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Public Health            Child and Youth Mortality Review

                         Stop Press! And the Winners are...

                      New Health Structure for Hospital &
       The new structure for the                    by integrating the Princess Margaret        encompassed seven divisions with seven
  Hospital & Specialist Service                     Hospital and Burwood Hospital               general managers, one of whom was
 Division was announced on 20                       divisions. This Division will be managed    responsible for more than half the workload.
       August. The key changes                      by one general manager.                      We had to find a way that would more
                        include:                •   A new position of chief of surgery will     evenly spread that load and at the same
                                                    be created based within the                 time continue to be highly service focused.’
                                                    Medical/Surgical Division and will be
                                                    equivalent to the chief of medicine role.   What happens next?
                                                •   A Business Support Unit will be             The next step is to prepare advertisements
                                                    established, reporting directly to the      for the new positions. It is anticipated this
                                                    general manager of Hospital & Specialist    will take place within the next two weeks.
                                                    Services.                                    In the meantime, says Jock, it is business
                                                •   The existing Ashburton and Community        as usual.
                                                    Health Service Division will be renamed           There will be some changes in reporting
                                                    Rural Hospitals Division. Otherwise there   lines for some service managers. Anyone
                                                    is no change to this division.              whose role/position is not mentioned in the
                                                •   There is no change for the Mental Health    list below remains unchanged.
                                                    Services Division.                          • All service managers currently reporting
                                                                                                  to the GM, The Princess Margaret
                                                What does this mean for staff?                    Hospital or the GM, Burwood Hospital
                                                General Manager, Hospital & Specialist            will report to the new position of GM,
             Jock Muir
                                                Services, Jock Muir, says five new positions      Older Persons’ Health & Rehabilitation.
• A Medical/Surgical Division to be             will be created and five positions will be      • The Maintenance Manager at
  created, incorporating most of the            disestablished. The new structure will            Christchurch Hospital will report to the
  services currently within the                 include:                                          GM, Hospital Support & Laboratories
  Christchurch Hospital Division. The           • GM Medical/Surgical – 1FTE                    • The service managers in Paediatrics,
  main changes are that Children’s Health,          ( Full-time employees)                        Paediatric Oncology and Paediatric
  and maintenance and technical services        • GM Women’s & Children’s Health – 1FTE           Surgery will report to the GM, Women’s
                                                • GM Hospital Support & Laboratories – 1FTE       & Children’s Health.
  within the Division, are placed
                                                • GM Older Persons’ & Rehabilitation – 1FTE     • The following roles will report to the
  elsewhere. The new Division will be
                                                • Chief of Surgery – 0.4FTE                       Manager, Medical or Manager, Surgical:
  managed by a general manager
                                                                                                  – Pharmacy Manager
  complemented by two senior                    Existing positions to be disestablished are:
                                                                                                  – Service Manager, Urology
  managers.                                     • GM Christchurch Hospital                        – Service Manager, Neurology,
• A new Women’s & Children’s Health             • GM Christchurch Women’s Hospital                   Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology,
  Division will be created combining the        • GM Laboratories                                    Otolaryngology, Oral Health
  Children’s Services at Christchurch           • GM Burwood                                      – Service Manager, General Surgery &
  hospital with the current Women’s             • GM The Princess Margaret Hospital.                 Cardiothoracic
  Health Division.                                                                                – Service Manager, Gastroenterology,
                                                                        Explaining the
  The move to the            We have arrived at this structure,                                      Diabetes/Endocrinology, Dermatology,
                                                                        rationale for the
  Christchurch              after consultation with our staff, as                                    Rheumatology, Nephrology, Podiatry,
                                                                        restructure of the
  Hospital campus           one of the main ways in which we            H&SS Division, Jock          Cardiology
  by Christchurch                 can improve the overall               Muir said, ‘We have       – Service Manager, General Medicine,
  Women’s Hospital             performance of the Division.                                          Respiratory
                                                                        arrived at this
  early in the new                                                                                – Service Manager, Parkside
                                                                        structure, after
  year will facilitate this change. The new                                                          Outpatients, Emergency Department,
                                                consultation with our staff, as one of the
  Division will be managed by one general                                                            Intensive Care, Hyperbaric
                                                main ways in which we can improve the
  manager.                                                                                        – Service Manager & Nursing Director
                                                overall performance of the Division. We
• A Hospital Support & Laboratories                                                                  for Haematology, Oncology, Palliative
                                                need to have a management structure that
  Division will be created incorporating                                                             Care
                                                can support our clinical teams more
                                                                                                  – Service Manager, Sexual Health &
  the existing Canterbury Laboratories,         effectively.
                                                                                                     Infectious Diseases
  Christchurch Hospital maintenance                  ‘We also need to have a good structure
                                                                                                  – Service Manager, Radiology
  and non-clinical technical staff. This        in place that can facilitate the move of
                                                                                                  – RMO Manager
  Division will be managed by one               Christchurch Women’s to the Christchurch
  general manager.                              Hospital campus. One of the main drivers           It is anticipated the process for
• An Older Persons’ Health &                    for looking at how to improve the structure     advertising and recruitment will take 2–3
  Rehabilitation Division will be created       was my concern that the Division                months. Staff will be fully advised as
                                                                                                appointments are made.

