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									get spotted!

   The RAG Week
  Scavenger Hunt
What is get spotted?

Get spotted is a fantastic event being run as part of RAG Week 2007.
In teams of two, your challenge is to earn points by getting spotted in a
variety of wacky and unusual situations, accompanied of course by your
beautiful RAG week blue spot. There will also be tasks to complete.

Taking part in get spotted costs just £10 per team of two, which includes
your entry pack and blue spot!

Ok, so what do I get out of it?

As well as the kudos of winning the Get spotted competition, the team
with the most points at the end of the competition will win £250 cash!
You‟ll also be helping to advertise RAG Week 2007, with a target of
£50,000 to be raised for local charities.

The Rules

You‟ll have between 12.30pm on Saturday 10th February and 6pm on
Wednesday 21st February to accumulate points. You can gain points by
two methods:

   1. By sending photographic / video evidence of you getting spotted
      in certain scenarios.
   2. By sending photographic / video evidence of you completing our

All photos and videos must contain at least ONE member of the team, the
RAG Week Blue Spot and the evidence requested. In each case, the
points value indicated is the MAXIMUM value which we will award – if your
evidence is a bit unclear or tenuous, we‟ll award you a partial points
value at our discretion.

You need to email photos to

You can submit as many DIFFERENT examples of each scenario as you like
– for example, getting your photo taken with a traffic warden earns you
ten points, so getting your photo taken with six DIFFERENT traffic wardens
would earn you 60 points.

On a bus                                                      10
On a train                                                    10
In a taxi                                                     10
Upside down                                                   10
With a barman/maid                                            10
In a bin                                                      10
At the ADC                                                    10
Outside a church                                              10
In formal                                                     10
Behind bars                                                   10
With a porter                                                 10
In an old red phone box                                       10
In a photo booth                                              10
Outside a non-Christian place of worship                      20
At the gym                                                    20
In a photo in Gardies                                         20
With a dog                                                    20
With an oyster                                                20
With a fire engine                                            20
With an ambulance                                             20
With a police car                                             20
On stage                                                      20
In a laundrette                                               20
In a punt                                                     20
On facebook (points awarded for each facebook member who is   25
tagged in a photo while standing next to your spot.)
With a bagpiper                                               25
On a trampoline                                               25
With a pair of false teeth                                    30
Covered in bubbles                                            30
Naked (individually)                                          30
In a swimming pool                                            30
In an old red phone box with five other people                30
With a guy with a Mohican                                     40
Giving fudge to your college‟s porters                        40
Buying a big issue                                            40
In a puppet show                                              40
With a ballerina                                              40
With a harp                                                   40
With someone in a giant animal costume                        40
With four people dressed as the Village People                40
Underwater                                                    40
In a supermarket at 4 in the morning                          50
In the snow                                                   50
With a sand castle                                            50
With a girl with a Mohican                                    50
With an elephant                                                             50
Hugging the Cindie‟s bouncers                                                75
In a limo                                                                    75
Beside a road name sign containing the word RAG                              75
With someone dressed as a superhero                                          100
Naked (together)                                                             100
In TCS or Varsity                                                            100
On student radio (must hear the words blue spot and rag week)                100
Beside a Reliant Robin                                                       100
You in the RAG Week Parade/performing in the carnival                        100
With a member of facebook group the Blue Spotees 2007                        150
In a local newspaper                                                         200
With a three-story card house                                                200
With the RAG President                                                       200
With someone Mexican (Passport required in photo as proof)                   200
With a member of Bath University RAG                                         200
With a Get Spotted contestant from Bath RAG (with their RAG spot)            300
At Bath RAG Week Launch Party (Date: Saturday 17th)                          300
With a member of a Britpop band                                              400
On stage at the Junction                                                     400
With the vice chancellor of the university                                   500
On national radio (we must hear the words “Rag week” and “blue               600
With anyone who has been on Big Brother                                      700
Up a mountain                                                                700
In a national newspaper                                                      800
On stage at the Cambridge Corn Exchange                                      1000
In every college bar (need all 31 to get the points)                         1000
In each room on the cluedo board                                             1000
On national TV                                                               2000
With a landmark from London, Cardiff and Edinburgh (need all of              2000
With a close member of the royal family                                      2000
With anyone who has been in a reality TV show (not Big Brother)              2000
In a capital city in Europe (landmark clearly visible)                       3000
In a capital city outside of Europe (landmark clearly visible)               4000
With any of the following celebrities:                                       4000
Noel Edmonds, Lorraine Kelly, David Dickinson, Terry Wogan, Bruce
Forsyth, Jimmy Carr, Carol Voderman, Ricky Gervais, Jeremy Kyle, Paul
Daniels and Debbie McGee, Gillian McKeith


Each day from Monday 12th to Wednesday 21st there will be a 200 minute challenge. At
any time between 10am and 6pm a challenge will be emailed out. You then have 200
minutes from the email being sent to complete and provide the evidence of your
completion of the task. The completion of this task is worth 500 points. Should you
complete all of them you will get a bonus 2,500 points!

