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									                  HISTORY PROGRAMME


The History Programme holds copies of the Honours Research Essays
listed in this catalogue. Unless specifically stated these essays are not
available for interloan. However they are available for students to
consult within the confines of the History Programme.

A catalogue of Hist 489 essays held by the History Programme:

                        1958 - 1959
                        1977 - 2006


'Politics in the settlement of Nelson: 1842-1853'            B. T. Brooks

'"Grey and Eyre" : The constitutional impasse in New         H. I. Dowrick
Munster: 1850'

'The Self-Reliant Policy in New Zealand - December 1864      Michael Kelly
to July 1865'

'The making of New Zealand's first constitution'             Hugh D. Molson

'Some aspects of the Auckland Separation Movement:           William R. Roff

'The Auckland Municipal Council 1851-52'                     D. J. Rowe

'The settlers reaction to the 1846 Act in Wellington: seen   Zavos
through the eyes of the Wellington newspapers'

'The Settlers' Constitutional Association of Wellington:
Its origins and aims'


'Some aspects of the reception of the New Zealand            Jennifer M. Dinwoodie
Constitution of 1852 in Auckland Newspapers the New
Zealander and the Southern Cross'

'Auckland attitudes to responsible government 1852-55'       T Donnelly


'The development of suburbanisation in Karori from 1840         R. W. Anderson
to 1936 with special reference to Campbell Street'

'The first New Zealand Exhibition at Dunedin in 1865 as         R. W. Anderson
an expression of provincial rivalry'

'The Levellers and Diggers use of the Norman Yoke               R. W. Anderson

'Some critical observations on the modern military              James Belich
interpretation of the Maori Wars'

'The effects and significance of the Lands for Settlement       James Belich
Acts on the large landowners: Some suggestions towards
an interpretation'

'The development of Winstanley's political thought'             Janet Chilton

'The female domestic servant 1900-1910'                         Janet Chilton

'Some New Zealand contributors to Polynesian                    Clive Currie
anthropology - "the period of the enthusiastic amateur" -
circa 1890-1920'

'Millenianism in Winstanley'                                    A. M. Godfrey

'The social effects of the land legislation in the Wellington   Rosemary Hambling
Land District 1880-1885'

'The Levellers' Concept of Deference'                           Rosemary Hambling

'Contemporary reactions to the Diggers'                         M. V. Hurley

'The Levellers and the army: March to November, 1647'           Bryan Kyle

'Where the urban poor lived - a study centred around the        P. Orsman
flu epidemic of 1918-1919'

'Class and party in New Zealand, 1887-90: A critical            Roberto Rabel

                               1978, 1979, 1980

'The role of the Maori Member of the House of               Sonja Banks
Representatives, 1867-1892'

'Soldier farmers: The development of the Settlement         C. J. Billinghurst
Scheme in New Zealand 1915-1920'

'The Liberals and Temperance in N.Z. 1886-1895'             Christopher Campbell

'Images of New Zealand in government film-making            Sarah Davy

'Three aspects in the rise of the working class'            Tilak Doshi

'How did the eighteenth century English School of           Christopher Matthews
Painting arise, considering the attitude of eighteenth
century connoisseurs and patrons towards English artists:
and who displayed the School's distinguishing features?'

'Edith Searle Grossmann and feminism in New Zealand'        Karen G. L. Morris

'New Zealand intellectual history - The New Zealand         Lesley Murrihy
illustrated magazine'

'Samuel McFarlane, William Lawes, James Chalmers in         Jonathan Scott
New Guinea 1872-1885'

'Charles James Fox and the Fox North Coalition'             Philip J. Stopforth


'Horaho Gordon Robley, his experiences in New Zealand        Michael Anda
and dealings with thereafter' * plus an appendix in folder
(2 folders)

'Working-class participation in Wellington Club Cricket      Nigel Beckford

'The consistency of Christopher Hill's interpretation of     Justin Cargill
the genesis and importance of the 'English Revolution'

'Changing social composition in Wellington rugby, 1879       Barry Howard
to 1939'

'What was the role of the working class in the Wellington    Paulette Keating
anti-tour movement in 1981?'

