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									                         Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the
                       CAFAA Executive and Board of Directors
                          Pikes Peak Community College
                                   July 18, 2005

Present: Audrey Osswald, Linda Crook, Marty Somero (via speakerphone), Lori Gloer,
Judy Ransom, Stasi Bottinelli, Jim Harris, Susan Coleman, Sherri McCullough (in place
of Rhonda Rankin), Eileen Griego, Craig Johnson and Jennifer Presuhn.

Absent: Debra Frazier, Ruben Guerrero, Rhonda Rankin, Elaine Redwine, Eric
Cronkright, Cindy Vadeboncoeur, Tresa England, Phil Schroeder, Ellie Miller, Nancy
Gregory and Kimberly Mckay.

The agenda for the meeting was distributed.

Call to Order: Call to order was made by President Audrey Osswald at 10:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of April 1, 2005 meeting were approved with

Officer Reports:

President -Audrey Osswald: She mentioned that she enjoyed the NASFAA conference
that CAFAA paid for. Reauthorization was talked about and still has a good possibility
of going through. The results of the poll to move the CAFAA dates were unaffected.

Past President-Marty Somero: None to report.

President-Elect – Linda Crook: Linda brought up potential dates to participate in the
“Group Sponsors with Legislators” event. She thought a March date with a middle of the
month would be good because the legislators would be more interested and engaged. We
should decide on a date to get on their calendar. If this event was piggybacked with a
solution seminar it might draw in more people to participate. She is considering
Glenwood Springs for the CAFAA 2006 conference. She will make a site visit.

Vice President – Eric Cronkright: Absent.

Secretary – Jennifer Presuhn: None to report.

Treasurer – Cindy Vadeboncoeur: Cindy was absent however Linda Crook handed out a
written treasurer’s report, CAFAA budget report, CAFAA balance sheet and a list of all
categories itemized (see attachments). Keep in mind that the category of “Advertising”
has been changed to “Web Sponsorship” because CAFAA no longer offers advertising
since the discontinuation of the hardcopy newsletters. The next budget report will report
the interest income from the Certificate of Deposit into the actual income on the budget
report. Presently we only included the interest earned from the checking accounts and
the CD interest is included in the total account balances on the Balance Sheet. The
technology budget includes a variance of an additional $500, which was approved at the
4/1/05 meeting. Cindy will send out an email of the budget report and itemize categories.
Audrey wants the board and executive committee chairs to confirm they are all within
their budgets. The Bank One CD was cashed out upon maturity on April 30, 2005 and
rolled over into a new CD with US Bank yielding an annual 3.75%, which will mature on
7/6/07. We received a tax refund check from the IRS in May 2005 for $82.07 for paying
advertising costs. The refund comes from the taxes paid from the 2002. It was deposited
in the regular checking account. Sherri McCullough believes that the money will
probably have to be returned in the future because we had advertising costs then, but do
not now. CAFAA tax accountant Dave Moja (with Capin Crouse, LLP) has left to work
for Focus on the Family Action. Audrey wants to stay with the same company so Cindy
will let us know who our new accountant is. Jim Harris made the motion to accept the
budget report and Susan Coleman 2nd it and the motion was carried.

Committee Reports:

Conference – Lori Gloer: The clothing attire will include tropical shirts and flip-flops.
Conference membership is now at 12 people. The conference dates are October 19-21.
Sally Stroup will do the opening. Intra-sessions ideas were: customer service, banner,
identity theft (prof. dev.), communication exercises (how to make PB & J sandwiches),
regs 101 (jeopardy), SAP, consolidation, distance ed, title IV, reauthorization and College
Goal Sunday. Costs are running around $100 per person. This amount may change
depending on the five breaks and the president’s reception. We may be able to buy down
reserves if we need to. Discussion was made regarding a discount for early registration,
late fees and a refund policy. Audrey mentioned that the income from the Vendor booths
might help with the costs. A service project was brought up. Two ideas were the Susan
B. Kommen breast cancer fundraiser where we could do a silent auction and/or helping
children who live in abused homes (a program is already set up in Idaho Springs) with
school supplies and gift cards. Sunny Stanninger could get a list of items to donate.

Diversity Issues – Deb Frazier and Ruben Guerrero: They were both absent.