Paint your face blue                                                   25
Change you facebook profile to a blue spot                             30
Make a blue valentine for a loved one/friend                           40
Buy your RAG rep a drink in your college bar (per rep)                 50
Get a blue spot put up in your college bar                             50
Give out 10 blue balloons to random people in the street               50
Get a blue spot put up in your faculty                                 50
Dye your own hair blue                                                 50
Get your friends to dye their hair blue (per person)                   50
Make an item of clothing out of bin liners and wear in public          50
Make a website about blue spots                                        50
Give the Free Fudge Person a bunch of flowers                          75
Buy a lottery ticket and give it to the manager of a charity shop      75
Send a postcard to the RAG Office from anywhere outside Cambridge
(one postmarked card per town/city)
Recreate a scene from a famous film in public                          75
Paint your body blue                                                   75
Give a friend a piggyback to lectures                                  75
Write a poem about blue spots                                          75
Cook a “blue” meal for at least four friends                           100
Get a blue spot put up in shop window                                  100
Give a minibox of Ferrera Roche to the clerks at Natwest opposite WH   100
Write a poem in another language about blue spots                      100
Dance in your porter‟s lodge for two minutes                           100
Go to a lecture dressed entirely in blue spots                         100
Build a giant, blue paper aeroplane (must be able to fly)              100
Give a bunch of flowers to a stranger                                  100
Buy ten things from ten different stall in the market                  150
Make a giant blue smartie (see                    200
Juggle four or more blue objects                                       200
Make a blue spot T-shirt and get your head porter to wear it           200
Wear blue for a week                                                   200
Write a song about blue spots and/or rag week and play it              300
accompanied to a member of the blue spottees (must be good and
90 seconds+)
Go to a lecture in a gorilla mask                                      300
Do one of the Big Three events                                         400
Get two friends to buy tickets to the RAG comedy night at the Corn     400
Make a costume for your college for the RAG carnival                   500
Raise £50 by legal means and donate it to RAG                          500
Go raiding for an hour                                                 500
Dine on High Table (per college)                                       500

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the „Get spotted‟ competition which will run
from Saturday 10th February 2006 to 21st February 2007.

By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have understood these rules
and to be bound by them.

 From 12.30pm on Saturday 10th February 2006 to 21st February 2007, entrants will
   compete for points by taking their Blue Spots wherever they go. Points will be
   awarded according to the official scoring grid.
 All points will be awarded to Entrants on an equal basis from a pre-determined list.
   Any activity not covered by the pre-determined list may be awarded a points value
   at the discretions of the judges. Subsequently, any similar claims will be awarded the
   same number of points.
 The burden of proof is on the Entrants. They must send in evidence as allowed by the
   rules of the competition.
 Cambridge RAG will score all items of evidence at 5pm each day. The final scoring
   session will take place at 6pm on Wednesday 21 st February. All contestant scores will
   be kept confidential until the winner is announced on Wednesday 21 st February,
   although the contestant order will be updated each evening on the get spotted
   page of the RAG website.
 All evidence must be for the Entrants‟ activity only. No activity by a third party will be
 An independent adjudicator will check the scoring system throughout the
 The best evidence from each day will be available to view on
 Any falsification of evidence will result in disqualification.
 In the event of one or more team finishing on the same number of points, the winning
   team will be the team which has raised the most money for RAG during the
 The loss or defacing of a team‟s spot will result in disqualification.
 The decision of the Cambridge RAG judges is final on all matters relating to the
   competition, and no correspondence will be entered into.
 All entrants must take all possible precautions to ensure that no person nor any
   property is in any way harassed, inconvenienced or otherwise disturbed during the
 The team which collects the greatest number of points throughout the duration of the
   competition, without breaking any of the rules will win £250 cash.
 The winning team will be informed on the evening of Wednesday 21 st February.

 Digital photos are preferred, from a digital camera or camera phone.
 Photos will only be accepted in .jpg format, and should be emailed to Digital videos are acceptable in .mpg format.
 Photo prints can be dropped off at the RAG Office, 11/12 Trumpington St,
   Cambridge, CB2 1QA.
 All photos and videos must include the evidence required, at least one member of
   the team and the team‟s blue spot.
 Photos must be of real places and in real time – any use of digital photo software is
   forbidden, and may result in the photograph being disqualified.
 All entrants acknowledge that it is a condition of entry that Cambridge RAG have the
   right to publicise the names or images for any matter or promotion which is incidental
   to the competition, including publicity by way of radio broadcast, local press,
   television or the internet.
 All entrants release from and indemnify Cambridge RAG against all liability, costs, loss
   (whether direct or consequential) or expense arising out of this competition (including
   but not limited to death and personal injury which has not been caused by the
   negligence of Cambridge RAG) and damage to personal property.
 Cambridge RAG will not be liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered
   by any entrant taking part in this competition other than damages for death or
   personal injury caused by the negligence of Cambridge RAG.
 Cambridge RAG reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to
 Unless otherwise stated, no express or implied term of these terms and conditions is
   enforceable pursuant to the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person
   who is not party to these terms and conditions.
 The terms and conditions shall be subject to English law and governed by the
   exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

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