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									                                                       participate in various in-club activities. One of the     Boys & Girls Clubs of the
Club News…                                             most exciting events for members was sledding           Lewis Clark Valley, Lapwai Site
                                                       on the back hill. For many members it was their
                  Lewiston                             first time sledding. They all had a blast and were         Launches Much-Needed
     At the Lewiston Club, the New Year kicked off     hoping for more snow! Members are enjoying              Homework Assistance Program
with big exciting changes to our programming areas.    participating in club programs such as: Power               In response to the call for more effective home-
The Fine Arts Center has relocated into the old Teen   Hour, Triple Play, and Jr. Staff. In addition to our    work assistance programs for low-income youth,
Center and is much more viable for our members.        weekly programs we’ve had a few special days.           Charity Projects Entertainment Fund/America
The staff and members are enjoying the new and         November 30th was Meth Awareness day. We had            Gives Back (CPEF/AGB) is providing $25,000
improved Fine Arts Center with more projects, take     a guest speaker come talk to the kids about drug        grants to support the continued implementation of
home activities, and creative cooking every Friday.    prevention. Kids have really enjoyed these pro-         Power Hour in 180 Boys & Girls Clubs in commu-
The Game Room has been very fortunate to receive       grams and will continue to enjoy most of them as        nities with high poverty rates across the country.
new pool tables and equipment thanks to Regence.       the year continues. Another big hit that will con-      This highly successful homework assistance pro-
Tuesday’s 3-ball tourneys and compelling board         tinue throughout the year is Grilled Cheese Tues-       gram, implemented by our Lapwai Club, helps
games are keeping the staff and members full of        days and Thursdays!                                     young people come to view homework as an op-
positive energy. The Early Bird Program and the             Coming up this spring are some great activities    portunity to learn to work independently, complete
Kindergarten Program are continually successful.       and fun days at the club. We will be hosting daily      projects on time and feel positive about the ac-
Any fee based programs are always available to         tournaments in the games room, unique art pro-          complishments. Power Hour: Making Minutes
new members and scholarships are available to          jects in the arts and crafts room, fun learning ac-     Count is an interactive, after-school homework
those who qualify. Triple Play, a program sponsored    tivities in our education center, and individual and    assistance program for children ages 6-18. Unlike
by Regence, focused on mind, body and soul en-         team activities in our gym. We are waiting for that     assignments done in class, Power Hour work is
courages members to eat healthy every day, have        sunshine and warm weather so we can get out-            conducted in a non-threatening and fun after-
fun while exercising and play respectfully with oth-   side and loosen up our muscles in fresh air!            school environment using adults or older students,
ers. Every Triple Play member looks forward to the                                                             who serve as “Homework Helpers,” to supervise
monthly party which includes a jumping castle and               Clarkston Phase II                             completion of Club members’ homework. In addi-
slide provided by Regence.                                The Phase II room where club members 11 and          tion to homework help, these staff or volunteers
                                                       older spend their time is more exciting now than        offer age-appropriate activities to stimulate Club
                                                       ever! It has never been so packed! The room is          members’ interest in learning. By explaining the
                                                       full everyday with fun and exciting tournaments,        relevance of learning fractions in order to cook a
                                                       games, and activities. The members have been            meal, for example, or by showing how geography
                                                       spending time playing on their new Wii system as        can enable us to enjoy reading the newspaper,
                                                       well as the Guitar Hero World Tour on the X-box.        volunteers help Club members learn to value the
                                                       You definitely need to come hear our band! Along        knowledge homework can bring. Power Hour’s
                                                       with video games, members have been trying out          long-term goals are to ensure that youth graduate
                                                       new pool tricks, practicing their spin in table ten-    from high school, pursue postsecondary educa-
