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Philip and Sarah Mara Cohen

                  Compiled 2003 -2004
                    Revised   June 2004

                         The Family Of Philip And Sarah Mara Cohen

   Philip Cohen 1845-1921. Original name was Kahn although possibly Kahane. (The name was never written
in English, of course, and was pronounced like K A H N, a common Jewish name in Russia.) (There is
absolutely no truth to the ugly rumor that we were related to Ghengis Khan) The Cohen spelling was written as
they came to America. Philip was born in the little shtetl of Popalon, Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania, Russia.
Parents were Bera Kahn and Malke Itah Kahn. Grandfather was Moisha Kahn. Siblings were Chana Etah
Cohen Shapero, Shayne Cohen, Sheva Cohen, Chia Cohen, Laybeh Cohen Miller, The Shaperos settled in
Reading, PA, the Millers in New York City.
   The family moved to Riga for a short time probably to gather their finances and to make arrangements for
the trip to America. They emigrated to the United States in several groups starting in 1898 although we cannot
find any verifiable records at Ellis Island.
  We have one book “ One Hundred Years Of Charleston Jewry” which states: “Philip Cohen, Teacher. Born
11-20-1847 in Popalon, Rus. Left Lebow 6-29-99 to New York on S. S. New York. Wife, Ida, born Popalon.
Children: Max 1-13-79, Mike 8-15-82, Joe 7-12-83, Sam 3-12-85, Sophia Aronstam 2-18-74, Letia Goldstein
6-8-81. Naturalization date 6-12-17 with D. M. Blumberg, Mose Pushkin attest.” Several of these names and
dates are incorrect.
   Philip’s occupation in Russia was as a lumber dealer; in the United States as a Hebrew teacher. Lived in
Popalon; Lithuania; Riga, Latvia; New York City, Charleston, WV. Buried in B’nai Jacob South Hills
Cemetery, Charleston, WV.
  Married Sarah Mara Kahn 1849-1917. Sarah Mara’s parents were Yosha Mordechai and Bessie Kahn. Her
maternal grandparents were Wolf and Bessie Jacobson. Philip and Sarah Mara both had the same last name so
her married name was Sarah Mara Kahn Kahn. Siblings were Bloomie Reva Kahn, Shalom Zalman Kahn.
Shalom emigrated to South Africa. Sarah Mara lived in Popalon; Riga, Latvia; New York City; Charleston,
WV. Also buried in B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery, Charleston, WV.
  Philip and Sarah Mara had seven children: Jennie (Shayna Motla), Sophie, Max, Lena (Lilly), Michael,
Joseph and Samuel.
  ( In 2001 I went with our son Chuck and a nephew, Sherwin Goodman, to Lithuania with a Jewish group and
returned to Popalon. The town had been destroyed in WW I and rebuilt so there was nothing to see that existed
when the family was there, but we had hoped to find the names of our ancestors by visiting the old Jewish
cemetery. We took along rubbing material to be able to copy the tombstones.
   We found the cemetery but were bitterly disappointed to find just a large field with only four tombstones
...three of them illegible from corrosion and the other belonging to some other family. Since Jews had been

living in Lithuania since the 13th century, we had hoped to find many, many of our ancestors. We then were told
that Lithuanian peasants had stolen the tombstones over the years to build house foundations and walkways.)
      The family lived on the lower East side of New York on Cherry Street for a while. Jennie remained in New
York, Sophie moved to Detroit. The other five all lived either temporarily or permanently in Charleston, WV.
      As we compiled this Tree we encountered a problem. Some of the family sent in information about the
accomplishments of their children. Many others did not. So we had to make a decision as to whether to print
these or not. But you know how it goes: if you have a committee or a group which does a good job and you
want to publicly thank them, the worst thing you can do is to announce their names and accidentally leave off a
name or two. These people become life long enemies! That’s all we needed, so we took the coward’s way out
and decided to not print any of them. Let us assure you that we have an unusually talented group of youngsters
in the family. Honors with this, honors with that, first place in this, first place in that,,. dancing skills, athletic
skills, everything! We can really be proud of them and we congratulate all of you!

JENNIE (SHAYNA MOTLA) COHEN 1873 - 1952 m. Max Deutsch 1869 - 1922. (Syrup Supply

I.        JOSEPH DEUTSCH              (Syrup Supply Business)               m. Marion
          A. Maxine Deutsch                 m. Milton Pless
              1. David Pless
              2. Jamie Pless
          B. Marshall Deutsch
          C. Ruth Deutsch
(We have lost track of this branch of the family. Marshall is in his mid seventies and lives in California we
understand. The others are deceased or cannot be contacted. Can anyone locate him?)

II.       NATHAN DEUTSCH 1893-1965 (Men’s Clothing Store)                   m. Anna Schumann `1895-1956
          A. Severna Deutsch                   m.   Joseph Seltzer      (Physician)
          B. Stanley Deutsch 1921-1994          (Attorney)      m. Sallee
          C. Roxy Deutsch 1951        (HS Career Coordinator) m. Ron Garber 1950 (Attorney)
                                                                                                            Atlanta, GA
                  a) Alyse Garber 1982-
                  b) Kent Garber 1985-
              2. Jonathan Deutsch 1954- (Law Degree/Managing Partner In A Labor-Relations Practice)

               m. Patty Marino 1954-                                                              Charleston, WV
               a) Joni Deutsch 1992-
        D. Maxine Deutsch 1923-            m.     Edwin Stabins 1919-    (Pediatrician)
           a) Nancy Stabins 1950-         (Former Senior Assistant To Mayor Of Charleston/Administrative
               Services For Worker’s Compensation Commission) m. Raymond Dodson 1947- (Atty)
                                                                                                  Charleston, WV
               a) Scott Dodson 1976- (Managing Director Of Bas Bleu Theatre)                       Ft. Collins, CO
               b) Beth Dodson 1979- (Assistant Manager Of The Little Gym Of Greater W. Palm Beach,
                                                                                                   Lantana, FL
           b) Joan Stabins 1952- (Teacher) m.               Tony Edwards 1950- (Attorney)       Chevy Chase, MD
               a) Sam Edwards 1984-
               b) Eli Edwards 1987-
           c) Debbie Stabins 1955-              (Attorney/Gift Shop And Cooking School Owner, Shoe Boutique
               Owner, Restaurant and Bar Owner)                                               Fort Lauderdale, FL
III.    HARRY DEUTSCH                    (Dentist)       m. Lilly
        A. Maxwell Deutsch
        B. Hermine Deutsch
(We have also lost track of this branch of the family. Maxwell is in his mid seventies and is/was an accountant
with the IRS we heard. Can anyone locate him?)

