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                                                           In addition to alumni, U of L
                                                           Magazine also honors
                                                           students, faculty and staff.
                                                           "People" highlights these
                                                           areas and the individuals who
                                                           make U of L an interesting
                                                           and diverse academic
                                                           Rebecca Jackson '73E '77G
  Archives                                                 was named 1998 Public Official
                                                           of the Year by the National
  Campaign                                                 Association of County
                                                           Recorders, Election Officials,
  Celebration                                              and Clerks. Jackson has served
                                                           as Jefferson County Clerk for
  Feedback                                                 the past eight years and has
                                                           worked as a teacher and
  Front & Center                                           administrator in the Jefferson
                                                           County Public Schools. Jackson
  Journal                                                  also runs a non-profit
                                                           employment agency for people
  Viewpoint                                                with disabilities.

                                                           U of L's Kent School of Social
                                                           Work named Timothy Hogan
                                                           '71K as its 1998 Distinguished
  Magazine staff                                           Alumnus. Hogan, who was
                                                           recognized for his career in
  Advertising                                              social services, has been an
                                                           ordained Catholic priest since
  U of L                                                   1966 and has taught at Nazareth
  merchandise                                              College, Spalding University,
                                                           and U of L. Until recently,
                                                           Hogan served as executive
                                                           director of Catholic Charities for
                                                           the Archdiocese of Louisville,
                                                           where he was instrumental in
                                                           implementing the largest
                                                           refugee resettlement program in
                                                           Kentucky, housing and
                                                           employment services for
                                                           homeless teenagers, and a
                                                           ministry for senior citizens.

                                                           Rohena Miller '83A, president
                                                           of Niche Marketing, is working
                                                           with world-renowned sculptor
                                                           Ed Hamilton '69LSA to promote
                                                           his memorial to the African-
                                                           American soldiers who served
                                                           in the Civil War. Miller's
                                                           company is selling
                                                           commemorative merchandise
                                                           such as magnets, hats, mugs,
                                                           and plates with the sculpture's                                          12/3/2007
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                                                           image to the general public
                                                           through galleries, cultural
                                                           centers, and museums. Miller
                                                           was also recently named one of
                                                           the up-and-coming
                                                           entrepreneurs in Louisville by
                                                           Business First magazine.

                                                           Rower Tori Murden '95L was
                                                           forced to end her quest to
                                                           become the first woman and the
                                                           first American to row solo
                                                           across the Atlantic Ocean after
                                                           Tropical Storm Danielle
                                                           battered her boat, leaving her
                                                           badly bruised and concerned
                                                           that she had broken her
                                                           shoulder. Murden, an
                                                           administrator for the Louisville
                                                           Development Authority, had
                                                           been alone at sea for 85 days
                                                           and had completed two-thirds of
                                                           the journey.

                                                           The Wall Street Journal named
                                                           U of L alumnus Stephen O'Neil
                                                           '76S '89G as one of its "all-star
                                                           analysts" based on his stock-
                                                           picking strategies in the drug
                                                           category. O'Neil has been an
                                                           analyst with Hilliard Lyons in
                                                           Louisville since 1994. This is
                                                           the second time he has been
                                                           recognized for his stock analysis
                                                           by The Wall Street Journal. Last
                                                           year, he finished second overall
                                                           in the hospitals and HMOs


                                                           Stanley Frager, associate
                                                           professor in the Kent School of
                                                           Social Work, hosts the radio
                                                           program "Let's Talk" on
                                                           WHAS-AM in Louisville with
                                                           listeners from 40 states across
                                                           the country. Frager, who
                                                           authored the book The
                                                           Champion Within You: How to
                                                           Overcome Problems, Obstacles,
                                                           and Adversity in Your Life, has
                                                           also served as a sports
                                                           psychologist to Olympic
                                                           athletes and is a licensed
                                                           psychologist with a private

                                                           U of L bid farewell to two of its
                                                           foremost experts on women's
                                                           issues. Mary Hawkesworth,
                                                           chair of the Department of                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           Political Science, has been
                                                           named professor and chair of
                                                           Rutgers University's Center for
                                                           Women and Politics, the
                                                           premier position of its kind in
                                                           the nation. Women's Center
                                                           Director Judi Jennings has
                                                           departed to serve as director of
                                                           the Kentucky Foundation for
                                                           Women. Associate University
                                                           Provost Linda Shapiro will
                                                           serve as acting director of the
                                                           Women's Center while a
                                                           national search is conducted.


