Initial Impact Assessment Template by gigi12


									                              Combined Equality Impact Assessment
Step 1
         Are you assessing a:              Policy         Function           Procedure

         What is its title?

         Briefly describe its aims, objectives and purpose:

         Who are the main stakeholders - i.e. who does the policy, function or procedure affect?

         Who owns this policy, function or procedure?

         Who implements it?

         Screening                           Equality Group            Yes        No      Not sure         Reason or Comment
Step 2   Is there potential for adverse      Age
         (negative) or differential
         impact on the following groups      Disability



         Does this policy, function or       Age
         procedure have the potential to
         positively promote equality of      Disability
         opportunity for the following
         groups                              Race


         Evidence                                                      Yes        No      None available   Details or comment
Step 3   What evidence or data are you       Demographic
         using to measure the impact?        Results of surveys
                                             Focus groups

                                             Monitoring data
                                                                                     Insert Yes, No or Unsure in the boxes below

         Summary of Findings - Initial                                      Age          Disability        Race                 Gender

Step 4   Does the policy, function, procedure have
         any equality relevance with regards to:

         Can the policy, function or procedure be
         used to help meet our positive duties?

         Evidence of adverse impact?
         (Note this question this is not applicable if
         not equality relevant)

Step 5   Do you need to proceed to a FULL Impact Assessment?             Yes        No                If No, please provide comment as to what
                                                                                                      evidence you have to support your
         Not sure? – contact Claire Bell ext 6919 to discuss.                                         decision?

         Continue to Step 6 to complete Full Impact Assessment                                        Exit EIA Process Here & return a
                                                                                                      copy of this form directly to
                                                                                                      Claire Bell, Equality &
                                                                                                      Diversity Advisor, Human
         Full Impact Assessment
Step 6   Which equality group(s) is adversely affected by this policy/procedure?

         Age        Disability      Race            Gender
         Can the adverse impact identified so far be justified?          Yes        No                If Yes on what grounds?

         What is the level of priority to mitigate this adverse impact?
         1 – high        2 – medium                  3 – low
         Monitoring & Actions                                                                         Details or Comment
Step 7   Where adverse impact has been justified what steps will be taken to monitor the impact?

         List the actions be taken to mitigate the adverse impact identified?

         When will these actions be implemented?

         Who and how will these actions be monitored?

         Final Stage
Step 8   Assessed by:                                  Agreed by:                  Date:

         Return a copy of this form directly to Claire Bell, Equality & Diversity Advisor,
         Human Resources.                                                            Version 1.0 February 2008

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