Specialist Service Division Announced
                                                             1. Existing Structure

                                                             GM, Hospital and Specialist Service

     GM, Mental Health     GM, Ashburton and      GM, Women’s           GM, Canterbury       GM, Burwood        GM, Christchurch     GM, The Princess
         Service           Community Health       Health Division      Health Laboratories     Hospital             Hospital         Margaret Hospital

                                                                2. New Structure

                                GM, Hospital and Specialist Service                          Business Support Unit

                                GM, Rural           GM, Hospital       GM, Older Persons’
     GM, Mental Health                                                                            GM,           GM, Women’s and
                                Hospitals           Support and           Health and
         Existing                                                                            Medical/Surgical    Children’s Health
                                 Existing           Laboratories         Rehabilitation

                             Clinical Services     Haematology
     Director of Nursing                                                                                                              Chief of Medicine
                                  Cluster        Oncology Palliative    Manager Medical      Manager Surgical    Chief of Surgery
           Existing                                                                                                                        Existing
                                  Existing           Existing

                             Christchurch Women’s Hospital
                                     Move Update
    Each month, we talk with Fiona Ensor,              equipment from the existing TSSU over a             operating theatre in the Day Surgery Unit
    integration and relocation facilitator,            carefully planned but brief weekend!                plus a single and twin bedroom.
    part of the team at Site Development                    A ‘Relocation Information’ noticeboard              Andrew Little, the procurement
    looking after the move of Christchurch             has been set up for staff outside the café          co-ordinator, has already purchased
    Women’s to the Christchurch Hospital               at Christchurch Women’s. This will be               many of the large items of equipment
    campus.                                            regularly updated with information about            for the new hospital, like washer
         Fiona reports that this month the first       plans for the relocation and the new building       sanitisers, procedure lights and operating
    major handover and occupation of the               itself. Any questions can be recorded on            theatre pendants. He is also working
    project took place. Christchurch                   the sheet also attached to the noticeboard.         with the IS team to ensure that everyone
    Hospital’s Sterile Services – TSU is now           This information will also be on display in         has the right computers, printers, phones
    successfully relocated to the lower ground         Christchurch Hospital (location to be               and fax machines. Once this is finalised,
    floor of the new hospital. Thanks to a lot         confirmed) and placed on the intranet.              we will post the details on the Intranet.
    of hard work from Tony Blackler and Bev                 Viewings of the final sample room, a                Andrew is also working with Bronwyn
    Turner and her team in Sterile Services            labour room on the third floor of the new           Thompson, Safe Handling/
    and a large number of contractors, the             hospital, took place last week. As with the         Musculoskeletal Advisor, Canterbury
    graduated return to full capacity has gone         other sample rooms, all comments are                District Health Board, to ensure
    ahead as planned. The relocation of the            reviewed by the Architect, the team at Site         appropriate furniture is purchased for
    department included the installation,              Redevelopment and senior management                 the new hospital.
    commissioning and validation of some               and, where necessary, changes are made.                  We will bring you another update
    major items of new equipment, not                  Sample rooms previously viewed include              next month.
    forgetting the relocation of retained              an outpatient’s consultation room, an