(As written by a group of 8 year olds:

Bubbehs and Zaydes are a lady and a man who have no little children of their own. They like other people’s.
They don’t have to do anything except be there when we come to see them. They are so old they shouldn’t play
hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the store and have lots of quarters for us. Usually bubbehs are fat,
but not too fat to tie your shoes. They wear glasses and funny underwear. They can take their teeth and gums

IV.     DAVID DEUTSCH 1898-                 m.      Hannah Weissberg
        A. Martin Deutsch 1927-          (CPA)          m. Joan
           1. Aline Deutsch 1960- (Administrator Pulmonary Center, Boston U. Med. Center)
               m. Scott Hillman. 1960-          (Fleet Boston)                                  Brookline, MA
               a)         Matthew Hillman 1993-

              b)      Michele Hillman 1996-
           2. Madeline Deutsch 1961-      m. Scott Kerbel 1962- (Foreign Exchange Derivative Sales) NYC
              a)      Amanda Kerbel 1996-
              b)      Samantha Kerbel 1998-

       B. Jerry Deutsch 1929- (Real Estate Owner/ Developer) m. Elinor Kaplan (Interior
              Designer/Design And Antique Shop)                                               Pound Ridge, NY
           1. Paul Deutsch 1956- (Attorney) m. Robin Pliner (Assistant To Mother Elinor) New York City
              a)      Lauren Deutsch 1986-
              b)      Jamie Deutsch 1988-
              c)      Hillary Deutsch 1992
           2. Ginny Deutsch 1959- (Real Estate Management Company)             partner Alice Housel (Deputy
              Controller Law Firm)                                                           New York City
           3. Amy Deutsch 1968- (Supervisor At Non –profit Organization Specializing In Housing For
                Homeless and Needy).     M. Stephen Goldfinger (Social Worker)                  New York City
       C. Burt Deutsch 1935-        m. Susan
           1. Judy Deutsch
           2. Elizabeth Deutsch m. Miller

Max and Jennie had four boys and five girls and with so many children it was difficult for him to obtain good
housing. One time he found a perfect house and asked the landlord for a lease. They spoke both in English and
Yiddish. “Du host kinder? (You have children?) “the landlord asked. “Nein (No),” Max answered and he got
the lease. On the day that they were moving in, the landlord appeared and excitedly said: “What is this? I
asked you if you had any children and you said: “No”. “No, I didn’t”, Max answered. “You asked me if I had
any children and I said: N INE!”
They didn’t get the house!

V.     M0LLY DEUTSCH -1958            m. David Smith        -1986
       A. Martin Smith 1925 -      (Advertising)      m. (1) Carol Blitstein       (Div.)           Bailey, CO
           m. (2) Doris Laughton 1951 - (Artist)
           1. Joanne Smith 1950- (Medical Assistant/Retail Store Manager/Chef)          m. Joel Feinberg
           (Real Estate)
              a)      Adam Feinberg 1984-
              b)      Alex Feinberg 1986-

          2. Jon Smith 1952- (Recording Engineer) m. Patty 1957- (Television Graphics) New York
             a)     Emma Smith 1995-
       B. Mitchell Smith 1928-        (Attorney, Ret.)       m. Cecile Sellig 1952-2002 Buried at Eternal
           Light Cemetery, Boynton Beach, FL                                                Boca Raton, FL
          1. Peter Smith 1953-     (Attorney)       m. Patricia Keeffe                       Boca Raton, FL
          2. Pam Smith 1957- (CPA, Auditor) m. (1) Keith Lemmons (Div.) m. (2) Patrick Murphy 1952-
                                                                                         Albuquerque, NM
             a)     Justin Lemmons 1983-
             b)     Megan Lemmons 1985-
             c)     Samuel Murphy 2000-

VI.    PAULINE DEUTSCH 1900-1944 (Ladies Dress Shop) m. Isaac Schumann 1892-1964 (Insurance)
       A. Stanley Schumann 1922-1929 Buried in B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery, Charleston, WV
       B. Morton Schumann 1924-2003 (Associate Professor Emeritus In Clinical Social Work In The
          Department Of Psychology At Virginia Commonwealth University) Buried in Beth Ahabah
          Cemetery, Richmond, VA       m. Ellinor Orgel 1927- (Social Worker)              Richmond
          1. Paul Schumann 1955- (Executive Assistant) m.         Angela Murphy 1960-    (Certified
             Purchasing Manager)                                                         New York City
          2. Larry Schumann 1958- (Economist)            m. Beth Silverstein 1960- (Attorney) Washington, DC
             a) Rebecca Schumann 1984-
             b) Clara Schumann 1995-
          3. Jane Schumann 1961- (Business Consultant)                                        Richmond, VA

VII.   LILYAN DEUTSCH          m. Samuel Benis       Both buried at Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ
       A. Martin Benis 1927-     (Professor Of Accounting, Baruch College, City University Of New York)
           m. (1) Diana (Div.) m.        (2) Marie Jean Lederman.                            New York City
          1. John Benis 1953-
          2. Valerie Benis 1953-         ( Aromatherapist)
          3. Anthony Benis 1957-.
       B. Harri Benis 1930-      m. (1) Irving Sherman (MD)       (Div.)
          1 Andrea Sherman 1952-           m. Peter Barletta         (Div.)                   Ellington, CT
             a)     Samantha Barletta 1986-
             b)     Danielle Barletta 1988-

               c)     Alexander Barletta 1990-
               m.           (2) Jack Hurley        (Div.)
           2 Jeremy Hurley 1957-                                                               New York City
           3 McCabe Hurley 1960 -                                                              New York City
           m. (3) Melvin Jahss      (MD)

Melvin Jahss is a Renaissance man. He is Emeritus Professor Of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Hospital For
Joint Diseases; also Emeritus Chief Of Orthopedic Foot And Ankle Surgery, NYU Hospital For Joint Diseases.
Is the author of two widely used textbooks on Orthopedic Surgery Of The Foot And Ankle. Is the author of
“Japanese Miniature Art And Inro.”)

