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									                                 7-6 Air Cav r -CAP                                     e
                                    Group 13, Texas Wing, South Western Region, Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary
May 2004                                                                                      Volume 2, Number 4

                            April News
May News

                            CONGRADULATIONS C/1st LT WALLS!
Civil Air Patrol is         By C/Capt Justin Mcelvaney
 the United States
 Air Force

7-6 Air Cav r CAP is
the newsletter of the:
7-6 Air Cavalry Civil Air
Patrol Composite
Squadron, Group 13,
Texas Wing.
Maj. S. Dicker
4724 S. Parkway
Conroe, TX 77303-4355

Lone Star Executive

Cell Phone:
                            (Captain Jeremy Hooper Left, C/Bobby Walls Right)
(713) 504 7154

Pager :
                            Conroe, Texas -- Congratulations goes to C/1st Lt Bobby Walls of the 7-6 Air
Fax:                        Cavalry Composite Squadron. Today, 22 May 2004, at about 1830 at Lonestar
(713) 218-5560              Executive Airport (CXO) Cadet Walls made his first solo flight in N235TX.
stephen.dicker@cityof       For over a month now, C/Walls has been working with instructor, Captain Jeremy
houston.net or              Hooper, also of the 7-6 AirCav, on reaching this first step in earning a pilots
cap76aircav@hotmail.        license.
                            "The weather, and aircraft, finally cooperated today," said C/Walls. For the past
We’re on the Web!           week C/Walls and Capt Hooper have been trying to get the solo flight done but due
www.7-6aircav.com           to weather and aircraft maintenance, today was the first time everything came

              Capt Hooper leaves for Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB in Alabama on
              Sunday and will be gone for several months. After OTS, he will attend USAF
              flight school and become a C-5 pilot with the Air Force Reserve.

              After C/Walls had secured the aircraft, the traditional bucket of water was
              bestowed upon C/Walls and his shirt tail was taken to be decorated by his

              Cadets in Civil Air Patrol may use Civil Air Patrol aircraft to conduct flight
              training. The instructor must be a CAP Instructor Pilot and the cadet is responsible
              for the cost of the aircraft, fuel, and of course wiping the never ending supply of
              bugs off the aircraft after the flight. However, the opportunity to train in some of
              the nicest light general aviation aircraft around is an opportunity no cadet should
              pass up.

              So, once again, congratulations Cadet Walls on your accomplishment!

Our Website   7-6 Website is up and Running!
              By Capt. Ray Hischke

              The new 7-6 AirCav website is ready for your use.........the address is either
              www.7-6aircav.com or "tx176.bfcs.org".........note there is no "www"
              in front if you use the latter.........

              The site was designed for you to be a useful tool in education, training, and
              communication in pursuit of your CAP goals..........therefore, we need your input as
              to its effectiveness in that respect...........ALL inputs, positive or negative, will be
              considered and we will try to accommodate your suggestions and requirements to
              further improve its usefulness...........the site is meant to be dynamic and will
              change to meet your needs.............

              You will see several links still "TBS"..........these will be completed in the near
                 Note that any files containing personal information (e.g., phone numbers,
                 addresses, etc.) are password-protected and require a "user id" and password for
                 their access.........the user id and password are to be treated as confidential, so if
                 you have need to access some of those files, please drop an e-mail to the
                 webmaster (below) and he will forward you the id & pw...........

                 Our thanks goes to 1Lt Sean Kinner, of the Berry Field Composite Squadron,
                 Nashville TN, for his assistance in the development, publication and maintenance
                 of this web site.

                 Please forward your inputs directly to Capt. Ray Hischke at
                 rlhischke@earthlink.net ...........thanks in advance for your comments............

Group 13 Staff
                 Group 13 Staff Assignment
                 By Major Stephen Dicker

                 Please allow me to be the first to congratulate Capt. David Ayre whom has been
                 selected by Group 13 Commander, Maj. Rand Woodward, to assume the duties as
                 Flight Operations Officer for Group 13. Capt. Ayre's has decided not to leave the
                 7-6 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron as he is very attached to the unit and
                 personnel. Capt. Ayre will continue to be the Deputy Commander of Cadet's with
                 the additional Group 13 duty. Congratulations
                 Capt. Ayre!

