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We Are Here For You


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									                 YOU AND CAMPUS SAFETY
                                     C ampus s afety s erviCes N ewsletter • F all 2009 • V olume 1, I ssue 1

                                     We Are Here For You
                                     From the moment you arrive on campus, members
                                     of our team are visible, welcoming you, and ready
                                     to address your concerns about safety. Campus
                                     Safety Services is committed to maintaining our
                                     campus as a safe place to live, work, and learn.
                                     In all we do, we consider the most important
                                     part of our work to be our partnership with you.

        Q                            Whether you are a student, employee, parent,
                                     or guardian, campus safety is everyone’s concern
                                     and responsibility. We have created this newsletter
                                     to serve as a continual resource and to provide
Inside this issue:                   you with an enhanced perspective of our staff
Community Events              2      and services.
Recognizing our Heroes        3
                                     On a typical day, our campus is alive with the
Officers of the Year          3      excitement of students and faculty attending classes
Safety Tips                   4      and staff completing their designated duties.
                                     Temple University extends its activity and energy
Special Recognition           5
                                     into the night as evening classes and social events
Resources                     5      take place.

                                     It is important to be aware of your surroundings
                                     during both day and night to maintain your
                                     personal safety. Due to our specially enhanced
                                     lighting system, Temple is nearly as bright at night
                                     as it is during the day.

        Q                            We urge you to be mindful of our shared responsibility to maintain a safe and
                                     secure campus for everyone. Day and night, we keep an active watch and ask that
                                     you assist us. Be alert and aware so that whenever you need us—we will be there.
Speaking of Safety…
At Campus Safety Services, we        TOP: Officer Williams takes a break from patrolling to talk with students.
understand that talking about        BOTTOM: Lt. Moody and Officer Farina discuss the importance of walking on well-lit paths
safety and security involves         with a student as she leaves the newly constructed Alter Hall.

listening. We offer a variety of
occasions to explain what we do,
but we are also interested to know
what is on your mind. Let us                                                     Cell phones may
know your thoughts, questions,
                                                                                 reduce your safety...
and concerns by sending an email
to: police@temple.edu.                                                           Walking and talking or texting distracts
                                                                                 you from your surroundings. Even
                                                                                 though you may think you will be safer,
                                                                                 you should especially avoid cell phone
                                                                                 use while walking around at night.
    Community events
    •    neighborhood BBQ
         At the start of the semester, Campus Safety
         Services co-sponsors a Labor Day Barbeque. This
         event provides an opportunity for our students
         living in the surrounding area to meet their
         neighbors. This annual event, filled with food
         and fun, encourages positive relations that last
         throughout the year.

    •    Welcome Wagon
         This annual event represents a collaboration
         between Campus Safety Services, the Division of
         Student Affairs, the Office of Community Relations,
         and Temple Student Government. Students, faculty,
         and staff go door-to-door to meet with students
         living in the neighborhoods adjacent to Main          ABOVE: Fall Fun Walk/Run
         Campus distributing household necessities (i.e.,      RIGHT: Officer Woodson (left)
                                                               and Officer Gonzales (right) join
         trash cans, recycling bins, and some cleaning
                                                               the crowd and prepare to take
         supplies), and discussing tips for positive
                                                               a break after completing the
         community living (i.e., local ordinances and          65-mile tour.
         civic responsibility).

    •    national Campus Safety Awareness month
         To acknowledge National Campus Safety Awareness
         Month, a committee organizes annual events            •   Fall Fun Walk/run
         throughout the month of September. Activities             Campus Safety Services organizes a 5K run/1 mile
         include sexual assault awareness programming,             fun walk through Main Campus each fall and spring.
         residence hall programming, resources fairs, and          The events are conveniently scheduled at lunchtime.
         a campus-wide prevention week.                            It is a great way to get out, exercise, and meet
                                                                   fellow students and employees.