VIII.   TESSIE DEUTSCH 1904-2003 m (1) Abraham Jeffer 1902-1958. (Real Estate) Buried at
        Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ m (2) Jacob Soloway
        A. Marilyn Jeffer 1928-       (Anthropologist/Business Woman/Chairman Of Humane Society
           Education Committee)       m. (1) Howard Greenman            (Div.)    Marilyn Jeffer Greenman
           m. (2) Sanford Grishman 1926- (Real Estate Investor/ Auto Dealerships)
                                                                          St. Thomas, VI, /Boca Raton, FL
           1. Charles Greenman            (Attorney)        m. Jane       (Attorney)              Princeton, NJ
               a)     Margot Greenman
               b)     Jacqueline Greenman
           2. Mark Greenman 1948-          (Curriculum Director For Math And Science, Marblehead Public
               Schools)                   m.   Susan Haas    (Div,)                           Swampscott, MA
               a)     Monica Greenman 1977- (MBA)              m.     Brett Lussier 1977- (Mechanical Engineer)
               b)     David Greenman 1980-
           3. James Greenman 1959- (Infectious Disease Specialist) m. (1) Anna Sass (Physician)
               m. (2) Catherine Litzkas                                                           Summit, NJ

(Jams Greenman was listed as one of “The 100 Best Doctors in America.” which appeared in the Consumers
Guide to Best Doctors)

               a)     Melanie Greenman 1982-
               b)     Jamie Greenman 1986-
               c)     Samantha Greenman 1991-

(Sanford Sandy Grishman is the owner and captain of the seven man crew yachts “Blue Cloud”, “Blue Charm”
and “Blue Wind” has successfully participated in many Caribbean yacht races, such as around St. Thomas, St.
Thomas to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas to St. Croix, etc. Their home in St. Thomas displays a great number of
trophies. He is the only yachtsman in the family as far as we know.

           1. Ellen Grishman 1965- (Personal Trainer) m. Andrew Ben Chaim 1960- (CPA) (Div.)
               a)         Tamar Ben Chaim 1988-
               b)         Avigail Ben Chaim 1990-
               c)         Shimshon Ben Chaim 1993-
               d)         Yoel Ben Chaim 1995-
           2. Allison Grishman 1967- (Family Counselor)           m. Glen Rosenbaum 1967- (Pediatrician)
               a)         Eliana Rosenbaum 1993-
               b)         Naftali Rosenbaum 1995-
               c)         Yosef Rosenbaum 1998-
               d)         Penina Rosenbaum 2000-
               e)         Aaron Rosenbaum 2002-
       B. Leila Jeffer 1930- (Artist) m. Arthur Gould 1925-1979 Buried in Beth David Cemetery, Long
           Island                                                                       Deerfield Beach, FL

(Leila Gould recently won 1st Place in a Museum juried art contest in Boca Raton, FL)

           1. Jay Gould 1953-            m. Pauline Lichtman 1955- (Accountant, Teacher, Black Belt in Karate)
                                                                                         East Meadows, LI
               a)         Andrew Gould
           2. Paul Gould 1955-           m. Rosemary      1955-                                 Dix Hills, NY
           3. Evan Gould 1955- (Composer, pianist) m. Michele Schanker 1955-                    Bellmore, NY
               a)         Matthew Gould 1990-
           4. Faith Gould 1963- (Optometrist, PHD) m. Arnold Schiff            (Accountant)     Brewster, NY
               a)         Ariella Schiff 1990-
               b)         Daniel Gould 1993-
              Tessie Deutsch Jeffer m. (2) Jacob Soloway 1896-1982 (Jeweler) Buried in Cedar Park
              Cemetery, Paramus, NJ

       C. Barbara Soloway 1950- (Artist/ Teacher)     m. Andrew Statman 1950- (Musician, Songwriter)
                                                                                               Brooklyn, NY

(Andrew Statman is considered the #1 mandolin player in the world! He is a recording artist and has recorded
over 15 albums playing klezmer, country and Blue Grass and has recorded a number of them with Yitzhak

          1. Ariela Statman 1981-                   m. Aaron Neuberger   (Physician)           Lakewood, NJ
              a)     Toby Neuberger 2003-
          2. Yehoshua Statman 1983-                                                           Brooklyn, NY
              a)     Moshe Statman 1987-
              b)     Chaya Statman 1990

I.     ESTHER DEUTSCH 1909-2002.            m. (1) Stanley Lamm 1907-1960. (Mfg Of Pens And Pencils)
       Buried at Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.     m. (2) Nat Miller 1937-2000
       A. Marlene Lamm 1931- (Education Administrator) m. Philip Spigner 1920-2000 (Dentist)
          1. Joanne Spigner 1954- (Management Consultant) m. Arthur Powell 1954-             (Corporate
              Executive, ret.)                                                                Madison, NJ
              a)     Charles Powell 1990-
              b)     Daniel Powell 1992-
          2. Karen Spigner 1958- (Bank Managing Director Senior Group Manager) m.              Jay Case
              1955- (Real Estate Developer)                                                      Chicago, IL
              a)     Madison Case 1987-
              b)     Alexandra Case 1989-
              c)     Hunter Case 1992-
       B. Steven Lamm 1937-2000 (Pen And Pencil Business) Buried at Cedar Park Cemetery,
              Paramus, NJ
              m. (1) Barbara Shapiro (Div.) (2) m. Sandra Bernstein (Div.)                     Brooklyn, NY
          1. Suzanne Lamm 1963-         (Healthcare Marketing) m. Stephen Dukes 1962- (Physician) (Div.)
                                                                                       Winter Park, FL
              a)     Ariel Dukes 1992
              b)     Jillian Dukes 1994-
          2. Spencer Lamm                                                                      Brooklyn, NY
          3. Samara Lamm                                                                    Brookline, MA

   (Max Deutsch had a business selling flavored syrup to soda fountains. One time a company came to him and
   offered him a franchise for a new green colored syrup. This franchise was for the whole city of New York
   (although one other version of this true story says it was for the whole East Coast!). Max investigated it by
   taking some of the syrup home and asking his nine children and their friends to do a taste testing. They were all
   used to sweet tasting soft drinks and none of them liked the strange taste of this syrup. So Max made up his
   mind to turn down the franchise.
      Later the color of the syrup was changed and it eventually became the best known and most popular soft
   drink in the world…Coca Cola!
      Can you imagine what the financial situation of the Deutsch family would have been if he had accepted the
   franchise? Today Rockefeller Center could be Deutsch Center. Basketball teams would be playing their games
   at Deutsch Square Garden!            Oh, well.)

