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            LETTER FROM DALE                                NOVEMBER MEETING SPEAKER
Retreat Thougts...                                            On Tuesday, November 14, 2006, MHNA is
         I have been to many retreats over the years,      pleased to present MHNA member Karen
but this year’s just seemed to be the best. I enjoy        Zakarian, who will speak on the subject of Pulsed
myself every year and when it is all over, I wonder if     Bioelectromagnetic Fields. This is not a new
the next retreat I attend will be as good. I am            therapeutic idea, but knowledge and technology
always pleasantly surprised when it is! Every year         have improved to make very intriguing medical
just seems to get better.                                  advances into health issues. Having had a glimpse
          I must admit, that some years my own             into this fascinating subject at our Retreat, Karen’s
energy and interest level has not been as high as it       presentation promises to be quite stimulating!
is at other times. And I find it interesting that much     Please join us on November 14.
of what I learn at these retreats isn’t about the
information presented by the speakers, but rather                    Providence Hospital and Medical Centers
                                                                    will provide 2.4 contact hours for this lecture
about me and my personal growth. Some of what I
have learned has not always been within my                                      MEETING FEES
comfort zone, but I believe we are exactly where           Members, no contact hours                      $3.00
we need to be at any given moment.                         Members, with contact hours                    $10.00
         That being said, I appreciate each retreat I      Non-members, no contact hours                  $5.00
attended for what it is and where I am personally.         Non-members, with contact hours                $15.00
But this year’s experience far surpassed all others.
I do not know why this is, but I have deleted the                          MEETING LOCATION
need to know, and just gone with how good it felt! I       MHNA meetings are held the second Tuesday of
believe that much of what I experienced is beyond           each meeting month at Providence Hospital,
description, but I would like to briefly try.                16001 Nine Mile Rd, west of Greenfield in
         Our speakers this year not only shared their                     Southfield, MI.
                                                               We will be meeting in the Providence Medical
knowledge, but they touched us with their whole                              th
                                                                 Building - 8 floor, Conference Room G.
being. Their words, spoken from deep within their          The Providence Medical Building is located south of
hearts seemed to wash over us like warm rain,              the main Hospital on Providence Drive.
gently cleansing and caressing our Spirits. I                  Look for the MHNA signs posted in the lobby.
became totally absorbed not only in the words but
with the energy of the group that was rapidly                     Networking time is from 7:00 – 7:30 PM.
transforming into a genuinely cohesive holistic             MHNA greetings and announcements are at 7:30PM and
community. I was in complete awe of what was                    the speaker will begin promptly at 7:45 PM.
occurring at the edge of my awareness. You could
simply FEEL everyone opening to each other and                   MEETING CANCELLATION POLICY
                                                           In the event that a regularly scheduled MHNA meeting is
melting into oneness and you could hear the
                                                           canceled, please call the Providence Hospital
exquisite harmony ring throughout the group as if          Information Desk at (248) 424-3345 for confirmation.
listening to finely tuned cathedral bells on a crisp,      WEATHER NOTE: MHNA will cancel a meeting if the
clear day.                                                 Southfield Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather.
         There was a point of complete balance.
While for many of us this point is only a fleeting                      PARKING INFORMATION
moment, it is in that moment that peace is                 There is paid parking in the Medical Building Parking Lot
bestowed upon us and we suddenly feel as though            adjacent to the Medical Building and there is free parking
we finally belong. I believe that home is where the        in the old theater lot across Providence Drive. If you are
                                                           leaving the MHNA meeting after 9:00 PM and would like
heart is and I felt as though I had been given the
                                                           to have an escort to your car after the meeting, please
privilege of coming home.         Continued on page 3
                                                           call Security, extension 3024 from the phone inside the
                                                           meeting room.
