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Higher Sensitivity with Half the Back-Pressure for HPLC
The newly introduced 3 µm PRP-h1 columns from the Hamilton Company run at half the
back pressure of traditional 3 µm columns which use modified polymeric reversed-phase
material. Applications using traditional reversed-phase columns can be easily adapted to the
PRP-h1 columns because the elution order is rarely affected. PRP-h1 provides significant
advantages for demanding applications that tend to exceed LC pump pressure limits such
as small particle size/small ID columns used for LC-MS, and small particle preparative size
columns. Also, PRP-h1 extends column life for fast methods and high flow rates. Normal
scale-up requires large particle sizes because of LC pump pressure limitations. Now, with
3 µm PRP-h1, you can use one material from analytical analysis all the way to sample
preparation. The new PRP-h1 columns are pH stable from 0 to 14 and easily accommodate
a broad range of organic solvents.

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