                 Additionally, Capt. Ted Tessitore has been asked and accepted from Group 13
                 Commander Maj. Rand Woodward, the duty assignment of Group 13 Emergency
                 Services Officer. Capt. Tessitore like Capt. Ayre, will not be leaving the squadron
                 but will assume this as an additional duty assignment. Congratulations Capt.

                 These appointments to Group Staff exemplifies the outstanding personnel assigned
                 to the 7-6 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron. This will make a total of four Senior
                 Members handling double duty for Group 13 and two doing double duty for Texas
                 Wing Staff. My thanks to each of you for making the Air Cav shine!

                 Any comments, news or information to communicate? Please contact Sgt Kyle
                 Joncyk, The Editor, at kjoncyk@texascadet.org
Quote of the
                   Quote of the Month: "If a man does his best, what else is there?"

                                        - General George S. Patton (1885-1945)

Commander’s Call
                   Squadron Commander’s Call
                   by Major Stephen Dicker

                   Summer time will be quickly upon us and its going to be just too hot to do much
                   training outdoors. Unfortunately, we still must conduct our physical fitness tests
                   every third Tuesday. Cadets need to be bringing drinks other than just water that’s
                   in their canteens to replace electrolites. Water is good for hydration but does not
                   replace the electrolites your body needs. Cadet’s need to be bringing a bottle of
                   drinks like Gatorade and others posted "Plus Electorlites" on the label. Do not put
                   these drinks in your canteens. Place only water in the canteens. Eating right is
                   also a requirement to remain healthy and at your peak strength. This is not just for
                   CAP meeting days but for everyday in order to remain healthy. For those of you
                   who only exercise on every third Tuesday of the month, your not helping
                   yourselves. Walking, running, swimming or bicycling are great ways to remain in
                   shape. Organized sports such as baseball, basketball and volleyball are another
                   way to keep fit and healthy. I need each of you Cadet and Senior members to vow
                   to get out from behind those video games and computers and work on keeping
                   yourself healthy and fit. I really enjoy seeing each of your smiling faces
                   every week.

Upcoming events
and activities     Upcoming Events & Activities
                   Texas Wing Conference: June 4 – June 6
                   Texas Wing Training Encampment: June 18 – June 27

                   Congratulations to: C/1st Lt Walls on his solo flight!
                   Congratulations to: ~Captain~ Ayre on his promotion and assignment to Group
                   Congratulations to Capt. Ted Tessitore on his assignment to Group Staff.
                   Congratulations to 1Lt. Nick Terry on his promotion to 1Lt.
Senior Member
Spin            Senior Member Spin
                Tuesday May 11th we had a 7/6 Air Cavalry thank you and farewell to Capt Jeremy
                Hooper and 1Lt Nick Terry. Capt Hooper who is leaving us for Reserve Officer
                Pilot Training in the USAF starting with Officer Training School, at Maxwell
                AFB 27th May. Capt Hooper will go onto to pilot training in San Antonio.

                1Lt Nick Terry departs for initial training in the US Army Reserves at the same
                time in the U.S. Army Infantry.

                We also said goodbye to Maj. Doug Walker and his son, Airman Walker, who are
                moving to Wyoming and will be leaving CAP as no squadrons are located within
                60 miles of their new home. They will be missed and CAP’s loss.

Flight Ops
                Flight Operations                   by Capt. Jeremy Hooper

                This is my final article for the newsletter. As I write this from Montgomery,
                Alabama, I am merely a few hours away from reporting in to Officer Training
                School and will become property of the U.S. Government. I've already said my
                "good byes" to everyone who shows up regularly at the meetings, but I'd like to
                thank you all once again for wishing me the best at training. I am looking forward
                to the challenge.

                At the end of the first week of the month, it appeared as though we were on our
                way to a record-breaking month of flying activities, with over 20 hours logged in
                N235TX in the first few days alone. We did a number of cadet pilot training
                flights with C/1LT Bobby Walls and C/TSgt Kyle Joncyk, two sets of Air Force
                ROTC cadet orientation flights (at Texas A&M), and C/Capt Justin McElvaney
                flew a number of cross-country proficiency sorties.

