The Crucible Research Assignment by wql24865


									The Crucible Research Assignment                                   Sandt-Ganz 2007

During the late 1940’s and 1950’s as the threat of nuclear war became a reality, America
suffered from what would become to be known as The Red Scare. This fear of
COMMUNISM becoming a force inside the United States would be the impetus for
playwright Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

Although set during the Salem Witch Trials of 1600’s Puritan America, Miller’s play is a
metaphor for what was happening – particularly within the Hollywood community –
during the 1950’s.

Your task, in preparation for studying The Crucible, is to research McCarthyism and The
Red Scare within the Hollywood and Broadway communities. You are to do each of the
following tasks within your group and then present your findings to the class:

   1. Locate, print and annotate 3 sources from the library’s database site.
   2. Synthesis the information you have found from these sources into a pod cast.
   3. You must quote, paraphrase and summarize from your sources within your pod
      cast – making sure to give credit to the authors.

Your pod cast should be in the style of a news-documentary. It should include visuals as

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