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					    MONDAY 18 DECEMBER 2006

  Thousands benefit two
                                  Afghanistan launched the 2006 Global Human
3 deep water-wells in the         Development Report on the global water crisis
  Ayback city of Samangan
  Afghanistan’s Centre for      Kabul joined many other           ter and poor sanitations.     problems than countries
  Policy and Human Devel-       capitals in celebrating the       “We have tremendous           with natural water scar-
  opment to enrich and          launch of the 2006 Global         deficiencies in the water     city.” said H.E. Minister
4 broaden national dis-         Human Development Report
                                (HDR) at Kabul University.
  course and research po-
                                The 2006 global HDR is fo-
  tential                       cused on the growing im-
  61 HIV positive cases reg-    portance of clean water and
  istered and thousands         sanitation in the world
5 more at large in Afghani-     which, according to the re-
  stan                          port, are not available to
  LOTFA received EUR 30         over a billion poor people in
  million from EC; EUR 5        developing countries. Titled
6 million from Germany;
                                “Beyond Scarcity: Power,
  and EUR 5 million from        poverty and the global wa-
  the Netherlands               ter crisis, this year’s human
                                development report advo-
  MPs call for urgent ratifi-   cates for at least 20 litres of
  cation of the United Na-      clean water a day as a hu-
7 tions Convention Against
                                man right for all. H.E. Mr. Is-
                                mael Khan, Minister of En-
  The Kabul Declaration         ergy and Water of Islamic
8 Against Corruption            Republic of Afghanistan, and
                                Ms. Anita Nirody, UNDP
    Government officers sen-    Country Director, chaired
    sitized on Afghanistan’s    the launching event. Gov-
    new procurement law         ernment officials, represen-
9   and counter narcotics       tatives of international agen-
    trust     funds  (CNTF)
    initiatives                 cies and non-governmental
                                organizations, and lecturers               Download a full copy of the report from:
   Netherlands contributes      as well as tens of students          
   EUR 525,000 to UNDP’s        from different faculties of
10 Strengthening the Justice    Kabul University participated     management system in          Ismael Khan. This year’s
   System of Afghanistan        in the launching ceremony.        Afghanistan. While over       Human Development Re-
                                                                  80 people are perished        port calls on all govern-
   Write about “Water” and      In his opening remarks Min-       and over 340 shops are        ments to spend, at least,
   make your voice heard        ister Ismael Khan appreci-        destroyed in the recent       1% of Gross Domestic
10 globally plus a chance to    ated the selection of clean       floods in Badghis prov-       Product (GDP) on water
   visit UK                     water and sanitation as the       ince, the government is       and sanitation, and en-
                                theme of the global human         distributing drinking wa-     sure equity in the access
                                development report and            ter only by water-tankers.    to clean water and sanita-
For further information:        emphasized on the signifi-        This is an unfortunate        tion for all.
                                cance of efficient national as    fact. Afghanistan is not a
Akmal Dawi                      well as international policies    country with physical wa-
Public Information Officer      that should tackle the global     ter scarcity, nevertheless        Continued on page 2
Tel: +93 (0)70 20 11 22         crisis of unsafe drinking wa-     we are facing bigger
                                                                             UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                      18 December 2006

Highlighting the crisis of   sanitation. “Afghanistan       According to the dean of       tion    crisis”  recom-
water and sanitation in      has sufficient per capita      the faculty of geology at      mended H.E. Mr. Gullam
Afghanistan, the Minis-      water resource, if man-        Kabul University, for over     Mustafa Jawad, deputy
ter of Water and Energy      aged properly. The chal-       a decade Afghanistan’s         minister in the Ministry
emphasized on the im-        lenge therefore, is for        underground water re-          of Agriculture, Animals
plementation of a com-       governments to design          sources have been amply        Husbandry and Food-
prehensive strategy that     policies to manage water       used not only for basic        stuff.
should tackle problems       equitably and efficiently.”    human need such as
associated with unclean                                     drinking and washing, but      The Global Human De-
water and poor sanita-       Years of constant wars         underground water is also      velopment Report was
tion in Afghanistan.         severely destroyed the         used for irrigation, animal    first launched in 1990
                             physical infrastructure of     husbandry, construction        with the single goal of
Although Afghanistan is      water (both for drinking       and diversity of other         putting people back at
one amongst 17 coun-         and irrigation purposes)       commercial and agricul-        the center of the devel-
tries that are not men-      in Afghanistan leading to      tural purposes. “The over      opment process in
tioned in this               a pervasive crisis of water    usage of underground           terms of economic de-
 year’s Human Develop-       management. Moreover           water”,     in    Professor    bate, policy and advo-
ment Report, due to lack     perpetual droughts in the      Naeem Iqrar’s words “has       cacy. The goal was both
of data analysis, yet it     recent years have wors-        culminated in a gradual        massive and simple,
offers crucial recommen-     ened already fragile ac-       reduction of underground       with far-ranging impli-
dations that can help the    cessibility of safe drinking   resources thereby creat-       cations — going be-
Government of Afghani-       water and water for agri-      ing huge challenges for        yond income to assess
stan and other decision                                                                    the level of people’s
makers to prioritize                                                                       long-term well-being,
clean water and sanita-                                                                    bringing about devel-
tion in their agenda for                                                                   opment of the people,
the development of                                                                         by the people, and for
Afghanistan. Ms. Anita                                                                     the people, and empha-
Nirody, UNDP Country                                                                       sizing that the goals of
Director, indicated that                                                                   development          are
according to the Millen-                                                                   choices and freedoms.
nium         Development                                                                   Afghanistan’s first Na-
Goal Report only 23% of                                                                    tional Human Develop-
population in Afghani-                                                                     ment Report, commis-
stan (43% of house-                                                                        sioned by UNDP and
holds in urban against                                                                     compiled by an inde-
                               Over 200 academics, students, Gov officials and other ex-   pendent team of au-
18% of rural) have access            perts participated in the Report’s launching
to drinking water which                                                                    thors, was produced in
basically means that 8       cultural purposes. “The                                       2004. The Centre for
among every 10 Afghans       Government of Afghani-         the coming decades.” Wa-       Policy and Human De-
are drinking unsafe wa-      stan faces tremendous          ter has diversified links to   velopment, inaugurated
ter. “Achieving the Mil-     challenges in providing its    the general poverty in the     on November 12 2006
lennium Development          population with, at least,     developing countries. It       at Kabul University, is
Goal target on water is      20 litres of clean water a     diminishes many oppor-         the leading institution
critical to the attainment   day and ensuring sanitary      tunities for children and      that will produce Af-
of other Goals.              security in the country”       women and threatens the        ghanistan’s     National
                             declared a high-level          wellbeing of millions of       Human Development
Clean water and sanita-      panel of experts who ana-      people throughout the          Report for 2006.
tion would save the lives    lyzed the status of Af-        world. “The Government
of countless children,       ghanistan in the global        of Afghanistan and its in-     Further information on
support progress in edu-     crisis of clean water and      ternational        partners     this year and previous
cation and liberate peo-     sanitation. The panel in-      should jointly work and        years’ Human Develop-
ple from the illnesses       cluded experts from the        establish an efficient wa-       ment Reports can be
that keep them in pov-       Government,           non-     ter management system               found at http://
erty’’ said UNDP Coun-       governmental organiza-         and should ensure that
try Director, indicating     tions and other independ-      the coming generations
that, only 12% of Af-        ent scholars.                  of Afghanistan will not
ghans have access to                                        suffer water and sanita-