                Unfortunately, we had to ground the plane for maintenance right before the Wing-
                monitored SAREX.
                The left tire was balding, and when we attempted to replace it, our maintenance
                officer 1LT Astrid Phillips discovered a cracked wheel base. Since we had to
                order replacement parts, the plane didn't go back into service until May 22.

                Congratulations go out to C/1LT Bobby Walls for making his first solo flight at
                Lone Star Executive Airport on May 22! You can read more about this event at
                the Texas Wing Cadet Page (http://www.texascadet.org).

                -== Will MISS YOU CAPT HOOPER!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck in your new career, we
                are so happy you are getting to live your dream!
                The 7-6 ==-
                 Aerospace Education                          By: C/TSgt Kyle Joncyk
                 This month in Aerospace Education, 2 LT Roland Illerhaus, taught a class on
                 Air Environment and how it affects flying. This class was a power point
                 presentation taken from Module 3, in the cadet AE program.

Cadet Programs   Cadet Programs                     By 1Lt. David Ayre
                 C/1Lt Walls and C/TSgt Joncyk attained their CAP Solo Pilot status by obtaining
                 their FAA Medical, Student Pilot’s License and starting on a course of FAA
                 Private Pilot Instruction. Both were being instructed by Capt Hooper. C/1Lt Walls
                 actually went solo on Saturday 22nd May. Congratulations C/1Lt Walls!!!

                 We received 4 mock rifles for honor guard drill training and hope to put them to
                 use in the near future. The rifles were secured by Capt. Fred Laughlin through a
                 Business Donation/Membership.

                 Capt. Fred Laughlin attained his NRA Firearms instructor’s certification, which is
                 another step along the path to being able to offer a Firearms Training Course.

                 This months testing was quite successful with 20 Cadets taking 25 exams, and
                 achieving a 76% pass rate.
                 The following Cadets passed the courses indicated below

                   Name              TEST            Score
                   Brown, M          Goddard         72
                   Brown, M          AE Dim 6        72
                   Cadwallader, K    AE Dim 4        100
                   Cadwallader, K    Feik            72
                   Cadwallader, Z    AE Dim 5        80
                   Formanek, A       AE Dim 4        96
                   Formanek, A       Rickenbacker    100
                   Foster, S         Curry           76
                   Goerlich, A       Curry           79
                   Handfelt, M       Goddard         76
                   Hsu, C            Arnold          84
                   Magby, B          Feik            72
                   Magby, D          Rickenbacker    80
                   McKenzie, J       Curry           79
                   Roland, T         Arnold          72
                   Weber, N          Curry           79
                   Williams, K       Feik            72
                   Williams, L       Lindbergh       72
                   Williams, L       AE Dim 4        96

                 Several of our cadets have encampment staff duties and were selected to attend
                 NCSA events over the Summer. They are as follows:
                 C/Capt Justin McElvaney will be TX Wing Training Encampment Executive
                 Officer, and was selected for the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) to
                 C/Capt Eric Mabry has been invited back to be Cadet Commander of the Cadet
                 Officers School (COS) at Maxwell AFB AL
            C/1Lt William Walls will be TX Wing Training Encampment, OIC Cadet Medical
            Assistants, and he also is selected to attend the Honor Guard Academy (HGA) at
            Camp Pendleton VA
            C/TSgt Kyle Joncyk will be TX Wing Training Encampment, Cadet Medical
            Assistant, and he also is selected to attend Hawk Mountain SAR School as Alpha,
            or advanced level, in Hamburg PA, and the National Blue Beret (NBB) event at the
            Oshkosh Air Show, Oshkosh WI
            C/TSgt Jimmy McCann is selected to attend Hawk Mountain SAR School as
            Alpha in Hamburg PA.

            These selections for Staff at National Level Schools and Events show that the 7-6
            Air Cavalry Composite Squadron is developing quality young men and women
            who will be our leaders of tommarrow. Both Cadet’s and Senior’s, keep up the
            outstanding work! Maj. Dicker.

