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					                                             MORGAN HILL
2002-2003 Club Newsletter

Weeks through July 17, 2002

                                                  ROTARY MEETINGS July 3, 10, 17
        President: Scott Schilling
         Work phone: 779-6530
                                           Thanks to our volunteer team!
   Club Mail: P.O. Box 283, MH 95038                                               July 17
                                                                          Greeter: Bob Samaniego
                                                                        Invocation: Russ Danielson
       President-elect: Steve Tate
                                                                          Flag Salute: Karen Bolt
       Past President: Greg Hock                                                   July 10
      Secretary:        John Tarvin                                        Greeter: Chris Sellers
        Treasurer:       Ken Fels                                       Invocation: Kevin McGinty
                                                                      Flag Salute: Jeannie Alexander
   Parliamentarian: Arlene Greenberg                                                July 3
                                                                       Flag Salute: Sunday Minnich
             Board of Directors                                       National Anthem: Gary Sargenti
   Club Service I            Walt Glines
                                                                            WELCOME GUESTS
  Club Service II           Brad Ledwith           Nancy Foster, Debi Pyle, Lori Escobar, Bonnie Leonetti, Elise Alexander,
    Community Service         Jerry Pyle          Tasfalem Gebrenariah, LO Interacters: Kate Albee, Lindsay Nelson, Gina
 Youth Service              Carl Reinhardt        Estrada, Erika Femquist, Linda Tarvin, Aimee Ledwith, Ken Tavenler, Rita
 Vocational Services        Dick Peterson                                          Garcia
   International Service     Lou Mirviss                            WELCOME GUEST ROTARIANS
                Endowment                            Eloan Ewing, Los Gatos, Cris Johnson, San Jose East; Susan Valenta,
Board President           Craig van Keulen                                         Gilroy;
                                                                        Dave Hebrex, Watsonville
               Brad Howard
         District 5170 Governor
               Ric Heinzen
    Assistant District Governor Area 6        Rotary International Pledge
                                             President Schilling announced that the matching club pledge for every
                                             donation to Rotary International is now at $10,000 ($5,000 received and
News to share? Please send to Julie Spier    $5,000 match).
 at or phone
        779-7271 for club bulletin.
                                             He would appreciate comments for the comment box to be written legibily
                                             so if he chooses to share it he will be able to read it!

                                             Interact raised $25,000 for the Northern India project with $900 from our
    Inside this issue:                       own LO Interact club.
    President’s Message         3
    Golf Tournament             4
                                             Peter Anderson brought the club two banners from fellow Rotary
    Board Meeting               5
                                             Clubs in Northern Spain which he obtained while attending the
                                             International Conference in Spain. Thanks Peter!
2002-2003 Club Newsletter                                                                                         Page 2

If anyone has an announcement to be                  TAKES ROTARIAN 8 YEARS TO RECEIVE
made by President Scott Schilling please                       BLUE BADGE!
call me and let me know before 5pm the
Tuesday prior to the weekly meeting. Call
me at my office 779-0699 or on my cell                         Jeanie Alexander received her
phone at 210-2384, leave a voice message                          blue badge on July 10.
if I do not answer.                                            Ask her why it took 8 years?!

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Daniel T. Newquist

Lisa DeSilva is the membership chair this year. Goal is to        Susan Lewis is spotted more and more at meet-
introduce more new members than last year. Bring your             ings. We are glad to see you!
nomination forms to her.

Past, (Past) President Steve Schwab thanked all who assisted
with the debunking of Past President Hock.

January 18– 26, 2003
Save these dates for a unique tropical experience for Rotarians and guests, which you will remember for a

•        Experience some of the lushes rainforest jungles in the world, home to hundreds of varieties of ex-
otic birds and other wildlife such as howler monkeys, (remind you of anyone?), tapirs, coati mundi, and
the elusive jaguar;
•        Explore some of the most spectacular and best-preserved Mayan ruins in the world;
•        Meet local Rotarians and experience Rotary projects in action and
•      Attend the Uniendo America project fair with Rotarians from throughout the hemisphere, and
bring back exciting World Community Service project ideas for you club

Want to know more? Estimated cost aprx. $2,000 per person, double occupancy. Space is limited so if
you think you might like to participate or to get further details, email Bert Raphael, Foundation Travel
Committee Rotary District 5170 at
2002-2003 Club Newsletter                                                            Page 3

 President Schilling began with the Rotary International Theme for 2002-2003
                               Sow the Seeds of Love

 His interpretation: Get to work and do something good!

 Club Goals for the Year:

 Regular community service projects will be shorter in duration and plentiful

 Donate fair share to Rotary International to eradicate polio
    Wipe out by 2005
     Only 10 countries left
     Only $80 million needed to eliminate polio
 Has set aside $15,000 in budget to match our contributions to the polio plus fund
 Have $2,000 already! Only need $200/member to exceed this goal.

 passed out the following memo:

                             PRESIDENT SCOTT SCHILLING
                            EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS

                                 DAYTIME     779-6530
                                 NIGHT TIME 782-1463
                                 ANYTIME    981-5777


                            We look forward to a wonderful year!
                                                                                                                         Page 4
                          4ROTARY CLUB OF MORGAN HILL