                                                           U of L's resident snake handler?
                                                           Frank Allen, assistant director
                                                           of the microsurgery teaching
                                                           laboratory, was highlighted for
                                                           his work as a lecturer and expert
                                                           in medical herpetology, the
                                                           study of amphibians and reptiles
                                                           and treatments for their venom.
                                                           Allen is well-known for his
                                                           knowledge of snake bites and
                                                           how to treat them. Working with
                                                           Louisville hand surgeon Russ
                                                           Shatford, Allen has recently
                                                           written a chapter in a book
                                                           entitled The Growing Hand,
                                                           about the special dangers and
                                                           treatment of venomous bites and
                                                           stings in children.

                                                           Ekstrom Library recently
                                                           dedicated its African American
                                                           Collection in honor of the late
                                                           Granville A. Bunton, a library
                                                           personnel officer. The collection
                                                           includes more than 4,500 works
                                                           by African American authors as
                                                           well as videos, journal articles,
                                                           artifacts, manuscripts, oral
                                                           histories, and photographs.


                                                           U of L's Allen R. Hite Art
                                                           Institute announced the first
                                                           recipient of the Mary Spencer
                                                           Nay Memorial Scholarship.
                                                           Offered through the estate of
                                                           Nay, a former U of L professor
                                                           of art, the award pays full in-
                                                           state tuition for the first year to
                                                           a student majoring in art, art
                                                           history, or interior design at U
                                                           of L. Freshman Jamie Wardley
                                                           was chosen as the award's first
                                                           recipient while attending                                           12/3/2007
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                                                           Manual High School in


                                                           Best-selling author Sue Grafton
                                                           '61A has published another in
                                                           her "alphabet" mystery series.
                                                           Her newest book is N Is For
                                                           Noose (Henry Holt). n
                                                           Louisville author and syndicated
                                                           columnist Vince Staten takes
                                                           readers on a delightful behind-
                                                           the-scenes tour into the history
                                                           and workings of one of the most
                                                           venerable of American
                                                           institutions in Do Pharmacists
                                                           Sell Farms? A Trip Inside the
                                                           Corner Drugstore (Simon &
                                                           Schuster). Staten is a part-time
                                                           instructor in U of L's
                                                           Department of Communication.



                                                           William Buchanan '50A has
                                                           formed a new company, WJB
                                                           Publishing, to produce quality
                                                           reprints of his previously
                                                           published works. Buchanan is
                                                           the author of six books and
                                                           resides in Albuquerque, New
                                                           Mexico, where he is a guest
                                                           lecturer at the University of
                                                           New Mexico.

                                                           Gene P. Rexrode '56S retired
                                                           as secretary of the Golden Gate
                                                           Bridge Highway and
                                                           Transportation District in San
                                                           Francisco, California. He has
                                                           served the district for nearly 26

                                                           Joseph L. White '58A, '67L
                                                           and L. Stanley Chauvin, III
                                                           '87L have formed the law firm
                                                           White & Chauvin in Louisville.
                                                           They will concentrate their
                                                           practice in the areas of personal
                                                           injury, medical malpractice,
                                                           products liability, and premises
                                                           liability law.


                                                           Stewart R. Byrne '62B retired
                                                           from the United States Air
                                                           Force. Byrne had achieved the                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           rank of major general with the
                                                           Air Force and served as the Air
                                                           National Guard assistant to the
                                                           commander of the Pacific Air
                                                           Forces in Hawaii. He resides in
                                                           Louisville with his wife, Megan.
                                                           They have a daughter, Kate, and
                                                           a son, Matthew.

