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									Argumentative Essays

     By James Abela
            Today’s Outline

Brainstorming   Topic Sentence                  Building

  Intro              Types                 Conclusion
        Love Triangles

Train                                    Car

Quick Planning - Mindmaps
                     Wide range of
                      uses: from
                      Internet site
                      design to
                      brainstorming in
                     Generate ideas
                      about 30% faster

       Steps to planning!

 Draw a Mindmap as fast as possible
 Select 3-5 ideas (In an exam, just
  choose by instinct)
 Each of those ideas can then be made
  into a paragraph
 Once complete – reread your work
 Write a conclusion…
 Check grammar and spelling
      Planning It…
For                Against

          Speed Writing
 Use instinct…
 Use ideas generated
 Write as fast as possible
 Don’t go over word limit by too
 Allow time to check

        Topic Sentences

I had a wonderful summer.
First, I started sleeping in every day.
I would then go swimming with my
I stayed up late watching TV a lot, and
  I went to camp for a week.
I wished my summer would never end!

    Topic Sentence - Answers
   a
   a
   d – story approach
   a
   d – 1st sentence to set context
   b – 1st sentence for interest
   b

Building an Argument

  Building an Argument
Smoking should be banned from public places

   Smoking is dirty.

                                 Leave ash

                          Leave cigarette butts

                                Smells bad

                       Causes irritation to the eyes

  Building an Argument
Smoking should be banned from public places

Smoking is dangerous

                   Careless smokers cause fires

                   causes throat & lung cancer

                        Causes heart disease

          Summarizing text

   Look for topic sentences
   Highlight them
   Look for other key facts
   Put together a short summary of this

Key skill for PMR exams

Cleaning the toilets…

Argumentative – Brainstorm

Let’s make students clean the toilets…
•Do you agree?
•Does anybody else think the same as you?
•Why do you think that?
•Can you understand the other side?
•Why are they wrong?

     Creating an Introduction
       For exams reword the question

Should students be made to clean the toilets ?

Students should be made to clean the toilets.

       Add your Opinion…

 Students should clean the toilets.
 Students should not clean the toilets.

       Add Background…
In Japan, students are expected to
  clean their own toilets and the
  government believes that this practice
  may encourage students to be more
  respectful of their school
  environment. I believe that students
  should be made to clean the toilets.

   Argumentative – Order

Let’s make students clean the toilets…
•Introduce topic - agree / disagree
•Tell us why – ideas and examples
•Different opinions – not important or
not true
•Brief summary
 First point - First of all / To begin with
  / To start with
 Connect points – And / Also
  /Furthermore / What’s more / As well
 Change sides – On the other hand /
  conversely / But / That said
 Conclude - In conclusion / Therefore
 Examples - For example / For
Main Body – Types of

          Big Names
Important people or experts can
make your argument seem more
 Example: Jackie Chan
 says that he enjoys the
 odd chocolate bar…

  Facts and Numbers
Facts, numbers, and information
can be very convincing.

                           Example: A
                           Snickers bar has
                           280 calories and 30
                           grams of sugar.
                           That’s not very

Getting people to feel happy, sad,
or angry can help your argument.
  Example: Eating
  chocolate reduces
  the suffering of
  gingerbread men…

Using reliable research can help
your argument seem convincing.
                    Example: A recent
                    study found that
                    students who eat
                    chocolate have

     Writing a conclusion
Three Strategies:
 Using Quotes
 So What?
 Summarising the points

             A Quote…
 Whether you think you can or
  whether you think you can't, you're
  right. Henry Ford
 You see things; and you say 'Why?'
  But I dream things that never were;
  and I say 'Why not?' George Bernard
 Never look down on anybody unless
  you're helping him up. Jesse Jackson
               So What…
A: Basically, I'm just saying that education
  was important to Douglass.
B: So what?
A: Well, it was important because it was a
  key to him feeling like a free and equal
B: Why should anybody care?
A: That's important because plantation
  owners tried to keep slaves from being
  educated so that they could maintain
  control. When Douglass obtained an
  education, he undermined that control
       Summarise points

 Look at your topic sentences
 Try to bring them altogether for a
 End with a final statement

           Your Choice…
 Are neighbours helpful or a
 Do branded clothes cause social
 Do uniforms help people to be more
 Do different cultures make it difficult
  for people to get along?


 Plan it
 Write a quick introduction
 Arguments
  Big Names, stats, research and
 Conclusion
  So what / Quote / Summarise
 Once complete – reread your work

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