Financial Aid Awareness (FAA) – Judy Ransom: Linda Crook spoke to Rueben
Guerrero and Judy Ransom regarding a state project. Judy mentioned the folders for
potential Spanish students. For 5000 folders, it would cost roughly $2453. Also Ruben
is working on a power point for Spanish students, which is due out early August. A CD
in Spanish was also an inexpensive option. Jim Harris might contact the (HACU)
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to see if they might donate a
scholarship. HACU may already have a student guide, success brochure and CD that we
could use. It is a possibility to expand on the idea of making packets as the state project.

Historian – Ellie Miller: She was absent. She is still working on collecting artifacts.
Membership – Rhonda Rankin: Sherri McCullough sat in for Rhonda. The following is
a list of new CAFAA members approved by the board on-line (Cindy Vadeboncoeur
made to motion to approve these members and Eric Cronkright second that motion) on-

Leticia Reyna - Sallie Mae Educational Trust
Barbara Becker - CO School of Professional Psychology
Sara Crangle – Rocky Mtn. College of Art & Design
David Nelson – Rocky Mtn. College of Art & Design
Debbie Clark – Boulder College of Massage Therapy – approved with payment
Tami Trover – Nelnet – approved with payment

Crier – Nancy Gregory: Nancy was absent.

Professional Development – Eileen Griego: They just had a support staff workshop.
Around 32 attended. They will have two intra-sessions at the CAFAA conference.

Technology – Tresa England: Tresa was absent. She was waiting for the information on
the CAFAA conference so it can be posted to the Internet. The Survey Monkey worked
well for the on-line voting in relation to the possible changes to the CAFAA conference
and should work well for the CAFAA elections too.

Old Business:

Judy Ransom mentioned that Phil Schroeder would possibly act as the statewide
coordinator for College Goal Sunday. A timetable was discussed. In August, a
preliminary planning application, February- training two people as site and state
coordinators, March- grant request (Lumina funds 3 years – 4th year we are on our own,
plan it after the Super bowl and getting advertising out (including a PSA on the radio).
The project will involve computer access to complete the FAFSA on-line, otherwise a
paper application will be used. Possible translators for non-speaking English people were
a concern. Who will be the holder recipient/holder of the grant? Audrey doesn’t think
that CAFAA can be the holder (not large enough money wise). Possible options might be
Colorado Access Network (CAN), CollegeInvest, CCHE or Colorado Council on High
Schools and Colleges. Judy Ransom already has talked to Mary Davis at CAN/CCHE.
Judy and Phil will complete the application. March 1, 2006 is the date for the grant
request. College Goal Sunday is a great way for CAFAA to get exposure. This year 38
states participating and Colorado has the lowest number of high school students and
minorities attending college. Phil Schroeder is the lead contact person and Marty Somero
will be the alternative. Last, we need two years of audit of CAFAA to include in our
request for College Goal Sunday funding. It will go out to the board for voting on who
will do the auditing. Judy brought the new CAFAA Banners and CAFAA tablecloths
that she ordered. The costs for these will come out of the CAFAA budget.
New Business:

Audrey talked about the state partnership with NASFAA LearnStudentAid. This offers
on-line training to financial aid professionals of all levels. CAFAA could get a 10%
discount if we sign up to be a partner. Technology would add a link to our website for
these courses and remind people that the courses are available at the 1st of the month.
Motion was made by Craig Johnson and seconded by Stasi Bottinelli to participate in the
LearnStudentAid partnership with NASFAA. The motion carried.

The second item under new business is the Sallie Mae letter. There were five concerns.
Audrey will draft a letter and put it to executive committee. The main points that will be
addressed in this letter will be: CAFAA is working on adopting a no-endorsement policy,
we are not in agreement of Vice President being responsible for co-chairing the annual
conference committee, we have adopted the chair/co-chair system and they recruit more
volunteers, everyone who volunteers is given some kind of position.

Linda Crook discussed the slate of officers for the October 2005 election.

Discussion was held concerning the RMASFAA Decentralized Training to be held at
RRCC on November 10, 2005. Several possible presenters were recommended to Linda

Other Business:

It was discussed to schedule the next CAFAA meeting at Red Rocks Community College
September 12, 2005.


Motion to adjourn was made by Jennifer Presuhn and Craig Johnson seconded the
motion. Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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