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                                                                                              UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                                       18 December 2006

     Thousands benefit two deep water-wells in the Ayback city

       wo deep water          Sad to say, Ayback has a              dren of Ayback spend                  ond biggest project im-
       wells, excavated       long history of water                 hours on water collec-                plemented in the Ay-
       through a joint        and sanitation crisis.                tion: a time that could               back city of Samangan
project of the United            Continued on page 3                be spent on education.                Province that has high
Nation      Development       The residents of Ayback               Those who cannot col-                 importance in the over-
Programme (UNDP) and          city, in the centre of                lect water have to pay                all development of the
the Ministry of Rural Re-                                                                                 city. “After oxygen, clean
habilitation and Devel-                                                                                   water is the most impor-
opment (MRRD), have                                                                                       tant necessity of life, yet
enabled thousands of                                                                                      the inhabitants of Ay-
people in the Ayback                                                                                      back city did not have
city of Samangan prov-                                                                                    access to it for long.
ince to have access to                                                                                    Around 49,000 people
drinking water. The first                                                                                 could be displaced, if we
water-well      produces                                                                                  do not properly address
some 2.5 litres of water                                                                                  the problem of water in
per second, and the sec-                                                                                  Samangan        province.”
ond one - 400 meters                                                                                      said Mr. Shafaque.
deep - can produce
more than 6 litres of wa-    Locals used to collect drinking water from streams and pond in Ayback city   The crisis of water is
ter per second. UNDP         Photo by: UNDP’s Atiqullah Ahmadzai                                          widespread in Saman-
has also equipped the                                                                                     gan province. According
water-wells with power        Samangan province with                up to US$1 of their mod-              to Governor Shafaque at
generators, submersible       a population of around                est incomes on a barrel               least 35 deep water-
water pumps and ele-          60,000 people, use un-                of water.                             wells are needed to ad-
vated water tank. UNDP        clean water from surface                                                    dress the increasing
has established a local       streams     and   water               The Governor of Saman-                needs of the people.
water-pipe network by         ponds for their domestic              gan province, Mr. Abdul-              Samangan is also one of
means of which water          use, causing tremendous               haque         Shafaque,               those provinces of Af-
could be distributed in       health and hygiene                    thanked UNDP for its                  ghanistan that are se-
the community.                problems. In the sum-                 support to the imple-                 verely affected by the
                              mer most water sources                mentation of the project              recent drought.
On its route, the water-      dry up thereby exacer-                through a transparent
pipe network has water                                                                                    According to the United
supply        standpoints                                                                                 Nations Office on Drugs
which will supply clean                                                                                   and Crimes (UNODC)
water to the close                                                                                        2006 opium survey,
neighbourhoods. It is                                                                                     Samangan has seen a
estimated that the two                                                                                    49% decline in the
water-wells will provide                                                                                  opium cultivation. “We
around 30,000 people                                                                                      hope that Samangan will
with clean drinking wa-                                                                                   be an opium free prov-
ter. The water-pipe net-                                                                                  ince next year” said the
work is a first step to-                                                                                  Governor of Samangan
ward extending the wa-                                                                                    Province. Although the
ter pipes to the house-                                                                                   local Government would
holds. Given the perva-                                                                                   eradicate opium cultiva-
sive water and sanitation                                                                                 tion unconditionally, yet
crisis in the Ayback city,                                                                                they would also like to
the project is considered         The tap water will be distributed to the local households               see the implementation
a landmark development                                                                   and              of projects that could
that would have profound      bating already fragile                inclusive process. Ac-                provide sustainable live-
implications for the peo-     human security. Vulner-               cording to Governor                   lihoods to the poor
ples’ daily live.             able women and chil-                  Shafaque, this is the sec-            farmers of the province.