   SOPHIE COHEN m. Philip Aronstam (Tailor)

 I.       Molly Aronstam m. Irving Popmerantz (Dry Goods Business)
II.       Ida Aronstam 1903-1960 m        Al Apple 1890-1957 (Business Broker) Both buried at Westlawn
          Cemetery, Chicago
          A. Edward Apple 1931-1985 (Business Investments/Real Estate) m. Ann Barnett 1935-1994
              1. Bryan Apple 1957- (Business Executive Managing Computer Services For The Recall
                  Corporation) m. Sarah Hanrahan 1958- (Art History Instructor At Northeastern Illinois
                  University)                                                                            Chicago, IL
                  a)     Aaron Apple 1990-
                  b)     Dylan Apple 1992-
              2. Karen Apple 1960-       m.   Randy Shymanuk 1957 (Landscaping)                     New Lisbon, WI
                  a)     Jacob Shymanik 1997-
              3. Andy Apple 1962- (Website Designer)          m.    Holly Smart 1964-                 Whitefish, MT
                  a)     Megan Apple 1991-
                  b)     Madison Apple 1993-
          B. Susanne (Sue) Apple 1934- m. Jack Silvert 1930-2002
              1 Shelly Silvert 1956- (Science Teacher/ Travels The World Training Foreign Teachers To Use
                  International Technology)    m. Charles Shott 1953-       (Landscape Maintenance Business)
                                                                                                     Phoenix, AZ

                     a) Matthew Shott 1987-
                     b) Trevor Shott 1995
                4. Howard Silvert 1962- (Manager For A National Flooring Company)          m. Bernadette Zordoni
                                                                                                    Lake Forest, CA
III.        Joseph Aronstam

    Joe Aronstam was close friends with his cousin Janice Goldstein. As a young man he left Detroit to visit with
    her and her family. He disappeared and was never heard from again. For years his parents spent a great deal
    of time and money trying to find him ...with no results. One lead pointed to South Africa but ended there.)

    MAX COHEN 1878-1926               m. Fannie Aronstam 1879-1962

  I.       Zelda Cohen 1904-1977 m. (1) Aaron Breckstein 1891-1935 (2) Saul Paris (3) Irving Goldsmith
           A Marilyn Breckstein 1925- m. Allan Signer 1920-1998 (Printing/publishing, Shopping Center
                Builder and Owner)
                1. Arnold Signer 1945- (ret. Podiatrist)   m. Susan Cooper 1944-                Jacksonville, FL
                      a. Gregory Signer 1968- (Property Management) m. Kate Cafaro 1967- (Teacher)
                                                                                                Orlando, FL
                           * Amanda Signer 1999-
                       b..Abby Signer 1970- (Masters in Education) m. Brian Gleicher 1970- (Tax Attorney)
                                                                                                   Potomac, MD
                           * Alex Gleicher 1999-
                           * Molly Gleicher 2002-
                          c. Joy Signer 1975- (Affiliated Computer Services, State Health Care Supervisor)
                                                                                                   Atlanta, GA
                         d.Mona Signer 1949-     (Director Of Residency Program, American Association. Of
                          Medical Colleges)      m. Robert McCann 1951-        (Attorney, Health Law)
                               *Scott McCann 1982-
                              ** Laura McCann 1984-
           B.        Marty Breckstein 1934- (Dentist)      m. Beverly Abrams 1939- (Employee of Montgomery
                     County School System)                                                         Rockville, MD
                1.    Francie Breckstein 1969- (Teacher) m. Meyer Leibovitch 1968-(Real Estate)

                   a)     Zachary Leibovitch 2000-
                   b)     Jesse Leibovitch 2003-
              2.    Aaron Breckstein 1970-(Manages Shipping Dept. at Nordstroms
II.        Julius Cohen 1908-1976       m. Gertrude
           A. Martin Cohen 1943- (Musician) m.             ?           (Div)
              1. Girl
           B. Sue Cohen 1947-           m.    ? Liebowitz

   (You know you’re Jewish if you have at least five relatives named David)

   LENA (LILLY) COHEN 1880-1975 Lived in Popalon, Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania, Russia; Riga, Latvia;
   New York City; St. Louis from 1898-1908, in Charleston, WV 1908-09, in St Louis 1909-1921, and back to
   Charleston 1921-1950; Miami Beach, Fla. 1950-1975 . m. Samuel Goldstein 1878-1953 (Tailor). Both buried
   B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV

   (After Lena Cohen married Sam Goldstein and moved to Charleston, WV, there were already two Lenas in the
   family: Mike Cohen had married a Lena who was from then on named Lena-Mike (like one word), and Joe
   Cohen had married a Lena who was called Lena-Joe. Not wanting to be called Lena-Sam, she changed her
   name to Lilly and used it all of her life (95 years).

 I.       Boy died at birth. Buried in St. Louis Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Cemetery.
II.       Janice Goldstein 1902-1953. m. Maurice Fisch 1888-1964 (Labor Union Officer) (div.) Janice buried
          B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV. Maurice buried Rosemont Cemetery,             Chicago.
          A. Velva Fisch 1930- (Business woman) m. Norman Zalkin 19 23 (Wholesale Jewelry)
              1. Terri Zalkin 1952- (Flight Attendant ret.) m. Gary Foreman 1953- (Software Sales) Chicago
                   a)     Mathew Foreman 1985-
                   b)     Amanda Foreman 1988-
              2.    Carol Zalkin 1954- m. Gary Hart            (CPA, Financial Advisor)                 Chicago, IL
                   a)     David Hart 1984-
                   b)     Joel Hart 1987-
                   c)     Jeri Hart 1991-
          B. James Fisch 1934- (Psychiatrist ) m. Shellie Pearlman                                     Chicago, IL
              3. Danny Fisch 1958-           (Judge in The Court Of Haifa which is comparable to our Circuit Court)

                    m. Mikki Spivak 1956-                                                                  Israel
                    a)      Noah Fisch 1985-
                    b)      Elon Fisch 1987-
                    c)      Guy Fisch 1992-
                4. Joey Fisch 1960- (Strategic Investing, Corporate Venture Capital For Intel Of Israel) m. Gilat
                    Dekel 1964-                                                                             Israel
                    a)      Yoav Fisch 1988
                    b)      Shira Fisch 1993
                    c)      Leore Fisch 1996-
                5. Michael Fisch 1967- (Ph.D. student in Anthropology and Modern Japan)              m. Dahlia
                     Scheindin (Div)                                                                          Japan
                6. Miriam Fisch 1966-         ( School teacher)                                            Chicago, IL

                7. Sharon Fisch 1963-       (Employee Development, Social Worker) m. Dani Reichler 1963-
                    Operations Manager, Economist)                                                       Chicago, IL
                    a)      Keren Reichler 1993
                    b)      Yael Reichler 1995-
III.        Ella Goldstein 1905 1980        Lived in St. Louis, Charleston, WV, Miami, FL m. Mose Goodman
            1905-1991. (div.) Both buried B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV

       (When Ella was a child she was a very feisty little red head. Her family lived in a duplex in St. Louis with her
    Uncle and Aunt Adolph and Yetta Gelfer. One day she had some sort of argument with her Aunt Yetta after
    which Yetta went out shopping. When she returned, she found all of her pots and pans lined up single file
    across her kitchen floor…and Ella had wet in each of them!)

