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									                                                                                                 Page 1                          Homepage

Field                   Required Y/N Type   Notes                                                Punchlist
  Company Name                                                                                   1. Add Company Name
                                            Don't display Address Type or Include in
  Address Information                       Partner Locator fields for the address.
                                            Select which contacts show up on the
                                            homepage, name, title, email and phone        1. Add email that's a mailto link 2.
                                            number is displayed; should be able to send a Change to "Contacts" - there can be
  Contacts                                  message                                       multiple contacts listed
  Company Description
                                            Rollup of all competencies for the partner
  Competencies                              organization.
                                            Rollup of all certifications for the partner
  Certifications                            organization.                                        1. Rename "Certifications"

Business Rules
                                            Each vendor should be able to select which
                                            fields show up on every partner homepage             1. UI needs depth/flashier
                                            Partner homepage is configurable meaning
                                            can be easily turned on or off
                                            Partners looking at other partners should only see
                                            the homepage (for market partner the catalog also)

                                            Future: Home page template by partner type
                                                                                   Page 2                                                                          Corporate

Field                            Required Y/N   Type         Notes                                                 type (b , p) Punchlist

Partnership Summary                                          This section lists Partner Summary information
Company ID                                      Text                                                               b
Status                           y              Drop down    Status of the partner organization                    b

Partner Since                                                Date approved - potential program attribute also b
Type                                            Drop down    one to many                                      b
                                                             Deployment option to merge into partner
Level                                                        program

                                                             List partner programs the partner is enrolled in                   1. List existing Partner Programs with valid
                                                             with Valid Until dates and Status. Primary                       until date and status 2. Display pending and
                                                             Partner Programs and Additional Partner                          active programs 3. Click the program name to
Partner Programs                                             Programs. Enable labotomized version.                            link to program page
                                                             This section lists core information about the
Corporate Information                                        Partner as a company
                                                             Partner admin should be able to edit name;
                                                             Internationalization issue of supporting a
Company Name                     y              Text
                                                             localized name field as well; "Partner Name" in
                                                             build                                            b               1. Change to Company Name
URL                                             Text         company website                                  b
Company Description                             Text         1000 characters                                  b
Alternate Name                                  Text
                                                                                                                   b          1. Add Alternative Name for internationalization
                                                             what happens when name is not in the
Parent Company Name                             Pick/Text
                                                             database - field is blank in this case                b
Year Established                                      #      What year was your company founded?                   b
Business Model                                   drop down                                                         b
Vertical Markets                                Pick list                                                                     1. Add Vertical Markets
                                                             corporate, small/medium, consumer,
Target Markets                                  multi-select education, government                                            1. Add Target Markets
                                                             Less than 40K, 40K - 80K, 80K - 150K, 150K -
                                                             300K, 300K - 500K, 500K - 1Mill, 1Mill - 5Mill,
Annualized Revenue                               Drop down
                                                             5Mill - 10Mill, 10Mill - 100Mill, More than 100
                                                             Million                                               b
Email Domain                                       
Tax ID #                                        Text                                                               b
                                                                                                                              1. Change to Reseller Permit # 2. Confirm with
Reseller Permit #                                                                                                             Martin whether we can use "#" from an
                                                             "Reseller Number" in build                                       internationalization standpoint.
                                                             Our exclusive nine-digit D&B D-U-N-S Number,
                                                             assigned to each business location in our global
                                                             database, is widely used as a tool for identifying,
                                                             organizing and consolidating information about
                                                             businesses. Companies worldwide use it to link
D&B #                                           9 digit #    information about suppliers, customers and trading
                                                             partners, providing them a more complete picture of
                                                             risks and opportunities in their business
                                                                                                                   b          1. Change to "D&B #"