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                                                                                           UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                                    18 December 2006

Afghanistan’s Centre for Policy and Human Development to enrich
     and broaden national discourse and research potential

         he inauguration of    opment      the     vice-           derived through participa-      ships, scholarships and
         Afghanistan’s first   chancellor of Kabul Uni-            tory approaches, once           other international aca-
         ever Centre for       versity, meanwhile, em-             information is made avail-      demic opportunities.
 Policy and Human Devel-       phasized on the signifi-            able, data gathered and
 opment – a research ori-      cance of close collabora-           analyzed, and options de-       Lastly the Centre will
 ented academic think-         tion between CPHD and               bated in public.” said Mr.      formulate high quality,
 tank – at Kabul University    Kabul University.                   Ian Holland, UNDP Deputy        intellectually up-to-date
 will have profound impli-                                         Country Director.               and innovative policy
 cations for the moderni-      One of the central tasks of         The Centre will also initi-     papers & analyses for
 zation of the country’s       the Centre for Policy and           ate and operate an inter-       the government, civil
 top academic institution.     Human Development is                national exchange pro-          society,     international
 The Centre for Policy and     the production of Af-               gramme for Kabul Univer-        partners-in-
 Human        Development      ghanistan’s National Hu-            sity researchers, lecturers     development and the
 (CPHD) is a joint UNDP        man Development Report              and students. For years         wider Afghan intelli-
 and Kabul University ini-     for 2006 and consecutive            Afghan academics and            gentsia. The Govern-
 tiative established to pro-   years. Afghanistan’s first          independent researchers,        ment of Afghanistan is
 mote the concepts of          National Human Develop-             owing to perpetual civil        trying to implement Af-
 human        development                                                                          ghanistan’s       National
 among Afghan academ-                                                                              Development Strategy
 ics, decision makers and                                                                          (ANDS) in close consul-
 the wider intelligentsia.                                                                         tation and collaboration
 On November 12 2006,                                                                              with national and inter-
 UNDP-Afghanistan and                                                                              national partners, the
 Kabul University inaugu-                                                                          inputs of the Centre for
 rated the Centre through                                                                          Policy and Human De-
 an event where govern-                                                                            velopment will enrich
 ment officials, represen-                                                                         the effectiveness of the
 tatives from various inter-                                                                       ANDS by contributing
 national      organization                                                                        professional     analyses,
 and a number of lectur-                                                                           researches and profes-
 ers as well as student of                                                                         sional     recommenda-
 Kabul University were                                                                             tions.
 present.                              Mr. Stanikzai and Mr. Holland cutting the ribbon of CPHD
                                                     Photo by: UNDP’s Akmal Dawi
                                                                                                   Afghanistan’s Centre for
 Speaking at the inaugu-       ment Report, “Security in           wars, lacked the opportu-       Policy and Human De-
 ration ceremony the vice-     a Human Face”, commis-              nity to enhance their pro-      velopment is made pos-
 chancellor of Kabul Uni-      sioned by UNDP and com-             fessional capacity. Af-         sible through technical
 versity, H.E. Mr. Stanikzai   piled by an independent             ghanistan’s Centre for Pol-     and financial support
 said “I hope the Centre       team of authors, was pro-           icy and Human Develop-          from UNDP while Kabul
 for Policy and Human          duced in 2004. UNDP will            ment will invite promi-         University contributed
 Development and Kabul         continue to support the             nent international schol-       land for the construction
 University will work hard     development of this pow-            ars to share their intellec-    of a building for CPHD
 to root the human devel-      erful advocacy tool to en-          tual and scientific explora-    within Kabul University
 opment concept deeply         able Afghans in the insti-          tions with Afghans by           Compound.
 in our academic life and      tutionalization of a high-          through seminars, presen-
 also strive to expand be-     quality research oriented           tations and other events.
 yond Kabul and include        approach to human de-               Meanwhile, CPHD will             For more information on
 our provincial universi-      velopment concepts. “The            work to expand opportu-          CPHD and Afghanistan’s
 ties as well.” Thanking       country needs a develop-            nities for Afghan academ-       First Human Development
 UNDP-Afghanistan for its      ment vision based on the            ics and researchers to              Report, please visit
 support to the establish-     long-term needs and aspi-           broaden their professional
 ment of the Centre for        rations of the Afghan peo-          capacity through partici-
 Policy and Human Devel-       ple. Such a vision can be           pation at various fellow-

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                                                                             UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                      18 December 2006