            A Sherwin Goodman 1924-            ( CPA) m. Shirley Devorah Rubenstein 1926- ( Exec. Director of
                Non- profit Organization)                                                             Cleveland, OH

    (In WW II, Aviation Ordnance 2nd Class Sherwin Goodman was a turret gunner on a torpedo bomber plane,
    Torpedo Bomber Squadron 22, aircraft carrier USS Cowpens. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
    for his part in sinking the Japanese cruiser Noshiro at the battle of Leyte Gulf, October 26, 1944.)

                1. Linda Goodman 1949-          (Administrator) m. Eric Grossman 1949 (Real Estate)
                2. Sherri Goodman 1954- (Lawyer) m. (1) Charles Dusic (Lawyer (div),              (2) Jerry Reveal

                1948-     (Computer Systems Consultant)                                   So Charleston, WV
       B Paul Goodman 1928- ( Founder and CEO Wholesale Floor Covering Distributing Firm ret.) m.
           Barbara Firestone 1928                                                               Atlanta, GA

(Paul and Barbara Goodman, starting from scratch. built their family carpet accessories business into a multi-
located firm which, among many other products, became the largest distributor of carpet padding in the world)

           1. Kent Goodman 1953- (President Of Firm) m. Julia Rosenfeld 1954-                        Atlanta,
                a)      Marin Goodman 1982-
                b)      Rachael Goodman 1987-
           2. Scott Goodman 1957- (Vice-president) m. Betty Spoont 1956- (Div.)                  Atlanta, GA
                a)      Eric Goodman 1989-
                b)      Marla Goodman 1992-
           3. Lori Goodman 1955- (Vice-president)       m. Michael Brown 1951-                       Atlanta, GA
                a)      Erika Brown 1978- (Space Medical Engineer, Mars Program ) m. Andy Wagner
                        (Aviation Engineer)

(Erika Brown Wagner is an outstanding young scientist. Now at both M. I. T. and Harvard working toward her

Doctorate in Space Biomedical Engineering. She is on total tuition financed by the Whitaker Foundation and

NASA. Desiring to become an astronaut, she is currently hard at work on a Bio Technical study of the effects of

space flight on animals. Hopefully this will help pave the way for future human Mars exploration.)

                b)      Tad Brown 1980-                                                              Atlanta, GA
       C James Goodman 1930- (Medical Illustrator) m. Evelyn Greenfield 1931-(div)                   Jackson,
           1. Nina Goodman 1955           (Dental Hygienist ) m. Max Mabry.1951-(Soil Technician with USDA)

                                                                                          Madison, MS

                a)      Casey Mabry 1993
                b)      Zoe Mabry 1997-
           2. Lisa Goodman 1959- (Singer/Interior Designer) m. (1) Ken Fuente (div) (2)

                Michael Palmer 1954       (Ophthalmologist)                                    Ridgeland, MS

                a)      Bryan Fuente1983-

                    b)    Max Palmer 1991-
                    c)    Sam Palmer 1995
               3. Stephen Goodman 1960-        (Marketing) m. Wendy Dilendick 1965-(div)                Atlanta,


               4. Perry Goodman 1965- (Ophthalmologist) m. Robin Scruggs 1969-                        Meridian, MS

                    a)    Adam Goodman 1994
                    b)    Avery Goodman 1996-
IV.      Cecelia Goldstein 1907-1983, m. Herman Pushkin 1904-1976 (Merchant) . Both buried B'nai
         Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV
         A Jack Pushkin 1932-1993           ( Orthopedic Surgeon). m. (1) Marsha Diznoff (div)
               m.    (2) Pam Maynor 1947- (Nurse ) Jack buried B'nai Jacob Eternal Home              Charleston, WV

  (Jack Pushkin always had a deep love for Israel. He volunteered for the Macabbean Olympics as the

  doctor for the American team and along with another orthopedic surgeon friend, he closed his office and

  volunteered to help with the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War. They worked night and day for three weeks

  doing surgery for the badly wounded Israeli soldiers. It was a magnificent thing to do.)

               1. Lesli Kay Pushkin 1965- (TV Actress): m. (1) Marc Sterling (div.) (2) Keith Coulouris

                    a)    Jackson Coulouris                                                          Brooklyn, NY

      (Lesli   Kay Pushkin, using the stage name of Lesli Kay, WON THE TOP HONOR AS DAYTIME BEST

  SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN 2001 playing    the part of Molly on “As The World Turns”)            Way t’go, Lesli!

               2. David Pushkin 1962-         (Artist) m. Grace Triplett 1963- (Jewelry Designer)

                    a)    Zelda Pushkin 2000-                                                        Brooklyn, NY

               3. Michael Pushkin 1970-                                                             Charleston, WV

               4. Josh Pushkin 1978 (Non-profit Fund Raising)                                       New York City

               5. Leah Pushkin 1980-

         B Martin Pushkin 1936- ( track coach at WVU). m. Ann Brannon 1935- (University Professor)
                                                                                                Morgantown, WV

  (Marty Pushkin coached track for 39 years at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois and West Virginia University.

  He was chosen as conference Track Coach Of The Year 3 times and Regional Track Coach Of The Year 4

  times. Was president of the ICC4A Coach’s Association and was inducted into the WVU Physical Education

  Hall Of Fame. He coached 17 athletes to 36 All American honors and developed 2 National Champions.)

  (Ann Pushkin has a doctorate from Virginia Tech and is a licensed CPA in West Virginia. She is a full tenured

  professor, served on the State Board of Accountancy, has many professional publications, is the co-author of an

  auditing textbook used throughout the US. She is the first female tenured full professor in the College Of Bus.

  and Economics at WVU and is the director of the Division Of Accounting at WVU with 13 faculty under her.)

               1. Kathy Pushkin 1966 -      (Social Worker)

               2. Richard Pushkin 1970-        ( Physician )                                     Salt Lake City, UT

V.          Herman Goldstein 1908-1945 (Dentist) m. June Schlessinger 1918-2002. Herman buried B'nai Jacob
            South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV. June buried Cypress View Cemetery San Diego.

