Primary Trait Scoring Rubric for Technical Writing

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					                                                      Primary Trait Scoring Rubric for Technical Writing

Trait          Exceptional                       Acceptable                           Amateur                                      Unsatisfactory
Content         Writing is purposeful with       Maintains clear logical             Subject/position is vague with no           Insufficient writing to
                  logic maintained                  subject/position.                    unifying statement.                          show that criteria are met.
                  throughout.                                                          Drifts or has lapses in logic.
                                                                                       Paper consists of repetitions and
Support           All major points fully           All key points developed          Some key points are developed by            Insufficient or repetitious
                   developed and supported           and supported by specific           specific detail; some may be general        writing that fails to
                   evenly by specific detail         detail; some key points may         and some may lack depth.                    develop key points.
                   throughout the paper (e.g.        be less developed than            Supporting evidence is minimal              Lacks supporting
                   explanation, evidence,            others (not even or                 and/or not easily interpreted.              evidence
                   examples, figures, tables         balanced).                                                                      and/or supporting
                   and/or graphs).                  Supporting evidence                                                             evidence is unrelated to
                  Supporting evidence is            illustrates the key points but                                                  key points.
                   understandable and well-          lacks depth.
Organization      Structure is clear,              Structure is clear and              Structure is evident.                       Structure is missing or
                   appropriate and effective.        appropriate to purpose.             May have inappropriate or intrusive          attempted but not obvious
                  All paragraphs are               Most major points are                transitions that disrupt the                 to the reader.
                   appropriate and purposeful.       appropriately paragraphed.           progression of ideas.                       Limited evidence of
                  Coherence (paragraph to          Coherence (paragraph to             Some major points appropriately              appropriate paragraphing.
                   paragraph) and cohesion           paragraph) and cohesion              paragraphed.                                Little structure within
                   (sentence to sentence) are        (sentence to sentence) are          Has coherence (paragraph to                  paragraphs.
                   effectively demonstrated          demonstrated with                    paragraph) but lacks cohesion               May have one or more
                   throughout paper.                 appropriate transitions.             (sentence to sentence) or vice versa.        major digressions.
                  All points are logically         Most points logically               May have one or more minor
                   presented and interrelated.       presented and organized.             digressions.
Focus             Clearly sets purpose of          Clearly sets purpose of             Subject/position identified by only a       Subject/position (or issue)
(applies to        paper through introduction        paper through introduction           brief, general introductory statement.       is unclear.
theses, term       or overview.                      or overview.                        Conclusion is absent or only a
papers and        Effective conclusion that        Clear conclusion.                    verbatim reiteration of the
essays)            relates to introduction and                                            introduction.
                   unifies the writing.

                                                     Primary Trait Scoring Rubric for Writing Mechanics

Trait          Exceptional                       Acceptable                           Amateur                                      Unsatisfactory
Sentences       Usage of sophisticated           Simple and some complex             Sentence structure is usually correct.      Sentences do not make
and               sentence patterns.                sentences are used.                Simple sentences are used.                    sense.
paragraphs       Paragraphs indicate shift in      Some paragraphing to show         Little attempt made to paragraph      No paragraphing.
                  thought and are used to            sequence of events/ideas.          writing.
                  make sequence of events
Word choice      Words are used correctly          Acceptable vocabulary.            Simple vocabulary.                    Incorrect vocabulary.
                  and precisely.                    Words are technologically
Spelling         Spelling is correct,              Spelling is generally             Frequent spelling errors.             Spelling errors interfere
                  including complex and              accurate.                                                                 with understanding.
                  irregular words.
Punctuation      A range of punctuation            Periods and capitals are          Frequent punctuation errors.          Insufficient or lacks
                  including commas,                  used correctly and                                                        punctuation.
                  apostrophes, colons and            punctuation is beginning to                                              Incorrect use of capital
                  semicolons is used                 be used within the sentence.                                              letters.
                  accurately and effectively.