'Maternity services in New Zealand in the 1930s and the      Alison Ward
work of the Committee of Inquiry, 1938'


'The weathermen'                                             N. Boyack

'The artist's mission to the Philistines: James M. Nairn     Jan Harris
and art in Wellington in the 1890's'

'The reaction of the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington      Michael Kelly
to the secular provision of the 1877 Education Act with
particular reference to the establishment of St. Patrick's
College, Wellington'

'Cultural and associational life: A study of the cultural    Alan M. G. Marshall
and association institutions of Wellington around 1870,
including a comparison with those of Leeds at about the
same period'

'The IHC Society - the first twenty-five years'              Alison Riseborough

'The Leveller attitudes to the Regicide'                     David Stormer

'Machiavellian continuity: an attempt to interpret Niccolo   David Venables
Machiavelli's Istorie fiorentine in the light of what went
before it'


'The 1951 Waterfront Dispute: A reappraisal'                 David A. Armstrong

'"Taking the theatre to the masses" Wellington's Unity       Rachel Barrowman
Theatre, 1940-49'

'Nuclear weapons tests: Some political aspects of regional   Jone Dakuvula
opposition in the South Pacific 1956-1975'

'Jean Lampila: "The good shepherd lays down his life for     Peter Gordon
the sheep." - The ordeal by fire'

'Communities under threat? Some effects of the Great         R. H. Henderson
Depression in the Manawatu Region'

'The forces of instability which undermined the              Ginny Legge
Governorships of Hunter, King and Bligh and culminated
in the Rum Rebellion'

'The rise of New Unionism and the Maritime Strike in         Robert B Macbeth
Wellington, 1890'

'The Churches' response to social problems in Wellington     Robin Ormerod

'"Only a profession" D. K. Richmond - the woman as artist    Catherine Reid

'Wars of seeing: The War images of two New Zealand           W. Stagg
official War artists'

'The Temperance and Prohibition Movement in                  Jennifer Taylor
Wellington: The Campaign for Sobriety: 1893-1894'

'The immigrant in Wellington: The social mobility of Irish   Tony Walzl
Catholics arriving between 1840 and 1880'
held by Miles Fairburn

'Admiral Sir John Fisher and the strategic re-distribution   Matthew Wright
of the British Battle-Fleets 1904-1909'

'Philomel: Mutiny or Strike?'                               Geoff Cron

'On the shoulders of the commune: A critical comparison     K. P. Dallow
of Marx's and Lenin's analyses of the Paris Commune of
1871. in The Civil War in France and The State and
Revolution '

'Tradition and innovation: Social and political change in   Yu-Lina George
Rural France in the nineteenth century' Book 1.

'Tradition and innovation: Social and political change in   Yu-Lina George
Rural France in the nineteenth century' Book 2

'The forces of instability which undermined the             Ginny Legge
Governorships of Hunter, King and Bligh and culminated
in the Rum Rebellion'

'Victoria University College extravaganzas 1935-1945: As    Mark V. Petty
a mirror of student opinion'

'Of the female persuasion: Female felons in Wellington,     Morag Riddell
1869 and 1870'

'Aspects of the proposed union of England and Scotland,     Philip Sales
1603-1610: Some thoughts on groups, sentiment, and

'What a laugh!: A study New Zealand humour 1915-45'         Helen Williams


'Napoleon Bonaparte and his British biographers'               Robert Cairns

'Interpersonal conflict in colonial New Zealand: A study       Caroline Daley
of violence and civil litigation in Wellington, 1870 - 1872'

'Residential segregation and the Labour vote in New            Mark J. Pearson
Zealand towns, 1925'

'British policies and the economy of the early Colony of       Joanna Sanders
New South Wales'

'Occasion or cause?: The events in Hungary and the             Kerry Taylor
departure of dissidents from CPNZ, 1956-7'

'The crime of vagrancy in Wellington 1875 - 76'                Phillip M. Todd

'The Western Press and the Nicaraguan Revolution'              Anna Wear


'The historiography of the Glorious Revolution 1688-89'        R. P. Boast

'Imperialism in New Zealand in the 1920's; State               Lucille Curtis
phantasm or popular reality?'

'Revival or continuity?: Maori society in the late             Danny Keenan
nineteenth century - A reconnaissance'

'The debate over the abolition of slavery in the British       Andrew Tolley
West Indies'

'Charles II and Parliament : A brief historiographical         Karen A. Vernon


'The National Party and the War Administration, 1942'      Dean J. Bedford

'Collaboration in Wanganui 1840-1880: A strategy or        Catherine Bishop

'Crime and the Maori; An historical perspective'           Paul Christoffel

'Firearms and "Fatal Impact" in New Zealand 1800 - 1835.   John Koning
An historiographical reconnaissance'

'Why did Wellington seamen oppose their National           Richard Manning
President during the 1951 Waterfront Dispute?'