                                                       nis, and trading properties in Monopoly. Come join      tions and become life-long learners. We would
                                                       the fun, you’ll be glad you did!                        like to say “thank you so much” to Charity
          Lewiston Phase II                                               Lapwai                               Projects Fund/AmericaGives Back for this ex-
    The teen center moved down the south hall into         The Lapwai Club has been jam packed with so         ceptional grant opportunity.
the Fine Arts Center and obtained a new name,          many fun activities in 2008 and we are ready to
Phase II. Phase II, an area for members ages 11 to have a ton more fun in 2009. In addition to all of
18, is designed to help members grow into produc- our phenomenal core areas the club has offered
tive adults while still in their prime years of youth. some pretty amazing programs funded by grants.                Dates to Remember:
This opportunity comes with added responsibilities     We are implementing the Mentoring Program with                           February 20th
and expectations and all Phase II members are          over 20 successful one-on-one matches with sev-                Spring Soccer Registration Deadline
working through it well. Since the name change and eral special events: An ice cream social, bus trips                            March 14th
new location, Phase II members are basking in          to fun places, and Christmas baking. We would                            Family Fun Day
Josh’s Wii tournaments and taking advantage of the like to thank Chad Zollman for making this pro-                          Spring Soccer Pictures
homework help room, equipped with a laptop bar         gram such a huge success. We are also imple-                           March 21st & 22nd
and comfortable stools. Art projects with Natalie are menting our 4th year of our Diabetes Prevention                    Thunderbird Golf Tournament
always a sure favorite with our older crowd. During Program (T.R.A.I.L.) that teaches our youth about                             March 21st
the Christmas break, members enjoyed trips to the making good decisions in regards to food and                            Spring Soccer Games Begin
movies and cooking treats in the kitchen. In order to exercise and how to be healthy physically, spiritu-                      March 22th-28th
enhance the Phase II area with new faces, the staff ally, mentally and emotionally.                                    National Boys & Girls Clubs Week
had contests to get members to bring their friends.                                                                               March 30th
                                                                    Lapwai Phase II                                       Summer Registration Begins
If you brought a friend your name went into a jar and      Phase II is always fun with several activities
at the end of the contest, the winner received a gift and programs as well. We have extended hours                            March 30-April 3rd
card to Wal-Mart. Members are now looking forward for Teen Nights Wednesday through Friday and                                   Spring Break
to upcoming Teen Nights and exciting new programs have Ballers Nights from 8-11:30pm on pre-                                      April 23rd
in the spring.                                                                                                             Annual Breakfast for Kids
                                                       selected Friday’s which is funded by the
                   Clarkston                           G.R.E.A.T. and T.R.A.I.L. grants. We are also
    Club members have been doing some exciting         implementing the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance             Congratulations Staff of the Year!
things here at the Clarkston Club. Over Christmas      Education and Training) program within Lapwai                 Management Staff: Beverly Yochum
break club members had the opportunity to go           Schools by our GREAT officer, Victoria Shults,                Clarkston Program Staff: Mike Miller
swimming and skating with the club as well as          who has been such a wonderful person to work             Lapwai Program Staff: Angela (Sissy) Seideman
    Check out our website at            with and a great addition to our team.                       Lewiston Program Staff: Molly Murphy
               2008 BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS YOUTH OF THE YEAR
               William Haines, age 14, was chosen as our ‘YOUTH OF THE YEAR’. Being named Youth of the Year is the highest honor a Boys &
              Girls Club member can receive. The title recognizes outstanding contributions to a member’s family, school, community and Boys &
              Girls Club. William will now compete in Olympia for the title of Washington State Youth of the year in April. He attends Lincoln Middle
              School in Clarkston, Washington and hopes to attend Washington State University in the future. Good luck William!
              Also competing this year was Elizabeth Fernandez from the Lapwai Club and Kaitlyn Crea from the Lewiston Club. Congratulations to
              both of them for becoming their local branches Youth of the Year. All three candidates will receive Kip McQuary Scholarships.

