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                                         Notices                                                                                                       Federal Register
                                                                                                                                                       Vol. 72, No. 224

                                                                                                                                                       Wednesday, November 21, 2007

                                         This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER                    Board. The Board is composed of 31                    Partner & Chair of Law Firm’s, Crowell
                                         contains documents other than rules or                  members, each representing a specific                 & Moring LLP, Environmental and
                                         proposed rules that are applicable to the               category related to agriculture. The                  Natural Resources, (Former Deputy
                                         public. Notices of hearings and investigations,         Board was first appointed in September                Under Secretary, Department of
                                         committee meetings, agency decisions and                1996 and at the time one-third of the                 Interior), Washington, DC; Category Z.
                                         rulings, delegations of authority, filing of
                                         petitions and applications and agency
                                                                                                 original members were appointed for                   ‘‘National Conservation or Natural
                                         statements of organization and functions are            one, two, and three-year terms,                       Resource Group,’’ Edward C.A. Runge,
                                         examples of documents appearing in this                 respectively. Due to the staggered                    Senior Adviser and Professor & Billie B.
                                         section.                                                appointments, the terms for 10 of the 31              Turner, Chair (Emeritus), Texas A&M
                                                                                                 members expired September 2007. Each                  University, College Station, TX.
                                                                                                 member is appointed by the Secretary of                 Done at Washington, DC this 8th day of
                                         DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                               Agriculture to a specific category on the             November, 2007.
                                                                                                 Board, including farming or ranching,                 Gale Buchanan,
                                         Office of the Secretary                                 food production and processing, forestry              Under Secretary, Research, Education, and
                                                                                                 research, crop and animal science, land-              Economics.
                                         Notice of Appointment of Members to                     grant institutions, non-land grant
                                         the National Agricultural Research,                                                                           [FR Doc. E7–22696 Filed 11–20–07; 8:45 am]
                                                                                                 college or university with a historic
                                         Extension, Education, and Economics                     commitment to research in the food and
                                                                                                                                                       BILLING CODE 3410–22–P
                                         Advisory Board                                          agricultural sciences, food retailing and
                                         AGENCY: Research, Education, and                        marketing, rural economic development,                DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                                         Economics, USDA.                                        and natural resource and consumer
                                         ACTION: Appointment of members.                         interest groups, among many others.                   Agricultural Marketing Service
                                                                                                 Appointees by vacancy category of the
                                                                                                                                                       [Docket No. AMS–TB–07–135; TB–07–02]
                                         SUMMARY:   In accordance with the                       6 new members and 4 re-appointments
                                         Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5                       as follows: Category H. ‘‘National Food-              Notice of Request for Extension and
                                         U.S.C. App 2, the United States                         Animal Science Society,’’ Nancy M.                    Revision of a Currently Approved
                                         Department of Agriculture announces                     Cox, Director, Kentucky Agricultural                  Information Collection
                                         the appointments made by the Secretary                  Experimental Station, Associate Dean
                                         of Agriculture to the 10 vacancies on the               for Research, University of Kentucky                  AGENCY: Agricultural Marketing Service,
                                         National Agricultural Research,                         College of Agriculture, Lexington, KY ;               USDA.
                                         Extension, Education, and Economics                     Category I. ‘‘National Crop, Soil,                    ACTION: Notice and request for
                                         Advisory Board.                                         Agronomy, Horticulture, or Weed                       comments.
                                         DATES: Appointments by the Secretary                    Science Society,’’ Martin A. Massengale,
                                                                                                 President Emeritus & Director, Center                 SUMMARY: In accordance with the
                                         of Agriculture are for a 3-year term,
                                         effective October 1, 2007, until                        for Grassland Studies, University of                  Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44
                                         September 30, 2010.                                     Lincoln-Nebraska, Lincoln, NE;                        U.S.C. Chapter 35), this notice
                                                                                                 Category N. ‘‘1890 Land-Grant College,’’              announces the Agricultural Marketing
                                         ADDRESSES: You may submit comments
                                                                                                 Alton Thompson, Dean and Research                     Service’s (AMS) intention to request
                                         by any of the following methods: E-mail:                                                                      approval, from the Office of
                               ; Fax: 202–720–                     Director, School of Agricultural and
                                                                                                 Environmental Science, North Carolina                 Management and Budget, for an
                                         6199; Mail/Hand Delivery/Courier:                                                                             extension of and revision to the
                                         National Agricultural Research,                         A&T State University, Greensboro, NC;
                                                                                                 Category O. ‘‘1994 Land-Grant College,’’              currently approved information
                                         Extension, Education, and Economics                                                                           collection for Tobacco Report.
                                         Advisory Board; Research Extension,                     John E. Salois, President, Blackfeet
                                                                                                 Community College, Browning, MT;                      DATES: Comments on this notice must be
                                         Education, and Economics Advisory
                                         Board Office, Room 344A, Jamie L.                       Category Q. ‘‘American College of                     received by January 22, 2008 to be
                                         Whitten Building, U.S. Department of                    Veterinary Medicine,’’ Thomas J. Rosol,               assured of consideration.
                                                                                                 Dean and Professor, The Ohio State                      Additional Information or Comments:
                                         Agriculture; STOP 2255; 1400
                                                                                                 University, Columbus, OH; Category U.                 Contact Henry R. Martin, Acting Deputy
                                         Independence Avenue, SW.,
                                                                                                 ‘‘Food Retailing and Marketing                        Administrator, Tobacco Programs,
                                         Washington, DC 20250–2255.
                                                                                                 Representative,’’ Calvin M. Dooley,                   Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S.
                                         FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                                                                              Department of Agriculture, Stop 0280,
                                                                                                 President and CEO, Food Products
                                         Joseph Dunn, Executive Director,                        Association, (Former Congressman for                  1400 Independence Ave., SW.,
                                         National Agricultural Research,                         California), Washington, DC; Category                 Washington, DC 20250–0280; (202) 205–
                                         Extension, Education, and Economics                     W. ‘‘Rural Economic Development                       0489, Fax (202) 609–1718.
                                         Advisory Board, Telephone: 202–720–                     Advocate,’’ Walter J. Armbruster,                     SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
                                         3684.                                                   President, Farm Foundation and Chair,                   Title: Tobacco Report.
                                         SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:     Section                  Specialty Crop Committee, Oak Brook,                    OMB Number: 0581–0004.
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                                         802 of the Federal Agricultural                         IL; Category X. ‘‘National Consumer                     Expiration Date of Approval: 04/30/
                                         Improvement and Reform Act of 1996                      Interest Group,’’ Robin A. Douthitt,                  2008.
                                         authorized the creation of the National                 Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison,                  Type of Request: Extension and
                                         Agricultural Research, Extension,                       Madison, WI; Category Y. ‘‘National                   revision of a currently approved
                                         Education, and Economics Advisory                       Forestry Group,’’ Steven P. Quarles,                  information collection.