61 HIV positive cases registered and thousands more at large in

         s many other capi-   and the international         Fatemi, was recited by the    firmly support the Gov-
         tals throughout      community is to adopt         deputy minister in which      ernment’s counter HIV/
         the world cele-      efficient preventive and      Dr. Fatemi stressed that      AIDS policies.
brated the World AIDS         strict procedures, from       HIV/AIDS being a threat
Day on 1st December, Ka-      now on, to inhibit the        to human wellbeing has        Other speakers of the
bul marked the World’s        spread of HIV/AIDS and        multifaceted        socio-    event, from NGOs and
AIDS Day through a spe-       protect our people from       economical implications.      civil society organizations,
cial event at the Ministry                                                                emphasised on the im-
of Public Health. Over 100                                                                portance of timely sensiti-
participants from differ-                                                                 zation of the Afghan
ent government and non-                                                                   population on HIV/AIDS
government        organiza-                                                               related issues on top of
tions participated in the                                                                 which should come rais-
event that to reiterate the                                                               ing the public awareness
country’s commitment in                                                                   on modes of transmission
combating the spread of                                                                   of the virus. Participants
the deadly virus. Latest                                                                  of the World AIDS Day
figures, certified by the                                                                 event at the Ministry of
Ministry of Public Health,                                                                Public Health unani-
show that 61 positive HIV                                                                 mously agreed upon the
cases were registered in                                                                  fact “no country can claim
Afghanistan, yet the num-                                                                 immunity against HIV/
ber of individuals con-                                                                   AIDS”. HIV/AIDS is a sans-
taminated with the HIV                                                                    frontier plague that threat-
virus could be surpris-                                                                   ens all humanity regardless
inglyignificantly higher –                                                                of political, geographical or
                                                                                          cultural differences.
thousands probably. So-
cial stigma, fear of isola-
                                  VCCT Provides Free Testing and Counseling Services      UNDP-Afghanistan has pro-
tion, and series of other                                                                 vided both technical and
misperceptions       cause                                                                financial support to the Min-
many people to suffer in      another grave calamity.”      “HIV/AIDS, for instance,      istry of Public Health to meet
secrecy and avoid testing     said President Hamid Kar-     affects the human pro-        the challenges it faces in
or medical treatment.         zai in a written message      ductivity in many devel-      combating the spread and
“Having HIV/AIDS is not a     to the ceremony. Presi-       oping countries. It also      increasing      the    public’s
crime. HIV/AIDS patients      dent Karzai called on Af-     increases the number of       awareness about HIV/AIDS
are not culprits.” says Dr    ghans to pay wider atten-     orphans with poor socio-      in Afghanistan.         UNDP-
Sabir Adaab, coordinator      tion to the risks associ-     economical      protection.   Afghanistan supported the
                                                            The treatment of HIV/         establishment of the Na-
of Voluntary Counseling       ated with the spread of
                                                                                          tional AIDS Control Pro-
Centre (VCCT) at the Cen-     HIV/AIDS. The President’s     AIDS, meanwhile, costs
                                                                                          gramme (NACP) Office by
tral Blood Bank in Kabul.     message indicated the         considerable public ex-       providing IT equipments;
According to Dr Adaab         fact that the leadership of   penditures.” affirmed the     office space and furniture; a
HIV/AIDS patients should      Afghanistan is politically    message of the Minister       renovated        and      fully
be informed that registra-    committed to combat the       of Public Health. Accord-     equipped conference room;
tion and counseling could     HIV/AIDS plague.              ing to the Minister of Pub-   and other capacity require-
not only prolong their                                      lic Health, combating HIV/    ments. A new Voluntary
existence, but can pre-       Reportedly some 40 mil-       AIDS in Afghanistan re-       Counselling and Test Centre
serve their dears’ health     lion people, around the       quires multilateral efforts   (VCCT) is established and
                                                            and cooperation whereby       equipped in Jalalabad city of
and safety as well.           world, are infected with
                                                                                          Nangarhar Province with full
                              HIV/AIDS, majority of         the international commu-
                                                                                          support from UNDP. The
“My demand and expec-         which are citizens of the     nity is expected to help      Centre provides free of
tation      from      you     developing countries. The     Afghan authorities with       charge HIV/AIDS testing and
[participants of the World    remarks of the Minister of    generous financial and        counselling services to the
AIDS Day event at the         Public Health, H.E. Dr.       technical assistances, and    people of Nangarhar and
Ministry of Public Health]    Mohammad          Ameen       the Afghan public should      neighbouring provinces.

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                                                                                       UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                                18 December 2006

  LOTFA received EUR 30 million from EC; EUR 5 million from Ger-
          many; and EUR 5 million from the Netherlands

