Beachcombing adolescents find bale of cocaine washed up by sdfsb346f


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									Finders. Keepers.
Genre Teen Adventure Drama
(Alt: Lost Property)

Whilst on a surfing holiday down in Cornwall a group of VW Dormobile
driving, partying, beachcombing adolescents find a large bale of
cocaine washed up.

They debate whether to hand it in or not but soon succumb to the
temptation that they can make a lot of money and indulge

Back in London they start to deal out small amounts to friends and
contacts and start to live the high life. The amounts and the deals
eventually get larger and they are forced to become more
professional and circumspect because of envious local dealers.

Eventually a distant acquaintance gets busted. A bent policeman then
realizes that the high purity signature of the cocaine means that it can
only have come from one source. He then alerts the ruthless East End
villains who come looking to reclaim their property.

The film charts the friends story as their lives and relationships spin out of
control - caused by the sudden access to drugs and money.


Like Whiskey Galore meets Scarface.

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