 Getting Creative in Community
 and Public Health
 A chance conversation in the office              The group calls themselves ‘Not Just       really encouraged people to come
 café one day has seen the                   Quilters’, ‘because,’ says Nicky, ‘the people   together across the organisation,’
 development of a craft group at the         who come also make dolls, teddy bears,          says Nicky.
 Community and Public Health                 baskets, jewellery and frames. We even               For Nicky and Chris, the six-weekly
 building in Chester Street East.            have a cook who brings in food, and a           get-togethers are also a reminder that
      ‘I’ve always been a keen quilter,’     photographer.’                                  they are ‘creative people underneath’
 says Health Promoter, Nicky Harrall,             ‘It’s been an amazing experience           and that they have a life outside of work.
 ‘then one day Chris Woods asked me          because it’s built relationships with people    ‘The group’s been symbolic really of the
 to help her with a quilt she had started    who are in different departments and who        drive towards work–life balance, policies
 working on, and now we have a group         we don’t work with on a daily basis but who     around flexitime, fitting in activities that
 of up to nine people who meet once          we might see in the lift or the foyer of the    promote physical health and creative
 every six weeks to talk, share expertise    building or deal with on some issue. It’s       time for mental wellbeing,’ says Nicky.
 and show off our crafts.’
      Chris, a Health Promoter Nurse with
 Community and Public Health, had just
 started working on a quilt for her
 grandson and relished the opportunity
 to get some tips from Nicky.
      ‘We come into the office on a
 Saturday morning and spend the day
 sharing information and talking about
 everything except work. It’s not work
 time – it’s play time,’ says Chris. ‘It’s
 also about keeping balance in our lives.’
      Both women are full of praise for
 the Canterbury District Health Board,
 who have supplied the room for the
 group to use and encouraged the idea
 of a craft week in the building. The
 members of the group have adorned
 the partitions around the department
 with photographs, quilts and dolls.
      ‘We decided that it was time for a
 bit of skiting. People don’t usually show
 off what they can do but we thought it
 was all too good to hide away. I think
 the people in the building are surprised
                                             Chris Woods (left) and Nicky Harrall surrounded by the quilts, dolls and baskets
 at the talent around,’ says Nicky.
                                             made by members of Community and Public Health craft group, ‘Not Just Quilters’.

Blood Bank Relocates to Christchurch Hospital
From the end of September, the Blood         will also be able to check whether their        resources for staff including utilisation of
Bank will be operating from its new          patient’s group and hold is valid. Instead      the intranet. Staff will be encouraged to
location on the lower ground floor,          of clinicians ordering blood in anticipation    refer to the transfusion guidelines to
Parkside East, Christchurch Hospital.        of what they may need, they can phone           ensure appropriate use of the blood
Its move from the Canterbury Health          the Blood Bank and have blood delivered         resources. There will be a link adjacent
Laboratory building will bring the Blood     on demand. The other major change will          to all CBC results on ÉCLAIR to the
Bank closer to clinical services and will    be the removal of the blood refrigeration       transfusion guidelines.
provide a more efficient and personal        unit beside the operating theatre with blood         Other hospitals within the Canterbury
service for the Christchurch Hospital.       being issued directly from the Blood Bank.      District Health Board will not be affected
     New Zealand Blood Service says               All clinical areas throughout the          by the relocation as current practices will
the move coincides with the introduction     Canterbury District Health Board will receive   continue.
of automated equipment which will            more information about the relocation and            Any queries can be directed to the
enable group and screens to be               how it will impact on them. The Blood           Blood Bank on (03) 364 1620
performed at a faster rate. With improved    Service team says they will be using this
links to the ÉCLAIR system, clinicians       opportunity to develop information

