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					                                     Evaluation Report
                               NON SCHOOLS BASED PROJECTS
Evaluation is important as a tool for improving future practice, for measuring the impact of a project & as a
record of what Find Your Talent is doing.

Why evaluate?

We evaluate in order to make sound judgements based on evidence. These judgements help to improve the
quality of what we do in the future both as individuals and organisations. It enables project leaders and
practitioners to assess the impact of a project on the young people involved. It enables Find Your Talent to
maintain its quality assurance of the work undertaken under its umbrella and can be used to report to other
agencies and organisations, thereby helping in securing funding and support for future projects.

What does Find Your Talent ask for?

The process of evaluation is important but should not be onerous or consume too much time and energy at the
expense of the project. The Find Your Talent asks for evaluations in three formats:

Ongoing Project Evaluation

Throughout a project and at its completion, the Lead Contact should ensure that feedback is provided by
artists, adult leaders, young people and other adults involved in the project. Our evaluation form provides
space for you to summarise this feedback.

Case Studies

Case studies are the main form in which Find Your Talent promotes the impact of the projects it is involved in.
These focus on individual participants and the impact that the project has on them. Schools / settings are
asked to provide at least one young person as a case study for each new collaborative project they are
involved in. The young person should be broadly representative of the group and who has personally achieved
or progressed as a result of their involvement within the project.

Documentary Evidence

This will take a variety of forms. It may be photographic evidence, art work produced, captured video, sound
recordings or press releases.

Find Your Talent requires copies of any final products such as DVD’s, publications or resource packs.

Your final grant payment will be made on receipt of the completed evaluations
The information gathered will contribute to the evaluation and monitoring of the FYT North Somerset
programme as a whole.

You may find that some of the questions are not relevant to your particular project, that’s fine, just
complete the relevant questions with as much accuracy as you can.

Please complete this form at the end of your project and return to the Find Your Talent Office via
email or Room 100, Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ.

Project contact details
Name of organisation
& Project Name

Name of lead contact:

Postal address:

Email address:

Telephone No:

Website: (if applicable)

Project outcomes

Please tell us what happened during your project
This information might include confirmation of workshops, artists contracted, venues visited, works created etc. We also
welcome supporting literature such as leaflets, posters, photos, and direct feedback from participants.

What were your intentions with this project? What benefits were you hoping to find?

How has the project met the aims and objectives you originally listed in your application?
If not, please suggest why this might have happened.

What could other LA settings learn from your experiences?

Have any new partnerships been created as a result of this project?

How could you build on this project further?

     Project Budget

     Please indicate your income and expenditure for each financial year of your
     Final payment will be made in receipt of completed evaluation

                                                   Year       Year    Year      Total All
     Income                                        08/09      09/10   10/11      Years

     Ticket Sales (if applicable)
     Other Funding Awards
     School Funds
     Partnership Schools
     Parental Contribution


     Cultural Practitioners/Providers
     Hire of Premises
     Transport costs
     Resources/Materials costs
     Other costs (please specify)


Please confirm any grants or sponsorship you have receive

If entrance tickets were sold please enter the number sold and the ticket prices here

Please add here any further comments you might wish to make

How many sessions were delivered to participants? (One session = one morning or one afternoon or
one evening or equivalent)

Total number of sessions _______________________________________

Where did your project take place? Please tick all that apply.

     a      school premises            b    theatre                    c     cinema                     d   media venue
     e      library                    f    heritage site              g     museum                     h   archive
     i      gallery                    j    arts centre                k     sports venue               l   youth centre
     m      commercial venue           n    community venue            o     none of the above
     p      other, please specify

When did your project take place? Please tick all that apply.

    a     before school               b    during lesson time          c     lunchtime                  d   after school
    e     evenings                    f    weekends                    g     school holidays            h   none of the above
    i     other, please specify

What CPD has been offered? Please complete the table below and tick as many boxes as apply.

