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									TRAV ERSAL
                                                                    O GD 1P-256D D AV

                                  e opm e nt Pl f
                O GD 1P FPGA D e v l          at orm

2x Dual Link DVI Outputs      256 MiB DDR400 RAM                   100 pin expansion connector

                                                                            Other components:
                                                                            Conexant™ CX25874 Video Encoder
                                                                            Philips™ TDA8777 330Mhz DAC

 Xilinx® Spartan™-III XC3S4000 FPGA                                Lattice® LFXP10 FPGA

OGD1P is a PCI-based FPGA prototyping platform designed for the Open Graphics Project. It can
support two digital LCD flatpanels up to 2560x1600 on each screen and one analog monitor up
to 2048x1536. S-Video and Composite Video are also available.

With high-bandwidth on-board memory and a Xilinx® Spartan™ III 3S4000 FPGA, this product is
not only ideal for testing GPU designs but is also excellent for any new hardware
development.   OGD1P is expected to be of interest to engineers, scientists, universities,
developers and students.

This product comes with a free-design PCI controller programmed in the Lattice® XP10 non-
volatile FPGA, ready for any custom development on the Xilinx® FPGA and easy communication
with the host computer. JTAG interface is available on-board for updating the XP10 FPGA.

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