                                                     Canterbury District Health Board
Chief Medical                                         Goes Smokefree Next Month
                                                  The pace has quickened for the                While there will be designated areas for
Appointed to                                      teams working on the policy and               inpatients who need to have a smoke,
                                                  practices on smoking in recent                these will be signmarked and will be in
 Limb Board                                       weeks, as 31 October, the date the
                                                  Canterbury District Health Board
                                                                                                place for just 12 months. ‘We didn’t
                                                                                                want to introduce a blanket zero for
                                                  goes ‘smokefree’, draws closer.               patients who smoke straight away,
The Canterbury District Health                    Leaflets and posters will be distributed      but the rules of Smokefree will apply
Board’s Chief Medical Officer,                    late in September to GPs, public health       for all staff, outpatients and visitors from
Dr Nigel Millar, has been appointed               centres, community health centres and         31 October.’
to the New Zealand Artificial                     other facilities for potential patients and        Meanwhile, Burwood’s pilot smoking
Limb Board.                                       clients to get more information.              cessation programme continues to go
     The Board is a Crown Entity                       Signage for all Canterbury District      well. ‘It is important,’ says Dawn, ‘that
responsible for meeting the                       Health Board premises, covering               staff who want to stop smoking, take
rehabilitation needs of New Zealand               information for inside buildings and          advantage of a cessation programme
amputees, as well as carrying out                 outside on our premises, will be put up       such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy
                                                  next month as well.                           (NRT) and a support system.’ Anyone
research and development. It has a
                                                       The idea, says project co-ordinator      wanting more information about this can
budget of $6.5m and provides free
                                                  Dawn Gourdie, is to ensure everyone           contact Dawn at 379 9480 ext 762 or
prosthetic and rehabilitative services            knows what the new policy means.              email her
to amputees and other clients.
     The Board presently provides
services to 4,331 people in
New Zealand. The appointments were
announced by Hon. Steve Maharey in
                                                Elder Friendly Guidelines Developed
mid-August. The Board chair, Graeme            A set of guidelines aimed at being ‘elder             ‘Members of the Elder Care Canterbury
Hall, has been reappointed. Auckland           friendly’ has been developed by the              Project met and talked with representatives
orthopaedic surgeon Dr Geoffrey                Elder Care Canterbury Project.                   of organisations working with older people
Lamb, the national secretary of the                  Project co-ordinator Gill Coe says the     in the development phase of the guidelines,
Amputees Federation Lorraine                   guidelines are basic common sense, but           and there was plenty of anecdotal evidence
Peacock, and Director of the Office            they need to be reinforced.                      that suggested we needed to have
for Senior Citizens Natalie Lavery, join             ‘The guidelines were developed after       something more concrete in place than we
Dr Millar on the Board.                        concerns were expressed that we need to          do currently.’
     Board members are appointed on            be more aware of older people’s needs                 Gill says that community health
the nomination of organisations                when they come into the health system.’          providers working with older people have
                                                     ‘They are basic common sense,’ says        also taken up the guidelines.
including the NZ War Amputees
                                               Gill, ‘and include guidelines to make sure            ‘Nurse Maude, Healthcare NZ, Access
Association, NZ Orthopaedic
                                               that an older person can hear and                Home Health and Ali’s Home Help are all
Association, Amputees Federation of                                                             using an adapted form of the guidelines.
NZ and the Minister of Health.                 understand what is being said and what
                                                                                                Pegasus Health has also sent them out to
                                               is going to happen with their treatment.
                                                                                                their practices.’

Jim Magee Resigns
Friday 20 August was Jim Magee’s               structure is implemented,
last day on the job as the GM of               the Canterbury District
Christchurch Hospital.                         Health Board’s Executive
     He was farewelled by a large group        Director of Nursing, Mary
of staff from the hospital and colleagues      Gordon, will be Acting
from other District Health Board facilities,   General Manager at
and made a witty speech which drew             Christchurch Hospital. This
applause from his audience and a warm          will be a period of transition
response from the GM Hospital &                and adjustment; it is
Specialist Service Jock Muir. As an interim    important that the smooth
measure, and until the Hospital &              operation of Christchurch
Specialist Services new management             Hospital continues.