                                                           The American Diabetes
                                                           Association presented C.
                                                           Ronald Kahn, MD '64S, '68M
                                                           with the Albert Renold Award,
                                                           given to an individual whose
                                                           career is distinguished by
                                                           outstanding accomplishment in
                                                           diabetes treatment and research.
                                                           Kahn is a professor at Harvard
                                                           Medical School and research
                                                           director of the Joslin Diabetes
                                                           Center in Boston.

                                                           Kenneth R. Lally '66B was
                                                           promoted to executive vice
                                                           president of field and customer
                                                           operations at Platinum Software
                                                           Corporation of California. Lally
                                                           previously served as the
                                                           company's senior vice president
                                                           of worldwide field operations.
                                                           He resides in Newport Beach,

                                                           Ronald E. Myrick'66S was
                                                           appointed general patent
                                                           counsel for General Electric
                                                           Co., headquartered in Fairfield,
                                                           Connecticut. He was a senior
                                                           partner with the law firm Fish &
                                                           Richardson, P.C.

                                                           Joseph H. Cohen '67B, '70L
                                                           received the Distinguished
                                                           Service Award from the
                                                           Louisville Bar Association.
                                                           Cohen is a partner in the law
                                                           firm of Morris, Garlove,
                                                           Waterman & Johnson.

                                                           Vincent Aprile '68L was a
                                                           presenter at the American Bar
                                                           Association's annual meeting.
                                                           He is assistant public advocate
                                                           and general counsel for
                                                           Kentucky's Department of
                                                           Public Advocacy and a member
                                                           of the governing council of the
                                                           American Bar Association's
                                                           criminal justice section.

                                                           Frances Owen MD '68A was
                                                           awarded a CATCH (Community                                        12/3/2007
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                                                           Access to Child Health)
                                                           planning grant from the
                                                           American Academy of
                                                           Pediatricians to develop a teen
                                                           health assessment program in
                                                           Brunswick, Georgia.

                                                           Elizabeth Bohon Alexander
                                                           MD '69M was appointed as one
                                                           of two pediatric consultants to
                                                           the Kentucky Board of Medical
                                                           Licensure. Alexander, who
                                                           practices in Murray, Kentucky,
                                                           serves as an adjunct professor in
                                                           U of L's School of Medicine,
                                                           and an adviser to Murray State
                                                           University students seeking to
                                                           attend medical school.

                                                           The American Diabetes
                                                           Association of Lexington,
                                                           Kentucky announced that Larry
                                                           Smith '68A,'72G has been
                                                           elected to the association's
                                                           national board of directors.
                                                           Smith is president of Smith
                                                           Market Research and an active
                                                           volunteer with the American
                                                           Diabetes Association.


                                                           Alan R. Felthous MD '71M
                                                           was named the Marie B. Gale
                                                           Professor of Psychiatry at the
                                                           University of Texas Medical
                                                           Branch in Galveston, where he
                                                           is the director of the adult
                                                           division and chief of the
                                                           forensic service.

                                                           Mary Helen Klem '71G
                                                           received the Outstanding
                                                           Teacher Award from the Rotary
                                                           Club of Louisville. Klem resides
                                                           in Louisville and teaches at
                                                           Holy Trinity School.

                                                           S. Michael Lawhon '72A,
                                                           '76M was inducted into U of L's
                                                           Athletic Hall of Fame. He is an
                                                           orthopedic surgeon and an
                                                           associate with Wellington
                                                           Orthopaedics and Sports
                                                           Medicine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

                                                           As part of a delegation from the
                                                           American Red Cross Blood
                                                           Services, William B.
                                                           Lockwood '71G, '75M traveled
                                                           to the People's Republic of
                                                           China to sign an agreement with                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           the Shanghai Blood Center,
                                                           making the two centers "sister
                                                           blood banks." Lockwood has
                                                           been medical director of the
                                                           River Valley Region Blood
                                                           Services in Louisville since

                                                           Lowell D. Katz MD '72M was
                                                           installed as international
                                                           president of the Phi Delta
                                                           Epsilon Medical Fraternity at
                                                           the fraternity's 94th annual
                                                           convention and scientific
                                                           meeting. Katz is with Louisville
                                                           Colorectal Associates, PLLC.

