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									Paris Municipal Center
Commission Chambers
Paris, Kentucky
August 25, 2009

A regular meeting of the Paris City Commission was called to order at 6 PM by Mayor
Mike Thornton followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present:      Mayor Thornton; Commissioners Wallis Brooks, Mike Fryman, Bart
Horne and Stan Galbraith; City Manager Michael Nagy; City Clerk Cheryl Dryden and
Legal Counsel Bryan Beauman.

Approve Agenda

The following additions and deletions were made to the agenda:

       Communications               a. Letter~The Willey Farm
                                    b. Letter~Lucy Cooper/Chamber of Commerce
                                    c. Letter~Linda Stubblefield/Tourism Commission
                                    d. Letter~Rev. Paul Hedge/Church of the Nazarene

         Consent Agenda             c. Recruitment ads for engineering services dept &
                                       police chief (delete salary range from
                                       recruitment ads for engineering and police chief)

        Outstanding Business        c. Delete~second reading Ord 2009-15

        New Business                b. Delete~first reading on real estate tax rate
                                    c. Delete~first reading on personal property tax rate

        Executive Session            Discussion of a personnel matter

Motion was made by Galbraith, seconded by Horne and unanimously carried to approve
the consent agenda with changes.

Approve Minutes

Motion was made by Galbraith, seconded by Fryman and unanimously carried to approve
minutes of the August 11, 2009 regular meeting and August 20, 2009 special meeting as

Public Comment



The following communications were received:

       a. Letter supporting Sunday alcohol sales - Bill Willey ~ The Willey Farm
       b. Letter supporting Sunday alcohol sales - Lucy Cooper ~ Paris/Bourbon
          County Chamber of Commerce
       c. Letter supporting Sunday alcohol sales - Linda Stubblefield ~Paris/Bourbon
          County Tourism Commission
       d. Letter opposing Sunday alcohol sales -Rev. Paul Hedge ~Paris Church of the

Horne moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to accept the
Communications and place them on file.

Consent Agenda

The following Consent Agenda items were presented.

            Reappoint George Jackson and R. L. Brunner to Paris Housing Authority
             Board for four year terms ending 8/23/2013
            Request by Central Baptist Church to haul brush and trash to compactor
             on Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 10 AM to 3 PM
            Recruitment ads for engineering services department and police chief

Fryman moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the Consent
Agenda items as presented and place them on file.

Outstanding or Unfinished or Remaining Business

Galbraith moved and Fryman seconded to give second reading to the following ordinance
setting the motor vehicle tax rate for 2010 at $0.17 per one hundred dollars of assessed
value. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes.
Motion carried.

                                       CITY OF PARIS
                                     ORDINANCE 2009-13

Be it ordained by the City of Paris:
        Section 1:      That for the purpose of general support of the government of the
City of Paris, and the payment of its debts and expenses for the calendar year of 2010,
there be and hereby are levied ad valorem taxes on each one hundred ($100.00) dollars of
the January 1, 2010 assessed valuation by the Bourbon County Property Valuation
Administrator of all motor vehicles and watercraft within the taxing jurisdiction of the
City of Paris which shall be at the rate of $0.17.

         Section 2:     This Ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and publication
in full as required by law, with an effective date of January 1, 2010.

       The foregoing ordinance was introduced and read for the first time at the City
Commission’s regular meeting of August 11, 2009. Read for the second time, adopted
and approved at its regular meeting of August 25, 2009.

                                              Michael Thornton, Mayor

Cheryl Dryden, City Clerk

The following individuals spoke on the proposed Sunday alcohol sales ordinance:

John Marshall asked why the ordinance was being rushed into law, what are the
economic concerns, who are the ABC deputies and administrator, have sales been looked
at by administrator and how do establishments prove percentage of food sales.

Jim Long stated the matter should be on a ballot in order to represent the people.
Beauman stated the city was not permitted to place this matter on ballot under state law
since Paris/Bourbon County was already “wet”.

Judy Kendall commented from a personal perspective citing nineteen years of sobriety.

Kristi Fish, Director of the Main Street Program, said businesses wanted to be able to
offer tourists what other communities have to offer and the Sunday sales would attract
new business to the downtown area.

Krista Hampton, pastor at River Life Ministries, asked the commission to be part of the
solution and cited a faith based drug and alcohol rehab program for people dealing with

Jean Argo asked the commission to consider the consequences of drinking.

