Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn by tyndale


									                              The Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn

  Chat buddies across the wide open plains and over the mountaintops, and skimming
                   across wide diverse of biomes and eco-systems.
   A Navajo and an Ojicree conversing and bouncing ideas off one another, sharing
             knowledge and spurring the other into uncharted territories.
                      The topics at hand are from a wide milieu.
                            The Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn.

   While busy at chat, no one else seems to exist…red and green are evenly spaced as
conversation flows across the screen. It looks like the Christmas spirit has arrived when
the Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn are on-line. Red, green…red, green…wonder if there will
                                 be a present at the end.
Are they rude? They think not. The thirst of interacting on a higher level with another is
 stimulation and is welcomed by the other. And so red, green…red, green…becomes a
                         present to the other, conversationally.

The Zenfrog sits upon his lily pad in deep contemplation, while books and computer are
                  close at hand, a leader for his people in quiet pose.
          His mind at work, light years ahead or deep into the ancient years.
             The subject at hand, many could not converse, nor wish too.
                        He muses intellectually and often solo.
 Researching on topics, no one knows to neither think about nor wish to contemplate.
    Preparing strategies for things of the future, a reality that will evolve one day.

    The Ace Ndn is a social butterfly, flitting here and there, touching people’s lives.
 Her knowledge of people and their actions assists when she lands, for she has a spirit of
helpfulness and often assists people to begin to heal, even got her shovel to help the dead
                               animals along her journeys.
         Numerous humanistic studies intrigue her and she delves into learning.
   There is no stranger when she is around and there is no one sitting on the sidelines.
                  Whatever she involves herself in, she raises to the top.

 One time the Ace Ndn said…one day we will be Dr. Zen and Dr. Ace. A reality much
      sooner than either realizes, although hardwork and tenacity is a prerequisite.
The Zenfrog mentioned that the two prestigious titles sounded like a rock band…and off
         to a light banter of jest…a break from their usual sharing of the minds.
       Pseudo-names given to an impossible image, alive only in the imagination.
The light banter is a social release to unwind after grueling days in the halls of academia.

 The Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn compliment one another, both intellectually and socially
                                        while at chat.
Intellectually, by the range of subjects discussed…even though their interests are piqued
in totally different directions, the sharing allows the other to glimpse into what intrigues
         the other and offers a glimpse of in-depth knowledge the other can offer.
The Zenfrog shares websites that are interesting and it presents another topic to discuss.
         The Ace Ndn adds the humanistic perspective to further contemplate.
 Socially, the Ace Ndn is getting more articulate in transferring her thoughts concisely.
The Zenfrog is constantly sharing stories that are extremely comical and sometimes sad.

 Good chat buddies are few and far between…to be able to converse on topics ranging
      from Zenfrog’s eighty-five pairs of shoes to the Ace Ndn’s alligator hunting.
  To eco-systems and lil worms for compost to a shovel to scoop dead animals off the
 roadway to discussions of smelly goods and the gas emissions and tree beetles and of
         course, one cannot forget anteaters and the belated and beloved Skunk.
Chat buddies that can think “outside the box” and truly enjoy serious discussions, as well
                              as shooting the rezfox breeze.
               The Zenfrog and the Ace Ndn are awesome chat buddies.


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