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Fundraising Principles
1. Involve as many people as possible and
    make the whole process as easy and
    painless as possible
2. Identify how much money you need/want
    to raise
3. Identify the clubs resources to undertake
    the fundraising
4. Identify the fundraising programs and
  your priorities within these.

5. Consider the formation of a sub
  committee for each program or event

6. Plan a timeline

7. Do it. Remember point 1
1. Club Membership

   Generally clubs charge somewhere around $20 to join
    and $10 per annum

   Many clubs provide a key ring or badge displaying a
    membership number. You need to answer the question
    of what are the benefits?

   Clubs can auction special numbers e.g. 1 or 007
2. Registration Fees
   Generally in the vicinity of $30 to $100 for
    juniors and $120 - $200 for seniors

   A large part of this income, particularly for
    seniors, relates to the payment of insurance. The
    balance relates to costs involved in providing
3. Sponsorship
   The name of the game is ‘ sponsor service’.
    Little things count: framed certificate, club
    t/shirt, newsletter mention, sponsors days. By
    way of a guide, Junior clubs of 400 players are
    capable of raising $20k +. Keep in constant
    touch with your sponsors.

   Signage can include Honour Boards, Bill
    Boards, A Frames

   What businesses are based in your area
    (Brisbane vs Roma)? This will have an impact on
    your sponsorship objectives
Sponsorship Packages Examples
$500 Sponsors Package
Package includes:
 Player Sponsor
 Ground Announcement at each home game

 Supporters shirt

 Framed Certificate of Appreciation

 Business Name in Annual Report

 Small Home Game Signage

Payment Plan
 Deposit $250

 1 easy monthly payment of $250
$10,000 Sponsors Package
Package Includes:
 Player Sponsorship
 Ground Announcement each home game
 Supporters Shirt
 Framed Certificate of Appreciation
 Business Name in seasons annual report
 Large home game signage
 2x season tickets to home games
 6 Drink Vouchers at each home game
 2 free lunches from canteen at each home game
 2 free dinner and drinks at annual presentation night
 Business name on front or back of jerseys (all four grades
 Business name on sleeves of supporters shirts
Payment Plan
 Deposit $2000
 4 easy monthly payments of $2000
• Clubswho have access to
an area high in traffic (both
people and/or cars) can
consider the placement of
an Honour Board or Bill
• There are professional
companies who will do all
of these things for you (at a
% of the income). Eg
‘Sports Impact Marketing’
4. Raffles
The Basic Raffle
 What form do they take at your club?

 Who sells the tickets?

 Where do the prizes come from?

 What ‘controls’ are in place?

 Do you Gain permits for prizes over $500 and
The Club Monster Raffle
   In 2007 the League will conduct a national
    raffle open to all Rugby League clubs in
   A large number of prizes have been sourced
    from Harvey Norman
   Clubs will be offered an initial 1000 tickets @
    $5 per ticket, with an opportunity for
    additional tickets
   ALL proceeds remain with the club
Monster Raffle Logistics
   How can this program be promoted in
    your club?

   Where will the tickets be sold and who will
    sell them?

   How can we best account for ticket sales
    so that the club maximises its profit?
5. Footy Days
100 Club
 Advantage is that they are easy to conduct
 Clubs charging between $2 and $5.

 Generally raise $300 per home game over

 10 games
Some clubs are conducting game day raffles
with a wheelbarrow full of product
6. Evening Events
Auction Nights
 All costs covered in the cost of entry
 Combination of silent and active auctions
 Prizes include a wide range of items that appeal
  to all members including things like $300 worth
  of electrical work

Sponsor or Trivia Nights
 Can involve fund raising games such as $2 coin
  at a bottle of booze and games such heads and
7. Additional Ideas
   Donations
   Flea Markets
   Canteen Stalls
   Concert/Film Nights
   Dinner Dances
   Progressive Dinners
   Fetes/Stalls
   Merchandising
   Wine Tasting
8. Professional Support
   If resourcing is an issue for your club you
    can consider using professional
    companies to assist.
   They include companies as listed under
    ‘Fundraising’ in the Administration
    Resource section of the arldevelopment
   Companies such as ‘Impact Sports
Opportunities in the Future
Commercialisation of Leaguenet

   Clubs have potential to attract income
    from national sponsorships by providing
    brand recognition on their websites

   Benefits could be determined by site

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