                                                                                                                              1. The logo should display on the Corporate
                                                                                                                              tab as well as the Home Page (if it's enabled)
                                                                                                                              2. Make sure partner can upload logo even if
                                                                                                                              they don't have permission to upload into the
                                                                                                                              library. 3. This needs to be configurable for a
  Logo                                                                                                                        deployment. 4. "Upload Logo" link/tool should
                                                                                                                              display for Partner Adminstrators in the
                                                                                                                              Administration section. 5. Logically the
                                                                                                                              placement of the logo makes sense in the
                                                             Partner's logo. The logo field displays "Not                     Corporate Information section -- but we might
                                                             Available" if there is no logo uploaded and                      need to have it at the bottom in terms of
                                                             displays the logo if one is uploaded.                            size/loading issues.
                                                             This section lists core information about how
Partnership Information                                      the partner interacts with the Vendor.
                                                             A, B, C, or 1 through 10, presenting a value
Rating                                          Drop down    add ranking from the perspective of the vendor
                                                             Future: Reporting                              ??                1. Partner does not see this field
Primary Distributor                             drop down
Primary Distributor Contract #                               Contract # for the Primary Distributor
Additional Distributors                         Pick list
Key Customers                                       text
                                                                  Page 3                                                                  Corporate

                                             Partner coverage; where the partner does
Territory Coverage
                                             business; partner updates                        b     1. Change to Territory Coverage
                                             Zip code ranges that the partner covers for lead
Zip/Postal Code Ranges            range
                                             distribution purposes                            b     1. Internationalize to "Zip/Postal Code Ranges"

Opportunity Referral Program       y/n       Whether the partner is participating in the            1. Change to "Opportunity Referral Program"
                                             Opportunity referral program                       b   2. Make this field a configurable default

                                             Sales Org drives reporting security and channel
                                             forecasting in the system. Sales org is where
Sales Organization
                                             the partner falls in the vendor's internal             1. Partner does not see this field 2. Sales Org
                                             organization as opposed to the partner telling         displays on the partner org level and the
                                             the vendor where they do business (territories).       vendor person but not on the partner user
Staffing Information

                                             administration, materials management, help
                                             desk, dispatch, logistics, pre-sales engineers,
Type of Employee                 pick list   network/designer engineers, call center, project
                                             management, management, inside sales,
                                             outside sales, software engineers, system
                                             engineers, technical support, service sales reps b
#                                  text                                                       b
                                                                                                    1. Change to "Total"; in the build it is "Total
Total                              text                                                             Employees" -- this total isn't necessary all the
                                                                                                b   employees for that partner.
                                             This section lists information about the profile
    Record Information                       record.
                                             Last Verified lists the date, time, name and
                                             company name of the person who last verified           1. Add company name for that person 2. Take
Last Verified                                the profile.                                       b   out seconds from the time.
Last Updated                   Date                                                             b
Profile Created                Date          fdatecreated                                       b
                                                                                                    1. Display the profile in the two-column mode
                                                                                                    by default - in the base app build
                                                                                                    2. Profile should display in View mode by
                                                                                                    default and then the user can choose Edit.
                                                                                                    3. Move buttons under tab row (Greg)
                                                                                                    4. Using DDVS -- can we insert blank lines?
                                                                                                    (Greg - ask Jason)
                                                                                                    5. Communication Preference should no
                                                                                                    longer show on the partner level (it was taken
                                                                                                    out in v. 4.5)
                                                                                                    6. Call Reports and Business Plans may be
                                                                                                    moved back into the profile as tabs.

                                                                                                    7. Add a Training tab that rolls up all training
                                                                                                    courses and certifications for this partner.
                                                                                                    Move the "Employee Certifications"
                                                                                                    functionality in the Capabilities tab to this new
                                                                                                    "Training" tab. Equivalent of My Training and
                                                                                                    My Certifications on a corporate level.
                                                                                                    8. Add the Documents section back - perhaps
                                                                                                    a section on Notes or another tab
                                                                   Page 4                                                         Locations

Field                Required Y/N   Type        Notes                                                  Punchlist
                                                                                                       1. Change Add New Branch button to
                                                Branch Summary list: Name, City, State,                Add 2. Add Country, take out level,
(List of branches)                              Country                                                status

                                                  Unlimited # of addresses can be entered for
Addresses                                         each company
                                                                                                       1. The title takes the place of the
Address Title                       Text
                                                nick name                                              Description
                                                Option to capture specific DBA name for each           1. Fields should be flush left like the
DBA name                            Text
                                                address                                           CW   corporate tab
Address 1                           Text
Address 2                           Text
Address 3                           Text
City                                Text
State/Province:                     Drop down
Zip/Postal Code                     Text
Country                             Drop down
Main Phone                          Text
Toll Free #                         Text
Main Fax                            Text
                                                Opportunity to enter in an individual email
Email Address
                                                address for each address location