News... News... News...                                      MHNA Member Jane Lutz passes on this item:
                                                                 “I wanted to let you know that a new book edited by
                                                             Popovich and Cantwell, 21 Spiritual Nurses, is available
 MHNA SPEAKERS – 2006 - 2007
                                                             from the publisher, Outskirts Press, or from
 DECEMBER        Feng Shui with Ann Kucera                   Amazon.com. It is an anthology of essays written by
                                                             nurses about using spirituality in nursing practice. I
 JANUARY         QiGong with Dr. Julie TwoMoon
                                                             wrote one of the essays so [I] am particularly interested
 FEBRUARY        Aura Photography with Ken Bede              in letting folks know about this nice little book.”
 MARCH           “Bridging the Socio-Economic Gap”                     Thank you, and Congratulations, Jane! May you
                         With Janet Threatt                  have many printings to come!
 APRIL           Movement Therapy with Kelly Hale
 MAY             Drummunity with Lori Fithian                NOVEMBER PROGRAMS at Healing Arts Center
 JUNE            Esoteric Healing with Dr. Barbara           MHNA Member Mary Natschke and Manager of the
                         Briner                              Valade Healing Arts Center located in the Van Elslander
                                                             Cancer Center at St. John Hospital sends along this
 PLEASE NOTE: MHNA strives to provide interesting            class list:
 and useful speakers for our membership but sometimes        Reiki – “Intro to Energy Evening” November 16
 events occur beyond our control and substitutions have      7 – 8:30 PM           ($5 donation appreciated)
 to be made at the last minute without notice. We hope       Come and bring your friends and family to experience
 that you will understand when these things happen.          Reiki for the first time. A mini hands-on experience and
                                                             explanation of Reiki energy healing
 NEWS from our MEMBERS
                                                             Reiki – Level I November 11 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
 HEALING TOUCH CLASS                                         Cost is $125 and includes 7.2 CEU’s for nurses
 MHNA Member and Past President Kathy Sinnett                Rose Knight RM is the instructor
 along with MHNA Member Judy Meno are teaching
 Level I November 10 – 12, 2006 Farmington Hills             Lunch & Learn Essential Oils November 14
 Contact Judy at 810-989-2539 or email at                    12 Noon – 1:00 PM $5 fee. We will be discussing the
 JudyMeno@aol.com for cost and registration. Kathy says      Young Living Oils: Peace & Calm, Aroma Life Blend and
 that repeaters will be charged $75 to take the class but    Frankincense.
 there is no charge if you sign up to be a room assistant,   Labyrinths & Legends         November 7
 especially if you bring a student! Kathy can be reached      6:30 PM – 8:30 PM $30 fee. Explore the history and
 at 248-629-5242 or kkathysinnett@cs.com. She is ready to    legends of the labyrinth. Experience a labyrinth walk by
 teach – are you ready to help and learn?                    candlelight.
                                                             Contact Mary at 313-647-3323 or
                                                             mary.natschke@stjohn.org for more information and a
 MHNA Member Elaine M. Grohman is teaching:
                                                             brochure describing all the great activities at the HAC.
 ~Sacred Geometry and Energy Medicine
 Level I January 20 – 21, 2007 Annapolis, MD                 MHNA Member and Historian Nancy Courtney
 Level 2 November 18 – 19, 2006 Farmington Hills, MI         Requests items that you may have from the “old days”
 Fee: $300 each workshop                                     when MHNA as known as the Tricounty Holistic Nurses
 From ancient days, Sacred Geometry has been studied         Association (TCHNA). Also, if you have pictures or other
 as a glimpse into the creative mind of God. Incorporating   memorabilia from later years, please contact Nancy at
 Sacred Geometry into Energy Medicine is a profoundly        313-886-4994 or email at necourtney@comcast.net
 heightened experience for both the client and healer.