                                                                                         OCTOBER 4, 2002

                                                                                         SAN JUAN OAKS GOLF COURSE

                    9TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT
   Our annual fund raising event, Morgan Hill Rotary Club Golf Tournament, will be held on 4           “the only real
   October 2002. We are all committed to the Rotary “way of living”, helping! You are needed in        disability in
   order to make this event a success. Let’s brain storm -                                             life is a bad
   • Do you have any contacts in the community or surrounding valley?                                  attitude.”
   • Do you own a “get away”, vacation condo or know someone who does?
   • Do you have a beach house or know someone who does?                                               Mark Fuller,
   • Do you fly a plane or know someone who does?                                                      Quadriplegic
   • Can you prepare a speciality dinner for 8 or 10?
   • Can you organize a wine tour locally or in a known wine region?
   • Do you have contacts who own restaurants or are able to secure dinners for 4,6, or 8?
   • Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride?
   • Do you have sport event tickets?
   • Think of surrounding events and activities and please contact someone on the tournament
   committee with your ideas!!!!!

                                                                                                   “Group with the
               *Lou Mirviss found two Ea-
                                                             NATURESCAPE becomes                   most donations will
                                                             first sponsor of the Golf             receive a free
               Eagle Sponsors that is.                       Tournament. Lou Mirviss               gourmet dinner from
               Thanks to South Valley Devel-                 and her team are on the
               opers and Ace Hardware and                                                          the Pyles”
                                                             prowl for more!
               Lumber for being our first two                                                      Don’t know what
               Eagle sponsors of the golf                                                          group you are on?
                                                                                                   Ask a committee

PROGRAMS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED!                                           BIRTHDAYS
                                                                          DEL FOSTER, SUNDAY MINNICH, RICK PAGE,
Manny Alvarez of the FBI, SF         District Governor Brad Howard        BOB MOULTHROP, WALT GLINES, LANE
Bureau Office spoke to the club      made a visit to the club on July      LAWSON; GREG GRIFFIN, JOHN TARVIN,
on July 17. Some highlights of       10.                                  JAMES HENLEY, DAN GREGG
post 911 are:
*drug squads no longer highest                                            ANNIVERSARIES
priority; left to local agency                                            BILL RUGE, KEN FELS, CHRIS SELLERS, BRENT
                                                                          CREER, DAN GREGG
*Can now share grand jury in-
formation with CIA
*Securities fraud is high in Sili-
con Valley
Rotary Board Meeting
June 13, 2002
SC Chevy (7:20 – 8:50 AM)
Present: Hock, Tate, de la Cuesta, Sellers, Sargenti, Peterson, Fels, Mirviss, Glines,
Schwab, Schilling, Kalpakoff Guests: Karen Bolt, Mike Lacerda, Don Emley

   1) Free food (thanks, Greg!) and full attendance – any correlation?
   2) May minutes approved.
   3) Rick Page and Brian Jackson have resigned.
   4) Adopted change in scholarship designation to “The Bill Stables Scholarship for the
      Arts”. Scholarship Committee to assure it is recognized separately.
   5) Approved April Financial Report.
   6) Approved funding a second raffle winner trip for the second Al Simmons who
      claimed it at the Senior Dinner.
   7) Approved $500 “standard” donation to IDI (4th of July).
   8) Tate to contact Buddhist Temple management about possibility of doing a “day of
      service” at the facility or making a contribution, in recognition of their contribution
      to the success of the Senior Dinner.
   9) Request for a $2500 contribution to Rotacare triggered a long but illuminating dis-
      cussion of MH Rotary’s history with and past support of Rotacare. Outcomes
      were that Gary Sargenti will continue and enhance his committee efforts, we’ll
      have a program on the history, etc. and David de la Cuesta will determine the bal-
      ance in our donations account with approval to donate it to Rotacare.
   10) Ken Fels, with Board support, acknowledged Lou Mirviss for the great job on the
      Senior Dinner. Thanks Lou!
   11) Approved reimbursement to Carl Reinhardt of $250 paid as recognition to five
      Central Interact “leaders” at their recent awards ceremony.
   12) Approved in principle for next year setting aside $500 in support of expenses for
      the Restorative Justice mentoring by Rotarians. Dick Peterson reported that his
      young guest last week was really thrilled to attend a Rotary meeting!
   13) Dick Peterson reported that Live Oak High School would like volunteer help from
      Rotary early next school year to help patrol the campus.
   14) Lou Mirviss reported that the India orphanage and Buenos Ares library projects
      are completely closed now. The orphanage now needs $26-31K vs. the original
      projection of $20K.
   15) The Board endorsed Endowment plans to do an outreach to seniors for contribu-
   16) The Board approved having funds received from the Rotary license plate pro-
      gram going into the permanent endowment fund.
   17) The Board approved Steve Schwab’s ascension to the Endowment Board (Steve
      replaces Gary Sargenti who has been term limited and has also done a great
      job – thanks Gary!)
18) Endowment officers for 2002-2003 are: Craig van Keulen – Pres, Bob Foster – 1st
   VP, Don Emley – 2nd VP, Arlene Greenberg – Treas, Steve Schwab – Asst Treas, Dan
   Gregg – Sec, Kevin McGinty – Asst Sec.
19) Board approved $459 reimbursement to Sandy de la Cuesta for Quick Books soft-
   ware and service, replacing what some viral worm ate on her computer!
20) The District honored Russ Danielson with the Alan McLeod award for his service to
   Interact. Congratulations, Russ, it was very well deserved!
21) These are my last minutes – hurray! You guys be nice to Tarvin, now!

Steve Tate