     (Once while they were living in St. Louis, Ella and Herman, who were both red heads and both adventurous,

  went to a cigar store. These stores had a contraption which had a razor inside which was used to cut off the

  end of the cigar like a guillotine. Ella stuck her finger inside and pulled the handle down. Naturally it cut

  through the end of her finger. So she said to her kid brother: “Herman…stick your finger in that hole and pull

  down on that handle. So he did and naturally it cut through the end of his finger too. Then they went home

  and said: “Hey, Mama, look what happened to our fingers!”)

           A. Richard Goldstein Ferber 1943. ( Physician) m. Polly Tapia (Professional Musician) Santa Fe,


  Richard Ferber while working as a physician, has also been a prolific writer for the past twelve years. He has

  published almost 30 stories in the literary small press and has been included in a couple of anthologies.)

  (Polly Ferber comes from a Sephardic/Converso ancestry and has a great interest in Mid-Eastern music using
  hand drums and other percussions. She plays music from Spain, Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, Persia and

  North Africa.     She has traveled, studied and played all over North America, Spain, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and

  Morocco. She is on the faculty of the Contemporary Music Program at the College Of Santa Fe, has been on

  many recordings and teaches at several large music and dance camps in the United States. She also directs the

  Middle Eastern and Balkan ensemble at the college.)

                1. Ambrose Ferber 1975 (Graphic Designer) m. Rebecca Polan 1977.

                2. Casey Ferber 1985

VI.          Philip M. Goldstein 1922- ( Dentist) m. Shirley Ardman 1927-                              Charleston, WV

      (While getting his dental training and fulfilling his military service, Phil Goldstein was in the Navy once and

  the Army twice.)

             A. Charles Goldstein 1951- (Commercial Real Estate) m. Lynn Buvinghausen 1948- (Real

                Estate)                                                                                Houston, TX

  (In 2000 Charles (Chuck) Goldstein volunteered for a three week tour of non combat duty with the Israeli army

  which released a soldier for combat duty against the intifada.

  He also entered a replica of the Baja 500 Automobile Race in Mexico’s Lower California Peninsula in 2001

  when he was 50 years old.. This is a race using Porsche powered dune buggies over a 500 mile course without

  roads...just paths which go over hills and through valleys and across creeks! There are two drivers per car who

  take turns driving. Chuck was paired with a female driver. At a point well into the race their car wrecked and

  flipped over and over several times! Fortunately neither was hurt badly but his partner quit so he had to drive

  the final12 hours to the finish line by himself. As a prize for finishing he was awarded 30 hours of race track

  driving lessons given by a professional race track driver.

        When his parents heard about it afterwards his mother fainted and they grounded him for a year!) Editor’s

  note: Yeah, sure!.

                1. Joli Buvinghausen 1971-

                2. Jena Buvinghausen 1973-
                3. Allen Goldstein 1982-

             B. Connie Goldstein 1953- (Social Worker) m. David Covey (Chemical Engineer)                Kenosha, WI

             1. Jeremy Covey 1980

             2. Matthew Covey 1982

          C. Sheila Goldstein 1958-    (Special Ed School Teacher) m. Kenny Haid 1958- (Soil Conservation)

             (Div.)                                                                               Arthur, WV

             1. Keegan Haid 1985-

(Keegan Haid was awarded one of the hard to get hand picked spots on the 26 person group of high school

students who are sent to Israel for a six weeks all expense paid trip by the Edgar Bronfman Youth Fellowship.

They are treated like royalty and given an extensive education about Israel. This annual program is designed to

develop future Jewish leaders who will help Israel.)

(Obviously this violates the stated plan of not listing the accomplishments of the family’s youngsters. But

Keegan is our grandson and we are proud of what he did. So next time if you want to include your

grandchildren, then you do the family tree! HA!)

             2. Tanner Haid 1988-

MICHAEL COHEN 1882-1957 (Tailor, Builder Of Commercial Offices And Residential Apartments) m.
      (1) Lena Light 1884-1953    m. (2) Ida Berman

(As the family emigrated from Russia, they came over in groups. Mike came by himself and took a boat from

England going to America but unfortunately it went to Canada instead of New York City. He was a small

teenager who spoke no English. He got to New York someway but then had to find the family who were living

in a tenement on Cherry Street on the lower East Side. He had the address written on a piece of paper but he

pronounced the name as “Kuh-herry” with a hard “C”. He approached everyone he could for help by

repeating: “Kuh-herry Ku-herry” but they sent him all over the city! Finally one night the family heard a faint

knocking on the door and when they opened it, in fell Mike…cold, hungry, weak…but safely back with his

     Picture one of our teenagers today doing such a thing!

I.        Dora Cohen 1909-1987     m. Gerald Apple 1896-1954 (Grocer/ WV State Employee)                      Both

       buried at B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery, Charleston, WV

       A. Franklin Apple 1935-1939

       B. Melvin Apple (Optometric Physician, Investment Broker) m. (1) Fran (Real Estate) m. (2)

          Sherry Clayman     (Teacher)                                                   Boynton Beach, FL

          1. Marc Apple 1964- (Radiation Oncologist) m. Melissa Marano                        Ft. Wayne, IN

              a)     Adrienne Apple

              b)     Olivia Apple

          (Marc Apple has received three patents on medical devices he has developed.)

          2. Michele Apple m. Robert Coles        (Insurance Agency)                           Parkland, FL

              a)     Tyler Coles

              b)     Connor Coles

              c)     Madisyn Coles

II.    Hyman Cohen 1906-1947 (Attorney/Supervisor Of Buildings/Real Estate Developer) m. Rosamond

       Siegel 1909-1983.       Hyman buried at B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery, Charleston, WV.

       Rosamond buried at Sarasota, Fl

       A. Ann Cohen 1937-     m. Bruce Bachmann                                                 Glencoe, IL

          1. Stephen Bachmann 1959-        (Teacher) m.     (Div.)                         Sandia Park, NJ

          2. Cathy Bachmann 1961- m. Doug Ethridge                                            Deerfield, IL

              a)     Rachel Ethridge 1992
              b)     Benjamin Ethridge 1995-

          3. Betsy Bachmann 1964- (Teacher) m. Jeff Kushen                                     Deerfield, IL

              c)     Alex Kushen 1995-

              d)     Samantha Kushen

          4. Andrew Bachmann 1966-              m. Tina Much

       B. James Cohen 1939         (CPA)    m. Hyla Alcon                                     Cheshire, CT
          1. Stacey Cohen 1982

III.   Severna Cohen 1919-1987 (Teacher) m. Richard Herman 1918-1987 (CPA) Both buried B’nai Jacob

       Eternal Home Cemetery, Charleston, WV

       A. Hillary Herman 1949- (Medical Social Worker) m. Glenn Harris (Supervisor Of Computer

          Services For The Idaho State Legislature)