 Learn about the inherent strength of these patterns in      MHNA CO-President Sherry Brown reports that
 nature, including the human body. An experiential           two items were left behind at the September Retreat:
 workshop. Elaine’s contact info is included below.          1. a set of colored votive candles for Chakra
                              ~                              aromatherapy and
 Elaine is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, having studied     2. a clear pointed crystal with a wrapped light colored
 with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., since 2002 and has done              leather handle and colored yarn to secure crystal,
 over 200 face-to-face Angel Readings and has recently       Please contact Sherry at 734-667-2588 or
 begun conducting Audience Angel Readings. Elaine can        questsvb@aol.com. if they belong to you.
 be contacted at 248-855-3456 or
 egrohman@twmi.rr.com                                        ACCIDENT INJURES MHNA MEMBER
                                                             On Saturday, October 28, 2006 MHNA member Jeanne
 MHNA Member Sharon Baker reports that her book,             Marie Nicholson was involved in a car accident – hit by a
 Healing with Hands, Miracles, Inspiration and Science, is   drunk driver - and is in critical condition with severe head
 now available at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea             injuries including broken bones and brain swelling. She
 Room in downtown Ann Arbor. Congratulations, Sharon!        needs our prayers and healing thoughts at this time. For
 P.S. Buy the one in the window - it’s special!              updates on her condition, please contact Jeanne’s
                                                             daughter, Sara Lillian Bishop at 248-252-5040.
 PULSED ELECTRICAL MAGNETIC FIELDS                             Plan utilizes nutritional support, early controlled
                                                               mobilization and PEMFs.
         Otherwise known as PEMFs, pulsed electrical                    Additionally, Karen has laid the groundwork to
magnetic fields therapy is becoming “the new way” to           help secure an NIH grant to study PEMFs in
eradicate pain and regenerate the body. This miraculous        postmenopausal women with rheumatoid arthritis at the
“new” therapy is actually more than 30 years old, having       University of Virginia.
been documented in scientific literature since 1973, yet                Her special interest is interfacing with
is now catching on and you’ll be seeing more and more          practitioners of all kinds who practice Energy Medicine
advertising by holistic practitioners to promote this          as she sees this as the future of medicine. Most of all,
therapy.                                                       she loves to partner with energy practitioners and create
         Naturally, I went to Google to find out about this,   new possibilities for the care and healing of their
to me, esoteric subject. I was pleasantly surprised to         patients.
find that the first link brought up was for PubMed, a
service of the National Library of Medicine and the            LETTER FROM DALE             continued from page one
National Institutes of Health. (find this link at
www.pubmed.gov.) which lends the whole subject a lot           The sheer magnitude of reaching this point never ceases
of credence. There was a great (abridged) abstract             to amaze me! Hopefully these words do some justice to
which explained that PEMFs helped augment bone                 the experience. Fleeting moments are often a challenge
healing in patients that were otherwise hopeless. It           to capture and can disappear as quickly as they present
suggested that PEMFs be placed on a par with surgically        themselves. Moments of this nature, are exactly that,
invasive methods, but at much reduced risk and cost. As        moments. It is the stringing of these moments together
a result, the government is now interested in pursuing         that make them an event.
the therapeutic uses of PEMFs in other studies.                        This retreat was an event that was well worth
         This was interesting, but didn’t really tell me       attending. I will cherish this gift always. Thanks to all
what PEMFs are. I then went to other Google links and          who shared in this retreat, whether you were there in
found one at Curatronic.com which was a company that           person (body), or with us in mind and Spirit from afar.
made the PEMFs machines. Curatronic states that                `       Love, Dale
PEMFs are very low frequency electromagnetic waves
and that the therapy is great for general relief of pain,      DIRECTORY UPDATES
fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries,        Please add Reiki Master to the following members’
fracture healing, and general health and well-being.           credentials:   Patricia Andring
         PEMFs evidently work by influencing cell                      Linda Grabda and Wendy Marvin
behavior. They induce electrical changes around and
within the cell, which increases blood supply to the cell,     WELCOME!        New and Returning Members
which increases oxygen pressure which then activates
and regenerates cells. Calcium transport across cell           Amanda Butler                   22475 Nancy Ave.