        he European Com-        LOTFA Budget. LOTFA will        Budget envision a profes-              recurrent costs during the
        mission has agreed      use the contribution of         sional and disciplined po-             transition period, until
        to contribute EUR       the German Government           lice force that is loyal to            domestic revenues would
30 million in support of        exclusively for the Police      the Ministry of Interior               allow the Government of
the Law and Order Trust         salaries until February 28      and widely visible to the              Afghanistan to finance
Fund for Afghanistan            2007.                           public, creating a sense of            most or all of its recurrent
(LOTFA). An agreement                                           comfort among the popu-                costs.
was signed between              Another        contribution     lation.
UNDP-Afghanistan and            agreement was recently                                             Belgium, Canada, Den-
the European Commis-            signed for LOTFA by             The Afghan National Po- mark, European Commis-
sion Head Office in Kabul       UNDP Country Director           lice have the
on December 03 2006.            and the Ambassador of           potential to
The contribution is ex-         the Netherlands in Kabul,       contribute to
pected to support a bet-        H.E. Roeland van de Geer        regional and
ter trained and appropri-       on behalf of the Nether-        global secu-
ately funded National Po-       lands Minister for Devel-       rity and to
lice that should contrib-       opment Cooperation. This        serve as a
ute to enforcing the rule       EUR 5 million contribution      symbol      of
of law and order across         will cover the Trust Fund’s     national
Afghanistan and promote         operations from Novem-          identity. At
national, regional and          ber 13 2006 to March 31         the request
global security.                2007.                           of the Gov-
                                The contribution will as-       ernment of
The Law and Order Trust         sist the Ministry of Interior   Afghanistan
Fund will use the contri-       to ensure timely disburse-      and       the
bution to not only reim-        ment of the Afghan Na-          United Na-
burse the remuneration          tional Police salaries,         tions Assis-
of the Afghan National          which is one of the re-         tance Mis-
Police, but to support the      quirements        of     the    sion for Af-
Ministry of Interior to pro-    LOTFA’s phase IV.               ghanistan
cure and maintain non-                                          (UNAMA),
lethal police equipments;       The Afghan people and           UNDP estab-
rehabilitate and recon-         the international commu-        lished    the
struct police facilities i.e.   nity consider that im-          Law and Or-
check posts; enhance the        proved security is a very       der      Trust Afghan National Police is equipped, trained and supported by
                                                                                              the international community
process of recruitment          high priority for Afghani-      Fund for Af-                   Photo from
and training; and under-        stan and an essential pre-      ghanistan
take an institutional de-       requisite for reconstruc-       (LOTFA) in May 2002 to sion, Finland, Germany,
velopment process.              tion, economic develop-         cover the Government’s Hungary, Ireland, Japan,
                                ment and private invest-        police-related costs. Three Netherlands,                        Norway,
The Federal Republic of         ment, as well as for de-        phases of the project Switzerland,                                UNDP,
Germany contributed EUR         mocracy and the rule of         have been implemented United Kingdom and the
5 million to LOTFA. Ac-         law. The re-establishment       successfully and Phase IV United States have sup-
cording to the agreement        of a national civilian po-      of the project is ongoing. ported the Law and Order
signed on December 06           lice force is an essential      During Phase IV (April Trust Fund for Afghani-
2006, by UNDP Country           element for security and        2006 to March 2008)                stan for the past three
Director, Ms Anita Nirody,      the rule of law in Afghani-                                        years.
and the German Charge           stan.                           LOTFA is expected to en-
d’ Affaires in Kabul, An-                                       sure payment of police
nette Klein, the contribu-      The Afghanistan’s Na-           salaries and deploy Elec-             For more information visit
tion is earmarked for Po-       tional Development Strat-       tronic Payroll System             
lice Remuneration identi-       egy (ANDS) and the Na-          (EPS) in all 34 provinces.
fied as Priority I in the       tional      Development         LOTFA is intended to fund

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                                                                              UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                       18 December 2006

MPs call for urgent ratification of the United Nations Convention
                        Against Corruption

        t the end of a two-    can tolerate corrupt and      only is a concern for Af-      According to the Declara-
        day conference on      fraudulent administrators.    ghans, but has caused          tion, the National Assem-
        Combating Cor-         Once again, all relevant      profound anxiety among         bly of Afghanistan will
ruption in Afghanistan,        officials are instructed to   our international friends      take the lead in seeking
some 150 participants          purge state bodies from       that are helping us build      the cooperation of all
requested the ratification     such harmful elements.”       an efficient government.”      branches of the Govern-
of the United Nations          said a Presidential State-    The Chief Justice of Af-       ment and civil society in
Convention Against Cor-        ment that was read out at     ghanistan, H.E. Professor      order to create a united
ruption (UNCAC) without        the opening of the con-       Abdul Salaam Azimi,            and common national
delay. The conference          ference by Mr Farooq          called corruption an inva-     front against corruption.
was initiated by the Na-       Wardak, Minister of State     sive plague that needs a       The National Assembly of
tional Assembly of Af-         for Parliamentary Affairs.    curative vaccine. Accord-      Afghanistan should, ac-
ghanistan and supported
by the UNDP’s Support to
the Establishment of the
Afghan Legislative (SEAL)
Project. The two-day con-
ference, held on 29-30
November        at    Kabul
Serena Hotel, was at-
tended by the Speakers
and Deputy Speakers of
both Houses of National
Assembly, Chief Justice,
Deputy Attorney General,
Ministers, Heads of Parlia-
mentary       Commissions,
Members of Wolesi and
Mishrano Jirgas, Academ-
ics, and international ex-     In his Statement, H.E.        ing to Professor Azimi,        cording to the Declara-
perts, and shed light on       President Karzai thanked      unfortunately corruption       tion “develop a strategy
the various angles, dy-        the National Assembly of      and abuse of state power       against corruption; and
namics and underlying          Afghanistan for organiz-      have become evident re-        review the state laws,
structures of corruption in    ing this important confer-    alities in Afghan society      standards and codes with
the world and in Afghani-      ence at a crucial juncture,   damaging the prestige of       the purpose of determin-
stan in particular.            and also thanked UNDP-        the         democratically     ing their adequacy to:
                               Afghanistan for its sup-      elected Government and         fight corruption in Af-
In his message to the con-     port to the initiative.       inflicting     tremendous      ghanistan; develop effec-
ference, H.E. President                                      evils on the people of Af-     tive systems for public
Hamid Karzai called on         Speaking to the confer-       ghanistan. “Through a          service; and promote in-
the conference partici-        ence participants the         Programme of Judicial          tegrity in business opera-
pants to support the Gov-      Speaker of the Wolesi         Reform [also supported         tions.”
ernment of Afghanistan in      Jirga, H.E. Mohammad          by UNDP] we are doing
its efforts for the eradica-   Yunus Qanooni, said           our best to promote the        The Declaration of the
tion of state corruption by    “Administrative corrup-       capacity of staff in the       Conference on Combat-
exploring novel and effec-     tion is one of those chal-    Judiciary and by so doing      ing Corruption called
tive ways to combat the        lenges that tortures both     ensure our commitment          upon all three institutions
pervasive phenomenon.          the people and the Gov-       to combating corruption.”      (Executive, Judicial and
“The Islamic Republic of       ernment of Afghanistan.       said H.E. the Chief Justice.   Legislative),
Afghanistan no longer          This phenomenon not                                             Continued on page 8

