Plant Roots by jentlejen7

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									Plant Roots
Ryan Turley, Taylor Hall, David Bogenberger, Rose Silveira, Jeniece Montellano, Jessica Budinger, Nikki Bartolameolli

• • • • The region outside of the endodermis It produces several steroid hormones Stores food and transports water and salt Allows for osmosis

Root Hairs
• The extensions of epidermal cells • Increases the surface area of the root • Enables the roots to absorb water and nutrients • Fuzzy tubular outgrowths

The outer layer of a plant Made of parenchyma cells Protects the underlying tissues Assists the roots in absorption of water and dissolved ions • Protects the roots • • • •

• The innermost cylinder of the cortex • Stops further movement of water through cell walls • Regulates substances entering the center of the root

• Carries carbohydrates made in leaves to the roots • Transports food • Conducts organic compounds and some mineral nutrients throughout the plants • Elongated cells between patches of xylem

• Transfers water and minerals from the roots to the leaves • Provides structural support • Primarily from roots upward in the plant • Dead, elongated cells • Forms X in middle of dicot roots • Circles pith in monocot roots

• • • • • Center of the monocot roots There is no pith in dicot roots Made of parenchyma cells Soft, spongy, central cylinder Transports nutrients to the outer plant tissues

• Forms lateral roots by division • Outermost layer of the central vascular tissues • Emerges from the epidermis

Monocot Roots
• • • • • • • • Has prominent endodermis Only has one cotyledon Has pith in center Small areas of phloem are between xylem Fibrous roots, parallel vein alignment Primary root is nonexistent Secondary roots are important for absorption Background is Narcissus flower, a monocot plant

Dicot Roots
• Xylem forms X in the middle of the epidermis • Cortex and endodermis surround the vascular tissues • Has no pith, but has two cotyledons • Fluted structure with pockets of phloem between xylem lobes • Vascular bundles are arranged in a ring

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