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									University of Bridgeport
Graduate School of Business

MKTG 530 e-Marketing
Course Dates:
Class Begins Thursday, January 21, 2010/Final May 6, 2010
Time: 6:15-8:45 PM Room: TBD

Instructor:       Samuel Lota Jr. EMBA
                  Home Phone: 203-255-1110
                  Fax:           203-255-1110
                  Cell:          203-913-4821

Course Description:

This course examines the nature of marketing in the evolving virtual worlds of Internet
and mobile commerce and the impact of emerging technologies on the strategy of
traditional “brick and mortar” companies. Various business and marketing models will be
analyzed and evaluated. This course requires extensive case study analysis for student

Course Objectives:

                 Learn and understand the importance of the Internet in the marketing plan
                  and mix.
                 Understand how the Internet is used as a direct response to build
                 Analyze the various aspects of the environment that the e-marketer must
                 Learn how to use the Internet to establish competitive advantage.
                 Identify how to use the Internet as a distribution channel for both goods
                  and services.
                 How to use the Internet as a communications medium for both information
                  and persuasion.
                 Identify Internet-based products.
Presentations and Class Participation

In addition to written communication, verbal expression of thought is a key component in
organizational effectiveness. A major portion of this course will be devoted to in class
exercises intended to bring the principles of organizational behavior to life. Expectation
in these exercises as well as in general class discussion and presentations include:

        Open and generous participation
        Knowledgeable contributions reflecting course content
        Application of principles and concepts
        Analysis of selected Harvard Business Review Case Studies


        Electronic Marketing
        Blogs
        Handheld and wireless devices
        Interactivity
        Addressability
        Digitalization
        E-Marketing Strategies
        Customer Relationship Management
        Database Marketing
        Legal and Ethical Issues in E-Marketing
        Types of Goods and Services Marketed Through Spam

Course Outcomes

The student’s grade will be based on the following outcomes:

   Participation in class and group discussions
   Presentations of Team Selected Case Presentations
   Final Team Case Project
   Written Research Paper
Grading Policy

Grades for the course will be letter grades established by the University of Bridgeport and
will be compiled as outlined:

Written research paper and oral summary              30%
Team Selected Case Study Presentations               35%
Final Team Project                                   20%
Class Participation/Attendance                       15%

Grading Scale (As outlined by the University of Bridgeport)

94+   A                         77-79    C+
90-93 A-                        74-76    C
87-89 B+                        70-73    C-
84-86 B                         67-69    D+
80-83 B-                         60-66   D
                                <60      F

Written research paper and group case study presentations guidelines will be
outlined during class.
Class Attendance

Attendance at each class is expected. Class lectures complement, but DO NOT duplicate
textbook/handout information. A significant portion of your learning will accrue
thorough hands on application of strategic planning concepts and the exchange of each
other’s ideas. Students will be required to present ideas and plans in front of class.


Plagiarism (To take ideas, writings, etc., from another and offer them as one’s own) is a
very serious offense to academic integrity will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
Anyone caught plagiarizing will receive an F for that particular assignment and not be
allowed to make that assignment up.

Textbook/Supporting Materials

   Cases and readings to be purchased from the Harvard Business School Publishing
    website and selected articles from Knowledge @ Wharton.
   Supplementary handout materials will be distributed in class.

Classes begin at 6: 15 PM. Tardiness is not acceptable as it is a disruption to the class and
has a negative impact on your learning process. You are expected to be prepared for
class, arrive on time and return from breaks on time, as well as having assignments
prepared and ready for submission at the assigned time.


Be prepared. I encourage (and expect) open debate in class about topics we will cover.
Your contribution might help others understand concepts they are having difficulty with,
or you may have a perspective others have not considered.

No late assignments will be accepted and no makeup assignments will be provided.

The instructor reserves the right to modify any aspect of this course as the course
progresses should he feel it necessary to do so. Every effort will be made to adhere to
this syllabus so students can effectively and efficiently budget their preparation time.
Every effort will be made to communicate and advise and consult with students in the
event a change is anticipated.

Date               Subject Covered

January 21        Electronic Marketing

January 28        Consumer Generated Electronic Marketing
                  Group Case Study Presentation

February 4        E-Marketing Strategies
                  Group Case Study Presentation

February 11       Customer Relationship Management
                  Group Case Study Presentation

February 18       Legal and Ethical Issues in E-Marketing
                  Group Case Study Presentation

February 25       Citibank Online
                  Group Case Study Presentation

March 4            The Future of Digital Marketing
                   Group Case Study Presentation

March 11           Communication and Selling
                   Group Case Study Presentation

March 18           Spring Break-No Class

March 25           New Products
                   Group Case Study Presentation

April 1             Inside Marketing Technology
                    Group Case Study Presentation

April 8             Dell Online
                    Group Case Study Presentation

April 15             Formulate A Strategy to Fill Needs
                     Group Case Study Presentation

April 22   
                     Group Case Study Presentation

April 29             Lessons from the Internet Bubble
Course Schedule (Continued)

Date                          Subject Covered

May 6                   Final Group Presentations/Individual Research Paper Due

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