    •    emergency preparedness Fair                           •   Safe Halloween
         In recognition of Emergency Preparedness Month,           In conjunction with TSG (Temple Student
         National Campus Fire Safety Month, and Campus             Government) and the Office of Community
         Safety Month, more than 24 Temple University              Relations, Campus Safety Services organizes a
         departments and Philadelphia agencies provide             local, safe trick-or-treat event with numerous
         information and giveaways to help our community           activities for all ages.
         stay alert and learn how to prepare for all types
         of emergencies.                                       •   Children’s Holiday Celebration
                                                                   The Department of Campus Safety Services hosts
    •    Tour de Shore                                             a holiday celebration annually. This event provides
         Just as we take our duty to maintain a safe               food, prizes, and entertainment to more than 300
         community at Temple University seriously, so              community children.
         do we take our community outreach efforts.
         One of our most noteworthy endeavors is our           To find out more, check out the events section of our
         involvement with the Irish Pub Tour de Shore          website: www.temple.edu/safety
         bike tour. Each July, a team of Temple Police
         officers and other staff participate in the 65-mile
         route. The ride begins at The Irish Pub at 20th
         and Walnut streets in Philadelphia and concludes
         at the Irish Pub & Inn in Atlantic City. The event
         is a fundraiser that benefits children and family-
         oriented charities.

2   •   T emp l e Un IverS IT Y
   recognizing our Heroes
   Temple University Police Honor Guard has been
   called into action to represent the department and
   Temple University at the funerals of Philadelphia
   Police officers around the Delaware Valley. The
   Honor Guard is composed of volunteers who
   demonstrate a high degree of motivation, discipline,
   and commitment to maintain the professionalism
   and high standards of their predecessors. Members
   embrace their role as ambassadors who understand
   that respect, courtesy, and professionalism are
   paramount. They carry themselves and undertake
   their duties with dedication and pride. They maintain
   both an impeccable uniform and personal appearance.

   Despite the emotion that they may be personally              Members of the Honor Guard (Officer Imrani, Officer Vargas,
                                                                Officer Wright, Officer Besa, and Officer Wilson) at the Memorial
   experiencing at such solemn occasions, members
                                                                Service for Philadelphia Police Officer Sergeant Patrick MacDonald.
   recognize that their mission is to participate in
   a fitting, respectful, and dignified tribute to the
   deceased and their family. For their performance,            In addition to participating at funeral services,
   the Honor Guard has received significant praise              the Honor Guard also attends May Police Week
   from the University community as well as from                activities and other functions as directed by the
   distinguished dignitaries.                                   Executive Director or Deputy Director.

Officers of the Year
Each year, the Department of Campus Safety Services             strong conviction to fulfill his duties as was evident when
recognizes acts of bravery and heroism displayed by             he put his own health and safety aside to enter a fire
our staff in their delivery of service to the University        at a private residence and rescue an elderly person.
community. Each day, members of Campus Safety                   Without hesitation, Officer Kuterbach goes above and
Services make service to our community their priority.          beyond to make a positive impact on our community and
At this year’s ceremony, the Department honored security        our department.
officers, police officers, and several civilians with awards.
Highlights of this year’s event include citations awarded
to the Security Officer of the Year and to the Police
Officer of the Year.

Security Officer Allen’s attention to detail, calm demeanor,
and constant professionalism have assisted with critical
situations (i.e., the apprehension of a serial burglar and
providing timely assistance to a distressed student).
Officer Allen’s consistency and helpfulness to others
exemplifies the kind of person that makes our department
stand out. He is truly an asset to our department.

Police Officer Kuterbach fulfills many responsibilities
within the department, including serving as department
armor and coordinator of the K-9 Unit. Because of his
consistency and active patrol, he has garnered much             Security Officer of the Year Michael Allen (left) and the Police
praise from the community. Officer Kuterbach displays           Officer of the Year Alan Kuterbach

                                                                                                 CA m p U S S A F e T Y Ser v IC eS   •   3
    Safety Tips
    It only takes a minute for an incident to occur, so
    everyone needs to make risk reduction a habit.

    •    Stay alert and be aware of the people around you.
    •    Stand tall, walk purposefully, and make eye contact
         to show that you are calm, confident, and know
         where you are going.
    •    Avoid dark or hidden walkways and avoid the
         temptation to use shortcuts and informal pathways.
    •    Know where Code Blue emergency phones and
         security kiosk booths are located.
    •    Do not walk and talk on your cell phone and only
         listen to I-pods or other audio devices at low volumes.
    •    Remember to trust your instincts. If you feel
         uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.
    •    Use the Owloop and TUr door for convenient and
         safe travel.