'The development of New Zealand criminal prosecution       R.S. Shires
procedure 1840 - Early 20th century'

'An analysis of the Wellington signatories of the 1893     Sandra Thomas
Petition for Women's Suffrage'


'Mirroring political and economic Change and employing       Jay Alter
a nonconfrontational approach: Why the development of
CER was characterised by consensus and a lack of

'"The cheering never stopped", The Royal Tour of New         Peter Attwell
Zealand 1953-1954'
(available on interloan)

'Women political candidates in New Zealand General           Vanya Bootham
Elections 1919-1951'

'1949: the year Labour turned its back on tradition: The     Emma Francis
introduction of compulsory military training in

'Soviet historiography of the February Revolution of 1917:   Roman Gershenfeld
From Burdzhalov to Glasnost'

'Disremembering defeat : The Vietnam War film in             Sara Knox
cultural context'

'Film and propaganda': The Labour Government and the         Anne McClellan
New Zealand National Film Unit's Weekly Review: 1941 to

'The perplexing rapprochement: Fintan Patrick Walsh          Malcolm MacLean
and the Communists 1958-1959'
(available on interloan)

'NZ and Vietnam 1964-1965. Why was there a debate?'          Ingrid Rampton

'The third force? An interpretation of events in the         K. D. Schmidt
Wanganui area during the 1860s, with particular
reference to French Catholic evidence'

'Department of Health - Institutional racism?'               Keiti Tiata


'Assessing the validity of Lake's Masculinism in The New   Amanda Broatch
Zealand context through an analysis of the WCTU'S
campaign against alcohol consumption'

'Women for "Peace, freedom and progress", Woman Today      Penny Ehrhardt
Magazine, 1937-39'
(available on interloan)

'Lucid before nature: CEZANNE,            the   Romantic   D. Johnson
temperament and the idea of the artist'

'Critique of "Crystal palaces or absolute horror?:         Philip Matthews
Perceptions of Bohemian drug use, the United States,

'New Zealand attitudes towards Britain's entry into the    John O'Brien
EEC, 1969-72'

'Drama, division and denouement: Dramatic activity at      Carol Stevenson
Victoria University College and student culture c. 1940-

'Colin McCahon and the northern Romantic Tradition'        Rob Taylor


'Writing of their colonial experiences: Female pioneering    Sarah Catherall
memoirs in published form 1870-1920'

„The limits of dissent: Media imagery versus political and   Andrew Cooper
social realities in 1960s America: a study of Senator
Robert F Kennedy‟s policies regarding race, class and the
Vietnam War and how the establishment media
responded to his agenda for change‟

'British "China Men": Robert Hart, Thomas Wade and           Tobin Dennis
Rutherford Alcock in China 1842-1908'

'Too much leeway: A comparative study of Catherine           Mary J. Hobbs
Stewart and Mary Dreaver, second and third New
Zealand Women Members of Parliament'

'Two separate purses: The passage of the Married             Janine Paver
Women's Property Act, 1884'

'A peaceful path to reform. The Garden City/Suburb           Ben Schrader
Movement in New Zealand/Aotearoa 1900-1930'
(available on interloan)


'The development of physical education in New Zealand     J. Cauchi
State Primary Schools between 1900 and 1920'

'The Wellington papers and the 1981 Springbok Tour: An    Tristan Lee
historical media study'

'Defence policy 1972-1978: Adapting to change in New      Michael O'Connor
Zealand's strategic environment'

'"Getting the treatment": The politicisation of Pacific   Tamara Ross
Island 'Overstayers' in NZ 1974-1976'

'The rise of the 1926 Mau Movement in Western Samoa'      V. K. Sagaga

'Danish settlers in Hawke's Bay during the 1870s and      Tony Severinsen

'Women's struggles for equal treatment as jurors in New   Mary-Jane Smith

'Women's Suffrage in Hawkes Bay 1885-1893                 Victoria Upton


'Be fit and add something to the person - The sport and     Miriam Clark
physical recreation programme of the YWCA 1918-1939'
(available on interloan)

'Playing Like gentlemen while behaving like ladies:         Jennie Gallagher
Women and mountaineering in New Zealand 1920-1953'

'Photography in New Zealand 1892-1904: as seen in the       Reid Perkins
pages of "Sharland's New Zealand photographer"'
(available on interloan)


'The 1949 General Election: Why did Labour lose?'           Rosita Gallen
(available on interloan)

