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					                           Executive Committee Meeting
              National Association of Supervisors of Business Education
                               2003 ACTE Convention
                     Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, FL
                                 December 12, 2003

The meeting of the NASBE Executive Committee was called to order at 7:15 a.m. by
President Mary Nemesh. Those present included Barbara Bielenberg (IA), Kara Burkett
(TN), Diana Carpenter (WV), Maurice Henderson (MI), Jean Kyle (MN), Anna Nemesh
(MD), Mary Nemesh (MD), Deborah Seehorn (NC), and Linda Sullivan (MO).

Minutes of the April 18, 2003 Executive Committee meeting held at the Wyndham
Anatole in Dallas were approved as printed.

 Treasurer Sherry Franklin had reported a balance of $7,290.28 at the April 18 meetings,
and no update from last spring was available. Past President Maurice Henderson reported
that some challenges had arisen regarding the membership database and that a new
database would be created as membership/dues forms are received. The treasurer’s report
was postponed, pending the arrival of the treasurer.

Officer Report Highlights

President Nemesh reported that the Certificate of Deposit would have been rolled over
automatically. She stated that Website problems had been resolved.

The 2003-2004 NASBE Strategic Plan was posted on the Website, and it was approved
online as directed at the April 18 meeting at NBEA Business Meeting. The Plan was
approved unanimously by those who responded.

President Nemesh reported that former NASBE Vice President Nancy Flores’ (TX)
position had been eliminated and that she is currently a technology coordinator in a local
school district. Jean Kyle has consented to completing the term as Vice President.

President Nemesh commended Newsletter Editor Barbara Bielenberg for the excellent
newsletter and reported that the next newsletter deadline is January 15.

ACTE/BE Division Update

Dianna Carpenter, Business Education Division president, reported that the ACTE
National Director states that conference attendance is down and that ACTE is deep in
debt. The plan is to assess every member $30. The BE president expressed appreciation
for whatever support NASBE and the BE division can give. ACTE is our legislative arm.
Assessment makes the $30 deductible rather than donation. After the $30 assessment,
measures will be put in place to find ways to raise funds.
NASBE Executive Committee Meeting
December 12, 2003
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New Business

President-Elect Deborah Seehorn moved that NASBE donate $1000 pending approval by
Treasurer Sherry Franklin and the Executive Committee. The motion was seconded by
Barbara Bielenberg and carried.

Anna Nemesh moved that the Executive Committee meeting be recessed for the Business
Meeting and continued after the afternoon Rap Session. The motion was seconded and
carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 a.m.

The NASBE Executive Committee meeting was called back to order at approximately
2:30 p.m. with the following voting members present: Mary Nemesh, Maurice
Henderson, Jean Kyle, Linda Sullivan, and Sherry Franklin. Anna Nemesh and Kara
Burkett were also present.

Maurice moved to present ACTE with a $1000 contribution from the NASBE treasury.
The motion was seconded by Sherry Franklin and was carried.

This meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:45 p.m.

                                                 Linda Sullivan