               2008 Boys & Girls Clubs Awards
LEWISTON GIRL OF THE YEAR                                            LEWISTON BOY OF THE YEAR
Bethany Huminsky-Laib                                                Jacob Baker
           Bethany Huminsky-Laib daughter of Cheryl Humin-                               Jacob Baker, son of Diane & Matthew Baker is a 4th
           sky is a 4th grader at Camelot Elementary. She has                            grader at Orchards Elementary. He has been an active
           been an active club member since summer 2006.                                 club member since winter of 2006. He can be found daily
           She is very soft spoken but willing to speak her                              in the Venture center working hard on homework during
           mind when needed. Bethany is extremely polite to l                            Power Hour. Garfield books and magazines are usually a
           members and staff and always ready to excel in                                sure way to catch Jacob’s interest. The gym is one of his
           Power Hour and Arts and Craft projects. Bethany                               favorite areas to meet up with friends to play Dr. Warball.
           can be seen with a smile on her face and energetic                            He is courteous, respectful and willing to help wherever
           attitude any day she is at the club. Congratula-                              needed. Way to Go Jacob!
           tions Bethany!

CLARKSTON GIRL OF THE YEAR                                           CLARKSTON BOY OF THE YEAR
Amanda Davis                                                         Zakariah Bautista
            Amanda Davis was selected because she always                                    Zakariah Bautista was selected as our boy of the year
            has a great attitude. One thing that stands out                                 because of his positive attitude. Zak can be found help-
            about Amanda is her respect she shows towards                                   ing staff members and being an active member in our Jr.
            everyone at the club. She is a great role model to                              Staff program. He shows leadership in all areas at the
            other club members. Amanda is always willing to                                 club with his sportsmanship. He is a very well man-
            help and is a top member of Jr. Staff. Amanda is a                              nered club member and shows respect towards staff,
            fourth grade student at Parkway Elementary and                                  club members, and himself. Zak is a fifth grade student
            the daughter of ZoAnne and Darren Byers. Great                                  at Parkway Elementary and the grandson of Linda
            Job Amanda!                                                                     O’Dowd. Good Work Zak!

LAPWAI GIRL OF THE YEAR                                              LAPWAI BOY OF THE YEAR
Evelyn Bohnee                                                        Cylen Moses

         Evelyn Bohnee is a 4th Grader at Lapwai Elementary                                Cylen Moses is a Senior at Lapwai High School and is the
         and is the daughter of Gabe and Carmalita Bohnee.                                 son of Aaron and Aimee Moses. Cylen has been a club
         Evelyn is a friendly, hard working and fun loving club                            member for over 10 years and has been very active in
         member who loves to help staff and members alike.                                 several special initiatives such as the Immersion Project,
         She is involved in Power Hour, T.R.A.I.L. and the                                 T.R.A.I.L., Smart Moves and Junior Staff. Cylen is a very
         Little Helpers Program. Evelyn always has a positive                              helpful, respectful and kindhearted young man who is
         attitude. She is involved in all of the areas of the club                         always willing to help whenever asked. Club members
         and it’s programs and is well liked by all. Congratu-                             look up to him and love to be around him. Congratula-
         lations Evelyn!                                                                   tions Cylen!

ATHLETE OF THE YEAR                                                  COACH OF THE YEAR
Gavin Smith                                                          Ken Bunce

