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drug info @ [name of library]

[Town name] community members, including [name best known local attendee or
organisation, or range of organisations], celebrated the launch of a new collection of
accredited information on drug and alcohol issues at [library name, street] on [date].

[Insert job title and name of library spokesperson] said: “[library name]’s drug info
collection and the website at www.druginfo.sl.nsw.gov.au has been renewed after
feedback from community members. It provides top quality, regularly updated and
accessible information on drug and alcohol issues from a trusted local source,
helping to educate our teenagers and concerned parents.”

The drug info @ your library collection is designed for parents of teenagers and
secondary school and TAFE students who are most likely to be directed to the
collection by educators, Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs), GPs and local

Accredited and current drug information is easily accessed through the NSW public
library network, two-thirds of which are in regional areas, and the website at:

[Insert job title and name of library spokesperson] added: “This drug information is in
libraries to reach the community members that need it most. Local libraries have high
equity and access rating for disadvantaged groups and are easily accessed by those
that don’t have a computer, or the time to search for their own information.

“[Library name] is calling on anyone in the community who might be interested in
learning more about drugs, whether they are doing an assignment, are worried about
the drug use of a friend or child, or just want to know what risks they are taking, to
make use of their local drug info @ your library collection and the very popular
website at: www.druginfo.sl.nsw.gov.au

NSW Health Minister, John Hatzistergos has congratulated [insert town name] for
providing such a valuable source of quality drug information adding: “Public libraries
are able to provide reliable, trustworthy and balanced drug information to each and
every member of the community. I urge your community to make full use of this
service at your local library. NSW Health is proud to fund the drug info @ your library

Notes to the editor

The drug info @ your library initiative is a partnership between the Community Drug
Strategies Branch of NSW Health and the State Library of NSW and has been
running in local communities since 2002. The initiative has been given updated
collections, dedicated stands in libraries, an improved website and a new name.

To find out more about drug info @ your library, contact:
[Name a library contact who can arrange for further comment if needed and provide a
telephone and email address if possible]

An information sheet and high-resolution image of the drug info @ your library
postcard can also be downloaded from the website at: www.druginfo.sl.nsw.gov.au

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