Tips for Waste                                Centre for Postgraduate
Minimisation                                  Nursing Studies Expands
and Recycling                                 Staff at the Centre for Postgraduate               teaching but also for research activities.’
                                              Nursing Studies at the Christchurch                     In that regard the Centre has just had
In the last issue of across the board,
                                              School of Medicine and Health Sciences             its Master of Health Sciences (Nursing –
Christchurch Hospital’s Waste
                                              have good reason to feel more positive             Clinical) degree approved – it will start in
Minimisation and Recycling Officer,           in recent weeks.                                   2000 – as well as a new pharmacology
Elaine Williams, talked about                      After being housed in increasingly            paper. There will also be joint teaching with
steps the hospital is taking to reduce        inadequate premises at 36 Cashel Street,           other departments of the University of Otago.
its waste.                                    the Centre has moved to GEOS House,                There are several new programmes coming
     To help make it easy for everybody to    72 Oxford Terrace, just down the road              on stream including urology and continence
do their bit, we’ve included some tips to     from the Montreal Street intersection.             management nursing. New lecturers have
keep in mind when it comes to minimising      Centre Director Mary Miles is overjoyed            just been appointed to meet the demand,
waste and recycling.                          at the change.                                     with interests in aged care, nursing leadership
•   Make margins and/or font size                  ‘It’s wonderful compared to the old           and management, and a range of clinical
    smaller to reduce the number of           house we were in! It’s clean, it’s bright, with    interests related to high dependency nursing.
    pages being printed.                      beautiful views over the Avon. There’s plenty           ‘We are catering for those areas of high
•   Cut up scrap paper for note-pads etc.     of teaching space over the two floors, with        demand in nursing, and developing
•   When photocopying large documents         ample room for Masters and PhD students,’          programmes which have much closer ties
    use the double-sided option.              she says. ‘There’s no crowding and easy            with clinical providers such as District Health
                                              accessibility to the                                                        Boards, private
•   Collect paper at source i.e. near
                                              hospital and the                                                            providers and primary
    computers, photocopiers and faxes,                             ’s important that a growing
                                              city centre.’                                                               health care, not only
    and have clearly marked trays for                                         school of nursing has proper
                                                   The move took                                                          here in Christchurch
    used paper.                                                            facilities not only for teaching but
                                              two years and Mary                                                          but also in other parts
•   Encourage staff to bring their own                                          also for research activities.
                                              Miles says that                                                             of the South Island.
    cups and drinking glass.
                                              the Centre for                                                              This will mean
•   Discourage the use of throw-away
                                              Postgraduate Nursing Studies has good              continuous strengthening of the clinical
    items such as water bottles.
                                              projected growth in its specialist courses         practice aspect of our courses.’
•   Ban plastic spoons – use metal
                                              for nurses, ranging from Certificate to PhD             Mary Miles says any nurse interested
    teaspoons.                                level. The new location also provides              in postgraduate study options is very
     Did you know? Christchurch Hospital      credibility for the Centre for nurses attending    welcome to come and have a look at the
purchases $9,800 worth of plastic spoons      courses and for overseas visiting academics.       new facility (Ph. (03) 364 3850). She is sure
and $3,100 worth of wooden stirring sticks         ‘Recently, two visiting professors from       they will be impressed by the University’s
per annum. That makes a staggering total      Japan were concerned at how they would             support for nurse education. For further
cost of $12,920 pa just so that we can stir   find us in Cashel Street, thinking that we         information on postgraduate programmes
our drinks.                                   would be in a huge building.’ The move is          contact Ruth Helms, Academic Manager,
     Metal spoons are $5.88 for a pack of     important, as research collaborations with         Christchurch School of Medicine and
12. We would need to lose over 26,367         overseas institutions will increase. Also,         Health Sciences.
metal spoons per year for the above to be     nursing is advancing its knowledge world-          Ph. (03) 364 0527 or email
cost effective! Perhaps we should consider    wide, and it’s important that a growing school
changing our stirring options?                of nursing has proper facilities not only for
     When it comes to reducing the amount
of waste we produce it’s handy to keep in
mind the three R’s – REDUCE, REUSE,
     Reduce the amount of waste by
choosing long-lasting instead of disposable
items that have the minimal or recyclable
packaging. Buy in bulk to reduce the
amount of packaging and mend broken
items when possible rather than
buying new.
     Items around the house such as
magazines, books, toys or clothes can be
reused by giving them to charities and,
wherever possible, recycle all your glass
bottles and jars, food and drink cans and
paper, and compost food scraps.
     Remember that one person can make
a difference – recycling one plastic bottle
saves enough energy to run a 60-watt light
bulb for 6 hours.