                                                        Page 7
                                                                                         UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                                  18 December 2006

national and international          The Declaration was ac-            To ensure the timely es-          launched ‘Support to the
organizations, the civil            companied by a concrete            tablishment of the Af-            Establishment of the Af-
society, and the entire             programme of action                ghan National Assembly            ghan Legislature’ Project
Nation of Afghanistan to            against corruption.                and provide strategic sup-        (SEAL Project). The project
support the measures                                                   port to its functioning,          started in February 2005
against corruption and              Note on the UNDP/ SEAL             UNDP Afghanistan, in              and     its   budget     is
assist in the eradication of        Project:                           close collaboration with          US$15,501,906.
corruption in Afghanistan.                                             the Government has

WE, THE PARTICIPANTS of             THE KABUL DECLARATION AGAINST                                            oversight of the Na-
the Anti-Corruption Confer-                                                                                  tional Assembly and the
ence held in Kabul, Afghani-                 CORRUPTION                                                      government of Afghani-
stan, on 29 and 30 Novem-                                                                                    stan, these international
                                    national organizations, to             effective systems for             organizations should be
ber 2006, being
                                    adopt an integrated, coordi-           public service; and pro-          requested to prepare
                                    nated and resolute, strategic          mote integrity in busi-           the ground to be trans-
Determined that the People
                                    stand against combating                ness operations                   parent and accountable
of the Islamic Republic of
                                    corruption, in particular, by                                            to the people of Af-
Afghanistan should progres-
                                    calling for the National As-       Call upon the National As-            ghanistan and to the
sively enjoy the benefits of
                                    sembly to:                              sembly,      Government          donor countries.
peace, democratic progress
                                                                            and Judiciary to pro-
and economic growth, and
                                    Ratify the United Nations               mote by every means           Root out corruption from
that all forms of inequality
                                         Convention       Against           possible, the participa-        society by ensuring that
and injustice should be
                                         Corruption without de-             tion of all sectors of Af-      this important issue is
                                         lay, so as to hasten its           ghanistan in advancing          taken into consideration
                                         becoming part of the               the Rule of Law and             during the education of
Concerned that corruption
                                         law in Afghanistan                 good governance in the          the younger generation
in Afghanistan constitutes a
                                                                            conduct of public and           of the country, and that
threat to our democratic
                                    Take a lead in seeking coop-            private affairs.                the     curriculum    of
way of life, undermines po-
                                        eration between the                                                 schools and higher edu-
litical and social institutions,
                                        Members of the Na-             Accelerate the implementa-           cation      institutions
strikes at faith in the political
                                        tional Assembly, the               tion         of      the         should be revised for
leadership of the State, and
                                        Government of Afghani-             ‘Disarmament of Illegal          this purpose.
erodes the Rule of Law
                                        stan, and other national           Armed Groups’ (DIAG)
                                        and international or-              process so that in the The mass media is requested
Conscious of the harmful
                                        ganizations, in order to           following areas the rule      to organize, on a volun-
effects of corruption on eco-
                                        forge a united and com-            of law can be estab-          tary basis, programs for
nomic development and
                                        mon front against cor-             lished - merit based re-      the people of Afghani-
social welfare, the waste of
                                        ruption                            cruitment, the preven-        stan in order to inform
scarce natural resources, the
                                                                           tion of influence on ap-      them of their rights.
distortion of the distribution
                                    Be prepared to enact further           pointments, and illegal
of the fruits of economic
                                        legislation designed to            appointments.             AND WE CALL UPON the
growth, and the diminution
                                        combat corruption if                                         three bodies of the State,
of basic services involved,
                                        this proves necessary;         Establish a quick and urgent National and International
                                        exhort its committees to           mechanism for the at- organizations, and the entire
                                        become effective tools             tainment of proper live- Nation of Afghanistan to
Determined to reverse the
                                        for oversight against              lihoods for government support this Declaration
culture of corruption, en-
                                        corruption; and direct             officials, and a balanced wholeheartedly, and to take
hance the dignity of our
                                        its officials and offices to       system of salaries.       such urgent action as is nec-
People, and establish in Af-
                                        be repositories of infor-                                    essary and appropriate in
ghanistan a regime of com-
                                        mation and expertise in        Ensure any articles of the line with the Resolution
plete integrity, transparency
                                        the fight to destroy cor-          constitution     to    be above to drive corruption
and accountability,
                                        ruption                            amended should be from every part of the Re-
                                                                           reviewed and studied, public.
                                    Develop a strategy against             according to the provi-
commit ourselves, collec-
                                       corruption; and review              sions of article 149 of
tively and individually, and
                                       the state of laws, stan-            the Constitution.
take concrete steps, to deter,
                                       dards and codes with
                                                                                                          Done in Kabul, Afghani-
prevent, and combat corrup-                                                                                stan on November 30,
                                       the purpose of deter-           Since the expenses of inter-
tion at all levels, and call up                                                                                    2006
                                       mining their adequacy               national organizations
on all powers of the State,
                                       to: fight corruption in             in Afghanistan are not
the whole nation of Afghani-
                                       Afghanistan;    develop             carried out under the
stan, and national and inter-

                                                                 Page 8
                                                                                 UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                          18 December 2006