Lorene Johnson cited the existing drug and alcohol problems in the county.

Dan Russell, pastor at Central Baptist Church, stated Paris has a perception problem with
controlled and asked the commission to work in putting together a coalition to address the
issues in the community.

Greg Dotson stated passing this ordinance would not fix the economy but would have an
affect on present and future generations.

Larry Terrill spoke in favor of Sunday Sales stating businesses were working toward
being more creative to increase income in these economic times.

Jeff Smith stated the matter at hand was Sunday alcohol sales not a drug issue but was an
income issue for people in Bourbon County trying to operate restaurants.

Galbraith moved and Horne seconded to give second reading to Ordinance 2009-14
authorizing the sale of limited alcoholic beverages by the drink on Sundays at certain
locations. In discussion, Galbraith explained that this issue had caused him more
heartache than any other issue and he felt like the commission had been asked to legislate
a morality issue. Fryman stated it all came down to a freedom of choice with everyone
having a choice on whether to support a business that chooses to sell alcohol on Sunday.
Brooks reiterated that he felt it was a freedom of choice. Horne asked Chief Tim Gray to
answer Mr. Marshall’s question in regard to the ABC administrator and deputies. Horne
stated he agreed that a coalition was in order to address the drug situation and that he had
discussed with Chief Gray a training program as a license requirement for employees
dealing with patrons that have consumed too much. He added that quality of life in a
community is one thing a franchise looks at when deciding to open a new restaurant.

Thornton stated better choices and options open a community to more venues and more
jobs. On call of vote, Galbraith, Fryman, Brooks, Horne and Thornton voted no. Motion

First reading was given to an ordinance amending the annual budget for fiscal year July
1, 2009 through June 30, 2010 reflecting and appropriating the transfer of $58,903 from
Kentucky Emergency Management for FEMA-1818-DR-KY.

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to authorize
payment of the following bills:

BILLS FOR APPROVAL                   8/25/09     GENERAL FUND

Dale Bretz                    $   255.00         Air conditioner repair - Sta 1
KY Retirement System          $ 65,518.69        Hazardous retirement
KY Retirement System          $ 12,436.20        Non-hazardous retirement
Nadir Aiche                   $   150.00         Reimburse bldg permit fee
Bevins of Paris               $   866.98         Mower, weedeater repair & parts
Bluegrass Kesco               $   200.00         Water treatment products - PMC
Bluegrass Uniforms            $   118.25         Class A uniform
BO. Community Hospital        $    62.50         Drug screen - Police
Carquest                      $ 1,055.24         Auto parts - Police
Chapman Printing              $   248.00         Envelopes
Combined Utilities            $ 7,742.36         Service
Eads Hardware                 $ 1,148.75         Construction material, concrete - Street
Irving Materials              $ 2,326.00         Surface material - Scott Ave Bridge project
Kentucky Motors               $ 1,226.21         Auto parts - Police, Fire & Street
Ken's New Market              $    67.44         Paris Corridor lunch meeting
Kentucky Utilities            $ 4,394.63         Service
Mann Consultant               $   600.00         Retainer plus maintain files - July
Service Plus Specialty
Vehicle                       $     351.17       Repairs - Eng 2
Vehicle Systems               $   1,357.20       Hydraulic repair - Tower 1
Batteries Plus                $      98.00       Flashlight batteries - Police
Galls                         $     249.26       Faceplates for radios, bulbs - Police
Ferrell & Allison             $      60.00       Drug screen - Street
Hinkle Contracting Corp.      $     220.48       Surface material - Water
Kentucky Uniforms             $      92.75       Patches - Police
Cintas                        $     475.29       Uniform service - Street
Sturgill Turner Barker &
Moloney                       $ 2,620.93         Legal service - July
Martin's Sanitation           $   740.00         Additional rentals - Parks
Bourbon Equipment Rentals     $   114.48         Drill hammer - Scott Ave Bridge project
Chemsearch                    $   135.77         Disinfectant - PMC
Eads Hardware                 $   234.20         Plywood, drill bits - Scott Ave Bridge project
Chapman Printing              $   344.18         Computer paper, office supplies
Payroll Account               $ 1,846.59         Additional payroll due to omission in Police
Columbia Gas                  $    35.77         Service
Farmers National Bank         $ 3,847.22         Loan payment - Fire
Doug French                   $   820.00         Mowings - 8/6 & 8/9
Officemax                     $   475.98         Office supplies - Police
AT&T                          $   360.56         Long distance service
United Rotary Brush Corp.     $   585.87         Center & side brooms - Street
Paris Police Dept.            $ 1,500.00         Narcotics Division
UMB Bank                      $ 2,175.00         Employer contribution to health savings
Humana                        $ 55,005.84        Health insurance
Kanawha Insurance             $   823.23         Life insurance
Bourbon Co. Health Dept.      $   250.00         Construction permit - Compactor holding tank
Don Beheler                   $   125.00         Rent - August
Chamber of Commerce           $   100.00         City's portion of July 4th DJ services
Chamber of Commerce           $ 2,500.00         Partial funding 2010
All Custom Embroidery         $   140.82         Shirts - Police
Benner Mechanical             $ 2,059.81         HVAC repair - PMC
Chapman Printing              $   339.00         Copy paper

