; Delta SUN JES CNC Production
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Delta SUN JES CNC Production


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									 Solaris10 SUNJES 8.1 2005Q4                                        Delta                SUN JES CNC Production                                                                                  iPlanet 6.1 SP4 2005Q4
 patch level: 119166 sparc 119167 x86

                                           Load Balancers                                                                                                Admin consoles x4100 's
                                                                                                                                       Main DAS                                                Backup DAS
            PRIMARY ANTMX-A                                          SECONDARY ANTMX-B
                                                                                                                                     admin02 (:4849)                                          admin01(:4849)*
                                                                                                        SJSWS x4100 's
 CNC TM             web01z01 / web02z01 / web03z01                                                                      BROKER AE SAW INTERNETAPP REALEC LT CW (fmi)                                                web01z02
 CREDIT             web02z05 / web03z03                                                     STD           DMZ           SPARE                                                                                       web03z02
 REPORT             web02z03 / web03z05                                                                                 CW (delta)                                                                                  web02z02
 DOCS               doc01 / doc02
                                                                                                        SJSAS T2000's

          app01z01                                 app02z01                                 app03z01            ZONE 1           app04z01                           app05z01                             app06z01

 cncApp101(:8101)^       dfc.war           cncApp102(:8102)        dfc.war         cncApp103(:8103)        dfc.war        cncApp104(:8104)     dfc.war     cncApp105(:8105)     dfc.war         cncApp106(:8106)    dfc.war
 cncApp107(:8107)        dfc.war           cncApp108(:8108)        dfc.war         cncApp109(:8109)        dfc.war        cncApp110(:8110)     dfc.war     cncApp111(:8111)     dfc.war         cncApp112(:8112)    dfc.war
 cncApp113(:8113)        dfc.war           cncApp114(:8114)        dfc.war         cncApp115(:8115)        dfc.war        cncApp116(:8116)     dfc.war     cncApp117(:8117)     dfc.war         cncApp118(:8118)    dfc.war
 cncApp119(:8119)        dfc.war           cncApp120(:8120)        dfc.war         cncApp121(:8121)        dfc.war        cncApp122(:8122)     dfc.war     cncApp123(:8123)     dfc.war         cncApp124(:8124)    dfc.war
 cncApp125(:8125)        dfc.war           cncApp126(:8126)        dfc.war         cncApp127(:8127)        dfc.war        cncApp128(:8128)     dfc.war     cncApp129(:8129)     dfc.war         cncApp130(:8130)    dfc.war

 cncApp201(:8201)        dfc.war           cncApp202(:8202)        dfc.war         cncApp203(:8203)        dfc.war        cncApp204(:8204)     dfc.war     cncApp205(:8205)     dfc.war         cncApp206(:8206)    dfc.war
 cncApp207(:8207)        dfc.war           cncApp208(:8208)        dfc.war         cncApp209(:8209)        dfc.war        cncApp210(:8210)     dfc.war     cncApp211(:8211)     dfc.war         cncApp212(:8212)    dfc.war
 cncApp213(:8213)        dfc.war           cncApp214(:8214)        dfc.war         cncApp215(:8215)        dfc.war        cncApp216(:8216)     dfc.war     cncApp217(:8217)     dfc.war         cncApp218(:8218)    dfc.war
                                                                                                                                                           tmApp105(:8305)       tm.war         tmApp106(:8306)      tm.war
              cncCluster1                         cncCluster2                                                            tmCluster1/2                      tmApp205(:8405)       tm.war         tmApp206(:8406)      tm.war

 crdtApp101(:8501) credit.war             crdtApp102(:8502) credit.war            crdtApp103(:8503) credit.war           crdtApp104(:8504) credit.war      crdtApp105(:8505) credit.war         crdtApp106(:8506)   credit.war
 crdtApp201(:8601) credit.war             crdtApp202(:8602) credit.war            crdtApp203(:8603) credit.war           crdtApp204(:8604) credit.war      crdtApp205(:8605) credit.war         crdtApp206(:8606)   credit.war

 credit_sa(:8500)       credit.war                         creditCluster1/2                                                                                credit_sa2(:8500)    credit.war
       ilog-staging                                            Standalone                                                                     ilog-production                         imgCluster1/2
          app01z02                                 app02z02                                 app03z02            ZONE 2            app04z02                           app05z02                             app06z02
 Staging                                Staging                                  Staging                                 Production                         Production                           Production
 ilog-staging (:1299)                   ilog-staging (:1299)                     ilog-staging (:1299)                    ilog-production (:1199)            ilog-production (:1199)              ilog-production (:1199)

  imgApp101(:8301) image.war            imgApp102(:8302)       image.war         imgApp103(:8303) image.war              imgApp104(:8304) image.war         imgApp105(:8305) image.war           imgApp106(:8306) image.war
 imgApp201(:8401) socket.war            imgAPp202(:8402)        socket.war       imgApp203(:8403) socket.war             imgApp204(:8404) socket..war       imgApp205(:8405) socket.war          imgApp107(:8406) socket..war
                   thread.war                                  thread.war                          thread.war                              thread.war                         thread.war                           thread.war