'The army of opportunity? Social and military               Peter Hodge
backgrounds of NZEF officers in the Great War, 1914-
1918' (available on interloan)

'Images of confined women: The development of               Patricia Malcolm
women's prisons in 1950s Aotearoa - New Zealand
society' (available on interloan)

'Media feeding frenzy - Why Dan Quayle was Right'           Neil Miller

'Wife-beating in late nineteenth century Wellington'        Keryn Stevenson

'Emigration: Ireland to New Zealand 1850-1900' (available   Heather Webber
on interloan)

„Madness misdiagnosed: A feminist view of mental            Sue Wightman
illness in 1950 New Zealand‟
(Women’s Studies/History)


'Patterns of continuity and change. Continuing trends in   Jo Burton
New Zealand Labour relations and industrial legislation,
1968 and 1991'
(available on interloan)

'Opposition to Newtonianism in the early eighteenth        Danna Finlayson-Smith
century' (available on interloan)

'Invisible working women: Hospital Matrons, 1885 to        Margaret McDougall
1911' (available on interloan)

'Four Westerners and the search for democracy in           Claire Mitchell
wartime China 1937-1945'

'Silent visions: The influence of motion pictures on New   Graham R A Owen
Zealand society 1896-1914'
(available on interloan)

'"The link that binds the movement": The Story of The      Stephen Robertson
New Zealand Worker and the New Zealand Labour
Movement, 1916-1935'
(available on interloan)

'Maori and history'                                        Rowan Tautari

'The Native Townships Act 1895'                            Suzanne Woodley


'The politics of Chile 1964-73: Which factors contributed   Michael Batson
to the overthrow of Salvador Allende Gossens in the
military coup of 1973?'
(available on interloan)

'Concepts of Kingship and Emperorship in the reigns of      Judith Fitzpatrick
Louis the Pious and Charles the Bald: 817-843'
(available on interloan)

'Did American magazines of the 1950s promote the            Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler
Feminine Mystique?'
(available on interloan)

'Germaine Greer's visit to New Zealand 5-11 March 1972'     Kirsten Mason
(available on interloan)

„The ordering characteristics of the New Zealand Primary    Iona Pannett
School System: The Terrace School 1900-1930‟
(available on interloan)

'Gender images within National Film Unit "Pictorial         Deidra A. Sullivan
parades" 1953-1969'
(available on interloan)

'Media and the Pro-Democracy Movement in Tonga,             Semisi V. Tongia
(available on interloan)


„Violence, larceny, disorder and the struggle for power.      Donald Anderson
An examination of class conflict through crime in
Wellington during the Great Strike of 1913‟
(available on interloan)

„“Mercy and secrecy”: Mother Mary Joseph Aubert and           Penny Anderson
the Jerusalem Foundling Home 1891-1899‟
(available on interloan)

„Maori polygamy in nineteenth century New Zealand: A          Johanne Benseman
case study of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki and Rua
Kenana Hepetipa‟
(available on interloan)

„Natural movement in New Zealand from c.1919-1929‟            Anna Brown
(available on interloan)

„The thought of William Gilbert within the context of the     Sarah Crawford
Scientific Revolution‟
(awaiting copy))

„Oriental Parade: Continuity and change. A history of         Kynan Gentry
(available on interloan)

„“A house divided against itself cannot stand”: The           Esther King
Wellington feminist movement 1895-1917‟
(available on interloan)

“From „Lady climbers‟ to „He-Men‟: Aspects of gender          Ann McCarthy
relations in New Zealand mountaineering and tramping”
(available on interloan)

„Inflicted with cruelty‟                                      Hayley Robertson
(available on interloan)

„New Zealand‟s sectarian tradition and its role in the 1919   Michael Smith
and 1922 general elections‟
(available on interloan)


„Private tragedies made public: Maternal mortality in        Rachel S. Brown
New Zealand 1890-1915‟
(available on interloan)

„The Partition of India: An historiographical reversal?‟     Daniel Burkhard
(available on interloan)

„Bloodlines and rebel hearts: The political biography of a   Jayne Costelloe
New Zealand-Irish nationalist‟
(available on interloan)

„George Wallace, the American Independent Party and          Ben Nicholls
the transformation of conservative politics‟
(available on interloan)

„The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Samoa‟                       Philippa Shallard
(awaiting copy))

„Freda Cook: A dissenting voice in a conformist society‟     Jennifer Skinner
(available on interloan)

'Shadow Women: Presbyterian ministers' wives in New          Morag J. Gray
(available on interloan)