                                                           Susan Quinlan '72E, '91G
                                                           received an Outstanding
                                                           Teacher Award from the Rotary
                                                           Club of Louisville. Quinlan
                                                           resides in Louisville and teaches
                                                           at Trunell Elementary School.

                                                           Charlie Saladino '72L was
                                                           elected president of the Melvin
                                                           M. Belli Society, a national
                                                           legal organization. He is lead
                                                           attorney in the Charles A.
                                                           Saladino law firm in Paducah,
                                                           Kentucky and president-elect of
                                                           the Kentucky Academy of Trial

                                                           Carl W. Heick, Jr. '73A is a
                                                           financial advisor in the
                                                           Louisville financial planning
                                                           firm of Heick, Hester &
                                                           Associates, a division of
                                                           American Express Financial
                                                           Advisors, Inc. He and his wife,
                                                           Janice, have two grown sons.

                                                           C. Stephen Lynn '73G, playing
                                                           in his first tournament in 22
                                                           years, placed second in the 50's
                                                           age group in the Southern
                                                           Regional Indoors tennis
                                                           tournament. Lynn, chairman and
                                                           former CEO of Shoney's Inc.,
                                                           also recently received the Hall
                                                           of Fame award from the
                                                           International Franchise
                                                           Association for his 1993 tenure
                                                           as IFA chairman, during which
                                                           he was instrumental in opening
                                                           membership to franchisees.

                                                           Frank Mitchell '73K was
                                                           promoted to the head of
                                                           Community Action of Southern
                                                           Indiana. Mitchell is married, has                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           two children, and is the former
                                                           executive director of the Wesley
                                                           Community House in

                                                           Joseph E. Lambert '74L was
                                                           elected head of the Kentucky
                                                           High Court and will serve as the
                                                           state's chief justice. He was
                                                           previously deputy chief justice
                                                           of the Kentucky Supreme Court,
                                                           on which he had served since
                                                           1987. Lambert and his wife,
                                                           Debra, have two children.

                                                           Patricia A. Meyer '74SJA was
                                                           elected president of Jefferson
                                                           County Lodge #14 of the
                                                           Fraternal Order of Police and
                                                           began serving a two-year term
                                                           in 1998. She has served 21 years
                                                           as a patrol officer with the
                                                           Jefferson County Police

                                                           Sidney B. Tate '74B was
                                                           elected 1998-99 chair of the
                                                           South Carolina Bankers
                                                           Association. Tate is president of
                                                           First Union Bank-South
                                                           Carolina, headquartered in

                                                           D. Larry Williams '74B, '77G
                                                           was named manager of tire
                                                           finishing and the Findlay
                                                           distribution center of the Cooper
                                                           Tire & Rubber Company in
                                                           Findlay, Ohio. Williams is a
                                                           certified public accountant and
                                                           certified management

                                                           Neil J. Fischer '78B was
                                                           appointed to the Los Angeles
                                                           County Sheriff's Department
                                                           Community Advisory

                                                           The Rotary Club of Louisville
                                                           installed its first woman
                                                           president, Merrily Orsini '77K.
                                                           Orsini is president of Orsini
                                                           Holdings, Inc., and founder of
                                                           Elder Care Solutions of


                                                           Centerfield Elementary School
                                                           of Shelbyville, Kentucky has
                                                           chosen Sara E. Monarch '80E                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           as its new principal. She was
                                                           previously a teacher at
                                                           Southside School in Shelbyville.
                                                           Monarch succeeds Paul
                                                           Upchurch '80E, who has
                                                           accepted a position as
                                                           superintendent of the
                                                           Elizabethtown Independent
                                                           School District.