Columbia Gas                   $     82.17            Service
Doug French                    $ 1,330.00             Mowings - 8/10, 8/12, 8/13, 8/15 & 8/17
Green Mechanical Const.        $ 4,725.00             Replace water heater - PMC
Kleem, Inc.                    $ 2,151.46             Sreet sign material
Municipal Equipment            $     84.22            Brackets - Street sweeper
Michael Nagy                   $    299.46            Relocation expense
Office Depot                   $     22.24            Window envelopes for payroll
Papa John's Pizza              $     40.22            Meeting w/Lieutenants - Police
Sprint                         $ 1,005.49             Cellular service
Pomeroy IT Solutions           $     34.77            Ink cartridge
Payroll Account                $ 158,894.78           Payroll due 8/21/09

Combined Utilities
August 25, 2009

Star Electrical Repair           $27,000.00       Service to Power Plant
City Of Paris Payroll            $69,718.67       Payroll Dated 08/07/09
                                                  Medicare Omitted 08/07/09
City Of Paris Payroll            $18,273.15       correction
Jeff Stith                          $200.00       Travel Advance
Rick McMahon                        $200.00       Travel Advance
Customer Deposits                 $5,042.48       Cust. Deposits applied
Stuart C. Irby Co.                $6,033.44       Power Tools, supplies
Wibby Environmental                 $261.41       Lab supplies
Jeff Stith                           $20.89       Meal Reimbursement
City Of Paris Payroll            $69,735.83       Payroll Dated 08/21/09
Bulk Plants                      $30,229.01       Dyed Diesel (supplies)
City Of Paris Payroll            $70,946.16       Payroll Dated 07/24/09
US Postmaster                    $10,000.00       Permit Postage
Kevin Crump                          $28.70       Reimbursement for Lunches/training
Kentucky Retirement Sys          $20,778.12       Retirement
P & H Plumbing                    $4,500.00       Servies install Waste Holding Tank
Adgraphics                           $68.14       Service tickets for Utilities
Kentucky Utilities              $195,639.29       Power Purchase
Adgraphics                          $531.84       Utility receipt stubs
Champman Printing Co.                $79.00       Supplies
CNH Capital                       $1,290.29       Lease Payment
Custom Metalworks                   $550.53       Repair #1 Stack @ PP
Electrical Sales                  $4,457.00       Parts and supplies
Kentucky Service Co. Inc            $621.55       Switch/supplies for WW
Ray King                            $500.00       Safety & line Skills Training
Labtron X Inc.                    $1,081.12       Lab supplies
Lexington Water Conditioning        $130.00       Water Chemicals
Steve Sexton                         $34.68       Safety Lunch
TLC Machining                       $145.00       Rebuild Cylinder
UMB HAS                           $1,425.00       Humana Contribution
Scott Gross Co. Inc.                 $17.98       Cylinders
                                                  Oil Samples Tested Month
Silvey Enterprises Inc.             $306.00       Ending7/09
Star Electrical Repair            $1,890.00       Service Call on Generator
Strand & Assoc.                  $27,243.20       Engineering work
The Rock Group                      $573.07       Gravel
TLC Machining                       $260.00       Cylinder Repair
Tractor Supply                       $71.40       Tools & Supplies Electric Dept.
US Dept. of Energy                $3,997.89       Power Purchase
Wesco                               $760.00       Screw Lags
Woodford Spears                     $182.50       Grass Seed
Ziegler Tire                        $829.00       Tires for trash truck
Kona Products                       $148.50       Cleaning Supplies
Labtron X Inc.                      $405.00       Clean & Calibrate Lab Equip
Little Ceasars                       $28.75       Pizza (work Late)
Lovells Plumbing                     $71.62       Clamps & supplies
Mid Continent Sales                 $171.72       Test Lines
Nextel Communications               $163.96       Phone usage
Orr Safety                          $263.75       Gas Meter Repair
Partsmaster                         $376.14       Materials & Supplies WW Truck