„The search for a civil society in modern China'             Miranda Johnson
(available on interloan)

„From mail order to female order? The work culture of        Evan Roberts
department store employees in New Zealand, 1890-1960'
(available on interloan)

„Prejudice and the law: Plessy to Brown. An examination      Louise Small
of the impact of, and the fight against, statutory
segregation from 1896 to 1954 on racial integration in the
United States today'
(available on interloan)

„The media and the making of American foreign policy:        Katherine Wilson
Bosnia, a test study'
(awaiting copy)


'Shimmering images: Gender, modernity and The Mirror         Jenn Corbitt
1922 - 1938
(available on interloan)

'Off to the dance: An exploration of New Zealand rural       Emma Dewson
women and social interaction at community dances and
balls, 1870s to the 1930s'
(available on interloan)

'Whatever happened to the radical rag?: The story of The     David Long
Standard, 1935-45'
(available on interloan)

'Cooking the books: An examination of the work of rural      Lynette Squire
Pakeha women in New Zealand between the 1880s and
the 1920s with particular reference to the culinary arts
and duties'
(available on interloan)

„The pioneer myth and the reality: European settlement in   Conrad Travers
Wellington 1840-1850‟
(available on interloan)

'Two into one? The relationship between two forms of     Odette Frost
authority in Western Samoa, 1922-36'
(available on interloan)

'From slavery to freedom: The Amistad case and           Lina Nicholson
American abolition'
(available on interloan)

„Writing the voyage: A study of the voyage journals of   Angela O'Hara
ten women migrants to New Zealand 1870-1885'
(available on interloan)

„Settlers and settling in Manunui c.1905-c.1942'         Timothy Shoebridge
(available on interloan)

'God's own mothers - Upper Hutt's women of mercy         Jessica Venning-Bryan

(available on interloan)

„Swiss migration to New Zealand 1935-1955'               Joan Waldvogel
(available on interloan)

„Women‟s rural work circa 1880-1930: A study in sources‟    David Boyce
(available on interloan)

„SANA [Scientists against Nuclear Arms] for a saner         Briony Coote
world: An NZ public venture in scientific responsibility‟
(available on interloan)

„China forum: Chinese radicalism 1932-1934‟                 Emma Dee
(available on interloan)

„Doing your own dirty work: From domestic servant to        Rosie Hickman
electric servant in the New Zealand home‟

„Fly me to the moon: The New York Times/skyscrapers         Angus Macdonald
1929-39 – a test of a primary source'
(available on interloan)

„Wellington‟s “low neighbourhood”? Perspectives on          Paul Pascoe
Vivian Street in the context of early twentieth century
New Zealand perceptions of the “slum”.‟
(available on interloan)

„Runaway slaves in Jamaica: An analysis of the Journal of   Vivian Rodríguez
Plantation Overseer Thomas Thistlewood, 1751-1756‟
(available in History only)

„Aotearoa‟s Unknown Visitors: A re-examination of the        James Ashwell
evidence relating to a pre-Tasman, European discovery of     Supervisor: Paul D‟Arcy
New Zealand‟
(available on interloan)

„Where do you come from dear? - Notions of Identity          Sharmila Bernau
amongst New Zealand Trained Asian Doctors: An Oral           Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
History Project‟
(available on interloan)

„Dominion of Desire: Gender, consumption, and the            Ruth Cook
Department Store in Wellington 1930-1938, a Case Study       Supervisor: Susan Grogan
(available on interloan)

„Ei‟s Forever Floating‟                                      Susan Hanaray
                                                             Supervisor: Paul D‟Arcy
(available on interloan)

„The Birth Choice Movement and the Media: An                 Fran Lovell
evaluation of the 1989-1991 popular media coverage of        Supervisor: Pauline Keating
social, political and economic issues related to the birth   Melanie Nolan (informally)
choice movement, using as reference point the
professional and scholarly writings on the subject in the
1980s and 1990s‟
(available on interloan)

„An Ongoing Conflict: History, military ethics and the       Alexander McEwen
bombing of Dresden in 1945‟                                  Supervisor: Susan Grogan
(available on interloan)

„Conceiving the Empire-Builder: Tropical medicine and        Hilary McGeachy
national identity in the British Medical Journal, c. 1885-   Supervisor: (primary)
1914‟                                                        Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
                                                             (secondary) Paul D‟Arcy

(available on interloan)

