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                                            Assignment 2
                                   Deadline 2 June 2005
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Use the Marchand metric, which could be deduced from his book, Information
Orientation, to measure and analyze the IO of an organization of your choice and report
your findings in 7 pages (Times roman, 1.5 space) in this assignment report.

The assignment measures in particular NQF descriptors a) and b) at Honours level.
Each one of the main independent variables (IT Management Practices, IM Practices and
Information Behavior & Values) should be measured, analyzed and discussed separately using
the observable variables as described by Marchand et al for each factor. This should be followed
by a discussion of the contribution that each of the three factors make toward the organization’s
Your survey data must be drawn from the observations of at least five (sample size N) or more
employees from the organization under investigation, including your own observation. They
must at least be positioned above the operational level of the organization. A Likert scale of six
ordinal points – starting from 0 to 5 - must be used for scoring the observable variables of these
Because the Marchand IO metric has been verified and validated you may directly calculate
averages from the sample size N to calculate scores for the intermediate and main factors
(dependent and independent variables).
A thorough study of the APPENDIX (pp 250-289) of Marchand et al as well as the articles by
Botha & Fouche will be essential in order to do this assignment.

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