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                                         65558                   Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 224 / Wednesday, November 21, 2007 / Notices

                                            Abstract: The Tobacco Statistics Act                 determine the production quotas of                    DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                                         of 1929 (7 U.S.C. 501–508) provides for                 types of tobacco used in these products
                                         the collection and publication of                       until repealed in 2005.                               Animal and Plant Health Inspection
                                         statistics of tobacco by USDA with                         The Agricultural Marketing Act of                  Service
                                         regard to quantity of leaf tobacco in all               1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621–1627) directs and                 [Docket No. APHIS–2007–0131]
                                         forms in the United States and Puerto                   authorizes USDA to collect, tabulate and
                                         Rico, owned by or in the possession of                  disseminate statistics on marketing                   Notice of Request for Revision and
                                         dealers, manufacturers, and others with                 agricultural products including market                Extension of Approval of an
                                         the exception of the original growers of                supplies, storage stocks, quantity,                   Information Collection; Scrapie in
                                         the tobacco.                                            quality, and condition of such products               Sheep and Goats; Interstate Movement
                                            The statistics shall show the quantity
                                                                                                 in various positions in the marketing                 Restrictions and Indemnity Program
                                         of the tobacco in such detail as to types,
                                                                                                 channel, utilization of sub-products,
                                         as USDA shall deem to be practical and                                                                        AGENCY:  Animal and Plant Health
                                                                                                 shipments, and unloads.
                                         necessary and shall be summarized as of                                                                       Inspection Service, USDA.
                                         January 1, April 1, July 1, and October                    Estimate of Burden: Public reporting
                                                                                                                                                       ACTION: Revision and extension of
                                         1 of each year and are due within 15                    burden for this collection of information
                                                                                                                                                       approval of an information collection;
                                         days of the summarized dates.                           is estimated to average 0.90 hours per
                                                                                                                                                       comment request.
                                            The information furnished under the                  response.
                                         provisions of this Act shall be used only                  Respondents: Primarily tobacco                     SUMMARY: In accordance with the
                                         for statistical purposes for which it is                dealers and manufacturers including                   Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this
                                         supplied. No publication shall be made                  small businesses or organizations.                    notice announces the Animal and Plant
                                         by USDA whereby the data furnished by                                                                         Health Inspection Service’s intention to
                                                                                                    Estimated Number of Respondents:
                                         any particular establishment can be                                                                           request a revision and extension of
                                         identified, nor shall anyone other than                                                                       approval of an information collection
                                         the sworn employees of USDA be                             Estimated Total Annual Responses:                  associated with regulations for the
                                         allowed to examine the individual                       228.                                                  interstate movement of sheep and goats
                                         reports.                                                   Estimated Number of Responses per                  and an indemnity program to help
                                            The regulations governing the                        Respondent: 4.                                        prevent the spread of scrapie.
                                         Tobacco Stocks and Standards Act (7
                                                                                                    Estimated Total Annual Burden on                   DATES: We will consider all comments
                                         CFR part 30) issued under the Tobacco
                                                                                                 Respondents: 204.                                     that we receive on or before January 22,
                                         Statistics Act specifically address the
                                                                                                    Comments are invited on: (1) Whether               2008.
                                         reporting requirements. Tobacco in leaf