         Gavin is a 5th Grader at Centennial Elementary and                             2008 was Ken’s first year coaching in the Athletic pro-
         is the son of Nate Smith & Jessica Six. Gavin has                              gram. He coached his son Aaron’s team in spring and
         been actively involved in participating in Boys &                              fall soccer. Throughout the two seasons Ken’s ability to
         Girls Club athletics over the past few years. In                               coach and encourage has not gone unnoticed. Ken has
         2008 Gavin was a participant in our basketball                                 demonstrated commitment toward his players and par-
         league. He also played both spring and fall soccer.                            ents alike. We really value Ken’s heart toward youth, and
         He has a positive attitude and shows great commit-                             his desire to see them succeed. Ken works for Clearwa-
         ment and character. Way to go Gavin!                                           ter Paper Corporation, is married to Chris, and has two
                                                                                        sons. Thank You Ken!
               Board of Directors
                                                                      WINTER SPORTS ! ! !
                                                        The Boys & Girls Club Coca-Cola Basketball League participants are quickly
Jim Kubiak                President
                                                     playing their way through another Basketball Season. The Basketball League
Michelle Bly              1st Vice President
                                                     participants include area boys and girls in 3rd-6th grades and Jr. High Boys.
Tim Broemeling            Past President
                                                     These participants will be hitting the hardwood through the first week of March.
Philip Charlo             Secretary/Treasurer
                                                     Our younger basketball players have been learning basic basketball fundamen-
Pat Nuxoll                Executive Committee
                                                     tals in our weekend clinic at the Bennett Jr. Branch in Clarkston. The Saturday
Cindy Parks               Executive Committee
                                                     morning clinic began on January 3rd and concluded February 7th.
Scott Hoffman             Executive Committee
                                                        Spring Small-Sided Soccer registration is currently underway and we will be
Steve Carlton *           Darcy Nelly
                                                     accepting registrations until February 20th. You can pick up registrations at any
Tobe Finch                Teri Nesset
                                                     of our three Boys & Girls Clubs or visit our website at
Mary Lee Frazier          Bill Neumayer
                                                        We are always in need of volunteers to coach! For more information, you may
Cathy Greene              Jackie Norton
                                                     contact Kelly Carlstrom at 746-2301 or by email at
Larry Greene Jr.          McCoy Oatman
                                                         Our volunteer coaches are a vital part of our athletic programs. We would
Joe Hall                  Steve Orr
                                                     like to thank all of our coaches for all their commitment and time to supporting
Jennifer Holley           Gary Prasil
                                                     the youth in the Lewis Clark Valley and surrounding areas.
John Horner               Melva Prasil
Jutta Hughes *            Sue Pring                  3RD GIRLS          4TH GIRLS               5TH GIRLS             6TH BOYS
Christopher Jacks         Karen Robinson *           Jill Ralstin       Jason Blazzard          Vern Offt             Chris Bann
Cindy Judd                Bobette Ruddell            Justin Jones       Tony Mastroberardino    Doug LaMunyon         Paul Lowry
Bob Keller *              Kristin Tanata             Darce Vassar       Nick Druffel            Jeff Briney           Troy Richard
                                                     Denniz Lenz        Brian Denton            Mary Swan             Chris Zwerneman
Jennifer Krall            Alex Tibbits
                                                     Mike Murphy        John Roy                Josh Smith            Kurt Peer
Joe Lillard               John Sullivan *
                                                     Mary Swan          Brent McLeod            5TH BOYS              Keith Brink
Carolyn Lorentz           Diane Turnbow *                                                                             Adrian Moody
                                                     3RD BOYS           Carlo Chimburas         Rebecca Scheuermann
Laura Lumley              Jamie White                                   Carlo Chimburas         Mike Bishop           Doug LaMunyon
Mike MacDowell            * Director Emeritus        Karen Forsman
                                                                        Dana Hagestad           Todd Blake            JR. HIGH BOYS
                                                     Justin Bennett                                                   Michael Baldeck
               Management Staff                      Dan Garrett
                                                                        4TH BOYS                Doug Smith
Jon Evans                 Executive Director                            Clarke Bradley          Bill Stevenson        John Gehring
                                                     Mike Renzelman                                                   Doug LaMunyon
Bradley Overberg          Unit Dir./Field Services                      Darrell Robinett        Keith Brink
                                                     Sarah Bales                                Mike Murphy           JR. HIGH AAU
Debby Bott                Development Director                          Steve Farrell
                                                     Koleen Wagner      Rick VanLeuvan          David Miles           BOYS
Joelle Dinubilo           Finance Director           Clarke Bradley                             Tim Lane              Bob Hasenoehrl
                                                                        Michael Baldeck
Kelly Carlstrom           Athletic Director          Phil Charlo        Lane & Monte Phillips   6TH GIRLS             Guy Compton
Josh Tyler                Technical Director         Dave Keil                                  Bob Wiggin            Phil Charlo
                                                                        Cammie Tenwich
Anna Calkins              Lapwai Unit Director       Doug LaMunyon                              Jeff Heitzman         Gene Straughan
                                                                        Mike Madrid
Isaac Sisto               Lapwai Prog. Director      Emmit Taylor       Doug LaMunyan           Wes Nicholas
Nathan Titus              Clarkston Unit Director                                               Tess Green
Amber Delaney             Clarkston Prog. Director
Michael Miller            Lewiston Prog. Director       A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR BASKETBALL SPONSOR:
Administration            208.746.2301
Lewiston Club             208.743.4568
Clarkston Club            509.758.9647
Lapwai Club               208.843.9371

                                                                 Annual Board of Directors Auction
                                                                “Hollywood Glamour & Glitz”
                                                         This year’s auction was again a huge success! We could
                                                       not achieve this success without the financial generosity of our
                                                       sponsors, our contributors, and those who attended the event.
                                                       We netted over $179,000!!
                                                                  A special “Thank You” to our major sponsors:

                                                                           Event: Banner Bank
                                                                         Gold: Potlatch Corporation
                                                        Silver: ATK-Speer-CCI, Clearwater River Casino & Resort,
                                                                  D.A. Davidson & Co./Jeff & Teri Nesset
                                                                       Raffle: Pepsi, Syringa Bank
                                                                          Gameboard: Regence
                                                        We are grateful for the support of our community and their
                                                       willingness to provide resources for the youth in our valley.

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