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					                         Template two: the community

Use this template for two tasks:

   to record the characteristics of the community living in the urban environment
   to record the characteristics of the community involved in the consultation

Remember that these templates are guides—add other information if you need to.

Urban environment
Characteristic              Community                  People consulted
Age                         under 15                   under 15
                            15-24                      15-24
                            25-44                      25-44
                            45-64                      45-64
                            over 65                    over 65
Gender                      Male                       Male
                            Female                     Female
Ethnicity                   NZ Maori                   Maori
                            Pacific                    Pacific
                            Pakeha/European            Pakeha/European
                            Asian                      Asian
                            ‘other’                    ‘other’
Literacy                    High literacy              High literacy
                            Medium literacy            Medium literacy
                            Low literacy               Low literacy
Employment status           Full-time employed         Full-time employed
                            Part-time employed         Part-time employed
                            Self-employed              Self-employed
                            Not employed               Not employed
Other characteristics*

*        List any other characteristics that may be particular to this community, such
         as low telephone, car, or home ownership, or proportions of professional and
         non-professional workers.