membranes is improved and calcium is absorbed in               Southfield, MI 48034            H:248-761-9568
bones, which also helps improve cartilege repair and                                           W: 248-350-8997
decreases pain in joints. Active and chronic pain then         Keenawah@comcast.net            Associate   (new)
disappears. Since disturbances in blood circulation and
metabolism are main reasons for disease, regular doses         Faye Chennault-Johnson           10001 Strathmoor
of PEMFs can reverse these processes.                          Detroit, MI 48228                H:313-836-4229
         There are many other sites to look at also, but       RN                               W:313-966-6796 (new)
the best way to learn about PEMFs (and perhaps to
experience them yourself) is to attend the MHNA                Jeanne Nicholson            33006 W. Seven Mile #267
meeting on November 14, 2006 when member Karen                 Livonia, MI 48152             H:248-478-8492
Zakarian will be on hand to give us her professional and       Spiritconnecxions@gmail.com   Associate (new)
personal review of this “new” therapy. Karen Mauti, Editor
                                                               Dorothy M. Williams             27465 Franklin Rd. #202
                 Karen’s Biography                             Southfield, MI 48034            H:248-356-0637
         Karen Zakarian has spent seven years as a             Mobetter@peoplepc.com           RN, BS (returning)
pulsed electromagnetic field, PEMF, educator. She is
currently the National Director for Body Fields USA in         Susan Honjas                 2468 Brattan Ave
Des Plaines, IL, a manufacturer, importer and distributor      Bloomfield Twp, MI 48302     H:248-335-7314
of a German and an Australian technology, the QRS and                                       Cell:586-943-0756
the Magnopro.                                                  Suzyhonjas@comcast.net RN, ADN        (new)
         Based on the work she has done with humans,
she has been involved in the creation of the 3 Step            Melanie Steele                   9430 Thornyside
Recovery Plan for Equine Recovery and Performance              White Lake, MI 48386             Cell:248-875-9085
where there has been a 100% recovery with racehorses           R2steele@comcast.net             RN      (returning)
who are going to be put down. The 3 Step Recovery
And Now the Back Page ...

                                                 2006 MHNA Retreaters
Our Historian, Nancy Courtney, took a great series of pictures at our 2006 Retreat and the black and white copy here
does not do this picture justice. To see the pictures in color, please visit the MHNA website at www.mhna.info. Here are
the Retreaters, holding our pumpkins and thankful that the sun finally came out!
Front row left to right: Kathleen Slonager, Janis Campbell, Tommie Lynn Kimball, Wendy Wilder, Patricia Andring, Sally
Arbuckle. Second row: Mary Natschke, Carol Girard-Barton, Patricia Stocco, Diane Couvillon (behind Pat Andring),
Patricia Smith, Barbara Nabozny-Valerio, Janice Larys, Joan Spitale. Third row: Roxane Chan, Sandy Mousseau, Alexis
Wenz, Chris Millowe, Dale Treese, Latessa, Suzy Honjas, Sherry Brown, Karen Mauti, Nancy Courtney, Susannah
Holstein and Melanie Steele. Not pictured: Kathleen DeGrande and Kristina Spitale (who took this picture for us).

Next month we will print an article from American Holistic Nurses’ Association (AHNA) newsletter Editor Rebecca Cohen
who interviewed AHNA President Carla Mariano regarding AHNA’s work to have holistic nursing be recognized as a
specialty through the American Nurses’ Association (ANA). The full article details why this is important for all nurses.

Next month’s Holistic Herald will also include the list of books, journals, or other information that we would like to have in
our “Wisdom Library”. We are looking for a compilation of publications that you, our membership, have found helpful,
interesting and even life-changing. If you have a book or journal that you think is outstanding in terms of its message and
presentation, please contact me at the addresses below.
If you have any articles, news or just want to use your newsletter as a forum, the next Holistic Herald publishing deadline
will be NOVEMBER 25, 2006.
DISCLAIMER: The information, modalities and treatments presented within this newsletter and at MHNA meetings and
functions are for informational purposes only and are not necessarily endorsed by the Michigan Holistic Nurses’ Association.
Michigan Holistic Nurses’ Association
Holistic Herald Newsletter Editor
Karen Mauti, R.N.
19420 Outer Drive Court
Dearborn, MI 48124
mail: kmauti@comcast.net

NAMASTE                                                                                                                and
Happy Thanksgiving!