„The Nature of Pacific Island Peace: a Comparative Study     Matthew McKinnon
of the Armed Conflicts in Bougainville (1988-1998) and       Supervisor: Paul D‟Arcy
The Solomon Islands (1998-June 2003)‟
(available on interloan)

„“rehearsing the laws I cannot subscribe to”. Resisting      Alice Miller
the Dominant Discourse in the work of Adrienne Rich‟         Supervisor: Richard Gowers
(available on interloan)

„Why the Rift? Maori and environmentalists in the 1980s‟       Keri Mills
(available on interloan)                                       Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes &
                                                               Paul D‟Arcy

„The Historical Landscapes of Paekakariki‟                     Anna-Marie O‟Brien
                                                               Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes &
                                                               Paul D‟Arcy
(available on interloan)

„Time magazine and US Foreign Policy: The Iran-Iraq            Jonathan Sarich
conflict 1979-1991                                             Supervisor: Richard Gowers
(available on interloan)

„Waitangi Day 1984-2000: A comparative study of media          Patrick Southee
coverage using The Dominion (Wellington) and The Daily         Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes
News (Taranaki) newspapers‟
(available on interloan)

„”Dictatorship in the Party”. Cabinet Selection in the First   Craig Spanhake
Labour Government 1935-1949: An overview of political          Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„Confirming identity: The transition from Bertillonage to      Iona Wassilieff
fingerprinting in England and the United States of             Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„Visions of the Green Fairy: Absinthe and alcohol culture      Lindsay Wilkins
in Paris through the eyes of writers and artists, 1850-1914‟   Supervisor: Susan Grogan
(available on interloan)

„The Treaty of Waitangi in Context: A Comparative Look       Karen Cheer
at Atlantic Africa and New Zealand, 1788-1880‟               Supervisor: Steve Behrendt/
(available on interloan)                                     Richard Hill

„Resisting the Holocaust: A Study in Representation‟         Elissa Chong
(available on interloan)                                     Supervisor: Simone Gigliotti/
                                                             Giacomo Lichtner

„Duty and Honour – The Dominions Go to War:                  Rick Dodgson
Categorising the 1939 New Zealand Declarartion of War        Supervisor: Andrew Francis
through Comparative Analysis‟
(available on interloan)

„Historiography of the Eighteen Fifty-Seven Indian           Bruce Dowie
Revolt‟                                                      Supervisor: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
(available on interloan)

„The Beeville Community, c.1933-1973. Rural Radicals‟        Rosemary Fyfe
(available on interloan)                                     Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald

Family Court New Zealand: A study of government              Jacqueline Martin
policy and migrant families in the late twentieth century:   Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„Ngati Toa Rangatira and Governor Sir George Grey: The       Sonja Mitchell
Clash of Maori and British Interests in the Hutt Valley,     Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes
(available on interloan)

„Tuberculosis in Wellington: A Case Study, 1890-1920‟        Rachel Patrick
(available on interloan)                                     Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald

„Manufacturing a Consensus: the debate of „genuine‟          Deborah Stowe
conscience in World War One New Zealand‟                     Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„The Impact of Gallipoli on New Zealand Wartime              Sarah Whitehead
Propaganda, August 1914-August 1916‟                         Supervisor: Andrew Francis
(available on interloan)

„Beyond Economics: Remittances and the New Zealand-          Zoe Wyatt
Samoa relationship since Samoa‟s independence‟               Supervisor: Paul D‟Arcy
(available on interloan)


„”Ill Met By Moonlight”: Media Representation of Sun       Bronwyn Bruce
Myung Moon and the Unification Church‟                     Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
(available on interloan)

„The Flying Minister, The War Council and Bases: The       Peter Carter
Rise of International Commercial Aviation and US-New       Supervisor: Adrian Muckle
Zealand Relations, 1935-1945‟
(available on interloan)

„Seen but not heard: domestic violence and divorce in      Narelle Gray
New Zealand‟s Popular Press, 1944-1950‟                    Supervisor: Kate Hunter
(available on interloan)

„Westerners Witness Land Reform in Rural China‟            Isaac Hensman
(available on interloan)                                   Supervisor: Pauline Keating

„Fire in the New Zealand Landscape‟                        Ewan Kelsall
(available on interloan)                                   Supervisor: Kate Hunter

„Calamity in the Capital: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in   Rebecca Lenihan
Wellington‟                                                Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
(available on interloan)

„The Success of Flying Nun Records, 1981-1993‟             Oliver O‟Connell
(available on interloan)                                   Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes

„The Lure of the Orient: A case study of the involvement   Sophie Rattanong
of New Zealander James Bertram in leftist politics in      Supervisor: Pauline Keating
Nationalist and early-Communist China‟
(available on interloan)

„Representations of the Treaty of Waitangi in New          Neil Robbins
Zealand‟s Historical Writing, 1900-1940‟                   Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes
(available on interloan)

„The Very Error of the Moon. Dr Theodore Grant Gray        Lisa Sacksen
and the Mental Defectives Amendment Act 1928‟              Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
(available on interloan)

„Escaping the Isolated Suburbia Trip‟: Exploring the   Megan Simpson
Alternative Lifestyle Movement in New Zealand in the   Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
(available on interloan)

„This Side of the Water‟                               Alister Thomson
(available on interloan)                               Supervisor: Donald Macraild and
                                                       Dolores Janiewski

„The Life and Decline of Wellington‟s Boarding Houses:     Julia Baigent
1920-1950‟                                                 Supervisor: Malcolm McKinnon
(available on interloan)

„From exalted myth to mere mortal? : An examination of     Sohini Bandyopadhyay
the changing biographical perceptions of Adolf Hitler in   Supervisor: Simone Gigliotti
historical narrative and cinema 1978-2005‟
(available on interloan)

„Centrepoint Community: Public Perceptions, 1980-1990‟     Zane Bower
(available on interloan)                                   Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald/
                                                           Malcolm McKinnon

„”We were like guinea pigs”. Memories of Nazi Medicine:    Jessica Caldwell
How survivors of Ravensbrück and Auschwitz recall          Supervisor: Simone Gigliotti
medical experiments and medicine‟
(available on interloan)

„”Subhuman Hibernian Scum”: Cartoon representation of      Jeremy Cresswell
the Irish in Punch and Harper’s Weekly, 1866-1871‟         Supervisor: Don MacRaild
(available on interloan)

„”Fenianism” on the West Coast of New Zealand: A           Louis Dalzell
diasporic perspective‟                                     Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„Doing Their Duty: The impact of conscription on farming   Lisa James
families in New Zealand during the Great War‟              Supervisor: Kate Hunter
(available on interloan)

„The Mount Eden prison riot: crime and crisis in 1960s     Susie Johnston
New Zealand‟                                               Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
(available on interloan)

„Widening Perspectives: Scholarly accounts of the          Jennifer Jones
Chinese Democracy Movement, April-June 1989‟               Supervisor: Pauline Keating
(available on interloan)

„The Yoke of Inherited Animosity: Ethno-regional           Daniel Ethan Kraus
Cleavages in Uganda‟s Governmental Entities, 1894-2006‟    Supervisor: Steve Behrendt
(available on interloan)

„Remembering Vietnam. Popular Memory of an                    Benjamin Lindsay
Unpopular War: Newspapers, Hollywood and the                  Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
Vietnam War from 1976-2002‟
(available on interloan)

„The Kashmir Conflict: What are the factors preventing its    Claire McEntee
resolution in recent years – particularly since the 1990s?‟   Supervisor: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
(available on interloan)

„Flags as Power play in Maori and Pakeha Relations‟           Esther McGill
(available on interloan)                                      Supervisor: Adrian Muckle

„”Avaricious money-making harlots” and “innocent              Alice Neville
country boys exposed to temptation”: Prostitution in          Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
New Zealand in Word War 1‟
(available on interloan)

„Treasonous Magic: The Conjurers of 1561‟                     Aidan O‟Rourke
(available on interloan)                                      Supervisor: Glyn Parry

„Tokoroa: A Saga of Modern Day High-Pressure                  Gareth Roderick
Pioneering. An analysis of Tokoroa and its place within       Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
New Zealand social history‟
(available on interloan)

„Chartist historiography and the role of the Irish in         Craig Watterson
constructions of class and language‟                          Supervisor: Don MacRaild
(available on interloan)

„Monstrous births: Representations of the Elizabethan       Lanei Alexander
body‟                                                       Supervisor: Glyn Parry
(available on interloan)

„Alchemy in the English Jacobean Court‟                     James Campbell
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Glyn Parry

„The 1951 Waterfront Dispute in New Zealand: An             Cameron Cotter
historiographical appraisal‟                                Supervisor: Melanie Nolan
(available on interloan)

„Military Migration and Plantation Security in Ireland,     Michael Devine
1605-1641‟                                                  Supervisor: Steve Behrendt
(available on interloan)

„Jewish Refugees and U.S. Policy: The Debate over the       Amy Donald
Wagner-Rogers Bill‟                                         Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
(available on interloan)