    Home and Office
    •    Always lock your door—even if you are going down
         the hall or leaving just for a minute.                    personal property
    •    Never open your door to strangers—use your                •   Never leave personal items (i.e. laptop, cell phone,
         peephole or request identification to verify visitors.        books) unattended.
    •    Never prop doors open.                                    •   Create a list of the make, model, and serial number
    •    Report any suspicious persons or incidents.                   of your valuable items.
    •    Maintain fire safety devices in proper working order      •   Keep wallets, purses, cash, and credit cards in a
         and quickly respond to alarm activations.                     secured location.
    •    Lock doors and windows when you leave.
    •    List emergency numbers and keep them handy.               parking
                                                                   •   When possible, use university parking lots or park in
                                                                       well-lit and well-traveled areas.
                                                                   •   Lock your vehicle and make sure all windows and
                                                                       doors are closed.
                                                                   •   Place all valuables out of sight.
                                                                   •   Never leave your registration or insurance information
                                                                       in your car.

                                                                   Cash and ATms
                                                                   •   Avoid using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) when
                                                                       anyone suspicious is nearby.
                                                                   •   If possible, use ATMs located in buildings:
                                                                       v   Main Campus:
                                                                           Klein Hall, Beasley Law School, Wachman Hall,
                                                                           Liacouras Center, 1902 Liacouras Walk, Paley
                                                                           Library, Howard-Gittis Student Center, and
                                                                           Johnson/Hardwick Halls.
                                                                       v   HSC Campus: TUH basement
                                                                       v   Ambler Campus: Bright Hall
                                                                   •   Do not flaunt money, jewelry, or personal items.
                                                                   •   Avoid carrying large sums of cash—instead use a
                                                                       charge card.
                                                                   •   Diamond Dollars have cash value so report lost or
                                                                       stolen cards immediately.

4   •   T emp l e Un IverS IT Y
Special recognition
Since 2005, a group of “unsung” heroes has collaborated
with our department to expand the university’s
emergency medical services and quickly access the
needs of an injured or ill person prior to transport.

Temple University EMS is a student-based EMS response
that is a collaborative project sponsored by students,
the Temple University Police Department, Student Health
Services, and the Temple University Hospital and Health
System. Training for Temple University EMS includes
certification through the state department of health,
numerous hours of medical instruction, and demonstration
of skills in the emergency room of Temple University
Hospital. Each member has also passed the International
Police Mountain Bike EMS Cycling course. More information
                                                            Members of TUEMS in front of Temple Police headquarters
can be found at www.temple.edu/students/tuems.

   Campus Safety Services                                   Local Philadelphia Police Districts
   Contact us at 215-204-1234                                   6th   District: 235 N. 11th St.
   Program our number into your cell phone just in case         9th   District: 401 N. 21st St. (21st & Hamilton)
   you need us!                                                22nd   District: 17th & Montgomery Ave.
   Dial 1-1234 to contact us from an on campus                 23rd   District: 17th & Montgomery Ave.
   phone.                                                      26th   District: Girard Ave. & Marlborough St.
                                                               25th   District: Front St. & Westmoreland St.
   When calling for either emergency or non-emergency          39th   District: 22nd St. & Hunting Park Ave.
   service, be prepared to:
   • Clearly identify yourself                              SEPTA
   • Give your location                                     http://www.septa.org/
   • State briefly the nature of your call                  Enter SEPTA’s emergency police number
                                                            215-580-8111 in your cell phone.
   If you are off campus and require assistance, it is
   always best to dial 911.                                 Student Health Services
   The dispatcher will summon the appropriate police,       1810 Liacouras Walk – 4th Floor
   fire, and/or medical service.                            215-204-7500
                                                            24 Hour Hotline:
   To follow-up or report a crime that occurs at an         Call 215-204-7500 and speak with a nurse.
   off-campus location, it is important to contact
   the appropriate local police district. Temple Police     Tuttleman Counseling Services
   frequently interact with personnel in the districts      1810 Liacouras Walk – 5th Floor
   that are within or adjacent to the Main and Health       215-204-7276
   Science Center Campuses.                                 Walk-In Clinic, Monday – Friday, 10       am   to 2   pm

                                                                                         CA m p U S S A F e T Y Ser v IC eS   •   5
Campus Safety Services
    (215) 204-1234

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