Template of Abstract for the 8th International Workshop by gigi12


									               Abstract Template for the 1st International Conference
                          on Negative Ion Beam Sources

                                   T. Heoretician1 and X. Perimentalist2
                               Association Euratom/CEA Cadarache, France
                              Univeriste de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France

The one-page abstracts should be typed using 12 pt Times New Roman or Computer Modern
font, single-spaced on standard A4 paper (297 x 210 mm), leaving a full 2.5 cm margin on
all sides. They should be suitable for direct reproduction (no faxes please). The abstract
should begin with the title (bold, 14 pt, centered), the authors’ names (normal font, 12 pt,
centered) and affiliations (italic, 12 pt, centered). Figure captions should be in italic 10 pt
font. Please underline the name of the presenting author, and do not use page numbering.
Colour pictures are accepted for the electronic abstract collection, but the paper version will
be printed in black and white. Please ensure the legibility of your pictures without colour.

Figure 1. Figure captions in italic



Topic:                (use number found in the list provided on the web site)
Corresponding Author: Author Name
                      E-mail Address
                      City, State, Country
                      Telephone Number, Fax Number
The following is just some additional advice. Please fit your abstract on one page.

Note: In MS Word 6.0/95, the text box around the figure can’t be formatted using ”Top &
Bottom” wrapping under ”Format Autoshape / Wrapping”. Instead, the space for the figure
has been made by line feeds. Newer versions of MS Word have ”Top & Bottom” wrapping
style which makes things easier. Be sure to right-click the grey edge of the text box around
the picture and select ”Order / Send Behind Text” to avoid problems with EPS figures. Select
”View / Page layout” in Word to see this template as it’s supposed to look.

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