                                                           Sally Wilson Erny '81SJA
                                                           joined the national Court
                                                           Appointed Special Advocate
                                                           (CASA) Association as a
                                                           program specialist. Prior to
                                                           joining the national CASA, she
                                                           served for 13 years as executive
                                                           director of the CASA Project of
                                                           Jefferson County, Kentucky.

                                                           Jerry Borowick '84B was
                                                           named a partner in the
                                                           accounting, tax, and consulting
                                                           firm of KPMG Peat Marwick
                                                           LLP. Borowick is a certified
                                                           public accountant specializing
                                                           in assurance services for clients
                                                           in the telecommunications
                                                           industry and is based in Dallas.

                                                           Richard Westmoreland '84A,
                                                           a major in the U.S. Marine
                                                           Corps, was assigned as the
                                                           officer-in-charge of the Naval
                                                           Air Systems Command/Boeing
                                                           Aerospace Malaysian F/A-18
                                                           Instructor Team. He oversees
                                                           pilot training and instruction of
                                                           the F-18 for the Royal
                                                           Malaysian Air Force at
                                                           Butterworth Air Base.

                                                           Printing Industries of North
                                                           America bestowed its 1998
                                                           Premier Print Award in the
                                                           category of annual reports to
                                                           Kathy Crawford Williams

                                                           Frank Jemley, III '85A was
                                                           named vice president of public
                                                           affairs for Churchill Downs of
                                                           Louisville, Kentucky. Jemley is
                                                           a former U.S. Navy officer and
                                                           and president and executive
                                                           director of the Louisville-
                                                           Jefferson County
                                                           Redevelopment Authority, Inc.

                                                           Charles Ambrose '86G has
                                                           been named president of Pfeiffer
                                                           College. He previously served                                         12/3/2007
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                                                           as vice president of institutional
                                                           advancement at Carson-
                                                           Newman College.

                                                           Bill Stanford Pincheon '86A
                                                           graduated from the Folklore
                                                           Institute at Indiana University in
                                                           1997 and is an assistant
                                                           professor in the Department of
                                                           Comparative American Cultures
                                                           at Washington State University.

                                                           Assumption High School of
                                                           Louisville has appointed Mary
                                                           Lee McCoy '87G as assistant
                                                           principal and dean of studies.
                                                           McCoy has served the school in
                                                           various positions since 1980.

                                                           Joe Huecker '88K is executive
                                                           director of Regional Youth
                                                           Services, Inc. of Jeffersonville,
                                                           Indiana. He was selected to join
                                                           Leadership Southern Indiana in
                                                           recognition of his work in the

                                                           Phillip R. Wigginton '88B has
                                                           been named retail store manager
                                                           for GTE Wireless in Dickson,
                                                           Tennessee. He has been with the
                                                           company since 1994.


                                                           Gregory L. Taylor '91G joined
                                                           the Indianapolis law firm Baker
                                                           & Daniels as an associate.
                                                           Taylor practices in the area of
                                                           commercial litigation.

                                                           The Rotary Club of Louisville
                                                           presented its Outstanding
                                                           Teacher Award to Shelia
                                                           Ciarlante '92E. Ciarlante
                                                           resides in Fisherville, Kentucky,
                                                           and teaches at Trunell
                                                           Elementary School in

                                                           Patty Rouse '93E was
                                                           appointed men's and women's
                                                           cross country head coach at
                                                           Campbellsville University in
                                                           Campbellsville, Kentucky. She
                                                           and her husband, Scott, have
                                                           one son, Justin.

