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                             RESPONSIBLE PARTNERING
Brussels, Belgium, 17 March 2006: Responsible Partnering initiative launched
to ease collaboration between industry and public research organisations

A set of practical guidelines to make it easier for industry and public research organisations to work
together has been introduced with the launch of the Responsible Partnering initiative at the European
Business Summit. Effective collaboration between industry and research is vital to the more open
forms of innovation that will be necessary to maintain the competitiveness of Europe’s industrial base.

Rick Harwig, CTO-designate at Royal Philips Electronics, said: “We see Responsible Partnering as
instrumental to making Open Innovation happen in Europe.”

Marie-Dominique Simonet, minister of research in the Walloon government, said: “The principles of
Responsible Partnering are very useful to economic development. We are incorporating them in the
guidelines for research funding and in the development of technology platforms.”

Responsible Partnering provides a voluntary code of conduct for enterprises and public research
organisations that will maximise the benefits of collaborative research for all parties in a sustainable
way. Consistent guidelines, checklists and tools enable partners to collaborate more effectively, while
maintaining their core missions of research, education and innovation. Details can be found at

The Responsible Partnering initiative stems from joint work by the European Industrial Research
Management Association (EIRMA); the European University Association (EUA); the European
Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO); and the Public Research
Organisations Transfer Offices Network (ProTon Europe).

Its recommendations are backed by Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Science and
Research and Günter Verheugen, vice-president of the European Commission in charge of Enterprise
and Industry. The initiative has also been endorsed by Esko Aho, the former Finnish Prime Minister, in
his recent report on “Creating an Innovative Europe”.

Professor Georg Winckler, President of EUA and rector of the University of Vienna said: “Collaborative
research must become part of the measure of university excellence. The involvement of younger
people is key to making the required changes happen.”

Leif Kjaergaard, senior vice president, strategy and innovation, at Danisco, said: “It is now a priority to
get knowledge transfer right. Longer term, the Responsible Partnering initiative is much broader:
better awareness, education and skills development across the board.”

Gilles Capart, chairman of ProTon Europe said: “The Responsible Partnering code is already being
used to facilitate excellent collaboration. Its potential is enormous, provided we can improve
professionalism. This requires that we train enough people with the right skills.”

Professor Unni Steinsmo, president and CEO of SINTEF, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial
Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology emphasises the special and rapidly changing role
that European public research and technology organisations will play in this knowledge-transfer


For further information please contact:

EUA:   Elizabeth Tapper, Press Officer, Mobile/GSM: +32 473 748 785
       John Smith, Deputy Secretary General, Mobile/GSM +32 473 764 553
EIRMA: Andrew Dearing, Secretary General, Mobile/GSM: +33662498310
EARTO: Hendrik Schlesing, Secretary General, Mobile/GSM: +49 172 6521669
ProTon Europe: Gilles Capart, Chairman, Mobile/GSM: +32 475 803892

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