„The New Arab: 1970s Hollywood and the Middle East‟         Francis Jones
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Giacomo Lichtner

„Liverpool‟s Greenland Whaling trade, 1750-1823‟            Kate Jordan
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Steve Behrendt

„A Maori Battalion: The Pioneer Battalion, Leisure and      Erin Keenan
Identity, 1914-1919‟                                        Supervisor: Kate Hunter
(available on interloan)

„Elizabeth I, Alchemy and Cornelius de Lannoy‟              Malcolm McKenzie
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Glyn Parry

„Redefining the role of the First Lady: The media and       Prema McIntosh
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1922-1994‟                          Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
(available on interloan)

„A kiss from France and a touch of lace: Bridging the gap   Aimee Nicholson
between New Zealand masculinity and 1920s consumer          Supervisor: Kate Hunter
culture, 1900-1930‟
(available on interloan)

„Impressment and Desertion in the Liverpool West India      Nicholas Radburn
Fleet, 1803-1807‟                                           Supervisor: Steve Behrendt
(available on interloan)

„Taking the Waters: A study of English spa towns c. 1680-   Heather Sevicke-Jones
1750, focusing on Bath and Tunbridge Wells‟                 Supervisor: Steve Behrendt
(available on interloan)

„New Zealand Freethinkers, 1870-1890‟                       Carolyn Taylor
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Malcolm McKinnon

„People and Land: The Turanga Report‟                       Kesaia Waigth
(available on interloan)                                    Supervisor: Giselle Byrnes

„Banning the Barmaid: The bar as a site of gender. New      Fiona Warren
Zealand‟s Licensing Amendment Act 1910‟                     Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
(available on interloan)

„Simon Taylor of Jamaica: The shipping interests of             Ben Craven
Jamaica‟s wealthiest sugar planter, 1783-1810‟                  Supervisor: Steve Behrendt
(available on interloan)

„Reinforcing the Moon: The politics of the Space Race           Matthew Cunningham
during the Kennedy administration, 1961-1963‟                   Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
(available on interloan)

„Conflict and Crisis: The significance of theology, political   Richard Deeble
ideology and institutional crisis to conflict in the Southern   Supervisor:
Baptist Convention, 1979-1987‟
(available on interloan)

„Arabs, Terrorism and the Media: When did the Media             Tara Faulkner-Clayton
Fusion begin?‟                                                  Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
(available on interloan)

„Rabid Protestant or Catholic Loyalist?: Anthony Munday         Michael Gill
in the context of the 1580 Jesuit Mission to England‟           Supervisor: Glyn Parry
(available on interloan)

„Milošević and the not so “Silent Majority”: An analysis of     Elizabeth Major
the protagonists of the Serbian October 5th Revolution‟         Supervisor: Alexander Maxwell
(available on interloan)

„Cricket and the Imperial Mission to New Zealand in the         Owen Mann
Edwardian Age. The Lord Hawke XI (1902-1903) and                Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
MCC (1906-1907)‟
(available on interloan)

„The First Lady in New Zealand: Eleanor Roosevelt‟s 1943        Anna Monson
visit to New Zealand: Historically significant or a blip on     Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski
the radar?‟
(available on interloan)

„Witchcraft and Medicine: The relationship between              Katherine Porter
medicine and witchcraft in seventeenth century England‟         Supervisor: Glyn Parry
(available on interloan)

„The “Lost Weekend”: The introduction of Saturday               Hayden O‟Brien
Trading and its impact on playing numbers in Senior             Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald
Club Rugby and Netball in Wellington , 1970-1990‟
(available on interloan)

„Hide and Seek: The Fourth Labour Government and         Charlie Russell
media manipulation‟                                      Supervisor: Evan Roberts
(available on interloan)

„The Letter Writing Practices of New Zealand soldiers     Matthew Scott
during the Great War: Reconsidering the letter as an    Supervisor: Adrian Muckle/Kate Hunter
historical source‟
(available on interloan)

„Gendered Aspects of Racial Hygiene Laws: A              Gabrielle Stewart
Comparative Study of American and German Eugenics,       Supervisor: Simone Gigliotti
(available on interloan)

„Visiting Wonderland after Tarawera‟                     Paul Sutherland
(available on interloan)                                 Supervisor: Adrian Muckle

„A Comparative Study of Witchcraft in England and         Elizabeth Walker
France: The beliefs of William Perkins and Pierre de     Supervisor: Glyn Parry
(available on interloan)

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