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Date to be submitted by: October 12, 2007

Posting Date: October 18, 2007

Subject: Theodore Gibson Oratorical Competition

Target Audience: Principals/AP’s-Elementary and Secondary Schools

Due Date: Friday, November 2, 2007

Meeting Date:


The District and Miami-Dade College are co-sponsoring the 31st Annual Theodore
Gibson Oratorical Competition for elementary and secondary Students.


   •   The purpose of the Theodore Gibson Oratorical Competition is to expose
       children to a wide breadth of writings about the African American
       experience and to provide opportunity for schoolchildren to discover and
       refine their research, writing, and public speaking skills through a
       challenging competition.

   •   Principals are to designate a teacher sponsor to hold intra – school

   •   Teacher sponsor will locate all rules and guidelines, criteria for evaluation,
       and selection categories on-line at the Theodore Gibson’s website:

   •   Intra-school competitions are to be held throughout October through
       November 1, 2007.

        Schools are to register the 3 student representatives on-line at the
        Theodore Gibson’s website:, by November 2,
If there are any questions, please contact your M-DCPS regional representative
(see attachment) or Ms. Sherrilyn Scott, District Supervisor, at 305 995 1971, M-
DCPS Curriculum and Instruction, Social Sciences. For additional information on
efforts to support the teaching of African American history, see the attached
activities and programs to support African American History.
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            Activities and Programs to Support African American History

M-DCPS’ Curriculum and Instruction, Social Sciences, in cooperation with other
District offices and community groups, coordinates a variety of programs and
activities to support the teaching of African American history. A summary of
these ongoing programs follows. New programs are added as they become

      Each fall and spring, the African American Advocates from each
      elementary, middle, and senior high school meet to hear presentations by
      authorities on African American history and to receive information from
      District staff and the community on available programs, curricular
      materials, and resources. The Advocates are also given opportunities to
      network with one another and to share their successes and challenges as
      they provide leadership for African American history at their schools.

      The Florida International University Center of Excellence and Curriculum
      and Instruction, Social Sciences, sponsor the Annual Black History and
      Cultural Brain Bowl for middle and senior high school teams each
      February. Students from middle and senior high schools test their
      knowledge of African American history in this team competition. The
      winning team competes in a state-wide contest later in the school year.

      Each February, elementary and secondary school students, parents,
      teachers, and community representatives join millions of others across the
      country by participating in the National African American Read-In Chain.
      The event focuses attention on literacy and African American history.
      Sponsored nationally by the National Council of the Teachers of English
      (NCTE), the program is coordinated at the District level by Curriculum and
      Instruction, Social Sciences, Instructional Technology, Instructional
      Materials and Library Media Services, and Language Arts/Reading. A
      report card indicating the number of schools and students participating in
      the event is submitted to NCTE each year.

      The African American History Speakers’ Bureau is coordinated by the
      Black Archives, in cooperation with Curriculum and Instruction, Social
      Sciences.     African American community leaders from business,
      government, education, and other professional fields make school
      presentations during the month of February and throughout the school

      Each January and February, elementary, middle, and senior high school
      students submit entries to the District’s Black History Essay Contest
      sponsored by Curriculum and Instruction, Social Sciences and Language
      Arts/Reading, the United Teachers of Dade (UTD), and The Miami Times.

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Students address the Black History Month theme through FCAT-style
writing prompt. The essays are scored by staff in Curriculum and
Instruction, Social Sciences and a panel of classroom teachers.

United States Savings Bonds, provided by UTD and The Miami Times, are
awarded to the contest winners at a special awards ceremony.

Curriculum and Instruction, Social Sciences, in cooperation with Miami
Dade College, hosts the annual Theodore Gibson Oratorical, Declamation,
and Advocacy Competition for elementary, middle, and senior high school
students. This program helps students develop their research, writing,
and oral presentation skills. It is estimated that over 1,000 students
participate in this program each year.

Over the past few years, strong partnerships in support of African
American history have developed between the District and a number of
universities, museums, businesses, and civic and community
organizations. These partnerships have resulted in many enrichment
programs, including workshops for teachers, academic competitions for
students, and cultural activities for teachers and students. For example,
excellent partnerships have been developed with Florida Memorial
University, Miami-Dade College, Florida International University,
University of Miami, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,
Black Archives, Dade Heritage Trust, Foundation for Democracy in Africa,
Bass Art Museum, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Herald, The Miami Times,
City of Miami, and Metro-Dade County. As the partnerships continue to
grow, so will the opportunities for teachers and students to strengthen
their knowledge of African American history.

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 Theodore Gibson Committee information, Competition
               and Scheduled Dates

        The following outlines the 2007-2008 Gibson Project Committee

Regions/Campuses               MDCPS Representatives        MDC Representatives
   Executive Oversight         Antoinette P. Dunbar,        Dr. Jose Vicente
                               Executive Representative     Executive Director
   Project Coordinators        Sherrilyn Scott., Co-Chair   Dr. Anna E. Ward, Co-Chair
  Resource Departments         Bernadette S. Poitier        James Kelly
                               Printing and Productions     Media Relations
     I – Hialeah & West        Dr. Lucille E. Collins       Sherri Sinkoff
          Campuses                                          Ana Mahey
   II – Wolfson Campus         Dr. Dyona McLean-Fisher      Dr. John G. Frederick
    III – North & Medical      Lavances Wright Rolle        Lois V. Smith
          Campuses                                          Deborah Shannon
IV – InterAmerican Campus      Dr. Shirley Johnson          Reneé Kilpatrick
    V – Kendall Campus         Denise Barett                Leroy Lashley
 VI – Homestead Campus         Rosa Harvey Pratt            Carlos Archibald

                           Competition and Scheduled Dates

              Event                           Date                     Location
Intra-School Competitions         October to November 1st   In the Schools
Sponsor & Judges Orientation      November 9, 2007          Pending
                                  1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Registration Period               November through          Materials to be sent to the
                                  December 15, 2007         Regional Offices
Students Performing Arts          January 31, 2008          Pending
Workshop                          (tentative)
Regional Competitions:            9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.    Pending
Elementary Schools
 Region I                         March 18
 Region II                        March 19
 Region III                       March 20
 Region IV                        March 21
 Region V                         March 22
 Region VI                        March 23
Regional Competitions:            9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.    Pending
Secondary Schools
 Regions I, II, III               March 27
 Regions IV, V, VI                March 28
Final Competitions and            9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.    MDC-North Campus Lehman
Awards Ceremony                   May 2nd                   Theater

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