                                         form or stems is reported by types of                   the proposed collection of information                ADDRESSES: You may submit comments
                                         tobacco and whether stemmed or                          is necessary for the proper performance               by either of the following methods:
                                         unstemmed. Tobacco in sheet form shall                  of the functions of the agency, including                Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to
                                         be segregated as to whether for cigar                   whether the information will have           , select
                                         wrapper, cigar binder, for cigarettes, or               practical utility; (2) the accuracy of the            ‘‘Animal and Plant Health Inspection
                                         for other products.                                     agency’s estimate of the burden of the                Service’’ from the agency drop-down
                                            Tobacco stocks reporting is                          proposed collection of information                    menu, then click ‘‘Submit.’’ In the
                                         mandatory. The basic purpose of the                     including the validity of the                         Docket ID column, select APHIS–2007–
                                         information collection is to ascertain the              methodology and assumptions used; (3)                 0131 to submit or view public
                                         total supply of unmanufactured tobacco                  ways to enhance the quality, utility, and             comments and to view supporting and
                                         available to domestic manufacturers and                 clarity of the information to be                      related materials available
                                         to calculate the amount consumed in                     collected; and (4) ways to minimize the               electronically. Information on using
                                         manufactured tobacco products. This                     burden of the collection of information     , including instructions
                                         data was also used for the calculation of               on those who are to respond, including                for accessing documents, submitting
                                         production quotas for individual types                  the use of appropriate automated,                     comments, and viewing the docket after
                                         of tobacco and for price support                        electronic, mechanical, or other                      the close of the comment period, is
                                         calculations until repealed in 2005.                    technological collection techniques or                available through the site’s ‘‘User Tips’’
                                            The Quarterly Report of Manufacture                  other forms of information technology.                link.
                                         and Sales of Snuff, Smoking and                         Comments may be sent to Henry R.                         Postal Mail/Commercial Delivery:
                                         Chewing Tobacco is voluntary. Prior to                  Martin, Acting Deputy Administrator,                  Please send four copies of your
                                         1965, information on the manufacture                    Tobacco Programs, AMS, USDA Stop                      comment (an original and three copies)
                                         and sale of snuff, smoking and chewing                  0280, 1400 Independence Ave., SW.,                    to Docket No. APHIS–2007–0131,
                                         tobacco products was available from                     Washington, DC 20250–0280. All                        Regulatory Analysis and Development,
                                         Treasury Department publications on                     comments received will be available for               PPD, APHIS, Station 3A–03.8, 4700
                                         the collection of taxes. With repeal of                 public inspection during regular                      River Road Unit 118, Riverdale, MD
                                         the Federal tax in 1965, the industry                   business hours at the same address.                   20737–1238. Please state that your
                                         requested that the collection of basic                     All responses to this notice will be               comment refers to Docket No. APHIS–
                                         data be continued to maintain the                       summarized and included in the request                2007–0131.
                                         statistical series and all major                        for OMB approval. All comments will                      Reading Room: You may read any
                                         manufacturers agreed to furnish                         become a matter of public record.                     comments that we receive on this
                                         information. Federal taxes were                                                                               docket in our reading room. The reading
                                         reimposed in 1985 for snuff and                           Dated: November 15, 2007.                           room is located in room 1141 of the
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                                         chewing tobacco and the Treasury                        Lloyd C. Day,                                         USDA South Building, 14th Street and
                                         Department began reporting data on                      Administrator, Agricultural Marketing                 Independence Avenue, SW.,
                                         these products, but not in the detail                   Service.                                              Washington, DC. Normal reading room
                                         desired by the industry. Data from this                 [FR Doc. E7–22690 Filed 11–20–07; 8:45 am]            hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday
                                         report was also used in calculations to                 BILLING CODE 3410–02–P                                through Friday, except holidays. To be

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