  rptApp101(:8301)       report.war     rptApp102(:8302)       report.war        rptApp103(:8303)       report.war       rptApp104(:8304) report.war        rptApp105(:8305)     report.war      rptApp106(:8306)     report.war
  rptApp201(:8401)       report.war     rptApp202(:8402)       report.war        rptApp203(:8303)       report.war       rptApp204(:8404) report.war        rptApp205(:8405)     report.war      rptApp206(:8406)     report.war

  report_sa(:8300)       report.war                                                                                                                         report_sa2(:8300)     report.war     cncarc_sa(:8100)    cncarc.war
 brokerCluster1/2                     internetAppCluster sawCluster                                                      Standalone                   ltreeCluster       Standalone                 aeCluster
                                                                                            app03z03            ZONE 3
          app01z03                                 app02z03                                                                       app04z03                           app05z03                             app06z03
 broker101(:8101)       broker.war      broker102(:8102)       broker.war        broker103(:8103)       broker.war       broker104(:8104)    broker.war     broker105(:8105)    broker.war       broker106(:8106)    broker.war
 broker201(:8201)       broker.war      broker202(:8202)       broker.war        broker203(:8203)       broker.war       broker204(:8204)    broker.war     broker205(:8205)    broker.war       broker206(:8206)    broker.war

 intApp101(:8301)       internet..war   intApp102(:8302)       internet..war     intApp103(:8303)       internet..war    ltApp104(:8304)     lt.war         ltApp105(:8305)     lt.war           ltApp106(:8306)     lt.war

 sawApp101(:8401)        saw.war        sawApp102(:8402)        saw.war          sawApp103(:8403) saw.war                aeApp104(:8404)     ae.war         aeApp105(:8405)     ae.war           aeApp106(:8406)     ae.war

 realec101(:8501)       realec.war      realec102(:8502)       realec.war        realec103(:8503)        realec.war      realec204(:8504)    realec.war     realec205(:8505)    realec.war       realec206(:8506)    realec.war

 docSite1(:8500)         docsite.war    docSite2(:8500)        docsite.war       ecard_thread(:8500) ecard.war           cwApp104(:8604)      cw.war        cwApp105(:8605)     cw.war           cwApp106(:8606)     cw.war

              Standalone                                          realecCluster1/2                                                                                             cwCluster
                                                                                                                ZONE 4
          app01z04                                 app02z04                              app03z04                              app04z04                             app05z04                             app06z04
            HADB                                     HADB                                   HADB                                  HADB                                HADB                                 HADB
       Primary / DRU                              Spares / DRU                          Primary / DRU                         Primary / DRU                        Spares / DRU                         Primary /DRU
                                                               SJSAS V210 's                                                                                                       DataBases
                                                                                                                                                         DB_CNCD                                        DB_CNCI
               doc01                                                   doc02                              app11 (aka doc03)                                             
 docsCluster                                                                                                                       Virtual IP for DB01 & DB02                     Virtual IP for DB01 & DB02
              imaging_01(:38081) newdocs.war              imaging_02(:38081) newdocs.war            doc03sa(:38080) docthread.war
                                                                                                                                                         DB01 (10g)                                  DB02 (10g)
                                                                                                    intHouse(:38081) internal.war
              doc01sa(:38082)           doc.war           doc01sa(:38082)         doc.war           mers(:38083)      mers.war                                        

              DAS (:4849)                                                                                                                             Production                          Production
                                                                                                                        Standalone' s
                                                                                                                                                      CNCD                                LSCNCD (reports) CNCARC
                                                                                                                                                      CNCI (9i)                           PSCNCD(Failover )
         WebSphere                                                                      ILOG                                                                                              Test, Staging, Prodfix
                                                                                                                                                         DBServer6                        CNCSTG CNCTEST
 Required for Imaging                          ilog5                                           ilog6                                                                 CNCDEV PRODFIX
                                                                                                           (Solaris 8, Oracle 9i)
 App15                                     jnp://ilog5(:1199)                              jnp://ilog6(:1199)                                      Test, Staging                                        DBdr01
 App16                                     jnp://ilog5(:1299)                              jnp://ilog6(:1299)                                      IMGSTG IMGTST                           
 App13                                       BRES(:8180)                                     BRES(:8180)                                           *CNCTEST, CNCDEV
 Accelio                                     BRES(:8280)                                     BRES(:8280)                                           & PRODFIX will be                            Recovery Mode
                                               aew, obw, cnc, lendingtree, internetApp, tm, realec, cncarc                                         moved here from DB02                         drcncd   drcnci

Last update: 11/02/2007                 C. Choudhari                           *Spare        ^Wiley                                                                                              *For emergency use only

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