            Emergency Services
            On May 1st and 2nd Lt. Col. Terry Alexander (Group 13 Director of Comms), Capt.
            Ted Tessitore and Capt. David Ayre participated in an ELT / UDF search (Mission
            04M0875) for an elusive ELT. What transpired was that an aircraft had crashed in
            the San Antonio area close to a microwave tower, which radiated the ELT signal
            all over the State.

            Aircrews comprised of Lt. Col. William “Bill” Williams, and Captains Ayre,
            Clyde Domengeaux, Ray Hischke, Jeremy Hooper, and Max Taylor, participated
            in SAREVAL Silver Phantom May 7& 8th. The exercise simulated a natural
            disaster / flood damage in the local area. The aircrews participated in photo recon
            exercises, with the photos relayed back to the incident command post in Kerrville.

            On May 21st Lt. Col. Don Brown (TX Wing CISM Coordinator), and Capt Jeremy
            Hooper participated in a UDF/ELT mission in the Navasota / Lake Summerville
            area, coordinating with an aircraft from Group 8’s Georgetown Squadron

            Admin / Personnel Matters by 1Lt. Brumlow
            Seniors in this Unit: 43
            Cadets in this Unit: 60

            Happy Birthday to:                           Renewals are due for:

            Kyle Avocato                                 Kathleen Cadwallader
            Jason Ayre                                   Zachary Cadwallader
            Kathleen Cadwallader                         Stephen Cornell
            Rebecca Capps                                Jeffrey Durham
            Stephen Cornell                              Jessie Durham
            Jeffrey Durham                               Ty Elms
            Benjamin Magby                               Ray Hischke
            Michael Threadgill                           Caleb Hook
            Gale Tynefield                               Eric Mabry
              Kimberly Williams                             Justin McElvaney
              William Williams                              James Sumner
              Kevin Zieschang                               Christopher Thomas
                                                            Matthew Whatley
                                                            Caleb White

              You may renew on line https://net.capnhq.gov/OnlineRenewals
              If you have questions regarding your renewal, please call Membership
              Services toll free at (877) 227-9142 for further information and assistance.

              For those of you who need to purchase uniforms, badges, books, training
              material and or accessories, please go to the attached web site for your
              order. http://www.capmart.org .

              I know how important promotions are, and in order to be promoted your file
              must be up to date. I encourage all cadets to ask to review their files.
Seniors and
              Seniors & Parents
              Comments & Questions
              Q. How did CAP respond to the 9/11 attacks?

              A. September 11th and Civil Air Patrol’s Response

              • Immediately after the terrorist attacks on September 11th , the CAP National
              Commander placed all 52 wings on a state of alert. Wings activated and manned
              their operations center on a 24/7 schedule. Many aircrews were placed on one-hour
              rapid response standby.

              • Over 8,700 CAP members mobilized nationwide.

              • CAP aircraft were in the air within 6 hours of the attacks.

              • The Bose Corporation donated 40 acoustical headsets to aid rescuers in their
              search for survivors. CAP had the headsets on site at the World Trade Center in
              just a few hours after Bose announced the donation. CAP also flew in special
              robotic equipment to assist rescuers in searching through the rubble.

              • At the request of the Governor of New York, on September 12th CAP provided
              the first direct perspective of the World Trade Center disaster site. The
              photographs the aircrew provided were of immediate value to rescue and security
              personnel at Ground Zero.

              • 21 wings (states) were involved in transport missions.

              • 564 hours were flown in support of 9/11.
              48 sorties were flown in the first 72 hours alone.

              • 450 CAP members manned their designated positions at the FEMA Region
              Operations Centers and state Emergency Operations Centers, Many for as long as 4
• NY CAP Wing stepped up existing reservoir reconnaissance.

• CAP provided civil consequent management assistance.

• Volunteer CAP members from the North Carolina Wing transported 50 cases of
blood from Raleigh, NC to the American Red Cross facility in Baltimore, MD, on
September 11th .