Address Type                        pick list   Headquarters, Ship to, Bill to, Mail to, Sales,
                                                Service Mailing Address, Services etc                  1. Should be multi-select
                                                                                                       1. Change to "Partner Locator?" 2.
                                                Will this location be included in the Partner          Make sure this field's default can be
Partner Locator?                    y/n
                                                Locator; default to yes and user unchecks;             configured. 3. Move to the bottom of
                                                configurable default                                   the address layout


                                                                                                       1. Remove the address labels outside
                                                                                                       the box. The label will be the
                                                                                                       "Address Title" that will display in the
                                                                                                       grey title bar. 2. The Address Type
                                                                                                       should display directly under this.
                                                                                                       1. Change "Add New Location" to
                                                                                                       "Add New Address" 2. Move Add
                                                                                                       button to top 3. Display Addresses in
                                                Navigation is not intuitive                            two columns.
                                                                                                          Page 5                                          Revenue

                                                                                                      type (b ,
Field                   Required Y/N   Type         Notes                                             p)           Punchlist
                                                                                                                   1. Change tab to "Revenue"
  Sources of Business                  pair
  % of Revenue
                                                    Auto-total the percentage and warn the user
  Total                                             when the amount exceeds 100%
                                                    This is a trimmed down version of what we
                                                    have in the product. Most current year is
  Sales By Year                                     presented first.                                               1. Change to "Revenue by Year"

  Fiscal Year
  Total Revenue

  # of units sold per                  enum/value For each product family add in # of units sold
  year                                 pair       (printers, monitors etc)

  Vendor Revenue
  Product Focus                        Dropdown
  Revenue                              Number
  Units                                Text
  Percentage                           Number
                                                    Auto-calculate the percentage off Total
  Total                                             Revenue - Totals revenue, units, percentage
  Note                                 Text

                                                                                                                   1. Combine Competitor Revenue
                                                                                                                   and Vendor Revenue so the
  Competitor Revenue                                                                                               information displays in one section
  Product Focus                        Dropdown
  Revenue                              Text
  Percentage                           Text
                                                    Auto-total the percentage and warn the user
  Total                                             when the amount exceeds 100%
  Note                                 Text

                                                    Need to make it easier to enter information
                                                                                                                   1. Display the most recent year on
                                                    Future - Split by products and verticals                       the top
                                                                                                                   1. Design in a similar fashion to
                                                                                                                   Products & Services within
                                                                                                                   Opportunities; fewer clicks to
                                                                                                                   enter information; can Edit take
                                                                                                                   user to an edit page for entire year
                                                                                                                   including vendor and competitor

                                                                                 Page 6                                     Competencies

Field                                 Type        Partner Type Notes                                            Punchlist

For each type of category a sub-type and sub-
is available                         category     all            (Non-vendor specific)
                                                                 Map to Needs Analysis, Opportunity Dist
                                                                 for example, capture ISO 9000, this includes
Other Certifications                  Pick list   all            competitive certifications

                                                                 regional, national, international

Vendor Products Offered               pick list   all
Competitive Products Offered
Services Offered                      pick list   all            Education, consulting, integrate hardware,
Support Offered                       pick list   all
Applications Offered                  pick list   all            Same as solutions
Software Experience                   pick list   ISV, SI
Hardware Platforms                    pick list   All
Technical Capabilities                pick list   SI             Ultrix, OSF/1, Windows NT, Windows 95,
Operating Systems Experience          pick list   ISV, SI, xSP   SCO-Unix, MS-DOS, SUN-OS, Solaris, AIX,
                                                                 FDDI, ATM, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, LAN,
Networks/Communications               pick list                  SNA, Token Ring, Pathworks, uucp, Novell,
Hosting Locations                     pick list   xSP
Billing Requirements                  pick list   xSP
Hardware Platforms                    pick list   xSP

Method of Selling                     Pick list                  Telemarketing, Distribution,

High Tech Providers
Type: Reseller                        yes                        System integrator program provides the
Type: System Integrator               yes                        marketing push for them to build their
Type: Consultant
Type: Distributor                     yes
Type: OEM
Type: ISV                             yes
Type: Solution Provider               yes
Type: Developer
Type: Retail                                                     Agent program requires to track fees,
Type: Agent                                                      bonuses, marketing support, technical
Type: etailer
Telecom Providers
Type: DSL Provider
Type: Telecom Dealer