   Government officers sensitized on Afghanistan’s new procure-
   ment law and counter narcotics trust funds (CNTF) initiatives

        he Ministry of         curement Law, Mr. Raj          and praised the workshop          the allocation of those
        Counter Narcotics      Kamal, Advisor to the Pro-     as “useful and practical”         resources.
        and the United Na-     curement Policy Unit of        for their work especially in   Enabling the Government
tions Development Pro-         the Ministry of Finance,       relation to the implemen-         to have greater own-
gramme (UNDP) organ-           shed light on the differ-      tation of the CNTF ap-            ership over imple-
ized a half-day workshop       ences between the old          proved projects. Partici-         mentation of its CN
on the New Procurement         practices and the new          pants were encouraged             strategy.
Law of Afghanistan on          law. According to the 2nd      to approach the Ministry       Promoting greater coher-
November 29, 2006. This        Article of the New Pro-        of Finance, Procurement           ence in the funding of
workshop was intended          curement Law the main          and Policy Unit, and the          counter narcotics re-
for the focal points of the    purpose is “to establish an    CNTF team should they             lated activities.
Counter Narcotics Trust        open, transparent, com-        need clarification on the
Fund (CNTF) project as         petitive procurement sys-      procurement procedures         The National Drug Con-
well as procurement offi-      tem, based on effective        of CNTF approved pro-          trol Strategy identifies
cers of different line min-    budgetary and expendi-         jects.                         eight pillars for interven-
istries. The workshop in-      ture controls and report-                                     tion, namely:
tended to tackle some of       ing requirements de-           The objective of the
the identified bottlenecks     signed to achieve effi-        Counter Narcotics Trust        Alternative Livelihoods
that affect the efficient      ciency, economy, the pre-      Fund (CNTF), officially es-    Building Institutions
implementation of the          vention of abuses, and a       tablished on 29 October        Public Awareness
CNTF approved projects:        fair opportunity for par-      2005, is to mobilize addi-     Law Enforcement
lack of understanding,         ticipation by all potential    tional resources needed        Criminal Justice
knowledge and commu-           contractors,      including    by the Afghan Govern-          Eradication
nication on the new pro-       private enterprises and        ment to implement the          Drug Demand Reduction
curement law and pro-                                                                            and Treatment of
curement procedures.                                                                             Drug Addicts
                                                                                             International and Re-
Some 50 participants                                                                             gional Co-operation
from different ministries
took part in the work-                                                                       The CNTF is executed
shop. Experts from the                                                                       through the National Im-
Ministry of Finance and                                                                      plementation      modality.
Afghanistan Reconstruc-                                                                      Therefore the Islamic Re-
tion & Development Ser-                                                                      public of Afghanistan re-
vices (ARDS) provided                                                                        tains the overall responsi-
technical guidance and                                                                       bility for the nationally
explanations on the new                                                                      managed       programme
                                  Participants of MCN and UNDP-Afghanistan’s Workshop on
Procurement Law. The                         Afghanistan’s new Procurement Law
                                                                                             through its designated
workshop aimed at en-                                                                        institutions – the Minis-
hancing the understand-        other persons.” Mr. Said       National Drug Control          tries of Finance and
ing and knowledge of the       Bahawddin        Bihboodi,     Strategy (NDCS). The key       Counter Narcotics.
new procurement law            from the ARDS central-         principles behind the
and to promote sharing of      ized system of procure-        Trust Fund include:
experiences in application     ment, has also presented
of the law and procedures      the commonly misunder-         Providing additional re-        For more information on
in use in line ministries in   stood points of the new           sources for the Gov-         UNDP’s programmes and
relation to the CNTF pro-      law in order to avoid mis-        ernment’s     counter         projects in Afghanistan,
ject implementation.           applications of the law.          narcotics (CN) efforts              please visit
                                                                 through the national
Presenting key points and      At the end of the work-           development budget.
issues of the New Pro-         shop participants ex-          Ensuring    transparency
                               pressed their satisfaction        and accountability in

                                                       Page 9
                                                                                   UNDP-Afghanistan Newsletter
                                                                                            18 December 2006

  Netherlands contributes EUR 525,000 to UNDP’s Strengthening
                the Justice System of Afghanistan

        he Netherlands Minis-    System of Afghanistan pro-       tors. Furthermore, the SJSA    (2) strengthening institu-
        try for Development      ject to continue between         project participated with      tional capacity of the Minis-
        Cooperation contrib-     December 2006 and June           other development partners     try of Justice; (3) strengthen-
uted the amount of EUR           2007, respectively.              in the design of an imple-     ing institutional capacity of
525,000 to support a UNDP                                         mentation framework for        the Office of the Attorney
project in support the Jus-      The UNDP’s Support to the        the “Justice for All” policy   General; (4) strengthening
tice System of Afghanistan.      Justice System of Afghani-       document with the intent       institutional capacity of the
An agreement was signed          stan project (SJSA) has been     that the output would be       Supreme Court; (5) strength-
by the UNDP Country Direc-       active in providing technical    linked to the ANDS process.    ening institutional capacity
tor, Ms. Anita Nirody, and       support and assistance to                                       of the legal education insti-
the Netherlands’ Charge de       the Ministry of Justice in the   The project is designed to     tutions; and (6) rehabilita-
Affairs in Kabul (for the Min-   preparation of detailed work     assist the Government of       tion of physical facilities for
ister for Development Coop-      plans and in setting priori-     Afghanistan in achieving the   the justice sector.
eration of the Netherlands),     ties for the justice sector      priorities and benchmarks
Yvonne Stassen (a.i) on De-      under Afghanistan’s Na-          for the rule of law and jus-   This broad scope of project
cember 5 2006. This contri-      tional Development Strategy      tice highlighted in the Af-    activities enables SJSA to
bution is allocated in refer-    (ANDS) process. The project      ghanistan’s National Devel-    address the multi-faceted
ence to the General Agree-       has resulted in the justice      opment Strategy (ANDS).        needs of justice sector re-
ment that was concluded on       sector achieving a high level    The project consists of the    form and provides the pro-
August 17 2005 between the       of donor coordination and        following key components:      ject with the flexibility re-
Netherlands’ Minister for        cooperation and has bene-        (1) support to the Govern-     quired to meet ever-
Development Cooperation          fited the ANDS process gen-      ment of Afghanistan for the    evolving short-term chal-
and UNDP-Afghanistan.            erally by increasing aware-      development and imple-         lenges, while supporting
                                 ness and capacity of the         mentation of a detailed        development of long-term
The amount will enable the       ANDS staff to undertake na-      strategy based on the          sustainable strategies.
Strengthening the Justice        tional planning across sec-      “Justice for All” framework;

