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          G$ldil$cks %nd *£e *£ree Be%rs

     $nce up$n % *ime *£ere w%s % li**le girl c%lled
G$ldil$cks. S£e £%d % brig£* smiling f%ce %nd
l$vely, g$lden, curly £%ir. $ne sunny d%y s£e wen*
f$r % w%lk in *£e l$c%l w$$ds. S£e w%lked %nd
w%lked *£en suddenly re%lised *£%* s£e didn’* kn$w
w£ere s£e w%s. S£e w%s l$s*!
     *£ree be%rs lived in *£ese s%me w$$ds. *£ere
w%s Mummy Be%r, D%ddy Be%r %nd B%by Be%r.
Every m$rning *£ey liked *$ e%* p$rridge f$r
bre%kf%s* *$ £elp m%ke *£em nice %nd s*r$ng. $n
*£is p%r*icul%r d%y *£e p$rridge w%s f%r *$$ £$*
*$ e%* s$ *£ey decided *$ g$ f$r % w%lk *$ le* i*
c$$l d$wn.

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