Add a notes section to this section
                                                                    Page 7                                                        Person Profile

Labels                Type        Required   Notes                                                 Punchlist
                                                                                                   1. Other people shouldn't see your
                                                                                                   preferences but they should see all other
Contact Information                                                                                1. Change to Contact Information
                      Drop down              form of address                                   b   1. Do we display company on the person?
First Name            text                                                                     b
Middle Initial        text                                                                     b
Last Name             text      required                                                       b
Job Title             text
Department            Text
                                                                                                   1. Make this a dropdown 2. Change to
                                                                                                   Location 3. Display address title and
Location                                                                                           click to see the address details of the
                                             this presents a listing of addresses that have        address (see the current version of the
                      drop down              already been entered. This was in ASP 2.0             app)
Mail Stop             text
Email Address         Text                   ability to enter send email message                   1. Change to Email Address
                                                                                                   1. Reorder to be: phone, ext, mobile #,
Phone Number
                      text                                                                         toll free #, fax #
Ext.                  text                                                                         1. Add Extension field
Mobile                text
Toll Free #           text
Fax Number            text
Partnership                                  This is information about the user's
Information                                  relationship with the vendor.
Contact Type
                                                                                                   1. Sales Org field will only be present on
Sales Org
                                                                                                   the vendor users profile.
Territories           pick list              rterritories
                                                                                                   1. Confirm that user can have multiple
Communication                                                                                      values 2. Display this on preferences 3.
Preference            multi-                                                                       Currently this is located in System
                      select                                                                       Preferences - should be moved
                                                                                                   1. This is where a Sales Partner role is
                      pick list              user rights                                           assigned.
                                                                                                   1. Take Quota out
Preferred Mailing
Address 1
Address 2
Addresss 3
                                             No emails or other communication will be sent
Do Not Contact
                      Checkbox               if this is checked                                    1. Change to Do Not Contact
Certifications                               view/roll up of personal certifications               1. Change to Certifications
Name                                         Certification name
Description                                  Certification Description
Certification Date
Expiration Date

Training Courses                             view/roll up of personal training courses
Name                                         Training course name
Status                                       Enrolled, completed, etc

                                                                                                   1. Display the information in this
System Preferences
                                                                                                   section only on preferences

                                             Do not dislay on person profile, subscriptions,
                                             notification preferences, my contacts or
                                             internationalization information/preferences.
                                                                                                   1. Display only on preferences 2. Change
Language                                                                                           to "Language"
Date Format                                                                                        1. Display only on preferences
Time Format                                                                                        1. Display only on preferences
Currency Format                                                                                    1. Display only on preferences
Number Format                                                                                      1. Display only on preferences
Subscriptions                                                                                      1. Display only on preferences
                                                                                                      Page 8                                                    Contacts

Field                      Type        Type      Notes                                            Punchlist
                                                 there should be an unlimited # of contact
Vision Computer Key                              types that can be tracked for each               1. Replace "Title" with "Contact Type" 2. Change to
Contacts                                         deployment                                       "Vision Computer Key Contacts"
Marketing Contact
Sales Contact                                    workflow
Purchasing Contact
                                                 workflow (used in lead distribution
Lead Recipient                                   algorithm)
Vision Computer                                  Unlimited # of contacts are entered per
Contacts                                         company
unlimited # of key
contacts by employee
type                                             address name                                     1. Sort employee list by location
                                                 There are an unlimited number of contacts per
  Contact Type                                   company that can be tracked. Credit contact,     1. Currently this is "Role" change to "Contact Type"
                           view                  sales contact, marketing contact                 (rather than "Employee Type")
                                                                                                  1. Split last name and first name fields across the app -
  First Name
                           view                                                                   can we do this?
  Last Name                view
  Title                    view
                           view with
  Email Address
                           link                  ability to enter send email message
    Phone Number           text
    Mobile                 text
    Display on Home
    Page?                                        Only turned on if Home Page is enabled.
Novacomm Key
Contacts                                                                                          1. Change to "Novacomm Key Contacts"
Channel Manager                                  workflow (used in Fund approvals)
Inside Sales Person
Field Sales Person
Novacomm Contacts
Same contact fields as
listed above in addition
to…                                                                                               p
                                                 On the Vendor user only; partner doesn't see
Sales Organiziation                              this field