          1. Jesse Harris 1982-

          2. Jordon Harris 1983

       B. Barbara Herman 1950- (Teacher) m. Lee Diznoff            (CPA)                   Charleston, WV

          1. Amy Diznoff 1980-

          2. Robert Diznoff- 1982-

       C. Linda Herman 1954- (Paralegal) m. Richard Haggin       (Div.)                     Lexington, KY

          1. Rachel Haggin 1983

       D. Michael Herman 1964- (CPA) m. Leigh Prine (Attorney)                                 Chicago, IL

          1. Richard Herman 1997-

          2. Matthew Herman 1999-

IV.    Sidney Cohen 1917-1968 (Real Estate Manager) m. Doris Levy 1921-1998. Sidney buries at B’nai

       Jacob South Hills Cemetery, Charleston, WV. Doris buried at Star or David Funeral home, Garden of

       Esther, N. Lauderdale, FL

       A. Fred Cohen    1941- (Sales and Marketing)     m. Linda Yarov (Medical) Novi, Mi/Boca Raton, Fl

          1. Elsie Cohen 1966- (Jewelry Designer) m. Jerry Rosenstock (Attorney/CPA)              Avon, CT

              a)     Ryan Rosenstock 1993 –

              b)     Sharri Rosenstock 1995 –

(Elsie Rosenstock is a renowned jewelry designer. Numerous stars can be found wearing her collections: Katie
Couric, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kassie Depaiva, and many others. Her jewelry can be found in Bloomingdales,

Sakes, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, New Your, Boston, Palm Strings, Aspen, Vail, and on the new

Queen Mary II. One of her designs is called CHARLESTON named after her brth place… Charleston, WV)

           2. Sean Cohen 1969 – (Sales and Marketing Research) m. Claudette Adele          Walled Lake, MI

              a)     Tyler Cohen 1995 –
              b)     Austin Cohen

              c)     Paige Cohen

           3. Robin Cohen 1969 - (Personal Trainer) m. Mike Malouf (Investor/Developer)       Concord, MA

                    a)    Maya Malouf 2002 -

        B. Paul Cohen        m. (1) Carole Polan   (2) Linda                                         Naples, FL

             1. Susana Cohen 1972- (Marketing Manager) m.           Chad Hill (Marketing Manager)

                                                                                              Washington, D C a.

                    Camilla Hill 2003-

              2. Hilary Cohen 1974- (General Manger Marriott Hotel)                            Baton Rouge, LA

        C. Hope Cohen 1947- (Advertising) m. Ron Rosenberg 1945- (Broker)                          Plantation, FL

              1. Scott Rosenberg 1970-       (Recruiting Manager)   m. Allison 1965-                 Eagan, MN

                     a. Jenna Rosenberg 2003-

              2. Gregg Rosenberg 1973- (Restaurant Manger)                                          Eagan, MN

JOSEPH COHEN 1884-1971                    (House painter) m. (1) Rachel Lena Friedman 1885-1952 (2) Cyd

? (3) Esther Lewin. Lived in Popalon, Lithuania, Russia; South Africa; Charleston, WV. Buried in B’nai

Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV

From the book “One Hundred Years Of Charleston Jewry”: Joseph Max Cohen, Painter. Born 7-10-1884 in

Popalon, Russia. Left Hamberg 6-8-1898 to New York on the S. S. Patria. Wife Lena, born Podhjei, Austria.

Children were Clara 12-8-096, Harry Lewis 3-16-09. Naturalization attested by Micharl Cohen, J. N.

Goodman 7-15-10.” He lived in New York for a time and then decided, with a group of his friends, that South

Africa had much better opportunities. So the group of them went there seeking their fortunes. He stayed a year

or two, found no gold or diamonds, and returned to New York and finally to Charleston, WV where he lived the

rest of his life.

I.      Clara Cohen 1906-         m. Abraham Weiner     -1968 (Men’s Store) Clara buried Cincinnati. OH.

        Abraham buried B’nai Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV                 .

        A. Bernice Weiner 1932-          m. Ralph Saval 1931- (Importer/Wholesale Pottery)     Boynton Beach, FL
             1. Pamela Saval 1959- (Recreational Therapist)      m. Albert Perets   (Beauty Shop Owner)

                                                                                           Palm City Beach, FL

              a)     Courtney Perets 1990-

              b)     Stephan Perets 1992-

       B. Sarita Weiner 1938-1970      m. David Rothenberg 1931-2003 (Owner Shoe Store)

          both buried Cincinnati, OH

          1. Michael Rothenberg 1962- (Receiving Clerk) m. Barbara Rose                     Cincinnati, OH

       C. Howard Weiner 1936-2002         (Merchant) m. Barbara Vandale    (Div.)            Spencer, WV

          1. Andrew Weiner 1958-

          2. Amber Weiner 1972-

(You know you’re Jewish if you were taller than your Bubbeh when you were seven!)

II.    Harry Cohen 1909-1964 (Founder Auto parts store) m. Ruth Ruben 1905-1970     Both   buried B’nai

       Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV

       A. Lois Cohen 1928-1998 m. Jack Sorgman 1930-2000 (Auto parts store) both buried B’nai

          Jacob South Hills Cemetery Charleston, WV

          1. Bruce Sorgman 1952 (Magician) m. (1) Kay Stewart          (Div.)              Charleston, WV

              d)     Rachel Sorgman 1975-        m. Scott Saunders     (Div.)              Charleston, WV

              e)     Tallon Saunders

              m. (2) Mary Thomas 1951-2001        Buried in Glasgow, WV

              f)     Veronica Sorgman 1985-

          2. James Sorgman 1959 (911 Official) m. Jacqueline Lee 1964     (Div.)           Charleston, WV
              a)     Jessica Sorgman 1986

              b)     Michael Sorgman 1988

              c)     Mathew Sorgman 1988

       B. Edward Cohen 1930- (Library director) m. Renee Lewis 1938-        (Teacher Administrator)

                                                                                       Cullowhee, NC

          1. Heather Cohen 1968- (Attorney) m. Scott Baker 1970- (Computer/ Technician/Sales)
                                                                                        Cullowhee, NC

              a)    Alexander Baker 1998-

              b)    Robert Baker 2003-

          2. Felicia Cohen 1969- (Marketing Director) m. Kenneth Ramsey 1969- (Engineer)                   Apex,


               a)   Brandon Ramsey 2002

       C. Patricia Cohen 1936-       (Clinique Consultant, Greeting Card Rep) m. (1) Ned Guthrie (div)

          (Musician, Airplane Salesman) (2) Jack Neal 1927-2000 (Sales and Marketing)           Jack is Buried

