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  Malaysia – Taiwan University Foundation Class

The promotion of Chinese language education and the responsibility to
promote the Chinese culture, the institutions of the first of its kind in
Malaysia in 2006 organized the first University of Malaysia in Taiwan based
on classes (with the Taiwan National University of overseas Chinese
students of the course is pre-class equivalent), the basis of Taiwan's
universities. The main classes for all Malaysian Diploma in Education of
junior high school students (SPM).

Previously, only private school students have a chance study in Taiwan
University, and now students for the SPM to provide to Taiwan to study the
fine channels.
To SPM students, the Malays are not the ideal liberal arts into the local
National University of chances, if the shift of Western countries or read in
the local private college, tuition and fees is not a huge affordable.

In order to improve academic standards in order to encourage foreign
students to study in Taiwan, at the same time in order to promote the
overseas academic exchanges with the world, the Taiwan authorities to
promote four billion five-year Malaysian ringgit about research projects in
order to meet its foreign policy to promote education.

As a result of Taiwan's Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission has always
attached great importance only in the health policies alone, so early SPM
less education in Taiwan junior high school students, and even many SPM
students do not see how there is such a pipeline.

After several rounds of various universities and Taiwan exchanges, in a win
strategy to reach the bottom of the educational objectives, and finally a
successful run in China's basic Taiwan University (UFC).

Taiwan National Kaohsiung Hospitality College, National Kaohsiung
University of Applied Science and Technology, Universal Technical Institute,
Lide School of Management, National Chung Cheng University, Yunlin
University of Science and Technology, Wu University of Science and
Technology, China Institute of Technology, Zhengzhou University of
Technology, Ming Institute of Management , Hiromitsu University of
               ANC Service Sdn. Bhd. (862992-H)
 41-3B, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,
                        Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
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Science and Technology, Ming Chuan University and other institutions to
sign an agreement of academic cooperation with us.

Taiwan is one of the U.S. education system, the local secondary school
graduates, only 5 years of secondary education, and therefore not in
conformity with the Education Act, as well as Taiwan is not sufficient to
apply directly for the University of Taiwan.

Local school students now can be pre-SPM examination results to enroll in
classes on this basis. The first category is the group of students enrolled in
the minimum entry qualification is SPM obtained at least 5 excellent. Such
as the SPM results did not meet the above requirements may also apply for
students, we will arrange for an entrance examination and interview.

Ad hoc way, we guide students to study in Taiwan. Now the basis of Taiwan's
university after classes start, SPM can be the first students in local schools
to adapt to life in Taiwan, and then after school and after passing the
examination will be arranged for foreign students in his capacity as
Taiwan's university, after graduating from a university degree may be
awarded diploma. If the economy for the reasons, the local completion of
basic Taiwan University can save a year of living abroad, the parents
association is not a good way to reduce the burden.

Study in Taiwan, the National University of the general average of the
annual tuition 6 thousand ringgit to 10,000 ringgit or so; private
universities was about 12,000 ringgit to 16,000 ringgit.

At the same time, the Taiwan authorities also provides scholarships, grants,
fee remission and even the school work-study opportunities, and therefore
the financial burden can be reduced on many. The other hand, health
workers in Taiwan is an atmosphere of well-known, due to high local
ownership opportunities for work-study, many in the winter and summer
vacations working with students able to make about the next semester or
miscellaneous living expenses. Studies in Taiwan to bilingual instruction,
and no language barriers, and the Taiwan government attaches great
importance to the nurturing of talents, provide first-class modern facilities,
learning environment, economic assistance, so that students can feel at
ease in the local school.