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					                               HALS Local Examples Template Overview

Presenting your legislators with examples of significant landscapes in the local area is essential for
securing their support for HALS funding. In order to assist with this effort, the Government Affairs staff at
ASLA has created a template for you to use to highlight your state’s significant landscapes and why they
should be documented. Each fact sheet also includes text provided by ASLA to explain the national
context what we are asking legislators to do to help solve the problem.

1) Here are some things to keep in mind as you select local examples and develop your fact sheet.
   • The benefits offered by the landscape (scenic, historical economic, ecological, social,
       recreational, educational).
   • Any immediate threats to the potential site (neglect, vandalism, development, or environmental
       causes such as global warming or invasive species).
   • Take or collect some current pictures of the landscape(s) you intend to highlight. Including these
       in the fact sheet can be an asset for bringing the landscape to life for your legislators.

In most cases, a short paragraph should be sufficient. Remember to consider the local context when
developing your fact sheet. Every member of Congress is attempting to balance a number of competing
values. Emphasize why this site has unique value.

2) Identifying significant landscapes in your community or state – You may have specific examples
already in mind for your fact sheet. If you do not, there are a number of resources online to help you.
    • In 1999, ASLA compiled a list of nationally significant landscapes – known as Medallion Sites -- in
        conjunction with our centennial. This list is available on ASLA’s federal government affairs
        website in the HALS section -- (http://www.asla.org/members/publicaffairs/federal2_d.html).
    • The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) or other local preservation organizations may be
        good resources.
    • The National Trust for Historic Preservation publishes a list of endangered landscapes
        (http://www.nationaltrust.org/11most/) which may contain examples for your state.
    • The Cultural Landscape Foundation “Landslides” lists (http://www.tclf.org/) may also have good

3) Formatting your template – The GA staff at ASLA has set up the template to allow you to localize your
fact sheet easily. Insert text, photos and captions in the local examples section of the template, and
include your state in the title. Feel free to include more than one example as space allows (or develop
more than one fact sheet) and reformat as you believe appropriate (utilize any graphics program with
which you are comfortable).

Be sure to sure to provide your contact information at the end of the document. We encourage you to
retain the text already included in the template because it provides vital information to the legislators
about HALS and what ASLA is asking of them. By combining your local examples with this text, we can
provide offices with a single document that pulls everything together.

4) SEND US A COPY OF YOUR FINAL DOCUMENT! We want to be able to share examples with your
colleagues and make this information available on the ASLA website.