Premier Products                  $3,938.83       Generator Cleaner
Primary Health Assoc.               $195.00       CDL Physical
Pro Chem Inc.                       $125.98       Supplies/Germ Wipes
Purity Chemicals                    $167.98       2-cs Weed Kill & Spray Cleaner
Quill                               $196.88       Office supplies WWP
Reising & Reising Inc.               $65.86       Paris Portion
Remel                               $327.17       Chemicals
Riley Tire Inc.                     $270.91       Service (meter Reader Truck)
Rust Oil                             $25.66       Lube Oil for Street Sweeper
RW Beck                             $230.59       Consulting Services
Electrical Sales                  $3,090.00       Supplies
Fairbanks Morse                     $673.45       Repair parts PP
Dr. Ferrell                         $130.00       CDL Physical
Fleet One                         $4,589.44       Fuel and Diesel
Florence Winwater
Works                             $2,502.14       Materials for Water Dist.
Fouser Enviromental
Svcs.                             $2,910.00       Lab Testing
Global Environmental
Svcs.                               $322.00       Recycling
Hach                              $1,067.36       Lab Supplies
JCI Jones Chemicals                 $798.60       Water Chemicals
Kentucky Motors                     $462.85       Supplies
Kentucky Service Co.
Inc.                              $1,583.28       Rebuild of Pump Lift Station
Kentucky Utilities                   $42.00       Power
Kentucky Utilities                $6,586.19       Power
AT & T                               $29.99       Phone Charges
American Dev. Corp                $4,458.75       Chemicals and Supplies
Bluegrass Regional Recycling      $1,286.00       Affiliation Fee's Fiscal Yr.
Bo. Equip. Rental                   $678.35       Mine Excavator/Hammer/ Drill
Brenntag Mid. South Inc.          $1,078.00       Supplies
Brownstone Electric                 $224.00       Adaptors
C I Thornburg                     $1,728.64       PVC Pipe & Supplies WW
Central KY Sec &
Surveillance                        $220.00       Yearly Fee
Chapman Printing                    $358.20       Supplies
Central Ky Landfill              $24,831.36       Monthly Haul Bill
Cinta's                           $2,090.60       Uniforms
City of Paris Comb. Util.         $4,634.45       Utilities
CNH Capital                         $186.41       Chain
Columbia Gas                         $49.38       Gas Bill
Custom Metal Works                  $295.20       Repair Parts for Water line repair
Dotson Brothers                     $699.54       Radiator Replacement
Dotson Brothers                      $42.99       Brakes/Pads
Eads Hardware                       $214.90       Supplies & Materials

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the July
2009 financials as presented.

Other Business


Reports of Staff

Nagy reported a request had been received to create a portion of the dog park strictly for
small dogs. He stated the assistant city manager was working with the YMCA grant
coordinator to get the CDBG grant back on track and also on the Safe Routes to School
grant which will require a study of utility right of ways. He stated Strand Engineers
would be coming on board to work on utility right of ways study and the flood
moratorium. He advised the Labor Cabinet audit was scheduled for September 4th.

Beauman reported attaching mowing bills to utility bills could be done but would not
allow for cut off of utilities for non payment of the mowing bill. Beauman was to discuss
with the county attorney enforcement of weed and mowing citations.

Beauman advised the assistant city manager had met with Claiborne Farms on the train

Thornton announced Frank Clay was having a ribbon cutting on August 31 at 4 PM for
the opening of his restaurant. He offered the following names for consideration on the
blighted property board: Bill Alverson, Rick Claypool, Terry Jones, Bill Gibson,
Michelle Shaw, Brian West, Frank McCracken and Earl Sosby. He also proposed
holding one of the commission meetings during the day as a cost saving measure.

Brooks requested a proclamation declaring September 21, 2009 as Paris Western Night.

Galbraith reported Stoner Creek Trails was the recipient of a $360,000 grant to build a

Executive Session

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to enter an
executive session at 7:50 PM for discussion of a personnel matter.

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to resume regular
session with no action taken in executive session.


Galbraith moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to adjourn at 8 PM.



City Clerk


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