• State officials from Florida tasked CAP members to monitor the state airports and
provide advisories to pilots at uncontrolled fields of the flight restrictions in place -
61 airports/284 CAP personnel were used. The wing also provided transportation
to government officials, as needed.

• Volunteer CAP members in California provided air transportation to government

• Members of CAP’s New Mexico Wing were placed on alert for blood transport

• Kentucky Wing members answered the call for help by flying blood platelets
from Kentucky to New Jersey on the afternoon of September 11th .

• Members of the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Wings flew 12
sorties and delivered 3,000 pounds of blood and medical supplies to JFK Airport
for delivery to Mount Sinai Hospital.

• The Idaho Wing transported blood and medical supplies to California and Nevada
for the American Red Cross.

• Volunteer CAP members of the Virginia Wing manned the state Emergency
Operations Center (EOC).

• The Pennsylvania Wing provided manpower and communications support to the
Allegheny County Emergency Management Agency and FEMA’s mobile EOC.
They were also on standby to provide aerial imaging to authorities of the crash site
of the fourth plane.

• CAP personnel from the North East Region provided communications and
coordination support to the FEMA Region 1 Regional Operations Center.

• South Carolina CAP personnel provided communications support to the state

• FEMA Region III placed Delaware Wing members on a one-hour, rapid-response

• The New York Wing flew a mission on September 12th for the state to take
digital photos of disaster site in New York and provided communications and
manning support to the state EOC.
• Georgia Wing transported robotic supplies from Dobbins Air Reserve Base in
Georgia to Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts for robots used by the U.S.
Army at the disaster site.

• Illinois Wing members assisted local airports that had commercial flights diverted
into them and were not prepared to handle them. CAP aircrews were placed on
standby for additional support.

• Louisiana Wing flew missions for the U.S. Coast Guard District 8 to support the
U.S. Coast Guard’s efforts to secure the deep-water ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur
TX and Lake Charles LA.

• Maryland Wing members assisted the North Carolina Wing by providing lodging
for their personnel transporting supplies to Baltimore, and manned the state EOC
and provided communications support.

• Michigan Wing provided manpower and communications support to the state
EOC and was prepared and expected to fly real-time video imaging missions.

• Oregon Wing provided transportation for blood and blood samples from Portland
to Los Angeles and San Diego via relay with the California Wing.

• Pacific Region alerted each of its wings, contacted each state governor to offer
support, and established command posts in each wing with aircraft and crews on

• Southeast Region alerted each of its wings to be on standby for additional
support, and had personnel monitoring communications throughout the region, as

• Tennessee Wing members flew camera equipment (real-time video system) to
Trenton, NJ from McGhee-Tyson Air National Guard Base, TN and also expected
to be flying blood transport flights.

• Texas Wing was fully manned and prepared to fly blood transport missions.

• West Virginia Wing members provided manning and communications support to
the state EOC.

• During September and October, the Puerto Rico Wing flew almost daily missions
in support of increased port security requirements for the U.S. Coast Guard Greater
Antilles Command. The missions provided daily reporting of marine vessel
reconnaissance in the vicinity of pre-designated strategic coastal targets off the
waters of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Any parent having questions, concerns or suggestions should feel free to email the
Squadron Commander, Maj. Stephen R. Dicker at
stephen.dicker@cityofhouston.net . Maj. Dicker can also be reached on his cell
phone at 713-504-7154 for immediate needs.
Q and A
          Questions & Answers
          Question: My child has received a blues uniform by FedEx from Exchange
          Catalog Sales. What am I supposed to do with it?

          Answer: This distribution of uniforms is part of the CAP Cadet Uniform program
          from the Army Air Force Exchange Service. Your child should have already been
          issued a uniform from the squadron. You may swap out any previously issued
          items with the new items from the package, but the balance, a complete blues
          uniform must be returned to the squadron for issue to other cadets. We are loosing
          a lot of uniforms as cadets leave CAP and do not return their uniforms. We are
          initiating steps to recover uniforms from those cadets who have left us. However
          as of April 1st, we have started charging a $25 one time deposit for any item of
          uniform drawn from the Squadron’s Connex Supply.

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