Canterbury District Health                                                                      Cancer research for kids
Board Undergraduate Awards                                                                      The 2005 calendar is presently being
                                                                                                designed and is due to be launched about
                                                                                                the beginning of October. The calendar was
Each year, the Canterbury District Health       Canterbury District Health Board divisions:     first produced for this current year and is a
Board presents up to six awards to              Ashburton and Community Health                  wonderful fundraising concept, initiated by
CPIT’s second year nursing or                   Services; Burwood Hospital; Mental Health       Vicky O’Connor. More information about the
midwifery students.                             Services; Older Person’s Health; Women’s        calendar and how to order copies will be
     The purpose of the awards is to            Health; and Christchurch Hospital.              provided for staff as soon as it comes
acknowledge and support the academic                This year’s recipients were: Hape           to hand.
performance and clinical assessment             Manaena, Leanne Murray, Dougal
attained by the student nurse or midwife.       McKinnon, Jennifer Anderson, Serena             Looking for a charity to
     Each award is worth $350 with one          Manaena and Dawn Ross.                          support?
being presented from each of the                                                                Many of us support different charities or
                                                                                                non-profit organisations in our communities.
                                                                                                If you want to support a charity and don’t
                                                                                                know which one, the list can be endless
                                                                                                and confusing. United Way NZ, an
                                                                                                independent volunteer-based organisation,
                                                                                                helps individuals and groups to make that
                                                                                                choice. They have a website
                                                                                       where you can find
                                                                                                out more about what they do.

                                                                                                Public Health Nurses
                                                                                                This conference is being held in Christchurch
                                                                                                in October this year. Dates are 21 and 22
                                                                                                October. It is being supported by Canterbury
                                                                                                District Health Board, Nelson Marborough
                                                                                                District Health Board, West Coast District
                                                                                                Health Board and Timaru District Health
                                                                                                Board. Jean O’Callaghan is opening the
                                                                                                conference. It will be a marvellous opportunity
                                                                                                for those staff interested in primary health
                                                                                                care to attend and be updated in regards
Back row (left to right) Hape Manaena, Leanne Murray, Diana Gunn (Director of Nursing,          to the MeNZ B campaign and PHO
Burwood Hospital), Dougal McKinnon. Front row (left to right) Jennifer Anderson,                development. There is a website link where
Serena Manaena, Catherine Dwan (Director of Nursing Christchurch Women’s Hospital),             you can access information
Cathy Andrew (Head of School CPIT).                                                   

 Interview with Barbara Walden – new chair of the National Influenza
 Immunisation Strategy and National Influenza Co-ordinator
 Continuing with a policy of educating          at the same time as influenza, it highlighted    success in the eligible people has been
 the public is high on the ‘to-do’ list of      the extreme importance of secondary care         restricted due to the ongoing issues of
 the new chair of the National Influenza        providers being protected against influenza.     assessing vaccine uptake data across
 Immunisation Strategy Group (NIISG).           The concern here is the risk of health care      the health districts.’ She says that is one
      Barbara Walden moves into the             providers infecting the very people they         of the key issues that needs to be
 position with a wealth of experience           care for.’                                       addressed if the District Health Boards
 from working for 15 years in healthcare             Moving from assisting NIISG to raise        want to reach their target of 75%
 sectors in Australia, South Africa and         public awareness of influenza and its            coverage.
 New Zealand, including on the                  seriousness in the community to chairing              The NIISG has been working at
 development of resources to assist Health      the group is a challenge Barbara says she        developing closer links with District Health
 Care Providers with issues related to          is looking forward to.                           Boards with a view to targeting information
 Influenza and Paediatric vaccines.                  In September, the group sat down to         and support for specific working groups
      ‘There are concerns and myths,’ says      review how its strategies have been working      within each District Health Board. Barbara
 Barbara, ‘surrounding influenza and            and set new short- and long-term                 would like to see this continue. ‘It also
 influenza vaccination and this reflects in     objectives. Barbara believes that since the      needs to become stronger, with local
 the poor uptake of influenza vaccination       inception of the Group there have been           solutions becoming the key to raising the
 in the secondary care sector. With the         ongoing issues surrounding influenza claims      influenza coverage.’
 threat of SARS last year potentially running   data. ‘Our ability to measure year-on-year