           Winston Salem.                                                                    Winston Salem, NC

          1. Robin Guthrie (Neal) 1958-        (Piano Teacher)       m. Ross Dorsey Sr.        (Restaurant

               management (Div.)                                                            Winston-Salem, NC

               a)    Ross Dorsey, Jr.

               b)    Tamara Dorsey 1981- ((Psychological operations specialist with UUS Army)              m. Eric

                     Scott Hazlett        (Salesman)                Durham, NC

          2. Douglas Guthrie (Neal) 1960- (Electrical Engineering)           m. Judith Frye(Nurse) (Div.)

                                                                                            Lewisville, NC.

               a)    Brittany Neal 1986-

          3. Kelly Neal Madron 1962- (Law Firm Administrative Assistant)              m. Kevin Pettus (div.)

                                                                                                 Clemmons, NC

               a)   Tara Pettus 1985-

               b)   Heather Pettus 1988

       D. Janet Cohen 1939-      m.     Robert Katon             (div)                       Winston Salem, NC

          1. Todd Katon 1963-         (Sales) m. .Allison Pegram         (Sales)

               a)   John Katon 1995 -
               b)   Haley Katon 1996 -

III.   Beatrice Cohen 1914-      m. William Binderman 1916-1994            (Collection agency) Buried in

                                                                                                  Beckley, WV

       A. Philip Binderman 1939- (Office manager) m. Myrna Turest 1941 -                      Woodland Hills,


          1. Rachel Binderman 1969- (Teacher)          m. Tom McCutchen 1968-           (International portfolio
               manager)                                                                          Pleasant Hill,


               a)    Nathan McCutchen 2000 -

       B. Valerie Binderman 1941-        (Office manager) m. Walter Zimba 1939 (Div.)             Beckley,


           1. Andrew Zimba 1969- (Cartographer) m. Erica Heinberger          (Div)              Columbia, SC

           2. Joel Zimba 1974- (Computer Programmer) m. Janice Lang 1971- (Computer Programmer)

                                                                                            Baltimore, MD

(In our large extended family in Charleston, WV, many of us were raised with Yiddish type nicknames. These

names were what we were called by everyone…even by some of our non-Jewish friends at school: Chatzie,

Fivey, Himey, Maish, Mendy, Noonie, Shudie, Shush (M), Shushie (F), Shlamie, Sissy were some of them. Did

other branches of the family do the same thing?

SAMUEL COHEN 1884-1979 (Tailor) Lived in Popalon, Lithuania, Russia; Riga, Latvia; New York
City; St. Louis; Charleston, WV; Logan, WV; Westbury, NY. m. Anna Steiger 1893-1988 . Both buried at

New Montefiore Cemetery, Long Island.

(Sam Cohen was the youngest and when they got to New York he started school. He spoke no English and was

put in the youngest class where he was larger than all the other children and was embarrassed to be there. So

he quit school and got a job delivering groceries. Over time he started running around with a rough street

gang so his parents stepped in and shipped him to live with the family in St. Louis. He moved to Charleston

with them later on and grew up to be a very successful tailor.)

I.     Sylvia Cohen 1919- (Antique appraiser) m. Herbert Friedman 1913- (Fence Company) Southbury, CT

       A. David Friedman 1946- (Physician) m. Susan Gelber (Teacher of English as a second

           language at Forsythe Community Technical College)                                   Clemmons, NC

(David Fiedman was a Post Doctorate Fellow at Washington University, St. Louis; Senior Staff Fellow at

National Institute Of Health; Deputy Director of Division Of Basic Research, National Institute Of Drug Abuse;
Professor Of Department Of Physiology and Pharmacology at Wake Forest University School Of Medicine;

Associate Dean For Research at Wake Forest University School of Medicine; has written books about drugs for

children and adults; has written high school textbooks.

           1. Zachary Friedman 1983-

           2. Max Friedman 1987-

       B. Jay Friedman 1947-      (Clothing Industry)    m. Karen Pittman (Div.)      New York City and CT.

(Jay Friedman has been employed by a number of prominent clothing companies: Bloomingdales, Gant, Calvin

Klein, Liz Claiborne and is currently chairman of the men’s sportswear division of Hart-Marx.

           1. Jase Friedman

           2. Andrew Friedman

       C. Amy Friedman 1951- (Psychiatric Social Worker) m. Douglas Elder          (Electrical Engineer)

                                                                                              Westbury, NY

       D. Merrill Friedman 1955-      (Clinical Psychiatrist) m. Peter Kelley (PHD)              Westford,


           1. Gwen Kelley

II.    Shirley Cohen    -1994         m. Chester Sharf   -1965 both buried at New Montefiore

       Cemetery, Greenlawn, NY

       A. Dore Sharf 1948-      (Automobile Technician) m. Ronnie Handler 1950- (Data Coder)

           1. Emmalynn Sharf 1990-

       B. Charles Sharf 1951- m. (1)Elaine          (2) Corliss   1947-

           1. Jennifer Sharf 1977-      (Teacher)

           2. Debbie Sharf 1979- (Health Care Industry)
       C. Jonathan Sharf 1957-     (Medical Software Sales) m. Elizabeth Braden       1962-

           (Mortgage Loan Officer).                                                           Milwaukee, WI

           1. Samuel Sharf 1990-

           2. Alexander Sharf 2003

III.   Betty Ruth Cohen 1923-1990 (Bookkeeper) m. Don Gladstone 1921-                     Overland Park, KS

       A. Paula Gladstone 1951-        (Accounting Manager) m. Richard Logan 1951-              Clearwater, FL
           1. Elizabeth Logan 1991-

       B. Steve Gladstone 1954- ( Acct)       m. Lois Gearhart 1954- (Attorney)           Overland Park, KS

IV.    Philip Cohen 1925-1933


We hope you enjoy having this Tree. But we have one heccuva complicated family! Was what-cha-ma-callit

married to do-jigger before she married you-know-who? And were those her children? or his children?…or

their children?

I got quite confused at times. In fact I was so mixed up that at one point I had Shirley and I with four kids…one

named Murphy, one named Kelly, one named McCann and one named McCutchen!!

In order to preserve privacy, we have not listed any street addresses or telephone numbers. If you wish to

contact anyone, you may get in touch with Pam Murphy or me (Phil Goldstein).


Dr. Phil Goldstein
3712 Noyes Ave.
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-2441