                                                 drive vendor contacts                            1. Tab layout is confusing
                                                 1. How to handle company relationship
                                                 contacts                                         2. Page long list of contacts
                                                 2. Certain specific types of contacts that are   3. If we turn Home Page off then "Display in Home
                                                 mandatory? (Not in 5.0)                          Page" checkboxes automatically go away.
                                                                                                  4. If Vendor logs in then partner list display first and if
                                                 3. Vendor: see partner contacts first            partner logs in then vendor lists displays first.
                                                 4. Partner: see vendor contacts first            5. Add all person fields to advanced search.
                                                 5. Paging with a long list of contacts
                                                                Page 9                                            Biz Requirements

                         Biz Need                                            Notes                   Priority
Keep notes as a tab on the profile                                                                  Must      Done
One editable page of profile with all fields                                                        Must      DDVS
In all places where it says partner or vendor it should
default the name of the company                                                                     Must      Not In
need to be clear on which fields are required                                                       Must      Not In
                                                            Log every interaction by every group,
Activity log                                                profile audit trail                     Must      Not In
Registration form: need preview before submitting
application                                                                                         Must      Not In
custom fields of each form modifiable by vendor                                                     Must      ? Not In
Add any new field to the advanced search                                                            Must      Done
Make the advanced search easier to use                                                              Must      ?
Make field types and user rights configurable by
vendor admin                                                                                        Must      ?
Message that goes out to partner reminding to update
profile, manually/X days since last update/define
intervals                                                                                           Must      Not In
Make description visible when someone hovers over
field, description is filled in when field is configured;                                           Nice to
this is optional                                                                                    Have      Not In
Watch for corporate tab label and corporate                                                         Nice to
information in the title\                                                                           Have      ?
                                                                                                              All users
Preference: be able to specify if you want to start in                                              Nice to   start in
edit more or view mode                                      option                                  Have      View
                                                                                                              Pick list
                                                                                                    Nice to   acccount
key customers = pick list                                   5.0?                                    Have      mgmt
How do we factor in customer satisfaction of a                                                      Nice to
partner's installed base                                                                            Have      Not In
                                                                                                    Nice to
Partner scorecard in the context of profile                                                         Have      Not In
Registration Wizard: At the end ask for branch                                                      Nice to
profiling or parent company                                                                         Have      ?
Roll-up of data is a report and not viefwable within the                                            Nice to
profile (everything needs to be rolled up)                                                          Have      Not In
                                                                                                              Not In -
Should default to my partners                                                                       Should    Andrew
Partners should be called Directory                                                                 Should    Not In
Names on contacts tab should autofill if sales
organization is filled in                                                                           Should    Not In
consistency across no data presentation                                                             Should    ?
Registration form: configure thank you message page
and add link which is configurable                                                                  Should    Not In
Homepage items should be configurable by
deployment                                                                                          Should    Done
                                                                                                              display in
Link from my contacts in person profile page to my                                                            person
contacts in person preferences page                                                                 Should    profile
Make Last updated field automatically update                4563, 4562                              Should    Not In
Notes should be displayed in descending order with                                                  Nice to
the most recent one first                                                                           Have      Done
                                                                                                    Nice to
Paging of notes                                                                                     have      Done
                                                            Page 10                   Not in 5.0

Field                    Required Y/N

 Partnership Type         y             Fixed by vendor/exchange

 Program Memberships                    Each program has its own classifications
 Program Expiry
 Key Contacts
 Training and                           Requirements; certifications & courses
 Certification                          available
 MDF                                    Available y/n; create budget
 Sales Tools                            Library resource categories
 Business Plan                          Required y/n
 Opportunities                          Will receive opportunities yes or no

Contract Details
 Distributor Account #
 Discounts                              Discount from MSRP
 Price Protection
 Return Policies

Qualification                           Guidelines will vary by partnership program
 registration form

                                        A|MP will need a Partnership Tab (It was
                                        built for Nortel)
Page 11   Not in 5.0

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