Tic-Tac-Toe Story Assignment Board - DOC by wql24865


									            Tic-Tac-Toe Story Assignment Board

         Picture                        Play                           Song
Draw a picture. Write 3       Perform a play that shows      Write a song about one of
sentences about the main     the conclusion of the story.   the main events in the story.
character in the story.

          Poem                        Poster                          Puppet
 Write a poem about two      Make a poster that shows        Create a puppet that looks
 main events in the story.   the order of events in the      like the main character in
                                       story.                         the story.

        Costume                   Venn Diagra,                       Picture
 Dress up as your favorite     Create a Venn Diagram             Draw a picture that
  character in the story.    comparing and contrasting      illustrates the setting in the
                             two characters in the story.               story.

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