay codes. Good system.     meeting J                  codes. Codes exist for Problem (P)                                    not used L                                                            notifications. Failure
condition. History comments. Review on weekly basis JJ Top 10 B/M's J                 Cause (C ) and Remedy (R) J                                                                                                                 codes used in SAP.
                                                           Reliability team                                                                                                                                                       Failure codes not
                                                           review J                                                                                                                                                               analysed well K
What planning system         Supervisors 1on1 training     Nil training for           Fully developed training modules        2 weekly meetings with all Review sessions            Still evolving L        LL                    Mentoring from
training do you have         with existing planners. Pulse planners. On the Job       available for MAXIMO J                  planners covering a wide Fellow colleagues                                                          existing planners K
available.                   training available on request only K                                                             range of subjects/ topics  Mentoring L
                                J                                                                                             K

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