          Adult Leader     Other staff            To          CPD area

                a                a                  a         artform skills based

                b                b                  b         use of the arts in education

                c                c                  c         museums/heritage skills based

                d                d                  d         use of museums/heritage sites in education

                e                e                  e         archives skills based

                 f                 f                f         use of archives in education

                g                g                  g         libraries skills based

                h                h                  h         use of libraries in education

                 i                 i                i         working alongside other cultural practitioners

                 j                 j                j         other education CPD

                k                k                  k         other arts/cultural CPD

                 l                 l                l         none of the above


How many children and young people took part in the project?
Please count each child or young person only once, regardless of how many times they participated, where activities took
place with combined year groups please specify the number of participants from each year group.

                                                                                            Number for whom
                         Total number of                                    Number of SEN
         Age group                               Number of    Number of                      this was a first
                              pupils                                         or MLD/SLD
            yrs                                    girls        boys                        experience of this
                          participating                                       students
                                                                                             type of activity
         Less than 1




















How many adults participated in the project?
                       Group                                              Number
                       Adult Leaders e.g. youth workers,

                       Parents/other family/carers

                       Staff of arts/cultural organisations


                       Others, please specify who

Outcomes of your project

Have children and young people given any feedback on the project?
If so, please summarise it below and submit additional information if provided.
   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

Have parents and/or carers given any feedback on this activity?
If so, please summarise it below and submit additional information if provided.

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

Have artists/deliverers given any feedback on the project?
If so, please summarise below and submit additional information if provided.

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

Have Adult Leaders or Youth Workers given any feedback on the project?
If so, please summarise below and submit additional information if provided.

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

   ________________________________________________________________________________________

Was anything produced as part of your project? If so, please complete the table below.
Project outputs             Description of outputs (including number of performances,   Number in audience or
                            length of run/exhibition/number of publications)            number distributed or number
                                                                                        of printed copies or number of
                                                                                        website hits (please estimate if
                                                                                        you do not have actual figures)
(e.g. dance, theatre,
storytelling, music)

(e.g. heritage
collections, visual arts,
collections of poetry)

(e.g. DVDs, videos
produced as part of
this project)

(e.g. printed or copied
books, reports or


Media resource(s) (e.g.
websites, DVDs, video,
sound recordings)

Other, please specify

How many children / young people have achieved the following through this project?
Please complete as much of the table below as is relevant to your project.
                                                  no. of                                 No. of children and young people by age
Areas of achievement
                                                  young     Less than
                                                                        1    2   3   4     5   6   7    8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18    19
                                                  people       1yr
a) pupils have performed a piece of music
live to an audience
b) pupils have made their own piece of
individual art work
c) pupils have taken part in a theatre
production, through acting or backstage
d) pupils have taken part in a performance
involving dance to a live audience
e) pupils have created their own piece of
film/media art or watched and commented
on others’
f) pupils have written and/or read aloud
their own piece of original writing, or heard
a professional writer read their original work
g) pupils have visited a museum or an art
gallery and experienced a collection either
digitally or via a loan box
h) pupils have visited a significant building
or site
i) pupils have visited local libraries and
been supported in making use of all they
have to offer
j) pupils have studied documents from
archives and record centres and helped to
understand the story of their community
and country
k) pupils have spent time learning about the
natural environment

l) other, please specify

m) other, please specify

n) none of the above

Has this project been developed with any of the Every Child Matters outcomes in mind?
        yes                        no

If so, which of the Every Child Matters outcomes has this project contributed towards?
(please tick all that apply)

  a     Being Healthy - enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle

  b     Staying Safe - being protected from harm and neglect

  c     Enjoying and Achieving - getting the most out of life and developing the skills for adulthood

  d     Making a Positive Contribution - being involved with the community and society and not engaging in anti-social or
        offending behaviour

  e     Economic Well-being - not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life

Please briefly explain in what way the outcomes were achieved

Please use the space below to tell us anything else about this project or CPD activity.

Please return this completed form to the FYT Office within 30 days of the end of your

North Somerset Council
Find Your Talent
Town Hall
BS23 1UJ
Or Email:


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