  Child and Youth Mortality Review
  Health professionals are in the process of setting up local Child &                                    Barry says the review will provide
  Youth Mortality review committees (CYMRC) around the country.                                     the opportunity to get local snapshots.
  These committees are operating under the auspices of the national                                 ‘This can then be developed into a
  CYMRC which was appointed by the Minister of Health under the                                     collage of a national picture which will
  New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.                                                aid with the development of national
                                                                                                    guidelines to prevent deaths. It’s a means
                                                                                                    of using information to determine the
       Community and Public Health’s                     According to the most recent statistics,   trends and patterns from which
 Barry Armstrong says the national review           the child and youth death rates in each         future preventative research efforts
 process was initiated to develop a                 age group have decreased since 1979 with        can be targeted.’
 standard data set for every child and              non-Maori children and youth having lower            The local committee under the chair
 youth death and to provide this                    mortality rates than Maori children and         of Terry Caseley meets for the first time
 information in a timely manner. ‘At the            youth across all groups. The main causes        later this month (September) and is in
 moment,’ he says, ‘while there is                  of death in 1 – 4 year olds in 1999 were        the process of building up a network of
 information about child and youth deaths,          unintentional injury and poisoning (29%),       experts in all fields that relate to child
                                                    followed by congenital anomalies (15%)          and youth deaths. Each local review
 it is scattered between different agencies
                                                    and vehicle accidents (12%). In children        committee will report to the national
 and is only reflected in statistics after
                                                    aged 5 – 9 and 10 – 14, the three major         body which will then report annually
 2 – 3 years.’
                                                    causes of death in                                                 to the Minister of
       Barry says the review aims to set up         1999 were vehicle                                                  Health outlining
 systems that enable all information about          accidents,                    ...if the data shows that            results and making
 a child or youth death to be processed             unintentional injury       something could have been               recommendations for
 quickly and ‘if the data shows that                and poisoning, and         done to prevent the death, it           actions that will reduce
 something could have been done to                  neoplasms. In youth       can also be acted on quickly.            child and youth deaths.
 prevent the death, it can also be acted            aged 15 – 19 and                                                   The national body also
 on quickly.’                                       20 – 24, the two                                                   acts as an advocate for
       About 600 – 650 young                        major causes of death in 1999 were vehicle      the improvement of health and social
 New Zealanders – aged between                      accidents and suicide. In both of these age     services for children and youth where
 28 days and 24 years – die each year,              groups these two causes combined                these actions have a direct bearing on
 and research both here and overseas                accounted for over half of the deaths.          reducing child and youth deaths and will
 indicates that a number of these deaths            Those aged 15 – 24 are most at risk of          sponsor, support and promote research
 are largely preventable.                           death, and those aged 5 – 14 are at             that will identify new factors that will
                                                    least risk.                                     prevent child and youth deaths.

         Stop Press! And the winners are…
   This year’s winners of the Canterbury           Patients, (Supreme Award Winner) and The               Jill Gillespie of the Nurse Maude
   District Health Board’s Quality &               Purpose & Goals of Energy Management                   Association.
   Innovation Awards are:                          by Alan Bavis and Brendon Groufsky.
                                                                                                          The Highly Commended Shield was
   The Supreme Award goes to Intensive             The Hospital & Specialist Services Runner-             awarded to Lyn Clark from the
   Care Staff Dr Geoff Shaw, Kathryn               up was Aiming for Safety & Efficiency in               Department of General Medicine at
   Greenfield and Richard Dove for their           the Management of Chest Pain by Wendy                  Christchurch hospital for the project
   project Reducing Over-sedation in               Cuthill, Calum Young, Heather Trew, Ann                Discharge Letter Process Review.
   Critically Ill Patients.                        Young & Hamid Ikram. (Cardiology Dept)
                                                                                                          Indepth information about the award
   The Hospital & Specialist Services              The Community & Contracted Provider                    winners and their projects will be covered
   Award was won by two entries –                  Award went to Palliative Care Education                in the next issue of across the board.
   Reducing Over-sedation in Critically Ill        for Health Carers, by Raewyn Jenkins &                 Information is also on the Canterbury
                                                                                                          District Health Board Intranet.

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