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									Workington Central Neighbourhood Forum
Minutes of the meeting held on 24 June 2008 at Workington Amateur
Dramatic Society Hall, Queen Street
Welcome & Introductions
The meeting was chaired by Cllr Alan Barry (St Michael’s Ward). Apologies were received
from Margaret Jones, Allan Caine, J Mercia Haughan

Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes from the previous meeting were agreed. No matters arising.

Grants awarded since last meeting.
The following grants have been awarded since the last meeting:-
    Northside & Siddick (Young People) - £500
    Vulcan Park Bowling Club - £500
    Workington Sea Cadets - £300
    Workington Christian Fellowship - £450
    Age Concern Northwest Cumbria - £500

Derwent Howe Master Plan
Jim White and Lynne Thomas from Cumbria County Council were at the forum to talk about the
Derwent Howe Development Strategy. The aim of the strategy is long term sustainable
regeneration of the area. The Steering Group consists of representatives from Cumbria County
Council (CCC), Allerdale Borough Council (ABC), West Lakes Renaissance, North West
Development Agency, and WCDA?
It is recognised that all partners need to show long term commitment as the process may take up
to 15 years. The strategy can be delivered over three phases:-
      Phase 1 – Infrastructure improvements
      Phase 2 – Gateways (3 – 7 years)
      Phase 3 – The remainder of the development (7 – 15 years)

The area of land covered by the strategy is 202 hectares; a third of the size of Workington. Within
the area there are 85 separate land ownerships, although CCC and ABC are two of the largest.
Many of the buildings in the area are in a state of disrepair.

Currently there are two developers interested in the Derwent Howe area:-
  Eatonfield Developers have already bought the Corus site and have expressed an interest in
    developing retail units, care home, housing and a promanade.
  Rhymers Developers are interested in the North end of the site and would like to develop
    housing, retail units, care homes and to develop the harbour and slag bank area.

There has been a detailed traffic study looking at the town’s infrastructure and it has highlighted
that significant improvements are required to the two gateways into the site; these are the Annie Pit
roundabout and the Railway Station gyratory.

Question / Comment                                    Response
Increasing the number of retail units in this area    Retail units are only an idea at this stage. The
will put a lot more pressure on the infrastructure.   traffic impact study does highlight the need for
It can barely cope with the traffic now and           significant improvements to the infrastructure
changing a couple of roundabouts won’t                which will be considered.
improve things a great extent.
Will the Southern Link idea be resurrected?           There is no detail in the study about a Southern
                                                      Link, and the study has not looked at the A66
When will the report be available to the public?       Lynn Thomas can send you a copy of the report
                                                       but it is not yet agreed Council policy.
Can you give more detail about the Corus site          The site has been bought by Eatonfields and
development?                                           their proposal will look at the entire site. There
                                                       will be a public exhibition on 01 and 02 July in
                                                       the Carnegie
Are retail developments sustainable?                   If a retail aspect is approved it is unlikely that it
                                                       will be a major one. The focus is more on local
                                                       shops such as corner shops and hairdressers.
Rhymers made a presentation to ABC six years
ago about wanting to develop the harbour area
and nothing has been done yet. There are
concerns that smaller developers are excluded
from the process.

Resolve Mediation
Alison Shutt is a Mediation Coordinator at Resolve Mediation Services. Resolve works with people
who have conflict in their life, and it covers three principle areas:-
    1. Workplace mediation
    2. Young People and Families
    3. Community Mediation

Community Mediation is about working with people who have difficulties with their neighbours, e.g.
noise, parking, hedges. Referrals can come from the Police, Schools, Housing Associations, Age
Concern etc. It’s a service that is free of charge and involves mediators chatting to both parties
about the problems and asking them to identify what needs to change. Resolve do no make
judgements or solve problems they provide the right circumstances for people to resolve their
problems together.
The work with young people and families is much deeper and takes place over a longer period of

The mediators who work at Resolve are all volunteers and have undertaken the accredited training
course. Resolve is looking to recruit more volunteers in the area and is offering taster sessions to
anyone who is interested. The taster session is a two hour glimpse into the training course so
people can decide if it’s something they want to pursue.

To find out more about Resolve or the taster sessions you can contact Alison on 01900 603229 or

Update on Hall Park Cycle Track
Jason Dixey returned to the forum to give an update on the Hall Park Access Improvements.
Jason provided everyone with a map detailing the four route options:-
  Option 1 – extensive earthworks would be needed to alter the steep slopes in order to meet
    DDA requirements.
  Options 2 – is the shortest route but there are concerns over nesting birds and there are
    issues of a potential road.
  Option 3 – is the preferred route. It meets the objective of encouraging more people into
    Curwen Park and would involve restoration work on the two historic bridges. Concerns were
    raised at the previous forum about the space between the riverbank and the path, Jason
    confirmed that this would be no less that 4 metres. The path surface would be complimentary
    to the setting of the park, it would not be black top.
  Option 4 – is the longest route and there are concerns over the privacy of the Hall Mill
    residents. It is also on an existing footpath which causes some problems.

Comment from Forum                                      Response
People are still suspicious that this will lead to a    Jason confirmed that the funding is for access
road being created through the park.                    improvements only.
                                                       Cllr Alan Barry confirmed that a road through
                                                       the park will not be approved by council.
The distance between the river and the fence is        The distance has been measured. The key
not 30 metres as originally stated, it is in fact 15   factor is that there is enough room between the
yards and will no doubt flood.                         path and the stream for people to sit and picnic.
                                                       The design of the path will be such that it is able
                                                       to withstand the times that the stream overflows
                                                       it's banks.
Slag based material was used on paths at               It is a recycled material which has been
Bassenthwaite. What material will be used on           researched extensively and has been accepted.
this path?                                             The surface will be passable by pushchairs and
                                                       The material used at Bassenthwaite came
                                                       straight from the furnaces; the material used on
                                                       this path will have sat for many years so the
                                                       properties are very different.
How will you deal with the tree roots above the        The design will be such that the path goes
surface?                                               round the roots wherever possible and then built
                                                       up over the roots. The Environment Agency has
                                                       looked at the route and is happy that it won’t
                                                       damage any of the trees.
Resident of Hall Mill requested that the path be
properly sign posted to avoid people walking
through her garden.
There was also a request for some litter bins.
Why did the planning application refer to it as a      There is no legal definition for the route, it will
footpath and not a cycle path?                         be a permissive route.
The route should be labelled as a Public Right of
Way which may offer some protection against the
creation of any road.
Curwen Hall and Park are listed as grade II, how       English Heritage have been consulted and they
did a route get approval?                              approved the plan.

After lengthy debate and concerns raised from the floor, there was general agreement that the
option 3 was the most appropriate route of those proposed.

Any Other Business
Eatonfields Development Exhibition – 01 and 02 July at the Carnegie

Cumbria Primary Care Trust (PCT) is currently consulting on further improvements to mental
health services for adults. The consultation period is from 09 June 2008 to 30 September 2008.
Copies of the consultation document are available from the Area Office on 01900 325010 or the
PCT on 08447 280107

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