                                                           Karen Shelby '93A is pursuing
                                                           a Ph.D. in political science at
                                                           Rutgers University in New                                           12/3/2007
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                                                           Brunswick, New Jersey. Her
                                                           fields of specialty are women
                                                           and politics and political theory.
                                                           She recently received an
                                                           appointment as a teaching
                                                           assistant at Harvard University
                                                           in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

                                                           Lisa Clephas Hester '94B,
                                                           '97L has joined the Louisville
                                                           law firm of Woodward, Hobson
                                                           & Fulton as an associate. She
                                                           will focus her practice on labor
                                                           and employment litigation.

                                                           M. Alene Isaac '95E, '97G has
                                                           left the NBA's Atlanta Hawks to
                                                           take a position with the Boston
                                                           Celtics. Her new business
                                                           address is Basketball
                                                           Operations, Boston Celtics, 151
                                                           Merrimac Street, Boston,
                                                           Massachusetts 02114.

                                                           Maria Scharfenberger '96G
                                                           received the 1998 Angeline
                                                           Award given by the Ursuline
                                                           Sisters of Louisville in
                                                           appreciation of her work in the
                                                           Hispanic community.


                                                           Richard Stearns has been
                                                           named president of World
                                                           Vision U.S., a humanitarian and
                                                           worldwide relief organization.
                                                           He previously served as
                                                           president and CEO of Lenox,
                                                           Inc. of Louisville.

                                                           In Memoriam

                                                           William Gordon Clark, DDS
                                                           Mildred S. Atkins '26A
                                                           Grace E. Lothman '30A
                                                           Dorothy Marie Herrick '31A
                                                           Kathleen E. Schell '33A
                                                           Robert W. Hensley, DDS '34D

                                                           Robert James Speckman '35L
                                                           William W. Black, Jr. '38A
                                                           Bruce H. Phillips, Sr. '38L
                                                           Martha Sherman Beauchamp
                                                           Hugh C. Hodge, Jr. '40S
                                                           Henry Irwin Saag '42A
                                                           Mary Cecil McFarland
                                                           Hamilton C. Conn '49B                                           12/3/2007
people                                                                                         Page 12 of 12

                                                           Roberta Burckhardt Case
                                                           William E. Graves '51A
                                                           Claude Lee McHargue, MD
                                                           Thomas J. Merimee, Sr., MD
                                                           '52A, '59M
                                                           John C. Burrie, MD '56M,
                                                           Ann E. Lester '57K
                                                           David J. Murphy '61S
                                                           Richard C. Martin '62K
                                                           David E. Meunch '64S, '65G
                                                           Arthur M. Shryock '67B
                                                           William P. Culter, Jr. '68S
                                                           J. Scott Hartman '69S, '77G
                                                           Frank J. Colson '70B
                                                           Gerald A. Baverman '72B
                                                           Herb Allen '73A
                                                           Gloria M. Robinson '75A
                                                           Janet M. Swerbinsky '78G
                                                           Kevin T. McDonough '87A
                                                           Gerald Wayne Perkins '87B
                                                           Debra Leigh Zukof MD '85M,
                                                           Ted A. Gocke '91ASC
                                                           Melanie Beth Benitez '92G
                                                           Bert Y. Rhea SJC
                                                           Saul B. Ades AD
                                                           Mary Wallis Evans Landrum

                                                           William J. Schwann '35M,
                                                           '69H, musicologist and
                                                           publisher of the Schwann
                                                           Record Catalog, died June 7. He
                                                           was 85. Schwann started the
                                                           catalog in 1949, which then
                                                           consisted of 26 pages listing 674
                                                           long-playing records by 98
                                                           composers. Since that time, it
                                                           has released catalogs with as
                                                           many as 45,000 releases, grown
                                                           to include CDs, casettes, and
                                                           eight-track tapes, and gained an
                                                           international reputation as an
                                                           invaluable music industry
                                                           resource. Though Schwann sold
                                                           the catalog in 1976 to ABC, he
                                                           continued to be involved in the
                                                           business for several years after
                                                           that. He also served on the
                                                           boards of the Boston Ballet,
                                                           Longy School of Music, and the
                                                           Marlborough Music Festival.                                          12/3/2007