Bwengu Projects Update End November

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					       Bwengu Projects Update End November
 On 24th November we traveled to Reading University to meet the 4 student teachers
that are going out in January 2010 to teach in two Bwengu Schools. It turns out they
are all females 2 from Australia and 2 from the UK.

It will be interesting to see how then get on living in the villages community, is for
sure none of these school children will have seen young white females before. To say
they will be a source of interest is perhaps an under statement.

When we go out next spring we shall no doubt be greeted by the saying G’day by all
the young children.

Medical Centre New Build Project
 A rough draft plan of the new buildings has been completed, it will soon be sent to
the village medical people and chiefs for any changes they feel they may want to make
before the proper building plans are drawn up.

Fund raising continues, with some very kind people helping us, you will see from the
attached chart we are approaching the half way amount of money we need to
complete this 1 project.

This project will be a first for us, being that all the donors’ money we are spending on
this one project which will take about 3 months to complete. Our plan is to go out to
the bush mid June 2010- returning Sept.

 All we do is a reflection on you all, your kindness and generosity to a people who
have little in this modern world we live in. This project will save lives and change the
future outlook for so many.

Tony & Sue                                                                  1/12/09

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