   Write about “Water” and make your voice heard globally plus a
                         chance to visit UK
W     ater is the theme of this year's Human Development Report (HDR) - probably the most famous, and most
      widely read document published by the United Nations every year. But the reports are not widely read by
young people, which is why the UN is inviting the young people of Peace Child’s global network to create a short
summary of it.

Please tell us that water and sanitation are pretty important! And yet - washing and going to the toilet are not
things we often talk about. We find them a bit rude! Which is why governments – who respond to voters' priorities
- never put water at the top of their priority list. Faced with global warming and increased population pressure on
water supply, this report suggests that “the challenge effectively to govern water supply in the 21st Century may
prove to be among the most daunting faced in human history.” So - will you help us explain this 'daunting chal-
lenge' to a wider public?

We would like you to contribute stories, paintings and poems about water to a full colour, illustrated 28-page
booklet summarizing the above key points. It will be released in English, French and Spanish on World Water Day
March 22nd 2007. Not only will the best contributions be printed up in the booklet which will be distributed
around the world: the best contributors will be offered an all-expenses paid trip to the United Kingdom to work
with a talented team of young people and UN officials at the world-famous Peace Child International Centre to
edit the final booklet. But hurry! If you want to be considered for a place at this meeting, you have to get your con-
tribution in by December 31st 2006. Other contributions may be received right up to January 31st 2007.

                                 Send your contribution to Peace Child International
                            46 High Street The White House Buntingford Herts SG9 0AH UK
                      Tel: +44 1763274459 Fax: +44 1763274460 email:

                                                          Page 10
                UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting
                countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

                             Overview of UNDP in Afghanistan

UNDP has been present in Afghanistan since 1956, providing development assistance to the country and
helping build the capacity of national institutions. During the Taliban regime, UNDP continued to provide assistance
to communities throughout the country from its relocated offices in Islamabad. During that decade, UNDP delivered
US$200 million of assistance to Afghanistan. In early 2002, UNDP inaugurated its new office in Kabul.

The human development challenge for Afghanistan is enormous. According to Afghanistan’s National Human
Development Report (NHDR) 2004, the Human Development Index ranks Afghanistan at 173 out of 178 countries
worldwide and its MDG indicators place it below the majority of Sub-Saharan African countries. The depth of pov-
erty in Afghanistan is reflected consistently in all human development indicators, revealing a
mosaic of a nation in need of sustained assistance. Not surprisingly, therefore, Afghanistan has been identified as a
global priority for addressing the Millennium Development Goals.

Since the Bonn Agreement was signed in December 2001, UNDP has delivered more than US$1 billion of
assistance to Afghanistan. In 2005, UNDP delivered USD 349 million of development assistance, mainly for elections,
disarmament, reconstruction and institution building.

UNDP operates within the framework of the integrated United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA)
and within the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). In December 2005, UNDP signed a
three-year Country Programme Action Plan with the Government of Afghanistan focusing on three development
areas: state-building, democracy and civil society empowerment and sustainable livelihoods. UNDP new Country
Programme focuses on capacity development, national ownership and policy dialogue. UNDP aims to enhance gov-
ernment institutional capacity to deliver public services in an equitable and sustainable manner and to create an
enabling environment for legitimate livelihoods.

The expected results are pursued in line with the Interim Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) objec-
tives and benchmarks. In particular, UNDP supports the Government in achieving a number of development bench-
marks in the field of security and the rule of law, administrative reform, transparency and accountability, local gov-
ernance, political processes (elections and parliament), civil society empowerment, gender equality, human rights,
environment and rural energy, the reintegration of former combatants into society, the implementation of the na-
tional counter-narcotics strategy, as well as rural development planning and private sector development.

All UNDP activities are undertaken in close collaboration with the Government of Afghanistan, sister UN agencies
and other development stakeholders.

UNDP has built strategic partnerships with a number of government institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, the
Ministry for Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Service Commission, the Inde-
pendent Election Commission, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of
Women’s Affairs. UNDP’s top ten donor partners in Afghanistan are the US, the EC, Japan, CIDA, UK, Netherlands,
Italy, Germany, Norway and the World Bank. Between 2002 and 2006, UNDP mobilized more than 1.3 billion.

UNDP is thankful for the support and confidence lent by its national and international development partners.

            United Nations Development Programme, Shah Mahmood Ghazi Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                  tel: +93 (0) 20 212 4000 or +93 (0) 20 212 4076
           For more information on any of these stories, or to make contributions, please contact:
        Akmal Dawi, National Public Information Officer; tel: +93 (0)70 201122; email: